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Thread got deleted as I started posting
Heres the rest of the story so far

They both looked at the blood drawn symbol in disbelief. There had been no hint of chaos on the world at all. For Liena the tip should have been when the Eldar arrived so suddenly. The Guardian more shocked that he had walked straight into the den of evil without noticing. He felt ashamed of himself for being so careless. But fortune may have smiled on them, rather than the eight pointed star, it was a symbol honoring the Blood God Khorne. The Daemonic presence in the fortress would be slower to wake than one of his more occult brethren.
"Elono el eshon'ien" He urged the human to her feet.
Both of their races had their own personal relationship with the ruinous powers, each had their own agenda's for survival. By the emperor's grace and the Mercy of the Eldar gods, both those agenda's matched perfectly for the unlikely companions. The Guardian wrapped the human's arm around his neck as he supported her weight making their escape. The return to the desecrated halls where all the horribly murdered guardsmen laid was still shocking the second time. Though something was off. Some of the bodies looked like they were moved, or maybe they didn't pay that close attention. The bright lights of the outside world seemed to be drawing near and welcoming them in its 'safety'. Liena had been stationed in the outpost for months, it was hard for her to believe the command building was tainted with chaos. She wondered if the rest of the fort was corrupted as well. 'It could be why the Generator's kept turning off and why all the guns...'
Her eye's widened painfully, she struggled out of the xeno's arms and tried to pull him back into the fort. The faintest party of his pauldron crossed the threshold of the door frame when a hydra battery opened fire.

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The shots plucked and whinged off of the concrete chipping bits and pieces off of it. Liena overexerted her pull in her desparation, loosing her footing and having the eldar fall on top of her. The impact broke her free from the peace the buzz of adrenaline was giving her. She felt her ribs throb and burn almost as if she had broken them again. The Guardian was quick to take his weight off of her, though it did little for the pain. He spoke aline words of gratitude, despite that she wouldn't understand. He may as well spoke perfect high Gothic to her and she still would not have understood. The pain was controlling her body again. The Guardian stood over her and started to pick her up; she let out a loud yelp as he took her into his arms. Any hope of rescue was gone now. She was as good as a prisoner to her companion.
She didn't want to admit it, but she enjoyed having the eldar carry her around, it made her feel like a spoiled nobles daughter ordering a loyal attendant to her bidding. Though she also felt like a wounded animal being taken to a strange place to get aid. The latter was more likely as her hopes of returning to her side didn't go as expected. In a deep recess of her mind she mused on what the inside of a Craftworld would be like. Would she get to see the other humans unfortunate enough to be captured by the depraved eldar? Would she be hurled into a range and rustled like grox or ambuls? a smirk grew on the corner of her mouth as the thoughts were amusing her, like a person laughing at others misfortunes, except it was her own miserable fate. But before she could become the Guardians slave they had to get past the hydras.

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They inched closer and closer to the doorway. One foot step, then the next. The eldar was studying the emplacements carefully looking for a blindspot. To no avail, the turrets had been placed almost perfectly to have access to fire at any place in the trench-line. He didn't know if it was intentional or not, but the guns had the ability to kill anything in the oupost at any given time. It seemed hopless any time he got close to the door, the guns turned. He feared if he passed the invisible threshold again. he took in a deep breath and sat down in defeat. Liena clutched her lasrifle and she slid the power selector to the lowest setting. The Eldar was confused as he watched her and her odd ritual. She removed her charge pack and started tapping it upside down on the ground.
She had remembered the old trick they did when the generator went down. Every time the guns targeting cogitators would reset to an ancient default state and targeted everything. It wasn't until one of the techpriest hopeful troopers thought of a working solution. If you fired on the gun it would respond back, but if you could get the lasrifle to fire a harmless beam of light into the optical devices its scanning would be disrupted long enugh for someone to run across the line and get to the circuit box and deactivate the guns. She knew the order the guns needed to be down and were to go. Only problem was she couldn't run in her state. The Eldar would have to run the deadly gambit.

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"Eldar, listen to me well..." The xeno only understood the first word. " You need... run when... zapp zapp.." She pantomimed the words the best she could for him to understand.
"Dico, tua eunt, Tua curro, rapides."
he continued to look at her in confusion. From what he pieced together he believed that she wanted him to run into the gunfire long enough for her to make an escape. He knew this wasn't what she was trying to communicate, but he still had trouble understanding her hard barking grunts her race called a language. It was so rigid and constraining. It lacked a flow and inflection that he had grown so used to. The only more brutish language he could think of was the guttural rumblings of the orks.
Liena tossed her head into her hands groaning loudly. She didn't want to stay in her cursed fort any longer. She needed to think of something fast. She started to fumble about her pouches. She pulled out a grease pen and started to draw on the floor. She made two parallel lines for the trench, and an 'x' for every turret, then a circle. She pointed at the circle then pointed at the two of them and smiled and nodded her head in an exagerated manner. She pointed at the 'x's and then the hydra turrets and stuck out her tongue and made a gagging noise. The Guardian's face was stoic to his infinite pride. The hilarious display the human was giving was almost too much for him to bare.
She placed the pen on the circle.
"Eunt" she quickly draged the pen to the halfway point of the trench. She said it again "Eunt" and dragged the pen to the other end. Now came the tricky part. Telling him how to flip a switch.

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She drew the switch and motioned the action needed to to turn it off. It went a bit smoother than she thought it would, but it still took time to explain. Liena dragged herself to the doorway and aimed her lasrifle at the hydra. She never was that great of a shot and she could feel her heart pounding. She had been one in the trench before. On average they would lose a man a week to this ordeal. It was nothing to scoff. She took three deep and long breaths and a fouth with a long and slow exhale. She pressed the stock deep into her cheek and closed one eye. Her finger pulled back slowly, then the light crack of the lasrifle.
With an amazing haste the eldar flung himself out the door without thinking. If he thought about how insane the idea was, he would hesitate, then learn what human munitions felt like in several vital organs. The other gun began firing upon him, but he was covered by the far wall of the trench, just barely, if his head rose too far with would find him. He stopped at the halfway point. he noticed the reason for the stop. By this point the terrain raised high enough that one turret could fire on him, and when he passed the threshold the other turret that tried so vainly to end him would have a second chance. He heard the second faint crack and started to push his body forward prematurely.
"NON! Her shot missed.
The Guardian was too far forward and the turret was beginning to swing towards him. if she waited any longer the first turret would recover. She took another hasty shot, and prayed.
His feet carried him as fast as he could with the solid munitions flying about in the air around him. The second turret was isabled, and the first was seeking to atone for its failure to spot the guardian before hand.

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>but if you could get the lasrifle to fire a harmless beam of light into the optical devices its scanning would be disrupted long enugh for someone to run across the line and get to the circuit box and deactivate the guns.

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The eldar disappeared behind a wall as both guns unleashed their anger on him. The guns continued to fire, there was no indication that he made it. All she could do now was wait. Seconds dragged on and felt like minutes until finally the load roar of the hateful barrels ceased. The eldar Appeared from the doorway like a conquering hero. Liana let out a cheer and thrust her arms into the air playfully. The Guardian began to stride back to the female, when he noticed the lights in the bunker beginning to flicker. Then suddenly they were off again. She still had the light from outside on her face, but she felt the darkness behind her, almost as if it was pressing down on her shoulders. That's when she began to hear footsteps growing closer. Her battered body could not have risen faster and she sprinted out the doorway screaming like a child, and into the arms of the eldar. Her instinct took over when she fled to the xeno, and again when she fought to get away.
He pointed his lasrifle at the doorway, walking back slowly. Liena freed herself and pointed her weapon into the darkness, but nothing came. The world around them was silent. They still stood with their weapons trained into the doorway still inching back toward what they believed was safety. eventually they came back to their wits, and left for a different area of the trench, somewhere that felt more 'comfortable' where the taint of chaos wasn't as strong. They took a moment to rest, and gather some supplied and charge packs. The Guardian watched the woman move to each corpse mutters some prays then press her hands together in a weird way. He figured it was a funeral custom of sorts. The eldar pressed a button on his wrist and sent out another signal. There was nothing more they could do. if they left now they would be at the mercy of the orks. the imperial forces could be days away, and there was a threat of a daemon nearby. Their luck could only get worse, or so he thought.

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Liena sat next to him with ration bars in her hand. She started devouring the tasteless bar. It wasn't the best meal, but when you were starving and had nothing else, it was your friend. She kindly offered one to the eldar. Half hoping he would take it just to see his reaction. He grabbed the brown wrapper and looked at the human. She picked up a second package, showing him how to open it. She held it with bother her hands, and placed the flat end inbetween her teeth then pulled the wrapper, tearing the top open. The Eldar looked on in disbelief. He knew humans were primitive, but the fact they manufactured their combat rations to be opened in such an animalistic way.
"I can't imagine what else you use your mouth for..."
"Whose mouth?" A response finally came through. The eldar snapped his head towards his arm.
"Don't worry about it, musing to myself aloud... I have a better understanding of where I am."
"Understood, you must be hasty if we are to retrieve you, our mission on this human world is over."
"An imperial fort with a daemon locked away in the basement."
"And you are still alive? Yes we know that one but we will not go back. If you can make your way thirty fierets magnetic north of your position we will meet you. Be weary of Imperials, Last reports is they are sending more soldiers to your position... Guardian please respond."

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The guardian sat frozen for a moment. He had a chance to get the human back to her own, and possibly warn them of the fort's dangers, but if he waited he risked being left behind and at the mercy of the humans. The other option was to go and rendezvous with his compatriots, and bring the human. He didn't know what would become of her, and she had already saved his life many times. His honor, and heart demanded that he return the favor. The prospects of returning to the craftworld seemed pleasant compared to the harsh and untamed world the humans lived in. Maybe he could protect the human and give her a comfortable life in the craftworld? It seemed unlikely. There was another option, but he couldn't take it. He could leave her and return to his own. The options were weighing on him.
"Guardian, please respond..."
"Yes I understand, the distance is too far I am harboring wounded, is there another rendezvous?"
"Allow a moment... Yes Warlock Tamiel and his cohort are only six feirets polar west of your position, though they are closer to the imperial lines. Their mission is to disrupt the mon'kiegh a little while longer as we make our escape. Is this understood?"
"Understood, I am moving now." he pressed on his communicator and closed the channel
It was a dangerous one, but he made his choice. He wrapped and arm around Liena. He peered into her confused emerald eyes, ignoring her race for a moment, forcing a human smile to put her at ease.
"I'm sorry human, we are going to my people."
She had a faint smile on her face 'Quid?"

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I am debating about continuing as its close to 4 am.

And this is the end of the second chapter anyway.

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>mfw reading this story

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>freaking server migrations....

Keep writing man, the DDoS has to end sometime.

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GEoM you'd better have been writing while the site was down.

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Human/Eldar BFFs :D

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