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I feel like there are a million penises flying towards my anus and not even the God-Emperors soul can stop them

>> No.16769540

my god.... fuck necrons

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>mfw I'm a band wagon faggot that till rape your collective asses

>> No.16769565

Now in High Definition!

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The Necrons are awake, and they are not amused.

>> No.16769572

>The time has come, my mortal friends, for a serious reckoning. An ancient race has awoken from its slumber to find the galaxy consumed by endless war. Worlds that were once theirs have been claimed by alien races or, worse, entirely destroyed by petty feuds. Entire star systems have fallen to darkness, destruction and death. Order and unity must be returned to the galaxy. The dynasties must be restored. The alien races must be purged.

>The Necrons are awake, and they are not amused.

>> No.16769573

all this and more tonight at 10

>> No.16769597

Reasonable Marines still would win....

>> No.16769620

lets hope....

>> No.16769624

>mfw no one will play necron players

>> No.16769626

and 40k just keeps spiralling the toilet bowl

makes me wonder how much my armies would fetch on ebay

>> No.16769638

Remember Reasonable Marines/Knight Inductors have Shitton of Nulls

>> No.16769641

>implying newcrons aren't cool as fuck

>> No.16769671

I like how we have known the rumors for almost a month at this point and people are now just going "oh wow rage so cheesy so fucking stupid gay fluff 10/10 would Ward again". If the discussion this past month has told me anything, it's that the civil folks who aren't "super sad that spoilers ruin their fun so they bothered to look" have come to that the conclusion that Newcron are OK.


>> No.16769675

I also like the new Necrons. Space canoes and all.

>> No.16769684

i said that exact thing would happen a month ago. the tears are delicious i might add.

>> No.16769685

>mfw everyone will play necrons and we all switch to Warhammer fantasy and battlefleet gothic to escape anal penatration

>> No.16769702

This is kind of neat.


>> No.16769707

i didnt think theyd be THAT more buffed. they look cool sure i have no problem with that its the fact that everything that was horrible before ( how they rape) got 10x worse.
in other news newcron do look cool those. they are so fresh you can suck their nuts

>> No.16769714

>>mfw people will finally get off the Grey Knight players asses

>> No.16769726

>mfw... meh yea

>> No.16769733

you guys realize they crumple in close combat still. only the HQ and his command squad and the shards are not beer cans when it comes to CC.

>> No.16769734

So bassically the Necron no longer want to feed us to their C'tan star gods?

What the fuck DO they wanna do now?

>> No.16769736

Mat Ward, author of Codex: Necrons, defines the army as an 'elite shooty army'. Indeed, a quick glance over the Necron Wargear section will leave even the most stalwart Tau or Space Marines player green with envy. From the gauss flayer and particle caster to the soon-to-be-infamous tesla destructor and doomsday cannon, the Necron armoury is loaded with devastating weaponry that enables them to comfortably outshoot any opponent. And I haven't even mentioned the tachyon arrow yet...

>> No.16769738

>classic necron lord


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>> No.16769747


Some want to kill stuff.

Some want to make people build giant statues and praise them.

Some be crazy 'yo.

>> No.16769749

but with their rapecannons we wont get close to even kiss their feet

>> No.16769754

Nope Still hate all DH and BA players, just gonna have to add spess necrooohns to the list shortly.

>> No.16769757

I don't know about that... Necrons are xeno, which gives them a 35% credibility boost.

>> No.16769766


And some?

Some join your Rogue Trader's retinue.

>> No.16769772


The Necrons are just metal orks now.

alien mooks who aren't really important and mostly exist so you have something to shoot at.

They're already big on green, it was inevitable

>> No.16769777

Next Rogue trader book; rules for playing Eldar Corsairs and rogue Necrons.


>> No.16769779

>People bitching about Necron cheese relentlessly.

The oldest, most advanced playable race in the game and you expect them to be fair? Nigga please.

>> No.16769782


Get your Tac marines or Nobz in close contact with a Necron gunline and see how long the cronz last.

It's the HQ you have to worry about.

>> No.16769784

>Necrons only 64 million years old
What the fuck?

>> No.16769788

>And verily did the noble and just Triarch Praetorians slaughter the C'tan in order to anoint their holy Necrodermis armor in order to Ward off the Bloodswarm nanoscarabs.

>> No.16769794


Luckily they aren't as pathetic as they were in 3e, they had much less relevance than Orks in 13th Black Crusade and Medusa V, and were defeated off-screen whenever they appeared.

>> No.16769795

some be nobleknightan

>> No.16769797

If all the Necrons have different motives. WHY did they all agree to wake up at the same time?

Wouldn't it have been in the interest of a tomb world to awaken a million years prior to the others?

>> No.16769803

The overlords have personalities now, so they want different things. Trazyn collects antiques, Imothek wants all orks killed with lightning, destroyers in general want to EXTERMINATE EXTERMINATE EXTERMINATE, and some just want the lesser races (everyone else) to show them the proper respect (ie hailing them as God-Kings and sacrificing their firstborn by flaying them alive). Most of them agree though that the galaxy is theirs.

>> No.16769806

Damnit, you're right. When does the next marine codec come out then?

>> No.16769815 [DELETED] 

They didn't, 3e Necrons woke up before the rest as canon.

The rest woke up because their supreme leader told them too.

>> No.16769816

They were all fighting on the same side when they went to sleep.

Some woke up batshit insane.

Some woke up and were like "Imma take over since nobody else is awake".

Some were deleted by a computer and are Legion.

>> No.16769824


But the C'tan at least gave them a reason (a poorly described and plotted out reason) to wage war and an overall motive that made them feel more like a sinsister force of bad guys (again, it was poorly executed but it was there all the same)

Now they're kinda fun, like dark eldar and orks... but in the same way they're rendered mostly inconsequential bystanders who just raid and pillage and whatever

You could practically take all three armies and stick them into a super giant 'codex: Xenos raiders' now.

Because that's what they are

>> No.16769826

>million years earlier

Funny you should mention that...that's part of Trazyn's fluff. He had unfinished business with Roboute Guilliman during the Heresy and in the White Dwarf narrative's ending teleports to the battlefield to tell Sicarius he's going to come to Macragge and take the primarch away from the Ultras.

>> No.16769831

They didn't, 3e Necrons woke up before the rest as canon.

The rest woke up because their supreme leader told them to.

>> No.16769847

But Orks and Deldar just want to party/WAAAGH all day long.

A lot of Necron...kingdoms(?)...whatever the fuck they're called... want to (re)start their own empires.

>> No.16769849


In two hundred years they did what the Imperium couldn't in ten thousand.

Divided or not, they're still a horrifying powerful threat.

>> No.16769852

>nope, still an insufferable faggot who can't take my army not getting

>> No.16769855


Old Necron fluff and their appearences portrayed them as "some Necrons stir, and were killed". They were always shown to be less of a threat than even Orks, never an unified force capable of anything like, say, Tyranids. The C'tan tried to be Chaos gods but didn't come off as more convincing than DoW chaos lords.

It's quite certain that in the timeline section of the new codex alone we find much greater feats than whatever they accomplished in the old fluff.

>> No.16769862

Many decades from now, your grandchilden will be like 'Dude, you play Grey Knights? Pfffft.'

>> No.16769883


Haven't Necrons always been an "elite shooty army"?

You're still going to see Destroyer/Monolith lists until the wise sages of the internets break the codex. As a Chaos player, I'm not worried, and still hate Grey Knights. I look forward to all the rage when my army gets updated next year, and everybody bitches about how cheaper Thousand Sons and deep striking Chaos Dreadnoughts are "broken".

>> No.16769888

I like the newcrons, but I kind of would have liked it more if they kept being incomprensible aliens. Expand on making them mysterious, terrifying and alien. Pic related, it's my favourite rendition of Necrons.

>> No.16769891

>>16769797 WHY did they all agree to wake up at the same time?

The vast majority want the natural order of things restored (ie a galaxy ruled by necrons), so even if they might not all agree on all the details they all set their alarm clocks to the same time so they could emerge in force and take things back form whoever they found running the show. For some reason though they didn't wake up all at once, but have been waking up every now and then over the last few centuries instead (and many still sleep), meaning that there wasn't any momentum to drag the more individualistic ones along. Time has taken a heavy toll on their infrastructure as well, leading to further fracturing, and thus further room for various overlords to get their own ideas about things.

>> No.16769919

At least the legs looks easy to lop off. They're the only thing that really bugs me about this model

What is it with GW and shitty implementation of dangly legs on vehicles lately?


>> No.16769920

I actually appreciate the direction they're taking with Necrons much more after reading that post.

Initially, like everyone else, I was like "Robots piloting robots? YO DAWG", but then I started to think, of there really was an army of ancient rogue AI in the galaxy, what would they be like?

They certainly wouldn't take a bipedal humanoid form so they can fight pitched battles with other humanoids? Why not be microscopic nanobots that can consume all matter like a plague, and can't even be seen, let alone fired at?

Essentially, Necrons at their core are the remnants of a living race. That explains their idiosyncrasies, their preference to fight with guns, shields and other weapons, the personality quirks of the new lords. It sure as hell explains the Flayed Ones. The Necrons are a race with a 64 million-year-old identity crisis, and that still permeates them in ways we hadn't previously realised.

>> No.16769935

Okay, Necrons are finished and we just need to wait a week.
What's up next?

>> No.16769945

We call each other faggots over stupid shit.

>> No.16769958

Wait, this is /v/ now?

>> No.16769962


That's always been the point. Necrons were once a biological civilization. In the old fluff it did not matter because they were slaves and made to look like skeletons because Nightbringer thought it was scary or something like that, but now it is very important.

It's not exactly the kind of arrangement most of them like, and they certainly aren't singularity transhumanists with full integration or anything like that.

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>> No.16769970

faggot you are a faggoy because you like blue instead of liking letterbox master race

>> No.16769982

They're necrons, a lost leg or two won't bother them. Might even have a special quick-detach in them for the pilots, like some lizard's tails.

>> No.16770020

>>See newcron previews, they look awesome.
>>Kinda want to get back into 40k now.
>>Can't get anything because poorfag due to being out of work due to school/economy.
>>Pre-orders go up
>>Same day, finally get a job

Life works in strange ways.

>> No.16770029


>The Necrons are a race with a 64 million-year-old identity crisis, and that still permeates them in ways we hadn't previously realised.

... they're Space Filipinos?

>> No.16770035


Well, maybe something imperial first. But that's just going to be yet another bunch of Space Marines. Power armour, pauldrons, humanity's finest... in space, noone can hear you yawn.

>> No.16770039

>Battle report with Ultramarines and Eldar combined force
>Ultramarines end up winning

I find this endlessly amusing.

>> No.16770049

That kid is her own hallowe'en costume.

>> No.16770057


Why so serious baby?

>> No.16770061


Blood Ravens

>> No.16770067

i will, i will pit my tau against them, (and bring 2500 points of broadsides)

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>> No.16770073

yknow, when I first saw this I thought "scopes, wtf?" but the more I look at this the more those two things look more like some kind of diodes than a scope

>> No.16770082


It's just an abstract scope of some kind.

>> No.16770085

i'm probably just going to lop off the whole guy/chair and all. use their bits as markers for fallen necrons or something.
it would look halfway decent if it was off

>> No.16770107

My favorite Necron model is still the Pylon.

>> No.16770123


Thanks to the new Living Metal, the pylon is kind of suck now.

>> No.16770144

So how has noone pirated a codex yet?

>> No.16770178

its barely prerelesed man, wait a few days.

>> No.16770198

Trazyn the Infinite met Rouboute Gulliman, right? And he has what seems to be a Primarch, right?

Alpharius is in stasis. The real Gulliman lives with Trazyn.

>> No.16770203

Imotekh and properly tooled overlords will be annoying to kill...2+ armour and Phase Shifter is apparently 3++, then T5 W3 and can come back with d3 wounds because of the phylactery.

>> No.16770223


Probably not, because he threatens Sicarius with coming to Macragge and taking Guilliman in the WD battlereport narrative.

This other guy has been in his possession longer.

>> No.16770235


It's probably one of the Unknown Primarchs, then. I wish.

>> No.16770255

>> No.16770278

someone needs to write some Trazyn/Sicarius slash fiction already

>"you don't deserve him"
fuck, it writes itself

>> No.16770291

I for one, enjoy the new Necron fluff.
Certainly more interesting than how Hellforged portrayed them.

>> No.16770302

Trazyn collects Rouboute, puts him in a Necron body and sends him to Fulgrim

>> No.16770312

Looking over the sprues, I'm going to have so many bits.

So many conversions and so little time.

>> No.16770329

I wonder if this means they'll bring back any of the other classic molds, like the old raider warriors and scarabs.

>> No.16770331

da claw!

>> No.16770341

Since Trazyn is fond of collecting powerful Imperial figures, like Sebastian Thor, can we also assume that he's taken the Sisters' Abbess Sanctorum who disappeared during her inaugral pilgrimage?

>> No.16770342

Hell, with the Sniper/Immortal boxed set and the Lychguard one combined, you could make your own plastic cryptek. Which is sweet.

>> No.16770368

I like to think he's making the Necron Rangers.

Thor's headless body is the leader.

>> No.16770372

i wonder if he has taken entire chapters into his collection.

>> No.16770380

New crons both look like shit and their new fluff is shit. But thats just my opinion. Glad I don't play them, so im more mildly annoyed then pissed.

>> No.16770391

I can respect your opinion.

>> No.16770421

That made think of Agnew, and laugh.

>> No.16770429

i respect your opinion.

>> No.16770431


So anyone who is missing can simply be presumed to be in Trazyn's vaults?

>> No.16770438

Pretty much. Pic related.

>> No.16770441


>> No.16770449

Oh shit son.

>> No.16770452

>Trazyn is a neckbearded collector of Imperial figures


>> No.16770464

>No head
>Mint Condition

>> No.16770472

It's glorious to watch /tg/ canon being born.

>> No.16770483

What if Necrons and Blood Ravens stole each other?

>> No.16770485

Well given,


>> No.16770491

They've already stolen each others hearts...

>> No.16770498

They'd wind up all mixed up when the Tyranids attacked and not know which (non-tyranid) side was which.

>> No.16770502

I didn't even have to look to know what the Email field was.

>> No.16770506

they would become one entity and the universe would be ripe for the looting.

>> No.16770507

What if they loot the Orks?

>> No.16770510

hehe, I listed mine today in fact, just after reading their spot about necrons

>> No.16770529

>Blood Ravens wake up to find a large, ornate necroglass case sitting just outside their door
>'Emperor be praised, brothers! It appears we have been gifted this fine item in the night! Let us step inside to inspect this magnificent gift further!'
>No, magpies, you are the gifts

>> No.16770631

"Oh, Fabhotep! Your strong metallic arms make my power armor surge..."
>"Let the feelings run their course, my crimson dove.
"...Blood Raven."
>"No! I have taken that name and cast it unto the wind (and into my museum). We now have only the ripeness and purity of our love! Not even the Emperor can take that away from us."
"Shut up and kiss me, you vile xeno!"

Deep in the void of space, the union of man and machine became complete. Such passion and lust swelled within them. Their martial prides clashed and their bosoms melted together in a twisted heap of heresy, each unaware that the other had plotted all along to steal that which neither could see...

>> No.16770670


>> No.16770673

I'm imagining a caged necron being admired by some blood ravens, in turn inside a larger cage being observed by an immortal, being observed by Angelos, being observed by Trazyn in turn, until it turns into a parody of the ending of MIB

>> No.16770699

Could be worse. We could be writing Kaldor Draigo/Leman Russ fanfic again.

>> No.16770713

trazyn and angelos a fanfic
in a 20 l/y radius lootaz be lootin and planets be getting exterminatused

>> No.16770714

>"I just wanted to say, O great wolf," he stifled a giggle, "That I think you've carved your name into my heart"

>> No.16770746


Jesus christ. I want this.


>> No.16770966

Why? indeed.......

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