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Fantasy Flight Games has acquired the rights to making Star Wars tabletop games.
Good or Bad?
I have never played any other their products, so give me some insight.

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Could this be a possible product?

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Their boardgames are generally top notch. Chaos in the Old World, BSG, Arkham Horror, all great. Their RPGs have been hit or miss. Midnight was an awesome setting. The 40k rpgs are kinda lazy, and have pretty bad editting. WHFRP 3e was a shame in the big box, bad editing, bad design. Starwars...could go either way. The test will be if they can make jedi cool and still have an incentive to not play jedi. the d6 starwars from westend made jedi just straight up better than everyone else. The d20 version kept this trend going but gave other classes and type some stuff to do. Saga edition made jedi balanced by making them suck, instead of making everything else better. There still hasn't been a really solid starwars rpg imho.

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Better than when WotC had the rights.

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I am thinking that their fighter game is just going to be Wings of War but with X-Wings and TIE fighters.

I think I'd be OK with that.

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I think a good way to balance them would to make Jedi Independent characters and give mobs bonuses for being mobs(for example, if a mob is shooting at another mob, someone is bound to hit something), or giving them a maximum to how much they can defend themselves(2 or 3 storm troopers with blasters? sure. 20 or 30? nope.) Basically, they can make Jedi totally op without making them gods, because one man can only do so much, jedi or not.

In fact, with minor tweeks, they can basically make it a 40k clone.

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Which is probably what they will do.

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Thank you, I shall wait for news of an RPG and hope that it beat saga edition 100+$ books that you can't find.

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Does 40k have anything in it for space battles? I focus my waaagh energy into the planet(and my red missiles and yellow trukks) and have never considered it.

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Rogue Trader.

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I meant tabletop :P

Though I got off my lazy ass and googled it and got a lot of space marines and Battlefleet Gothic as results

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I bought into Saga edition literally the week before they announced they dropped the license. Unbelievable amounts of rage over the money I had spent because I knew that nobody really liked Saga anyway and that some other company would make a new line with new rules that would forever render my books worthless to have.

That is where I am. I've got these rulebooks and my gaming group is never going to return to Saga edition and fuck fuck fuck fuck I hate expensive books. I wish we could go back to basic rule books being $20 and supplements being $15. When I got back into gaming I was shocked. $65??? Really??? I tell you what, if books cost what they used to I wouldn't have a folder full of PDFs my friends gave me. But it's computers full of PDFs that they use as the excuse to price books at $60+. BUT I WOULD BUY THE BOOKS OUTRIGHT IF YOU SOLD THEM FOR $20 AGAIN!

And I'm afraid to sell these Saga books because MAYBE I might get to play with them some time. I fucking hate this shit, I want to go back to the 80s...

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Good. Definitely good.

A Twilight Imperium: Star Wars would be incredible.

Or a "battle for hoth" board game with glorious AT-AT and snow speeder plastics!?

There is no way this isn't a good thing.

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Hey bro, in 1980, 20 dollars was worth about 50 dollars now.
Sure, in 1989, it was only worth 36 dollars, but compare RPG rulebooks from then to now.

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I'm thinking of getting into Dust Tactics any insight into the game

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It looks neat, but pre-built models are a bit wonky.

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There's Dust Tactics, the wargame boardgame, and Dust Warfare, the wargame.

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There's Battlefleet Gothic

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