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>not worshiping the blood god

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Violence is the last resort of the incompetent.

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>Not worshiping Tzeentch
dem feathers man... so cuddly

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hey guys, super fun idea for an army,
Aztec themed khornate renegades.
that is all.

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"Bitches be hatin' Cause I be Stylin'! "

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go away hardin you don't belong here

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>dat feel when I punch people smarter than me in the head
>dat feel when Khorne favors me

Fuck you, violence is the authority from which all other authority is derived.

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Khorne is pleased

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>Not venerating the Prince of Pleasure.
You don't know what you're missing.

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There is no pleasure greater than that of slaying in Khornes name!

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Hate and anger are much stronger than any other emotion.

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Physical dominance is SO Pleiostene Era

Next you'll be telling me that fart jokes are the best form of humor because they came first.

Face it nerds, your'e the lowest Common Denominator and the laughingstock of the galaxy

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wait wait did you just call violence advocaters nerds?

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Well, aside from damn near everything. Like hookers. And cocaine. And having fancy artwork tattooed all over your body into runic patterns that pleases Slaanesh.

And hookers made of cocaine.
Or having hookers made of cocaine tattooing your body with runic sigils using cocaine made of hookers as pigmentation, while a symphony of bagpipes plays cacophonous and discordant music in the background imitating the screams of the tortured.

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That's right.

Also my intentional misspellings are, in retrospect, inappropriate for this form of taunting, since I doubt Khornates would even pick up on the irregularity. My bad.

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>Chaos thread
>Oh hey, the local theater is showing "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" tomorrow.
Ave Slaanesh.

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As planned.
Strongest and easiest to manipulate, the blood god has his place and does his job well in that place.
But we all know who the most powerful of the dark gods is.

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Yeah, Slaanesh be praised.

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You obviously haven't felt the pure rush of adrenaline that comes from killing something... even virtually... something that's been eluding you for a long time.... there is no greater thrill. The anger that swelled when you missed a shot or the hatred that comes from taunting you.

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I notice these threads are always Khorne v.Slaanesh v. Tzeentch worship. Being Nurgle must be lonely.

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Papa Nurgle can outlast.

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I'm sorry, I can't hear you, I'm bungee jumping using the sinew of my sex slaves as rope, and the wind is very loud.

It would also probably help if the daemonettes would stop trying to find the planet's resonance frequency by playing metal out of a warhound we converted into a giant amp, but hey, daemonettes will be daemonettes.

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Nurgle ain't lonely. Nurgle gots his chillun, and Nurgle love his chillun.

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Naw, we followers of Nurgle don't care to bicker. We can abide everyone.

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I cant hear you over..... the..... KILL MAIM PURGE

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Your anger brings me pleasure.
Every had someone masturbate to you?
You have now.

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Ever had someone cut off your erect penis? I FEEL THE WARP OVERTAKING ME it is a good pain.

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Slaaneshi do that ALL THE TIME.

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Praise Slaanesh!

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Do it faggot, I've got plenty to spare!

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And every cc of blood spilled emperors my lord further!

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>Giving a fuck about 40k

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>implying i'm not actually worshiping the Blood God

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This is the best piece of Chaos art out there.

Not for artistic quality or anything.

But because the men it portrays are just that - men. Not mighty god-warriors, not daemons, not sorcerers. Ordinary soldiers (relatively speaking), executing a captive for their own amusement. Not part of a ritual, not in some religious display for their god - just because they find it entertaining. Not fantasy - rather it's the sort of thing that happens often enough in reality.

It's more real and disturbing than any other artwork of Chaos forces.

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If that's true then

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Khorne player quoting Starship Troopers. Can't tell you how much that made my day :)

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It is not disturbing it is men becoming what they are truly meant to be!

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If I have a blood orgy is it Khornate or Slaaneshi?

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Faith requires not proof.

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Depends on how the killing is done.

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You know, I love the Emperor, I really do. But, when you work an untold number of hours in some shitty borehole while getting constantly whipped and yelled at by servitors, I wonder if he truly loves me. I'm beginning to listen the patron owners of that seedy little bar, their preaching that this Slaanesh could bring me real comfort. I know it's heresy, but those few hours of rest in that drug filled hovel is what really making me feel actually human in this ugly world of mankind.

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I'm going to go with.. yes.

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Depends on why you're doing it.

Are you in it for the blood, or for the orgy?

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Slaaneshi. A Khornate "orgy" would be better described as a melee.

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Keep talking, citizen. Where is this bar you speak of?

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Pathetic mortals. Allowing your emotions to run out of control to such a degree that it actually became manifest.

There is only one true master for those who seek power. Those who seek control.


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Why on Cadia sir.

fuck you captcha putting a c right next to and l so it looks like a d is not fair

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It is funny how in 40k the forces of khorne are known for their fearlessness - usually because of the world eaters and their literally insane assaults - but in fantasy the forces of slaanesh stand out because of their fearlessness.

To be fair too much fluff goes a bit too far with khorne's always angry, all the time shtick. It doesn't really give it that element of truth that makes it all the more severe - a such the short story in codex CSM featuring kharn is a really good example of how berzerkers are dangerous but not stupid.

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In time all things shall pass away.

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But with time WE will be back some day.

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To live once more...

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>saving an image from "I'm Sad" the comic

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And die once more.

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But with time, YOUR time will be no more.

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Oh look, it's the big bad Nightbringer. The image of death to all the younger races. So scary.

BAM, SCIENCE. You're now on a USB. Oops, I mean shard. I fucking stuck you on portable media. Don't make me get out the magnets.

What do you think about that, Khornates? Stuck your gods on any floppies, lately? Perhaps an external HDD? Uploaded them to fileshare? Anything? Oh, you haven't. Too bad.

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>caring about the source of a reaction image

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And know that Nurgle loves you?

I once rolled an unholy DK on wow and screamed quotes nurgles quotes as i killed things... mostly at my cat

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>Does he actually think that's the Night Bringer?

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Fucking Matt Ward... FUCK YOU MATT WARD... thats what i think

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I worship Malice.
It's okay if you haven't heard of him, he's pretty obscure.
I was thinking Khorne for a while, but Khorne is WAY too mainstream. All the sheeple follow him.

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Death is also one of Nurgle's gifts.
Only the truely worthy die more than once (the arch heretic, the Space Marine), but he is more than willing to share this gift with all of humanity.

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>not recognizing Mortarion
I seriously hope you guys don't do this.

>> No.16761132

let me correct my statement

>saving ugly reaction images

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But does he have BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!?

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>See large, cloaked figure with scythe.
>It has wings
>It is surrounded by Astartes.
>The Astartes have "VII" on their shoulder plates.
>The figure is wearing armor and has a nimbus of green light.
>The figures has flies swarming all around him.
How can this NOT be the Nightbringer?

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>implying a piece of the Emperor could ever be more than the Emperor himself

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Good evening, have you heard the bad news?
The bad news is that your corpse of an Emperor is a weakling and a fool. The good news is that the beneficent Dark Gods offer a far superior alternative. Would you like to hear more?

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I don't even care who it is. I'll SCIENCE him. I'll SCIENCE him good.

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and i'll say again


pic related

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my waifu worships Slaanesh. She is a japanese idol.

Should I be worried?

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Too bad your SCIENCE doesn't allow you to use FACTS to distinguish one thing from another.

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>Implying that is not the best piece of fluff written in years

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nah, that just means the sex will be freaky and the drugs will be endless. rejoice!

>> No.16761218

Q: Do you like having something inserted in your anus during sex?

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It also means she will likely skin you alive and make your hide into a pretty dress.

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Yeah killing of the C'tan ... you know.... the antithesis to the warp... was a good idea.

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and if you praise slaanesh too, then you'll love every second of it, and might not even die. shit's weird brah

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Silly Derlethian star vampires who are totally one-upped by plucky techpriests and Ultramarines are not antithesis to the Warp. Killing them is no sacrilege, but par the course in a setting like 40k.

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But you could slice her head off with a kitchen knife... FOR THE BLOOD GOD

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Oh, that's it. You had your chance. It's SCIENCE time now.

Scarab! Bring out the thingy we use to kill god.

What's that, Scarab?

How can it be gone?

Wait a second, didn't Trazyn just visit? C'TAN DAMNIT

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So I heard something about lesser C'tan being enslaved by the Necro, what about the four Greater Ones? Well, minus the Void Dragon I suppose, are they still enslavers of the Necron?

>> No.16761275

Fucking right

>> No.16761278


The Night Bringer had been asleep for how many Millennium when the ultramarines wondered in... and of course they are the ULTRA MERHERRNS

>> No.16761291

>kill off the biggest retcon and one of worst written parts of 40k lore
>people complain

The War in Heaven was cooler when it was just the Eldar Gods killing each other off on their own.

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Double awesome

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Theres only four C'tan left. What it was is they got broken up into shards...fuckin matt ward... and those shards are kinda like khaine in that they are all bits of a C'tan.... fucking matt ward.... and the Necron lords enslaved the shards.... fuckin matt ward...

>> No.16761305


There are no distinctions between "greater and lesser" C'tan.

The Dragon is still on Mars because Mechanicum coincides with 5th edition, but Emperor has imprisoned it so well it can *never* get out.

Outsider and dyson spheres or leviathan avoiding anything have not been mentioned since 3e. Deceiver's and Nightbringer's 3e abilities are options for the newcron C'tan so presumably they were enslaved too.

>> No.16761321


Maybe a star vampire who cannot get away from a meltabomb of destruction and voluntarily entombs himself for ages waiting for the ultramarines to come is not very godly at all.

>> No.16761323

We don't know that they were all enslaved. Only the Nightbringer and Deceiver are certain. The Dragon and Enslaver may have escaped.

>> No.16761334

>and Enslaver

I mean Outsider.

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Out of all of the Ruinous powers, Grandfather Nurgle is the only one to truly care for his followers - nay, family.

The Plague Father protects.

We are all his children.

>> No.16761356


Or maybe the enslavers killed off all his food supply and they were waiting for life to repopulate the galaxy.

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Okay, so when it comes to Chaos, no one ever seems to do anything half-heartedly.
Concerning Slaanesh specifically, it's always gotta be snorting hyper-cocaine of a captured sister of battle's ass, turning battlefields into tentacle orgies amongst the death and tearing flesh, or tanks made entirely of penises and vaginas, or ECT ECT.

I'm interested in going the opposite direction. Exactly how subtle, or even "tame", can you get whilst still serving the dark gods?
Would Slaanesh find pleasure within the taste and smell of a perfect cup of coffee, or a fine chocolate?
>>16760947 What about this gentleman, finding comfort in the warm fire, soft music, and friendly voices of his favorite bar? Would this suit the prince of pleasure?
After one of the inevitable drug, lust, and blood-fueled orgies, would the deamonettes -- dare I say it -- CUDDLE?


>> No.16761370


Nurgle did after all turn Horus to chaos.... no no KHORNE GIVE ME STRENGTH

>> No.16761384

>god of excess
>how TAME can you get
Yeah, enjoy your Spawndom.

>> No.16761387

initially, yes, but then the worshipper would need more and more intense coffee and chocolate, until theyre drowning people in it, then blending them into the same stuff they drowned in, then shooting it into their veins. it escalates like that

when the end times come, greatfather nurgle and his family will be the last ones standing...

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Unfortunately, Slaanesh is the god/dess of pleasure in excess.

While a warm roast of the finest blend of coffee by the fire during a winter evening with your favorite soft music playing may be the ultimate pleasure, Slaanesh fuels you to go further. You will scour the galaxy to find the most delicious, toxic, orgasm-inducing coffee known to exist.

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So he's not a star vampire, but a pathetic junkie who'd rather starve than eat actual food (stars) if it means being separated from his fix. Even more reason to get rid of him.

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Hmm... I take great issue with this.
Is it absolute that there are only four left? I mean, hell even as recent as the last big GW 40,000 campaign (can't remember the name, it was the one with the Deathleaper being introduced and the Nurgle Daemon Prince was released straight afterwards) there were many surviving C'tan. One unnamed one was the leader of the C'tan on that planet. The 'big four' were the C'tan who had consumed the most of the other C'tan, and as a result had become the most powerful. Not to mention THEY were always the leaders of the Necron, were they not? As well as I did like their contrast (although it was very, very rarely played off that way) to the four Chaos Gods.

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yes its absolute

>> No.16761440


And how is this any different than the chaos gods?

>> No.16761442

Fucking Matt Ward.

>> No.16761444


I did not see contrast, I saw copies. Plus the issues caused by trying to involve the C'tan with everything...ugh. Abaddon looks incompetent enough without needing Deceiver to hold his hand while searching for his sword.

>> No.16761475

Yes, yes. Everyone is entitled to their opinion.
I just disagree with you, sir. I rather liked my old C'tan fluff.
Then again, I rather hate almost any instance of reconning in 40K that I've borne witness to since I began to play.

>> No.16761479


Chaos Gods are actually established in the setting. Let's get that out of the way.

Secondly, Chaos Gods exist because of emotion. They cannot exist separately or become addicted to something else. Khorne would look like Nightbringer only if he decided that he'd rather eat carrots than anger, and after hearing space rabbits have eaten all the carrots he would rather go to hibernation and become so weak that even a meltabomb can threaten him than go back to eating anger. But Khorne can not choose not to eat anger, he is his emotion embodied. Very separate from Nightbringer in every way.

>> No.16761482


The C'tan were real space gods... WHAT WAS NOT AWESOME ABOUT THAT.

>> No.16761508


The C'tan were well em-placed too...

True Khorne was made to eat hatred, but the nightbringer after deciding to eat souls cant do anything else either. So after he deiced to do that he can't go back.

>> No.16761542

we had this thread yesterday. Nurgle is not loving by any stretch of the word.

Read the Realm of Chaos books. Both are on /rs/, I believe Nurgle is in Lost and the Damned.

>> No.16761568

I'd have liked them more if they'd been better placed or described. The setting doesn't really need more gods. Everyone but the Tau's got their own fucking pantheon.

What bugs me most though is that they're gods worshiped by robots. There's no connection there. The Dragon implies that maybe the C'Tan themselves are robots, but they don't seem willing to commit to it.

>> No.16761594

>the nightbringer after deciding to eat souls cant do anything else either. So after he deiced to do that he can't go back.

This is not stated in the codex, in any BL book or in any WD, and given how the dragon during the Dawn of the C'tan story ate stars for quick power it is not true in all likelihood.

Then two plotholes related to above. Why do C'tan eat souls, they were not supposed to touch the Warp. Secondly, why would Dragon chill on Earth and not just eat Sol and bugger off? There was never really much thought behind the C'tan, they should have been their own *separate* codex to merit getting focus instead of the Necrons. I'm satisfied with how things turned out in the new book, shows GW can still fix some mistakes and the universe is not totally stagnant.

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No, sir. Nurgle is indeed loving. He gives his gifts to us because he loves us.
The caveat is his gifts are horrific, abhorent, and deadily.
He's loving, but completely and utterly insane to a normal person. He takes suffering for delight, and does not spread his gifts out of malice or hate, but love.

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it is quite stated they're addicted to souls. Its like asking a heroine addict to go back to pot. no its not stated but its pretty blatant as they go as far to go to sleep rather than go back to stars.

Its thought that its not actually souls they're eating, but life-force, say EM, for living beings. Had a long thread about this plot hole once.

The Dragon sat on Earth because he was waiting for humanity to populate itself so he could feast on tasty tasty lifeforce.

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