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>The exact nature of the Terminus Decree is unknown as it's very existance in known to only a single soul in all the galaxy, yet rumors abound as to it's ultimate purpose.

>Some believe that it will sommun forth some ancient and terrible force to battle and defeat the enemies of mankind. Others think it will purge the warp of the Chaos Gods and their minions, and bring about a new age for mankind, free of their deamonic influence.

>Still others beleive that once read aloud by the Supreme Grand Master, it will perform its rite and bring to a halt the ancient and arcane machinations of the Golden Throne, ceasing their living-giving support of the Emperor's long dead body and freeing his soul to be reborn anew. (This is the most "likely" theory as it is said that the golden seal which rests upon the box containing the decree is but one of a matched pair, its partner found only in one place: On the Emperor's Golden Throne).

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You think the Custodes would have been given it, but alas....

Matt Ward

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And Tzeentch doesn't know about this?

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But Tzeentch can't do shit to a Grey Knight directly, how would he even think about what to do with their super-duper megazord master?

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It's actually an IOU. The Emprah still owes the Supreme Grand Master twenty bucks.

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when was the last time he did something directly?

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I thought the Terminus Decree fluff existed before Ward got his hands on the Knights. Could have sworn I read about it in an older version of the codex. Could be wrong, though...

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That's the Golden Throne's "off" switch.

Upon activation it's a race between the fall of mankind and a reincarnated Emperor saving it.

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It provides incontrovertible proof that the Emperor actually died 10,000 years ago in battle with Horus.

Revealing this will either crush the hopes of Man and plunge the Imperium into anarchy, or will free humanity from millennia of superstition so that they may form a glorious new galactic order.

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>existance is known to only a single soul in all the galaxy

>Rumors abound

How can there be rumors about something that only one dude knows exists? I mean it's not even rumors about whether it might exist, but what its purpose is. That's stupid as hell.

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Sorry, but the Imperial Creed is so entrenched in imperial culture that any huge shock will send humanity spiraling into chaos and civil war.

Because in 40k, the ultimate battle for the salvation of the human race and the galaxy was fought 10,000 years ago, and lost.

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Only 1 guy knows for sure and everyone else can only speculate?

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he doesn't know either what this thing does.

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>it's a "You Done Goofed" memo in Emps' handwriting

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The warp is overtaking him.

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You can't have rumors abound about something no one knows exists.

>The exact nature of the Terminus Decree is unknown as it's very existance in known to only a single soul in all the galaxy, yet rumors abound as to it's ultimate purpose.

Rumors can't abound about something, the very existence there of is known to only one. It didn't say that its purpose is known to only one, but that its existence is known to only one.

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One way to find out
>>What does this button do?

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pushing random buttons is tech heresy if you are not an admech

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It's a single scrap of paper, handwritten by the Emperor himself.

"Made you look :3"

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might have been 2nd edition. Back then they were organized into an actual "chapter" too (complete with devastators and assault marines)

Ward likes 2nd edition.

you'dd think, but if it's something related to the warp, the 'knights are the better recipients for it.

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>existence known only to a single sole
>People debating about what it does

So... the one guys who knows about it argues with himself?

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It's that maddening.

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If only one person knows about it, others can't talk about it because that means they know about it.

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It's this, and it plugs into the golden throne.

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Draigo's had a hard life in the warp, don't blame him

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emps has been depicted as having multiple personalities, I like to think they get a few spare seconds now and then to argue about things.

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shit's about to get real

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>Slow night on sentry duty

"Hey Tom, I've been thinking. Say, hypothetically, there was a box somewhere. An important box, all gold n' shit. What d'ya think it would do?"

"Hmm, Idunno Bill. Lets discuss it."

>And then the distracted guardsman failed to notice the sneaky genestealers, and everyone died.

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an open mind is like a fortress with gates unguarded

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>You think the Custodes would have been given it, but alas....

If it really is an order to reboot da humie warboss would the Custodes actually be able to follow through? Their brainwashing is supposed to be even more gonzo than the Astartes.

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>chaos god of lol i troll you
>why do people think this button will save us all?
Bitch please that is Tzeentch all over it.

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It's simple. Inside the box is Ursarkar E. Creed's master plan.

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Draigo is 2-3 times the tactical genius Creed is.

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>Inside the box is Ursarkar E. Creed

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That's only because Creed used his tactical genius to hide some of his own tactical genius in Draigo.

If Creed ever really needs it, it'll come back in whatever way his enemies least expect.

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is that because he cut out Creed's heart and ate it, in a demonic ritual to gain his victim's cunning?

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Creed hid his own heart inside one of Draigo's.

If Draigo ever turns against the Imperium, it will deploy from within his torso and drown him in his own blood.

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>daemonic ritual
you do know that space marines can eat a target's brain and gain their memories.. right?

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But nothing Grey Knights do can be daemonic, because the book says they can perform any sorceries without being tainted by the daemonic like usually happens when someone tries that stuff.

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Using it triggers a killswitch within every geneseed in every space marine, loyal or chaos.

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> it's very existance in known to only a single soul in all the galaxy, yet rumors abound as to it's ultimate purpose.
>known to only a single soul
Then where do the stories come from, I wonder?

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Sounds like a bunch of Mary Sues to me.

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Warp-turtles mate.

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>rumors of something that may well save mankind in a crisis
>giving hope to the hopeless
Just rumors.
Nothing more.

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>giving hope to the hopeless

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Warp Turtles are no joke, man.
A Warp Turtle bit my sister once.

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