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Dear Sirs,

today i am in a giving mood, so i decided to share something with you.

This Link:

Will take you to my Warhammer Ebook collection. There are quite some other nice books to be found, but the biggest batch (over 100) are 40K fiction.

I will keep this thread alive for a bit and i'd love to see some good Warhammer 40K Art, Wallpapers preferred.

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Oh, and i am looking for a place where i can find the latest Gaunt's Ghost novel: Salvation's Reach.

It would be very much appreciated if anyone could supply that.

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And if noone is interested, i'll quit. :D

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Groovy. Thanks OP.

What is this Scribd thing that lets you share books with people on the internet? This sounds extra piratical to me.

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Heh, it is just a platform to share documents, but what can i do about it when some evil ppl share whole books?

So.. helpless as i was, i just collected them all in one folder and supply it. Has most 40K Books written


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this is my current desktop wallpaper

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I really want that new Dan Abnett book. :P

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So do I, though spoilers suggest nothing really interesting happens.

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Hehe my desktop picture is currently

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Zip the lot and put them in somenthing sane. Scribd does ot allow for free mass dowloading

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I like the online access. There are some torrents around that compile almost as many Warhammer Books then my collection, so there is really no need for me to create another one.

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What is that. Some amateur reading Ultramarine Novels? :D

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Is there a means to download them or can I only read them?

Ah, nevermind found a download button within one of the files. What about in bulk, like one button for the entire Warhammer folder?

Also, current screen is pic related

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No, there i no batch download, sadly.
But as i said, no need for me to create another torrent file. There are some around. But i thought someone might appreciate the collection.

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I appreciate it. Going through them will take me a while, though. Only got through page 1 and there's 12. I'm assuming it'll still be there for the next few days, though, so I have time to grab them all.

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Thanks, torren/tg/uy.

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