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Sup /tg/,
I'm not much of a 40k fan - I don't have the money to support it, really - but I do enjoy the DH books, and I'm tangentially familiar with the fluff, but not overly so. I've just picked up Black Crusade (yay, more rules), and I'm wondering, who are these Black Legion guys? They sound like badasses.

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Their leader Abbadon the Despoiler is indeed a true badass

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They're like the guardsmen of Chaos Space Marines. They die in droves to simple bolter fire and cannot into tactics.

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Black Legion is the remains of the Sons of Horus, one of the original traitor legions now headed by Abaddon.
Under his leadership, he occasionally unites the many fractured other legions under his banner for a "Black Crusade".

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They used to be the Sons of Horus, but Abaddon has turned them into so much more. Marines from EVERY other legion flock to the banner of the Black Legion to try and gain favor with the Warmaster and the Dark Gods.

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The Black Legion is the iconic Chaos Space Marine faction. They're the remains of the Luna Wolves (who were later renamed the Sons of Horus), and are now commanded by Abaddon the Despoiler. They're one of the few factions of Chaos Space Marines who still actually fight for something rather than random, self-indulgent carnage.

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The Black Legion are a bunch of misfits and imbeciles.
You know how the Death Watch recruits distinguished Space Marines from other chapters to form them into a combined elite force for special tasks?
Imagine the BL as exactly the opposite of that. Failures that even the other Chaos legions want nothing to do with go join the Black Legion for one last shot at glory.

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Ah, alright. Thanks.

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God when are you going to fuck off you attention whoring bitch

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The chosen of the Warmaster, veterans of ten thousand years of war who fought against the Emperor's Legions. These are the true Chaos Space Marines, not mere renegades or ritualized cultists.

Or a band of deluded mutants led by a madman. It all depends on how you see them.

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Do you have more Chaos marine art? I want something with a good portrayal of a Chaos boltgun/marine.

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Chill with the mad, bro, we trying to help OP.
Bringing in that negative karma and shit.

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>Do you have more Chaos marine art?

Plenty. Just basic Chaos Marines with a Boltgun?

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Power armoured marines would be nice. I just want inspiration for a boltgun conversion that isn't a spiky marine boltgun, isn't complete preheresy, and looks good on Alpha Legion.

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Just what I needed.

Thanks DLFG!

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Draigo Vs Abaddon

Final destination.

Heaven or Hell?


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>isn't a spiky marine boltgun
>isn't complete preheresy
>looks good on Alpha Legion

Could just be a modern boltgun with Imperial imagery removed. And if this Alphabro is going to blend in with loyalists, maybe keeping the iconography on would be a better idea.

>Pic related. It's an Alpha Legionnaire.

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If you're talking about tabletop stats, Abaddon wins so long as his Daemon sword doesn't rebel.

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The Warmaster in fluff and tabletop.

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You wouldn't happen to have CSM, categorized?

Maybe Slaanesh , Nurgle... Or Unit types like Obliterators , Raptors etc

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Right, that's it for Chaos Marines with bolters, I'm afraid. Had to dip into cult troops, but I hope what's there is useful.

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They're arranged by God. Khornate, Slaaneshi, Nurglesque, Tzeentchian, and Undivided.

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I know, I know, but I like my Alpha Legion archaic. Mk IV and V armour, pre heresy marks of predator that're still relatively new-looking due to proper repair, and overall low levels of spikes and horns. Maybe some helmet horns and the odd kneecap spike, but that'd be it.

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Can you post some pls? Some Tzeentch and Nurgle would be nice, rarely see them.
Also, chaos terminator/dark admech are always nice.
>preparing my fapping arm

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If its not too much of a hassle, Id like as much of them as possible.

Specifically, if time is of the essence, Slaanesh , Undivided and everything else.

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Thanks. I'm toying with converted the boltguns to something like this. Though I'm not sure how. Any advice on that?

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Or this.

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>ask for the exact opposite of GE
Did you finish Kurze yet?
I am still waiting for my negative silhouette inlaid power armor.

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Sure. I'll just dump all my Chaos Marines, then do some Dark Mechanicus afterwards if there's space in the thread.

I think you could just shave down a regular boltgun. I don't see a lot of difference other than it being thinner, so some work with a scalpal and file on the area that the closed fist would normally glue onto should do.

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No, but I did finish Magnus the Red.

I'd post it here but it is over 5 mb's and the size is 4000x2000. You can find him on my DA page.

The thing about Kurze. I've previously stated, he is one of my and /tg/'s favorites from what i've gandered and I'd hate to fudge it up like I did with Fulgrim. Revisiting him someday when I figure out proper Chaos.

I am hoping DLFG's awesome collection will get me the refrences and inspiration I need.

You seen the previous "portrait" concept for Konrad, but here, take a look at some scribble I did just now waiting for DLFG to post , Keep in mind, was only 15 minutes of fast pasting a pose.

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It does look better though. Much more archaic, and looks like it's built around a different design philosophy from the modern boltguns. Any suggestions for making it look vaguely Chaotic/ like an archaic weapon?

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Do you have any daemonweapons?

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Replacing the magazine with an ammo belt springs to mind. It's suitably archaic-looking, but isn't overly LOLCHAOS if you want to shy away from adding spikes to everything.

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Not really. Some of the Chaos Marines might be carrying weapons ornate or twisted enough to look like Daemon weapons, but nothing of a Daemon weapon itself.

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Okay thanks.

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Is that a Khornate Chaos Marine holding a tiny doll given to him by a little girl? A girl seen leaving the scene alive?


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She's going off to shank someone and take their skull.

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Try looking up...The Son of a Woodsman, I think it's called, on 1D4chan.

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Heresy-era Primarch art I've not seen before? YES. KEEP GOING YOU GLORIOUS FEMALE YOU.

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On to Nurgle next.

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So Badass he has no arms.

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Slaanesh now.

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Sounds like a plan.

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You there! More of these awesome oldies but goldies.

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Not a SPESS MUHREEEN, but still Chaos.

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Sister of Chaos

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Again, not SPESS, but still kay-hoss.

>ngerbo cow-dung

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You there, awesome dude, any of these Fantasy guys, styled Night Lordish or Slaanesh?

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Sorry, no. You might want to see if you can get your mitts on LIBER CHAOTICA. Tons of awesome Fantasy Chaos pics in there.

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Found this though.

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And this.

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Thanks a lot, feel free to post more Chaos style constructs.

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And now, into Undivided.

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DLFG you should upload your massive collections archived and indexed to Mediafire or something one day. Like that other guy, Collector does, hes cool too!

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Sometimes I feel bad about just ripping all this stuff from Tumblr and reposting it.

Then I realise:

I don't give a fuck.

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Shit, I've got to bail, sorry. Hope what I was able to post was useful.

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>Go here
>Find almost all Warhammer 40K books

Have fun. At least i didnt spend all the time to collect them all for myself. :D

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Much more than you'd imagine.

Again, you have my thanks.


And you deserve a medal.

Anyone have some Chaos Daemons to share?

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Black Legion is just the poor man's Alpha Legion.

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Just stumbled across this beauty.

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Well no medal needed, but happy to be of help.

If you like martial fiction, there are some other folders to be found in the account. For example a lot of David Weber stuff.

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And the Alpha Legion are an overrated legion of mooks and METAL BAWKES crazed fools.

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Seems like that's it for me now. See you later, Loyalist scum.

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Any anons happen to have Iron Warriors besides that already posted?

I'm going to be running an IW heavy BC campaign soon, a good chunk actually on Medrenguard, so their planet is fine too.


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did someone say Black Legion?

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This really has become so old and annoying fast.

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On the other hand, tactics, trolling, and secure in their own superiority/convoluted plans.

Thousand Sons haven't got anything on a good Alpha Legion scheme. That stuff Magnus pulled in Battle of the Fang? That's Tuesday for a good Alpha Legion cell.

The bad ones...well, meh.

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>and the Alpha Legion are the SLA in 40k

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I have a few Iron Warriors pictures, none of Medrengard though.

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Much obliged, stranger

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A friend of mine once asked me "wtf what is this nazi bullshit" when he saw the icon for the Space Marine video game on my desktop.

(For those of you who don't get it [Which I assume is some ~99.99% of this board.], the Ultramarines U symbol looks pretty much exactly the same as the symbol the Nazi WWII collaborationist movement over here used.

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Where are you based out of, shitposter?

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you mean like this young ultramarine, seen here training without his power armour?

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Hey, guys, what's going on in here?

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