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What is it with /tg/ and Chaos good guys? Do you want Drizzt?

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Chaos good guys are perfectly feasible. They don't tend to stay that way, though. The higher up you get in terms of power the more ruthless the competition you'll face will get, forcing you to toughen up or die. Pretty much like everything else in the setting does. Becoming increasingly like inhuman deities utterly consumed by particular emotions and agendas doesn't help either.

Still, there's the early days, where people with good intentions draw on the powers of the warp to try and accomplish something just and righteous. The fools.

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Seriously? I play the most embittered, vengence-consumed prick of an Iron Warrior you'll ever meet.

The man on the throne deserves to die, but that doesn't make me the good guy for running a blade through his heart...

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Whats with you and saying shit that blatantly isn't true?

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>Chaos good guys?

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I've never understood this, myself. No-one who turns to Chaos is remotely good. Hell, ADB's Night Lords series has Talos, who is sympathetic; But he's a horrible monster, and what we would all a Grade-A psychopath, who's killed hundreds if not thousands of people.

It's impossible to be dedicated to Chaos and 'good', because Chaos just wants to corrupt everything. Eisenhorn's the best example; Look how he started out, and how he *ended up*, with no friends except a horrible daemonhost whispering unspeakable truths into his ear.

Bound in the body of his best friend.

Who he murdered.

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>i have an opinion
that's cute.

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>good guy

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You think he went down that road with the intention of being an asshat?

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No one who LIVES in the 40k universe is remotely good.

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that's wrong, you know, especially in the context of 40k.

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Chaos has no good, only neutral and evil.

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Well, most of the Thousand Sons never wanted to betray the Emperor, it was Magnus being a retard.
Second- Ahriman casted the Rubric to prevent the Legion from mutating further and thus corrupting. Go read the Thousand Sons book.
Third- we don't know why he's trying to enter the Black Library. One theory states that he seeks it to fix the broken Webway on Terra, which would relieve the Emperor from trying to keep it shut.

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Personally, I'd rather have sane and/or competent Chaos guys, rather than Chaos good guys. A villain needs to be a genuine threat to build tension and drama, and make the hero's victory all the more satisfying.

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You don't have to intend to be an arsehole to end up rolling down the path of evil. Hell, sincerely believing you're on the righteous path is just about the quickest way of straying down it that there is.

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It genuinely annoys me that my two favourite 40krpg friends and many people i meet have this opinion of chaos as a load of arseholes who hurrdurr for the the evlulz

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Which doesn't do anything to argue against saying he was, at some point, a "good guy".

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I don't know what's going on here, I just want to see more of Cultist-chan with watermelon tits.

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>not skinny as fuck


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Who you were before matters a lot less than what you are now. You think anyone gives a shit that Abbaddon was once among the greatest heroes of the Imperium? Most people know him only as a mass-murdering psycho, and the worst villain since...Since...I'd have to go with 'Horus'.

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You also forgot "complete failure".

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He's a ginger, what do you want?

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How come the bigger chaos-tan's tits are, the more I expect a trap?


One with a Chaotic Their-Arms-Stay-On-For-Two-Minutes alignment would be nice

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Cultist's form adapts depending on which Chaos god she's serving at the time. Here we see her in a form better suited for the worship of mighty Khorne, the OP pic is most likely a form assumed for the sake of Slaneesh.

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>It's impossible to be dedicated to Chaos and 'good', because Chaos just wants to corrupt everything.

Chaos is shaped by emotions of creatures that posses enough soul. Humans are the most influential of these as they spawned three major chaos gods out of four. Would you say that norma people want to corrupt everything?

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Black Crusade has about the same potential for "good" characters as Dark Heresy. Very little. True altruism is not something feasible in the 40k world.

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>How come the bigger chaos-tan's tits are, the more I expect a trap?

Isn't it obvious?

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Slaanesh isn't a trap, though, she's more like a futanari.

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Wait what?
I didn't think humanity created the first 3 but rather the collective thoughts of all sentient beings.

I mean, if that were true why didn't any of them consume earth the way Slaanesh got the Eldar's homeworld?

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That says nothing about her followers though, and often enough the term "trap" is open to include Futa. If there's something down there that shouldn't be, it's a trap!

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Because Good is how the Chaos Gods get you.

Tzeentch could get you from an honest will to change the status quo. To make a better world for your people. Tzeentch feeds on hope.

Nurgle may come to you when you are broken and alone and offer you release from your pain. The difference is that THIS TIME when you cried to the Emperor, or what ever pagan god you follow, a voice answered... and it was sympathetic.

Slaanesh is only ever offering you the will to be better than you are now, with the added bonus of freedom, freedom that only spire lords can achieve. Why wouldn't everyone want to be free and unbound and have skill enough to be praised by others?

Khorne may even offer you the strength to protect you and your own. In a human race where vengeance and hate are encouraged by the church, surely there is no more noble a calling than to destroy the people who want to hurt you.

You have to remember most humans don't know who the gods are and most humans live pretty shitty lives. To them it's just a voice, they don't know what a Tzeentch or a Slaanesh is, it's just a voice that's offering them a way out. They have been told all their lives not to give in to temptation sure.... but when it's there.

The gods get into your head. They twist your own desires to fit their own. You start off hating Orks, and khorne offers you the strength to best them, and end up hating your own people for being too weak to defend themselves. Before you know it you hate weakness in general and everyone else by default! After all they don't deserve to LIVE if they aren't strong enough to protect themselves! FUCK THEM! FUCKING SLAUGHTER ALL THOSE WEAKLING COWARDS! BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD! SKULLS FOR THE SKULL THRONE! LET! THE GALAXY! BURN!

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Still, all sentient beings wanting to corrupt? Thesy probably want to eat and fuck much more that to corrupt

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Then how does Malal/Malice get you?

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Perhaps this is just my playing group, but whatever

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You have to want to corrupt Chaos.

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It doesn't thats why largely Malal hasn't been around much since first edition whfrp. But probably for the same reason that people become anarchists in the first place, presumably a growing dissatisfaction with any form of known government.

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The Chaos gods whsiper into your ear promising you the world and end up laughing at you as you burn down all your hopes and dreams around yourself.


Follow Malal.... the universe is no longer laughing at the joke that is you. The universe is now crying in the courner like a little bitch and hoping you go fuck with some other guys shit before you get to it.

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He's pretty much the god of revenge. The last resort of people who'd give up everything to ruin others as they've been ruined.

40k has kind of a surplus in the department of 'good people who get fucked out of everything they had by people who really have it coming'.

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Through righteous indination

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That is the Chaos God I want.

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Could you post the rest of the set? I especially enjoyed the Tzeentch one, myself.

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I don't actually have the Slaneesh one.

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I do.

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When the Emperor gets a body like this, I'll start paying attention.

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Good Chaos filth?

You'll have better luck finding a good Nazi.

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Oskar Schindler

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I guess he wasn't much of a nazi.. but..

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4chan: pure class.

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Chaos can't all evil because the kids wouldn't like it.

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This (sp aside), Malal is/was also the the god of revolution (which people often mistakenly attribute to tzeench because 'lawl change'), when you can't stand the bloated useless people on top being drunk on power and equally inept RE: ever planetary governor ever.

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You could just as easily question why people are constantly trying to make the Imperials out to be the good guys.

Its pretty simple though. Neither side is "good," but there are good individuals. If you serve the Imperium, say, in the Inquisition, you will have to quite possibly obey fucked up orders, such as rounding up children to be sacrificed to the Emperor and for the Grey Knight project. Or killing people because they saw too much. Or any number of fucked up acts.

Sure, Chaos does bad stuff too, right? Ahh, but that's the thing. You only do so if you CHOOSE to do so. Its about picking your own path, and making your own destiny. If you want to steal shit and fight for your own freedom, fine. If you want to defend people from the Inquisition and fight for the freedom of all, that's fine too.

Ultimately, its about whether you want to ride the wave or call your own shots.

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He's the god of parasitic self destruction, and tries to be about hate and vengeance alongside Khorne. Revolution is definitely nothing relevant to him.

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Khorne isn't about vengeance or hate.

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I play chaos with purpose as opposed to evilulz to the core which seems to be the norm outside the books.

surprising how many people think just because my toon doesn't want to gut every single person he see's I'm not playing chaos right.

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no anon. Blood is not an emotion.

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Khorne is passion, irrationality and hatred.
Nurgle is comfort, stagnation and despair.
Tzeentch is hope, rebellion and megalomania.
Slaanesh is curiosity, indulgence and gluttony.

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you're fucking retarded

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>I play chaos with purpose as opposed to evilulz to the core which seems to be the norm outside the books.

"Eviliulz to the core" is one of the end-states of a chaos character, after they've been completely broken. The tragedy of chaos is that a lot of people who fall fall due to something that we'd construe as worthy or noble or justified. Like Thaddeus or Tarkus, for example. Or Angron and Horus.

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Just sayin'. Don't see why you gotta get all mad at me.

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>implying mad
Not only are you retarded you also have no idea how to discern emotions.

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Why, he's right the chaos gods were born of mortal emotion.

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See >>16752681

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Whatever, bro. Don't see why you'd call another person retarded if you weren't mad. It's pretty offensive, after all.

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Because besides 3 of those, all of them are wrong.

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Ah. I see.

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>Don't see why you'd call another person retarded if you weren't mad
Lurk more newfag

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using multiple definitions dilutes your point. Megalomania and irrationality go hand in hand, for example.

>K: Hate
>S: Love
>N: Despair
>T: Hope

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In the end, every character worships Chaos in their own individual way. I just listed a couple of 'em, man.

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If you are playing a chaos Character/army with the only objective of "for the evilulz" then you are playing them wrong, all Chaos has an objective, most are unknown, but generally it is to gain more power, the endless quest to be on top, its an imperfect plan.

>why turn to chaos?
to gain more power.
>Why do you need that power?
to complete my objectives.
>Your objectives are complete. what now?
Gain more power.
>Why more?
because that power felt good and there are things that have been left un-done...

also: "I Can't do it captain there is not enough power"
"Sacrifice a few hundred cultists"
"Thats just batshit-chaotic enough to work!"

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You are retarded, your posts are detrimental to the board.

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Slaanesh isn't love you asshat. Nurgle is love and despair.

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Chaos is infinite evil. This has been literally stated multiple times.
You may start good, but eventually you end up a murdering lunatic.

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You really are kinda upset. Why so negative?

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Nurgle has nothing to do with love.

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>A geyser of putrefying shit erupts in the middle of /tg/, drowning everyone with actual tastes

Fucking wat

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See >>16752681

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They look pretty accurate to me, I'd take rebellion and irrationality out other then them spot on.

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Well, we have sadistic and pure evil gods with no redeemable traits.

They're are called the C'tan.

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he really isn't. /tg/ wank at full power

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... yeah. It's easier to get away with making shit up on /co/...

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Nurgle sure is fucking loving.

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Yeah, I didn't get those right. It's difficult to identify the middle ground between a newcomer to Khorne/Tzeentch and the endgame, where the character pretty much personifies the darkest parts of Khorne/Tzeentch.

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Do you literally not know what "toon" means in that context.

Can't even take a guess?

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It is completely canonical (and remarkably OLD canon, too) that Nurgle legitimately cares for his faithful followers and that the reason he has kidnapped Isha is so he can try to woo her by infecting her with all sorts of horrible plagues, which she survives because she is a goddess of healing.
You need to get out, sir.

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Yeah, that's true, but that's a PERSONALITY aspect of Nurgle. It has nothing to do with what powers him.

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So basically he's living the neckbeard dream?

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Pipedown sunshine, your ignorance is showing. There is no one right way to worship chaos, nor are the gods confined to one emotion, they run a gamut of emotions based around a variety of emotions and circumstances.

Khorne may equally reward a noble warrior who fights only those who can defend themselves or the berzerk madman who murders all in his path.

Tzeentch might be just as pleased with the work of the turned inquisitor who spends his whole life working schemes in the shadows as with the twisted sorceror who changed a planet into statues of octupus.

Etc, etc, chaos is by nature chaotic and manyfold are it's paths.

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Because deep down, every single human being wants to rebel. Nobody actually likes following laws and rules, you have to hammer these things into their minds real hard.

>> No.16753848

I'm pretty sure he's 'wat'ing at the usage of retarded MMO parlance to refer to a non-MMO character, actually.
It is essentially the same as referring to your RPG character as 'My Pacman'.

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Read this and tell me he is god of love.
He loves you.
He isn't powered by love.

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He's interpreted as loving because he's happy to leave you the way you are. In fact, he's happy with how you are. He wants you to rot, to decay, to slowly fall apart. He's just fine with that.

He certainly seems like the least pushy Chaos God. There's no endless, winding road of change to pursue, no impossible mountain of excess to climb, no river of blood to make in your God's name. All you gotta do is spread the love.

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Best not be arguing that papa nurgle doesn't love all his children.

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Khorne is passion, anger and hatred.
Nurgle is comfort, stagnation and despair.
Tzeentch is hope, ambition and megalomania.
Slaanesh is curiosity, indulgence and gluttony.

There we are, that's a little better.

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And this causes intense rage?

color me confused. I don't often fly off my handle when people use different terms to me.

>pic related
Smells like trolling to me.

>> No.16753885

Generally, yes.

The same way when people call sex yiffing.
Or call you their brony.
It's forcing a bit of incorrect terminology into a discussion unrelated to the source of the terminology. Simply call it a character and be done with it.

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Khorne is the Blood God.
Nurgle is the God of Rot
Tzeentch is the God of plotting
Slaanesh is the God of pleasure

They're non deeper than that. Don't kid yourselves.

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So mad.


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It's true and you know it.

You guys are just thinking about it too hard.

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So i should change my mannerisms for a few individuals who are utterly unwilling to accept mine.

You'd best be trolling because you're making no sense.

>> No.16753931


>So i should change my mannerisms for a few individuals who are utterly unwilling to accept mine.

Yes, unless you're an antisocial closeted neckbeard.

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Yeh I thought that was the case.

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So let's say there's this drug-addicted gangster, who fucking adores getting shit-faced at every opportunity. One day, a plague comes to his word. He and his brothers and sisters, they all get fucked over by the plague, all covered in sores and horrible buboes - and the governor does nothing. He doesn't help the poor of the underhive, or even the people of the hive. He simply barricades himself away in the top of the spire, with his closest friends and family. The gangster desires revenge and will anything to achieve it - all that he desires is the blood of his foe. So in order to obtain it, he spends most of his time dedicated to coming up with convoluted plans and insanely detailed plots, dedicated to making the governor die for what he has done to the rest of the hive, while trying his best to get his fix of his drug of choice and to prevent himself from succumbing to plague and disease.

These plans involve selling his soul to a Chaos God.

Which God would he worship?

>> No.16753962

undivided. duh.

>> No.16753963

Sounds pretty close to undivided to me.

Is that the point, what is the point?

>> No.16753964

Yeah. Generally, it's polite to treat something as what it is, instead of shoving your other shit into the discussion.

God, I bet you're so fucking anti-social you don't even use a coaster in your friends' house when he asks you to.

>> No.16753965

The Chaos Gods.
You don't have to worship just one.

>> No.16753966

"Tiberius knelt at the power of his visions. He saw things that he couldn't comprehend. Such glory and horror! Those were the faces of Chaos Undivided.

A many headed beast constantly attacking itself, holding all the weapons in the world in his arms.

A infinite vortex of pure discord and knowledge, its form and colour changing every instant, never the same twice.

A loathesome combination of a ruined building and a hideous half-rotten cadaver, covered in millions of worm-like parasites, half of them laughing and half of them screaming.

An androgynous being of infinite beauty, standing on a throne on top of all the objects Tiberius ever wanted, which towered in the middle of a vast palace."

>> No.16753969


Whichever one he chooses.

Alternately, Chaos Undivided.


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No anon saying an apple is an orange doesn't make it so.

to advanced? the one argument is not the other just because you want it to be, keep going and soon you'll godwin the thread for us.

>> No.16753983

chaos undecided

>> No.16753996

No, Chaos Undivided is just for people who want to see the Imperium dead, like Abaddon and the Black Legion do. They're pretty simple guys, really.

The answer is that this character would be rejected by the Chaos Gods and Chaos Undivided. He doesn't fit into the narrow stereotypes that they demand.

>> No.16754025

You're retarded. Many chaotics have never heard of the Imperium. Others believe that they are the future of the Imperium.

If a character can fall under 2 or more gods, he's probably undivided. The book even states this.

>> No.16754029

>i have an opinion
thats cute

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No thanks.

>> No.16754039



You've described an obsession for the perfect way to murder the one guy who made your gangster's life of pleasure that much harder.

This is consuming his life, his planning and his constant thirst for revenge are the epitome of excess.

He is an unusual Slaaneshi, but still Slaaneshi.

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File: 101 KB, 300x439, hwee_prefehr_panceeeeykes_by_mr_culexus-d47fmvx.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.16754055

>Night Lords
>most of the chapter embraced the ruinous powers

>> No.16754059


>that source doesn't have anything to do with love

>> No.16754094


Yep. We know many Night Lord daemon princes and some of them work under Abaddon.

A few deluded fools who claim to "reject" Chaos do not matter at all. Look for example at how Acerbus sent Sahaal packing without men or resources.

>> No.16754095

Hipster Cultist-Chan?

Also Malal? Everything adds up now..

>> No.16754111

In fact, largest Night Lords warband? Lead by Krieg Acerbus, a Daemon Prince.

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While one would be tempted to answer Chaos Undivided, it's actually something of a trick question once you consider the context.
You see, practically all Imperial citizens are utterly ignorant of the existance of Chaos. They might have some knowledge of a vague "Arch Enemy" who isn't of Xenos origin and that heretics are part of this force, but any and all information about the Ruinous Powers and the Warp is brutally suppressed.
And if he doesn't know about Chaos as a whole, he'd certainly know nothing of the individual Dark Gods and their domains.

Worship of the Chaos pantheon takes many forms though. For example; the Norse in WHF worship a dozen warrior-gods, each with its own area of expertise. But in reality (if you can still speak of reality when dealing with Chaos) all are nothing more than various aspects of Khorne and all devotion to these god-aspects ends up at the Throne of Skulls.
So it is quite possible that this ganger is already familiar with some front for a Chaos God even if he doesn't realise it. Perhaps some local legend or myth features a boogey man character who is actually one of the Dark Pantheon under a different name. Or perhaps there are whispered rumours in the Underhive of a dark cult and their sinister master to whom he might turn.

My point is that the ganger is ignorant of Chaos, let alone the true nature of the Gods so he could end up selling his soul to any of them or even to a lesser Warp entity like a Daemon Prince.

>> No.16754126

so my guess was right? (>>16753983)

what do I win?

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A date with this wonderful lady(?)

Be careful though!

She's feisty.

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my face is my shield

I hope she likes nascar

>> No.16754185

UGH, for fuck's sake, don't make me explain this again.

Khorne is Pride. He used to be about finding worthy opponents and contests of skill, but his ego has grown too great. Now everything is a slight against him, and must be met with retribution.

Nurgle is Love. Not the mushy romantic love, true deep love. You know that moment when you hold someone close and wish that moment would last forever? Nurgle quietly chuckles in his pus-stained corner of the Warp. He wishes for everything to last, everything to survive, and everyone to get along. There may be just one of you, but there are billions, and billions of bacteria cells. And he loves them too.

Tzeentch is Hope. Hope that tomorrow will be better, hope that something new and interesting will come along. Tzeentch doesn't change simply for the sake of it, he changes in a manner that challenges, that sets new goals, that creates new hope that some facet of things will be different again tomorrow.

Slannesh is, surprisingly, Confidence. You'd think s/he'd stem from insecurity or greed, but he really doesn't. He's that voice in your head that makes you feel GREAT about yourself, that tells you that you can take on the entire fucking world, and achieve absolutely everything you ever set out to do. He thrives on the boost people get when they accomplish something.

>> No.16754194
File: 101 KB, 446x640, adrian_smith_khorne_marine.jpg-t=1238742476.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>UGH, for fuck's sake, don't make me explain this again.
yeah, I hope you don't.. seeing as you're pretty far off the mark in all cases.

>> No.16754223

And people say "Why do Undivided worshipers get a dumb Morale re-roll?"
Because they are the ultimate badasses. Not a single fuck is ever given. They tolerate ZERO bullshit, will survive and SKULLFUCK whatever you put in front of them, and feel like eight feet of armored monster-truck that walks upright like a man whilst doing it.

>> No.16754229


>> No.16754241

Now you're getting it.

>> No.16754268

Gotta agree with >>16754194
The only accurate one is Tzeentch, though hope is hardly his defining factor.

>> No.16754295
File: 94 KB, 366x380, WHY.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

nice strawman. I just like the image.

At the very least you got the basic idea of Tzeentch down pat. It's the other gods you're grossly misinterpreting

"Pride" is not solely Khorne's domain, nor is it his primary emotional sustenance. It's a distinctly Slaaneshi emotion.

the Nurgle ≠ love statement has been gone over time and time again; but specifically, Nurgle's "love" is focused around "grief". It's not "I want this moment to last forever", it's the empty, hollow feeling that "everything is going to end" that you push to the back of your mind. Yeah, love is a consequence of that action; but it's not what sustains Nurgle. He delights in the suffering of his followers, as it only helps to further his contagion. You've heard the term "misery loves company" right?


>> No.16754296

Back in the day, they used to mean that, when 40k and Fantasy were still supposedly unified.
I personally don't mind it, the idea that 40k is such a crapsack world that the good aspects of the human psyche as represented by the warp has been twisted and mutated into something vile and violent fits perfectly.

>> No.16754301
File: 43 KB, 557x442, Whyyy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Not a cartoon character

>> No.16754313
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If it's that important to you make a thread about it, I'm sure the 5 other people who care on the internet will be there in a flash.

We're arguing serious business here.

>> No.16754316

Bigger than that.

>> No.16754323

Old bluff is the best fluff.

>> No.16754324
File: 759 KB, 1680x1050, Oh Rapture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>serious business
>40k alignments

>> No.16754331
File: 106 KB, 888x1054, 1306305674042.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's pretty retarded. That said,
>serious business

>> No.16754344

>thinks that's old fluff

compare his nurgle to >>16753823

shit, download the old Slaves to Darkness books and educate thyself

>> No.16754352

This 'everything has to be grimdark' attitude without even the slightest comprehension of irony is why 40k is the domain of 12 year olds these days. OF COURSE, why didn't I think of it, Nurgle actually just loves torturing his worshippers until they turn into whiny emo faggots and ask him for more disease and corruption. SO GRIM.
And if you could see me now, you'd note the light shooting from my eyes as comprehension strikes me!
Slannesh is just all about drugs and bitches! Fuck yeah! But it's also GRIM because they have to keep taking MORE AND MORE drugs, and sticking chainsaws down their dickholes to feel anything!

>> No.16754364

>waah! waaah! Old fluff was better fluff!
read the fucking old fluff before putting on a show.

>> No.16754375


I read the old Necron fluff and it was terrible.

>> No.16754376

>OF COURSE, why didn't I think of it, Nurgle actually just loves torturing his worshippers until they turn into whiny emo faggots and ask him for more disease and corruption. SO GRIM.

Nurgle is the plague. "Nurgle's Joy" is Ring Around The Rosie. It's insane pleasure in the face of decay and pain and fear and ruin. It's not "oh, hey, this isn't so bad" followed by settling down in a nice pox-infested house and meeting a cute girl with her face covered in boils and giant pulsating spider eggs.

>> No.16754394


And I think the new necron fluff is terrible

>> No.16754433


Definitely an improvement from the old piece of crap.

>> No.16754453
File: 14 KB, 280x284, 11.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The only good fluff is the Tau fluff.

>> No.16754476
File: 16 KB, 279x293, 1281392843446.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

shame no one actually reads it

>the tau are the good guys! They're going to win the 40k!

>> No.16754482

Yeah, the Star Wars EU is pretty well-written.

>> No.16754527

>implying they won't

The Tau are totally going to win the 40K. Eldrad said so!

>> No.16754533


>trusting eldar visions

>> No.16754537

Eldrad also thought he wasn't going to die and would win the space fight

look how that turned out

>> No.16754542

Then why would the followers of Nurgle call him Grandpa?
Your explanation doesn't make any sense.

Nurgle is about the status Quo he likes to keep things just as they are in order to achieve that he gifts his followers plagues so that they become immortal. Also his plagues makes his followers immune to pain.
Who tortures people that are immune to pain? He tries his plagues on Isha first so that he doesn't kill his followers with it. Or give them something that would harm them.

>> No.16754585
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Nurgle is not grief or torment, he gets his power from the party in "The Masque of the Red Death".

>> No.16754622

Rommel was not a member of the naziparty and his goodness i questionable.
John Rabe on the other hand was a member of the naziparty and was unquestionably a good guy who saved thousands. Check him out:

>> No.16754628
File: 14 KB, 300x330, 1294087791074.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>He tries his plagues on Isha first so that he doesn't kill his followers with it. Or give them something that would harm them.
haha, is dis nigga serious? Read the fluff. READ IT. DON'T RELY ON /tg/ FOR THIS

>> No.16754725

stop your racism idiot

A goddess of rejuvenation and a god of decay seemed an odd pairing, but Nurgle adores her like no other. However, Nurgle shows his adoration as only a Chaos god can, keeping her trapped in a cage in the garden of Nurgle, in the corner of a room where he keeps the cauldron in which he creates all of his plagues.

Being a goddess of healing, Isha can cure herself of any of Nurgle's diseases. Nurgle takes advantage of this by force-feeding her his latest creation and sees how long it takes the goddess to overcome its effects. If he is pleased, he releases it upon some unsuspecting world, if not, he starts over, working at his cauldron until he has something new to give to his 'companion'. Whilst he is busy working though, Isha takes advantage of his distraction to instruct mortals on how to rid themselves of Nurgle's poxes.

As if Nurgle doesn't know that Isha tell the mortals how to get rid of his plagues.

>> No.16754737

Nurgle doesn't test them to NOT harm his followers, bro. He tests them for potency. Mortals of ANY kind are the playthings of the Chaos gods.

>> No.16754919



Jesus christ, troll confirmed. 5/10, you were doing good up until there.

>> No.16755211


You have those backwards.

>> No.16755232

I wish WCKD would come back now that he's not confirmed dead. Sigh.

>> No.16755267


me too bro, me too

>> No.16755582

wonder what a human civilisation worshiping the chaos gods as the good guys would look like

maybe they could actually turn the whole thing on its head and make it work

like a culture of nurgle worshipers that are dedicated to organisation and constant reproduction of cicluses and proceses, a cybernetic approach to life, while at the same time unity and solidarity and collectivism

or a slaneeshi culture dedicated to perfection and quality, finding higher pleasures by sublimating the more basic ones

a progressive ever changing culture ruled by scientists and inventors opposing a totalitaristic power-crazed culture ruled by scheeming politicians, both worshiping tzeench

and obviously a hard spartan militaristic totalitarism dedicated to khrone, but allyed to a host of savage warrior tribes

there could be secret sects and cults working in illegality, hunted down by all factions, dedicated to malal

and offcourse lots of different cosmopolitan or sincretic or merchant populations worshiping chaos undivided, or complex philosophical teachings the folovers of which learn how to embrace and accept chaos as the ultimate reality, without being corrupted by it, kind of like zen, or discordia, or impersonalist hinduism - some could focus on that one sincronicity in which all chaos is one and unchanging

it could actually kick some serious ass

and it would be more dinamic than WH40K but with mostly the same themes and overtones, they could even keep it as grimdark as grimdark can be

hell, there could even be a cult of order dedicated to some risen saviour of mankind, slayer of the dragon or whatnot

>> No.16755621
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I came here expecting promotions, where are all the promotions?

>> No.16757261

Well the idea of a good guy who's a worshipper of chaos is rather difficult as some gifts they bestow blur the lines. A follower of Nurgle thinks that if on your first step you infect a worlds populace with demon aids, your the greatest thing since Nurgle handing out not dying. Tzeentchian followers are about hope, but mostly false hope. I suppose you could try to fix everything and give everyone real hope. Slaneesh all depends on what you fancy, you like saving space-princesses and being a swell guy? Well you could throw the dice and hope he doesn't make every jizz when you try to give your thanks. Khorne... Well angry is angry. I guess you could ask him if you could be the guy that gets to beat up cunts that give skulls and blood unworthy for him.

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