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And now, for your viewing pleasure: Da Sekret Weapon, Deff Skwadron's finest issue.

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Oh god I have to go to work and this is coming on? PRELOAD IMAGES LIKE A BOSS!

Please continue!

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Fuck all, this is great

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Fraggin' Killboy.
More orky than three whole Orks.

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Deff Skwadron is objectively great.

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I think I'm gonna make a converted meganob modeled after killboy...

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And now, just a bit more of Killboy:

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Which graphic novel is this? I want it.

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disregard, i'm a huge retard.

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Hope you enjoyed bros.
Just here to spread the word of good ol' Killboy.

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I previously had no interest what so ever in making a 40k army

I'm going to go out to my FLGS and discuss the 40k scene right now so I can try and get an Ork army

Thank you for this bloody great dump

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Come back later tonight, I'm gonna make a mean ork thread.

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