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I need pictures.
Pictures of Space Marines.
I need to convince someone that Warhammer 40k is fuckawesome.

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the douk isn't helping your case.

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I just needed an opening image.

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>I need to convince someone that Warhammer 40k is fuckawesome.

Here's a better idea- you DON'T try shoving it down his throat, and let him see if he likes it on his own terms.

Trying to aggressively convince people that something is "Awesome" has a tendency to push them away harder than it draws them in.

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its spelled dook

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To be fair, the kind of brain-dead machismo that a fan of Duke Nukem enjoys *would* be the kind of brain-death that a Space Marine fan would enjoy.

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but that's not true

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Here OP! A wealth of space marine pics!

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The 40K universe is comedic. Maybe you should show your friend that side and see if he likes it.

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>Pictures of Space Marines.
>I need to convince someone that Warhammer 40k is fuckawesome.

40k's not fuckawesome to begin with, and spamming spess mehreens at someone is half the reason.

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Space Marine dump? Sure. I don't have *too* many, but I'll post what I can.

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ITT: people who don't know that you always bet on the Duke.

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>I need to convince someone that Warhammer 40k is fuckawesome.
If he's the kind of tool who'd think something like 40k is awesome, he'll like it if you shove any part of it at him.

If he's got taste, you can't do shit to convince him that 40k's good.

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>I don't have *too* many
So... just two threads of pics then?

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adeptus mechanicus better
the flesh is weak

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Haha, I wish. I'm guessing somewhere between 50 and 100.

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why do people in this thread not like 40k? my friend is trying to get me into it, don't know if i like it. i like the computer game, the table-top seems too difficult/boring.

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and pics for other three threads where tyranids killing space marines. But those are tyranid pics so doesn't really count

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because of the people who play 40k

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>I need to convince someone that Warhammer 40k is fuckawesome.
Why must you lie?

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A lot of people don't like Space Marines. They're often overhyped and overexposed at the expense of the other, debateably more interesting, factions. It can leave people rather bitter to see their own factions being ignored or used as cannon fodder for the Marines. Though the sort of viterol being thrown around here really isn't called for.

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It is difficult AND boring.

Congrats on realizing that without spending $500

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The tabletop is fun because its more visceral and suspenseful. Its the difference between playing online facebook poker compared to playing poker face to face, for money, with your best friends.

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check it: DICKS

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>It is difficult AND boring.

That's a matter of opinion, really. The rules are easy enough to pick up if you stick at it, and the latter is purely subjective.

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capture them....FOR CHAOS

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Thanks. I had been looking for that image. Wanted to be able to google image search higher res for it.

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So don't fucking spam one army at him while shouting "LOVE THE MARINES, LOVE THEM! I THINK THEY'RE AWESOME AND YOU SHOULD TOO!"

Jeezus fuck, GW does that enough as it is. Just show him the fucking game, and some cool fucking pictures, and make sure to show him EVERYTHING and not just spess mehreens. If he likes it, great. If he opts to play something other than fucking canon-sues, then that's fine too.

As to why people hate space marines? Frequent a gamestore, and deal with fuck-tards constantly spouting shit like 'Lol mehreens are the best', 'Orks only exist to be shot', 'why don't you make an army of marines? I bet they'd look awesome'. And then have them whine and bitch about your army being 'overpowered' when you curb-stomp their gimmick-infested codex. Do so for a decade, and lets see how much you like space marines.

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You wont beakies? Here's a pile of beakies!

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They're easy enough, until you play a real game like Warmachine and see what rules are really supposed to look like.

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I do play Warmachine. While the rules are certainly clearer with less ambiguity, I don't consider the actual mechanics to be any better or worse than 40k's. They're just different. And they're both fun.

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lol space marines, awesome.

LOL, but if you insist.

Not quite a space marine, But many space marines aspire to be this good.

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Course, you cud alwayz be an Ork, cuz Orkz have da best stompas!

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Awesome. More Dreadnought art is always appreciated.

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I agree that the rules are not 'boring'. But that's also 'not boring' in the bad way. As in, the rules are convoluted mess, full of biased game design and unnecessary gimmicks.

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Orkz dress best!

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Orkz breathe fire!

>disclaimer: not all Orks breathe fire. This has been deemed unhealthy and is likely to upset your warboss.

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Citadel Clean-up Kit

Before you assemble and paint your miniatures it's important to clean off any mould lines and flash (excess resin from the casting process). The Flash Brush will help you remove excess resin from the miniature without damaging the fine detail. The Mouldline Scraping Tool is similarly useful and allows you to clean the mouldlines off your miniatures safely and easily.

This set contains one Flash Brush and one Mouldline Scraping Tool.

Price: $13.25

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>best stompas!
>posts GW's fail "bucket-stompa"

Pic related. This is a REAL stompa. Only yoofs use the GW one as anything other than scrap-material.

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An' Orkz have a rich history wif lotsa exciting stuff happenin', like dat one time when dat Nob sat on a face-eating Squig!

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The rules to WM are far, far better than GW's rulesets. Their problem is that they are intensely game-y and may not appeal to the RPG type gamer who enjoy GW's fluff

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You want Clearer or less Ambiguity? How about more tactical forethought being required?

Try playing Epic or Flames of War some time. 40k's rules are the equivalent of a 12yr old's wet-dream attempt at game-design.

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Only image you'll ever need.

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You want an awesome Stompa?
Got an awesome Stompa right 'ere!

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>intensely game-y and may not appeal to the RPG type gamer who enjoy GW's fluff

I will say this is a fair point. Warmachine's fun...but it's never really come alive for me. It's never felt like anything more than a game. For all it's myriad flaws, 40k just feels so much more exciting and involving.

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Dislocated shoulders.
Dislocated shoulders everywhere.

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Fuck I love this picture.

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Space Marines are mutants, remember, bro?

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Swagger: on.

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I hate that picture and everything it stands for.

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That image is inaccurate in so many ways.

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Warmachine/Hordes are cool games, if you like the unholy spawn of table top games with CCGs. Sure, WM/H aren't collectible by default, but you're basically building combos in your list and hoping to go first so you get it off first and win.

The rules may be better written than 40k's, but I still would rather play 40k.

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haywire grenade

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I almost always go second on purpose with my extreme mobility RoS list. And I have yet to run up against anyone with a purely "combo" army since MKI.

What WM really has going for it is tactics > list building. Whereas you can lose in 40k before you even get your mandollies out, a suboptimal list can take mad wins with a skilled player in WM.

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>Sure, WM/H aren't collectible by default, but you're basically building combos in your list and hoping to go first so you get it off first and win.

So...you don't really know anything about Warmahordes.

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That being said:

WM = Intellectual challenge, fair rules.
40K = Great for a drunken night with mates. Assuming none of your mates are WAAC/TFG's.

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>40k just feels so much more exciting and involving.
It did for me... before it turned into a gimmick infested nightmare of an edition, full of needless mehreen spam codices and castrated variants for anyone who's not loyalist mehreens.

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Sure. Just give me a second to go over my data again.

Oh, 100+ games and the player who goes first wins 80% of the time.

Thanks for playing.

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>needless mehreen spam codices

They've been in the game since 2nd edition. Variant Space Marine codexes are not a new development. And despite never having played Marines in my life, I've never felt particularly handicapped.

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I feel pretty handicapped as an ork player, where my anti-tank amounts basically to "roll this dice and see if you lose"

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Except back in 2nd, mehreens weren't the only ones with variant lists.

By 'needless mehreen spam', I'm referring to the (very valid) point that marines are now the ONLY army in the game that still has it's variant army lists. EVERY other army literally had their variants castrated off, in a bloody and undignified manner. All of which, have been in the game since 2nd as well... some as far back as RT era.

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What is with the Warmahordefag trolls in this thread?

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It's a little unfair to call them "Warmahordefag trolls", they're entitled to their opinions. Though it is a little depressing when a badwrongfun crowd descends upon any thread.

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Talking about non-boring rulesets usually leads to warmachines

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>I need to convince someone that Warhammer 40k is fuckawesome.
So why are you trying to do that with Spess Mahreens and not Orks? Orks are infinitely more awesome than that bunch of steroid-hopped Gary Stus.

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Nowhere near as depressing as seeing YET ANOTHER fucking spess mehreen thread on /tg/. What, were the first 5 on the front page not enough? Do we really need a 34th marine-related thread buried in /tg/?

Jeezus fuck... I'm perfectly ok with being called a 'badwrongfun' jerk, considering it's infinitely more annoying to have to constantly bump THE ONLY -insert game not related to spess mehreens here- thread on /tg/, for fear that it gets shovelled onto page 15 within 12 nanoseconds.

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probably because this is /tg/. who only has a hard-on for spess mehreens, and it's precious angry mehreens. it's not like /tg/ has ever made a fuck-awesome army idea for any other faction...

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More Kroot!

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I keep seeing this pic and thinking Space Marine Colbert.

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Hmm. The thumbnail seems to have come out a bit odd there, but the image should open fine enough.

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>not just showing him one angry marine story
They went around to every house and personally ripped the doorknob of every door, added a fucking power charge to it, then got a sack, added ADIMANTIUM FUCKING WEAVE TO IT. They dont know how they got adimantium weave on the sack, they just yelled at their servitore 'till he figured it out.

That's the origin of the fabled powersack full of powerdoorknobs.

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Thank you so much for these images!

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You're more than welcome. They're a good example of how a Marine's power armour doesn't have to completely do away with anatomy.

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Anything to do with the Angry Marines is a good way to get someone to think Warhammer is really, really dumb. It's an inside joke, and as tends to happen with inside jokes, everyone that hears it that wasn't directly involved will not get it.

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I was actually drawn to 40K through the Angry Marines. I thought they were hilarious, as youth are wont to do. I think it's because of them that I don't treat the 40k 'verse with as much GRIMDARK SERIOUSNESS as some do, for which I am quite thankful.

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I'm going to max this thread out, damnit. There can't be much left to go.

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...huh. And that was, indeed, the image limit.

OP, and anyone else who might have been following, hopefully there's some useful stuff there despite the bickering.

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I'm not the OP, but you certainly have my thanks. Plenty of new images for me to add to my collection.

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Is tzeentch supposed to be a giant dick or does he have the largest dick?

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You know you're supposed to post a picture of J. Jonah Jameson with this kind of request, right?

>> No.16741104

I feel like she wasn't 4 feet tall in the game...

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