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Finishing up some Kriegers.

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Old Thread

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I should, but these days, I'm having trouble getting the motivation and then there's IRL. I'm sure I could eek out a living doing art but I lack the know how... *shrug*
Anyway, I dug up the last known version I have and added a little to it real quick. It's not quite a replacement to the close up version you have though. Think of it as a companion. If I ever find the original files, I'll complete it properly and post it on /tg/

apologies for the roughness...

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Why do all Kreiger females look like Seras Victoria?

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on my lunch break, just checking out what /tg/ is doing... and i am lucky enough to behold some more of the collector's fine work! a blessed day.

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because all female kriegers ARE Seras Victoria

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I know how it is to not be motivated. Sometimes you just have to kick yourself in the teeth.
Well in OP it's because that's Seras drawn as a Krieger.
Really? Over fanfiction? Something that has NO bearing whatsoever on... anything?
Lunch break? You must be on the other side of the world from me.

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Then who was Alucard?

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They don't.
It's waifu faggotry.
At most, one'd look like her, but empty of emotion or even personality.
And significantly less made up.

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Mainly because you can't even discuss the Death Korps here without some mongoloid spraying "TERRANIS HOLDS HURF DURF" all over you.
I wish everyone that wrote that abortion would drown in shit.

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actually, i work third shift. it is 2:30am

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Last time I posted Kriegers there was... maybe 2 or 3 posts with Terranis in them. And that was it. The rest was just Kriegers.
Besides, no one NOT from 4chan even knows what the hell we're talking about. Most of the people here NOW don't know. I fail to see how it affects your life enough to warrant going through the trouble of getting angry.

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Ah, then you're probably only a few states away.

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The emperor, of course

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nebraska, how about yourself?

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And Integra?

I want to see Major as a Khornate Champion.

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pretty clear cut inquisitor, I'd say

and yeah. Non-mindless khorne is always nice to see

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I am nestled right up next to the U.S. Mexico Border. On the New Mexico side.

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>mfw these all look like Haruko Haruhara

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ah, well im having a ball on the missouri right now. too bad we're nowhere near each other or i would give you a bro-fist the size of the moon

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How often do you even get into a conversation about the DEATH KORPS OF KRIEG, anywhere?
You don't.
It's /tg/.
I don't mind the lightheartedness of the fap character or anything.
I do mind completely ruining Krieg because it's the flavor of the... shit, I don't know, flavor of the board?
Terranis, "Clumsiest Krieger", that shitty commander quest that had Krieg being a pretty average regiment with focused soldiers...
It goes on and on. And it fucking started with Terranis.

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Why did I save this comic again...?
I've met one other Channer in real life (Not counting, of course, my friends)
Ended up sleeping with her once.

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Started? No man, /tg/ does that to EVERYTHING. Sure we like Grimdark, but we will also make EVERYTHING cute/sexy. EVERYTHING.
If you REALLY want to blame something, cut to the root.
Love Can Bloom.

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Go figure, this Krieg tank commander doesn't even HAVE a mask.

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Look at that. The Desert Fox does not give a SINGLE fuck.

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Which was awful to begin with.
Right, so I've got to the root of it: I hate all of you personally, and everything you stand for.

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Wasn't there one with a Space Australian?

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i imagine alucard is a bound greater daemon or daemon prince of tzcheentzth aka the guy whose name i cant spell properly

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Posted last thread.

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Well as long as it's a nice, general hate.

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Moar like that, please?

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But come to think of it, no. /tg/ hasn't, say, turned the Catachan Devils into a dating sim, so that's bullshit. It's only fapped to them.

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But we DID start a Chaos Dating Sim.

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Is that...
>open up thread
>see image title
>my face
needs more guns, though

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No seriously, what the hell?

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I wish I knew what the hell you guys are talking about with the Teranis and Clumsy Krieger stuff. Sounds like some kind of "can't unsee" thing, but everyone's got their foibles I guess.

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Still, that means there are things popular on /tg/ that that has not been done to.
I still blame Terranis.

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Dating sim waifu bullshit featuring the Death Korps of Krieg.
I truly wish I was making this up.

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First time i've seen this, i fucking lol'd

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It's just some /tg/ fanfiction. I like it, and a bunch of other people too. But you also have those that hate it.
The Clumsy Krieger is actually from "Cutest Krieger Quest" Extremely Waifu, just a warning.

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Again, we've cute-ified EVERYTHING.

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That's an understatement.
This explains my general feelings towards it.

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Just change nanoangstrom into planck length and you'll feel how much I myself hate it.

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Oh. The thought of a 40k dating sim made me laugh actually. I suppose it's all in how you look at it. Still, it's not canon or anything. I mean, the idea of it's absurd and can be seen as sort of parody, so what's the harm?

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You see... I can't even bring myself to put forth the effort to be mad.
There's no point in getting mad. It won;t FIX anything, and it defiantly won't change anything. Except your blood pressure.

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You've cuteified one (1) Catachan Devil, and really haven't even touched any others.
You made an entire (canon-raping) regiment of Kriegers find waifus and husbandos and live happily ever after and make all the rest of the Kriegers warm and gooey inside. So yes, I hope all the bad things in life happen to you and only you.

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But... it wasn't.
I equate it somewhere below Squad Broken on my list of 40k fanfics.

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Oh, ok. So this is a hate directed at me specifically.
Alright. Hate me. I don't mind.

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Hate! Hate! Hate!
An emotion as pure as it is deep!
Hate! Hate! Hate!
Let it flow, let it run free!

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No, you just represent all the nameless people that excreted that crime against the written word, due to your support for it.

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Well, while you're doing that, mind saying hello to Khorne for me?
You know... In situations like this I just say to myself "The Dude abides." Calm down, don't let the little things get your blood in a boil. It doesn't really matter int he long run.

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Alright everybody, that's it for the Guard.

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That is Inspirational Verse, Imperial Hymnal Vol. IV. So, not very Khornate.

Hate is a worthy feeling. Especially against that... thing.
I can pretend LCB didn't happen, because nobody really speaks of it any longer.
I can't pretend that shit didn't because faggots won't DROP IT.

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CSM now please?

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I'll be honest. Most of my Chaos is Cultist related.
See? That proves my point. People still KNOW about LCB, but hardly anyone talks about it anymore. Hardly anyone talks about Love and Krieg anymore either. Hell, it would have been mentioned TWICE in both these threads is you hadn't brought it up yourself. In a little while NO ONE will talk about it anymore.
But I will be doing a LCB dump soon now. Its important to remember the old stuff.

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Its a story based on toy soldiers, get over yourself.

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That is just the thing.
You can mention Vindicare assassins or Ulthwé Eldar without HERPADERP LCB.
You can't with Krieg.

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> But I will be doing a LCB dump soon now. Its important to remember the old stuff.

Do iiiiit

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Hey now, don't fuel the hate. Like any fire it'll eventually starve itself out.

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Twice. It was mentioned twice in over 100 posts. It was your anger that dragged it out and prolonged it. If you had have ignored it, it would have ended at that. But because you didn't, I posted the 1d4chan link, and at least 1 or 2 new people now know about it.
What, NOW? It's 2:15 in the morning.

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Neither of those are Chaos Marines!
Well... neither are these...

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What the hell is she doing to the body? D:

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Hey, Angry Guy, quick question. Are you as mad at the Commissar and Techpriestess threads we've been having as of late as you are at the Love and Krieg of Love can Bloom?

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If I remember right she's trying to get all the gooey bits back in.

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Not a Marine, but definitely Chaos, and certainly Heretical.

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Good luck with that. I see an exposed ribcage and it doesn't look like everything's there anymore...

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I remember a high level of distress being involved.

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Love in 40k? preposterous not a single person ever experiences it.

There is only grimly dark grim darkness in a rigid unchangeable universe.

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Alright, 2:30 AM and I think it's time to sleep.
It may make me sounds like a filthy hippy, but chill and relaxes dudes.

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Izzat Torture Device or, more horrifyingly, a /tg/ artist attempting to emulate it? Didn't know TD did cutesy pics.

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Sometimes he can make you forget he's a white supremest douchebag...but not for long.

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Not sure if you have this. I did this as a draw request a while back.

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He's one of my favorite /tg/ related artists (that still puts out anything I'm interested in, anyway). He'd unquestionably insane, but he puts such passion and feeling into each of his pictures. So much RPG art exists that lacks feeling.

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Now I do.

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This was one of my sisters pieces, the person requested that krieg chan be holding a male imperial guardsman who had some friendly fire inflicted on him by a banewolf. the colored version was unliked by most of /tg/ for some reason however, as she used a green fog over the picture as well as made the goggles a tad more reflective obscuring the look on her face.

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I'd hazard a guess the obscuring or her expression probably killed it. It's probably correctable if she ever decides to revisit it. By the way, did you see the post I put to your Steam profile? I'll post you a link when I get a chance to get it done. Thankfully there's time before Khorne's little helpers need to haul ass.

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or = of*

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fantastic, any help at all is appreciated, be it pictures helpers, and anything inbetween.

this is the colored version of the pic, draw your own conclusions I suppose.

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Hey Collector, chick in the Krieg costume here, still working on it, I'll be making some Medals and a hat as well as some other stuff for it soon, once I get a chance.

I'll make sure to make you a sign when I do finish it.

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Seems a bit obfuscated alright... If she still has the original file in layers, it should be a quick enough fix I think. Eyes are important here, but also the readability of the shapes. The two characters need to pop a little bit more from the background. Just my two cents.

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she says she might come back to it one day if she feels so inclined but I don't think it's gonna happen.

The "I might work on it later" bin is a death sentence for her projects.

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Excellent. So far it looks pretty good and I can't wait to see the finished version.
You just used candle wax for the Purity Seal, right? Of course, I just woke up and you probably left hours ago.

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Well then just use it as inspiration for another based on it.

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This thread kinda re-surfaced out of nowhere.

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I heard that Krieger girls have a fetish for trenches. Like, they dig trenches.

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I hope you go to hell OP.

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Whoa dude, what's with that hate?

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what in the name of all fuck?

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she actually talked about it this morning when I mentioned that image, she's not sure if she will revisit it or not as she is doing 3 classes atm....though she feels kinda bad she hasn't finished a few requests for /tg/ so it may be more likely that you think.

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What? There's someone else on /tg/ looking to make or who is making a Krieg costume? Whaaaat. I thought I was alone in my crazy!

The idea has been on my mind for a while now, but I've never gotten around to it. Tell me, do you have any pictures of the incomplete version? Where'd you get the various parts at, like the great coat and mask? I suppose that it really isn't very complex once you get down to it unless you're trying to make an officer's regalia, essentially an amalgamated WWI outfit with kitbashed weapon and a few Imperial details, buuut, I'd love to know where to shop about for bits and pieces. And I've never been able to find the exact gas mask pattern that the Krieg use; I'm fairly certain it's a French pattern, but I've yet to put in the time to find out.

Pic related, it's my reference picture for a more complex version than the bare minimum.

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Not the chick, but here you go.

>> No.16728557

That's awesome quality. Too bad the lady cleared out, cheating me of her secrets to excellent costume construction. Along with everyone else. Where'd you go, Collector, you crowish git you?

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Who do you think just posted that?

>> No.16728627

An anon? You forgot your trip, sir. And were supposed to be asleep as I just found on inspecting recent posts more closely. And correction on my last post, "why'd" you go, not "where'd." I'm tired, too. SLEEP IS FOR THE WEAK!

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I drop the trip when I don't need it. And I did sleep, for a good 8 hours. But it's 5:30 PM now, I've been away since 10.

>> No.16728637

Or Awake rather.

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Gotta love dem cyborg women!

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... Evidently my perception of time is completely skewed, then. Or some git bumped this after all activity had ceased and I assumed it hadn't been active for that long. Or maybe I'm just exhausted and confused and really shouldn't be trying to post on /tg/. Or all of the above! OH WELL. Something for the collection, as compensation for me being stupidly tired. I think I'm going to go snuggle with mein cat and have a nap.

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My mind says maybe but my body says yes.

>> No.16728747

search angela 45 on deviantart

>> No.16728762

>Mind: WHY
>Body: mite b kewl

>> No.16728777

Mind: Fuck no it's a lizard and it also looks like it's still partly fleshy
Penis: dat body, dem augments, dem hips and dem metal panties


>> No.16728787


Hey, that's the comic about me.

>> No.16728815

Yeah, someone bumped it after 6 or 7 hours of inactivity.

>> No.16728951


Holy fuck I'm not alone either? Oh shit.

Not the chick, but I have looked into making a Krieger costume. The gas masks I found were rather fuck-all expensive (same for helmet replicas), but they do have some nice ones out there. Though I suppose you could take the Darth Vader Helmet and fuck with that a bit to make it look like a stalhelm. Trench coats aren't all that hard to find, though the uniform might be tricky, though obviously some people can manage it.

>> No.16728988

I have the exact opposite problem as you.
I found a gas mask that looks a lot like the Deth Korps ones, and I got it for $15, free shipping.
And I have a prop helmet that I got for $25.
I've been having a hard time finding a trench coat, but I eventually found one in my parents closet on a visit. I don't have any progress on the other parts of the uniforms, but I mainly just need the boots and leather gloves.

>> No.16728994

Give in, AdMech. You shall be forgiven.

>> No.16729011

I'm not
To clear up any potential confusion.

>> No.16729068

Actually, the Purity Seal is made out of Sculpty, then painted with Mecharite and Blood Red. My boyfriend is working on a few more, as well as either a Lasrifle or a Hell Gun. The parchment is some basic Linen paper with script of Blessings of the Emperor.

The Devil's in the Details as they say, I even had a small book that I turned into my Uplifting Primer.

>> No.16729128

But there's an actual Imperial Infantryman's Uplifting Primer being published. You can just buy one and it'll be all uplifting and primer-y from cover to cover instead of just looking like an uplifting primer.

Still. Where'd you get the coat, madame, if I might inquire?

>> No.16729169

Goodwill of course. Had to do some lootin' on it, mainly involving the interior liner, but it was only like $20. I already had the boots, chain, and whatnot. The gasmask is a Finnish style US mask from the late 1940's, I still have the canister, filters, and case. The belt is a Vietnam rip off my boyfriend found for a buck at a flea market (We miss living in the south.)

As for the entrenching tool and gasmask, you can find those at pretty much any MilSurp store.

>> No.16729289

Very good! Danke, madame!

Now, if you're really having trouble with the helmet, I have some old silly knife magazines which I recall had a Stahlhelm reproduction, and not a very expensive one either. 'BudK' or somesuch. I'm not even sure how I got on the mailing list, but hey. Roughly a hundred bucks, replicated Stahlhelm made from 18 gauge steel. They also stock an 18 gauge mild steel pickelhaube. No sizing on either, but, whaddya gonna do? Suppose that solves both our problems with the helm, at least!


>> No.16729316

Thank you! My boyfriend does a lot of leather working, and he's going to help me make my hat sometime soon when we can make it over to Tandy. Buying a car is a little more important though lol.

>> No.16729381

Well, nonetheless, I'm glad to have given you an alternate and more convenient option should the leatherworking at Tandy go awry. Steel is also a good bit sturdier, so you can faff about with it without fear of wrecking it or accidentally putting too much weight on it while packing. 'Course, boiled leather is probably far more resistant than I give it credit for.

>> No.16729396

Wax hardening is a superior process, only problem is getting it. We plan on sewing it with Kevlar thread as well lol.

>> No.16729464

Ah, but boiling it is the historical method of manufacturing the Pickelhaube.

And wait, you're making it semi-bulletproof, too?

... I considered mentioning that concern on the side, but thought against it for fear of showing my /k/ommando side. And though hardened leather can be brittle, that can probably be repaired, and even if it cracks that high-tensile-strength kevlar thread will hold the helm's shape pretty well I'd reckon. Good thinking, madame!

>> No.16730780

Ah, /tg/ Bringing /tg/ related Cosplayers together.

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