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Don't mind me. Posting some General Guardsmen.

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These Guys, and Gals, don;t get enough love. Even from me. So much of my stuff is just the /tg/ specials.

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Drookians need more love.

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I'm sorry to say it, but that right there is the only one I have. Or have even seen in the years I've been here.
S unless I missed one...

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Here's an image for you.

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No real promotions here...

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Why thank you. I have another by that artist in my Kriegers folder.

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>You will never see Mordian art

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Well now, that's hardly in the spirit of the thread, now is it?

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That's because the Mordians are a group even dumber than normal Imperial Guard. Just as individually weak, but instead of doing things like digging foxholes and using tanks, they stand upright in close-packed formations shooting musket volleys.

>Hey guys, we're using these 19th century redcoat minis to make an IG army. They should fight like redcoats too!

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They don't have to be alive or anything

I just want art

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shame on you!


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and again!

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Blah, Internet crapout.

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Hey speaking of which, when I get my general guardsmen posted, you guys want some Kriegers?

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Can't forget the sister picture to this one, even if it isn't Guard.

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You're confusing Mordians with Praetorians. Mordians are based off 1800s US Marine Corp. Praetorians are based off 1800s Victorian-Era Soldiers, specifically the ones serving in Africa. Same tactics though.

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LIL disappointing that the Vostroyans didn't have Russian accents in the Cain audio drama.

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Kriegers are fun

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I'll choose to take that as a yes... also to put my trip back on.

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Hey, I've been having an issue lately and I'm wondering if I'm the only one.
Pictures and images on 4chan (and sometimes other sites) won't load unless I'm actively moving the mouse.

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You're my favorite. MORE GUARDSMEN,

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I get that for Youtube lately... weird.

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Oh Iron Maiden, why do I love you so much?
I like the new Music Video too. I only bring this up because of Pandora.

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at least I'm not the only one.

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You know... I might just kill a man for one of these hats.

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You aren't.

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Ha, I was JUST about to post that one.

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All this love for Imperial Guard...


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No problem Private Meatshield!

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More pictures keeps the war effort going.

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Why so many Vostroyan?

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Sure are a lot of either brave or ignorant Guards Men around here...

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So what happens if you try to bake like... and entire roll of cookie dough at the same time?

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Love the Guardsmen

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needs moar chem-chan

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I've a few.

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Well, QUITE a few.

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I did a Chem-Chan dump a few weeks ago.

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My personal favorite (bias as fuck).

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What does that one have to do with the Guard?

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I find "Chem-chan" trite, but to each his own.

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Alright guys, I'm out. Thanks for all the new pictures!

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uneven heating along the cylindrical shape causes you to have a big fat roll of cookie dough that's baked to a burn on the outside, an then a thin, tube-shape inside that's nearly raw

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If you look carefully, you will notice a veritable sea of Death Korps.

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Well that same night I did a Jubblowski and Cata-Chan dump.
So better to just eat some raw like I had planned?

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We've run into scorpions the size of battle tanks, three men died from Eyerot last week. I've sweat enough to fill a lake, my boots got sucked into a sink-swamp and the trees are so thick in places, you can't squeeze between them. Emperor help me, I love this place! It's just like home!
— Captain Rock of the Catachan III 'Green Devils' commenting on Varestus Prime +++

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What was that about no Mordian fan art? I love Jeenhoong's work. Shame he doesn't do it as much.

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Does this picture frighten anyone else?

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Mandatory random porn folder check, citizen.
I'll need your cogitators for perusal.

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Can you spread it out so it makes just one big cookie?

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My opinion is the same.
I'm sick of 'em.

I will, however fellate anyone with Jopall fanart.

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Have a colored version.

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no. eating it raw can give you disease since the roll has raw egg and dairy in it.

You could just rip off approximately cookie-shaped chunks and bake those like cookies, and you might get a cookie-ball-shape thing. Would probably come out crispy on the edges, but not really burnt. It would probably be best to rip the chunks off, then flatten them on the sheet with the palm of your hand into a cookie shape. That'd be the best way to do it if you lack a knife to cut it with. Just remember, you need either parchment paper for cooking (and only cooking, none of that beautiful paper meant for writing manuscripts on) or some kind of cooking oil/grease (like pam, or lard, if you're oldskool) so you don't burn your cookie to the pan. I've done tthe burn-to-pan part. This knowledge comes of screwing up, not getting it right regularly.

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I hope you have a lot of time on your hands Commissar.
Also most of it is Heretical.

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I'm sure a good citizen such as yourself would have nothing heretical. Be quick about it.

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Lessee, heresy, heresy, heresy, right! Six four seven one slash oh nine a.
Someone get a chainsword.

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you could, if you don't mind a square-shape mega cookie. Also, make sure you pam/grease the pan. And try to get the thickness of your mega-cookie even, otherwise you'll get weird consistency pockets, and remember to rotate the pan one quarter turn every quarter of your cooking time, to insure a proper cook without having carbon edges and cooked center.

cooking big stuff is weird like that.

PS: for both cookie questions: remember to check halfway through, and then regularly thereafter with a fork when you're messing with recipes like this. When you play with a recipe, normal cooking time goes out the window, and you need to watch your project. This is very much like gluing a new model on a new medium together, being careful is the only way you'll get a good analogical bond.

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I've already eaten a bunch of it. Oh well, at least it is delicious.
Hey, how do they prevent all that stuff in Cookie Dough Ice Cream?

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That's a gross and unwarranted unauthorized modification of your kit, guardsmen.
I find you wanting in the Emperor's eyes.

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cookie dough ice cream contains no cookie dough that has uncooked dairy components. The chewy-ness, rather than being achieved through egg-yolk/white, is achieved with substantial mixing and powders(chemicals) instead. Some brands do make cookie dough, bake it to the minimum safe temperature with a high-humidity method like steam cooking to keep enough moisture in the dough, and then mix in chunks into their ice-cream. It really varies brand to brand, company to company. Best way to tell is to check the ingredients to see if you're eating delicious industrial governmental mind control chemicals or simply a well-made, fatty, delicious food product.

has anyone seen my tin hat?

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Is that in joy? Shock? I'm not sure what to make of that.

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Look at this man's mustache.

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Think about it... where do you keep your icecream?

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So trigger happy, you commissars.
Oh well, at least that one doesn't get the response the Female Legionnaire picture does.

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That soldier looks idle to me.
And do you know what grows from idleness?

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In my stomach. It never lasts very long.
You learn something new every day.

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Something to do with suicidal bayonet charges?

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Now a bunch of Creed pictures I'll skip over...

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Quick, name the regiment.

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Except this one. I love this one.

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I don't even remember where this came from, only that I got it here.

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Except I was talking about this one, not that one.

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There is no god but the God-Emperor, and Thor is the messenger of the God-Emperor.

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That would be idolatry.
Refer to

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Ok, so I feel I need to prepare you guys for this.
The next picture I am posting is probably the greatest Guardsman Related picture IN EXISTENCE! So you need to ready yourselves for it, alright?
No passing out due to the sheer, incomprehensible awesome.

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Alright, you guys ready? Wish there were spoilers so I could save the faint of heart.
Gentlemen... BEHOLD!

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eh, it's okay I guess

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Oh no, what have I done? The ROCK! It was... too much for you!
Save one lone survivor!

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Oh Mira, who you so Only Woman In The Game?

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And here I thought they never made any fan-art of her.

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I love me some Green Marine.
Someone was trying to get him to do one of me the other day... that was odd. Thought it wouldn't be the first time it's happened.

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Camo? When?

>> No.16721778

Of you?

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But....Imperial Guard are never referred as humanities finest. Thats the Ward Marines

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Yeah, they were trying to get Green Marine to draw a '63 of me.
Like I said, it's happened a few times before.

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Hey look, more Stumpy.

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Alright-y. Did they find evidence of what you are? Or perhaps you stylize yourself as a member of a certain guardsman/whateverrace.

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Well that's just about my General Imperial Guard.
I believe I promised some Kriegers. You guys still interested?

>> No.16721839

Nah, I've had a kind of Avatar for years now. I'll post one of the '63 next.

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Yeah... Sometimes people do interesting things.

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Hey collector, do you have that guardsman pic where its all super close up derpy face and he is saying

With a ziiiiiiiip sound near the bottom

I used to have it, but my pc fried T_T

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Here you guys go, for anyone who wants it. ALL my current Imperial Guard. This includes the Kriegers, Chem-Chan, Cata-Chan, Jubblowski, the Porn, all of it.
I... don't believe I've seen that one...

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What about a Chaos Commissar?

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>Pvt. Murphy shoutout


>> No.16721874

any sanctioned psyker love?

>> No.16721877

I have the Phallusars.

Alright, give me a minute to get a drink and I'll get started on those Kriegers.

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Unless anyone has any objections, do you mind if I throw a few of these out before the Kriegers? I only have a few.

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>Private Murphy shoutout
>hmmm so this must be a comic or something
>go to site
>go to archive
>click on first one
>no option to move to the next comic
>ask me if Id like to purchase this comic page

Hahahahahahahahaha, wow. Unless im missing something, fuck that guy.

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Really should make a Psykers folder...

>> No.16721954

My last contribution to the thread. Stay loyal, comrades.

>> No.16721955

Ok, ONE more Psyker, then Krieg.

>> No.16721959


I wish I knew where I put the original file for that so I could finish it...

>> No.16721969

You should draw more. I'd like more.

>> No.16721978

Gentlemen, I give you Krieg.

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as CF done any more Boone quest ?

>> No.16722003

No. We got up to part 3 or 4. Last one got a whole heap of trolls.
Last time he gave a bit of heads up on his DA but he was wondering if THAT'S what caused the trolls.
I hope he continues. I love it.

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Doesn't Krieg not have any women in the Guard?
I know Vostroya doesn't, because they only take firstborn sons.

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Krieg sends everyone and anyone. They grow them in Vats for Emperor's sake.

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I'm such a dude. Most of my Guard pictures are women.

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Kriegers are mostly naturally born. Due to the fact that they raise so many regiments, this requires a HUGE birth rate. There is a book called Dead Men Walking featuring the Death Korps, and when the commissar visits Krieg, he finds legions of blank-eyed, pregnant women, and blank-eyed children in bunkers.
The problem is even with women popping out baby after baby, t isn't enough.
Hence the Vitae Womb, which is implied to actually be an axolotl tank.
That is why only the men fight.

Fun fact: a full trooper fresh from Krieg (not a Whiteshield, and actual soldier), is about fourteen or fifteen.
Several times in that book, these children suicide bomb the Necrons or throw their lives away to simply slow them down.

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>> No.16722088

Bah, I care not if my eyecandy pictures aren't canon.
Interesting though. I mean, I knew SOME where live-born, but I thought most were Vita Womb'd.

>> No.16722092

You're not The Dude.
Stop lying.

>> No.16722101

Oh no. I'm not THE Dude. Just A dude.
However, I DO own a vest like Walter's.

>> No.16722110

Only some are Vitae Womb'd, enough to supplement the natural births.
And if you don't know what an axolotl tank is, it's basically a woman turned into a literal breeding machine. Nasty stuff.

>> No.16722120

So... what you're telling me is that the Kriegers are like the Skaven?

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>> No.16722149

Hmmm, you know I've never really noticed it before, But I LOVE that pose.

>> No.16722158

Another fun fact: one joins the Grenadiers not only because he's very good, but because he has simply lived too long. No Krieger wants to live too long. He wants to martyr himself to seek the Emperor's forgiveness for his ancestor's crimes.
Yes, this includes the Krieg commissars and officers. Also, individual Korpsmen are referred to only as numbers, and will only respond to numbers on pain of brutal punishment. A Korpsmen MUST refer to himself in the third person, as well (this trooper, he).
Also, the reason Krieg is still a death world is because they are still warring for the sole purpose of weeding out weaklings. This includes things like sending small children up into the radioactive wastes with a lasgun to kill muties.

The more you know!

>> No.16722170

I'm telling you SOME Kriegers are produced like the Skaven.
There's a reason for "Use of this technique is largely unknown and generally seen as dangerous and abhorrent by the Adeptus Mechanicus Biologis".

>> No.16722179

Right, and Kriegers will shoot Commissars for cowardice as well.

>> No.16722183

Hey... Terranis Held.

>> No.16722187

well, they are the death army from the planet war

anything less would seem lackluster

>> No.16722196

sup garret

>> No.16722198

>> No.16722201

>> No.16722208

Only the grimmest of the dark will do for our beloved Death Korps.
I remember the commissar musing about how the Administratum had a tendency to forget leave for the Death Korps and the Death Korps had a tendency not to complain.

Also, all of it, the numbers, the masks, the fact that they move you around if you make connections, it's all to make an army of strangers, so that nobody cares when he sees twelve guys get sliced to bits by Dark Eldar.

Also, they eat by sneaking protein bars under the masks, I know you were wondering about that.

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>> No.16722218

Huh, it's 1AM. Good thing I have today off.

>> No.16722221

>dat entrenching tool
Look at the CLASSIFIED one. Helghast?

>> No.16722228

>No Krieger wants to live too long. He wants to martyr himself to seek the Emperor's forgiveness for his ancestor's crimes.
"Terranis Holds!"

>> No.16722231

>> No.16722237

Is full retard bullshit that ruins the entire point and made me feel ill to have spent all that money on my beautiful FW Death Korps.
What of it?

>> No.16722249

Terranis was a good story man.

>> No.16722251

Are you getting upset... over Fanfiction?

>> No.16722261

Oh hey, did this chick ever come back with the completed costume? I remember her saying she was still working on it.

>> No.16722273

IMAGE LIMIT! I'll start a new thread in a second.

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>> No.16722322

No it wasn't, yes I am.

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