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>Game Finder thread
>Find a game
>GMs post your campaigns and times available
>Players post your games and times available

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To start things off, I'm available to run 40kRPG stuff, AD&D2e, Dead Inside, Abandon All Hope, and anything Savage Worlds. I'm familiar with other stuff, to, so ask if you're interested.

Current games with room:
>Sunday night Rogue Trader game with high lore factor. Has been running for nearly 2 years. You'll have to be willing to glance over a group wiki and talk to me about campaign details to join this, as its roleplay heavy.

Campaign ideas currently brewing:
>Non-Imperial feudal world Dark Heresy campaign. Swords, psykers, and succubi during the early days of a planetary conversion.
>Cosmic AD&D game involving world-hopping and spess battles. Planescape meets Spelljammer.

But I'm game to run anything noir, future, or high adventure-y.

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Anyone willing to run Pathfinder? I never see anyone running PF in these threads.

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Then you haven't been checking for the past two months.

GM here
Running a homebrew pathfinder campaign. Currently have two groups up and running on Friday and Saturday's at 7pm EST. I still have several open slots on Wednesday at 7pm EST. If you're interested Get in contact with me via Skype, my email, or hop in my irc channel. Campaign will have you start at level two and you can roll anything that is piazo published.

Email:[email protected]
IRC: #donkonit

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>IRC: #donkonit
Just generic IRC, or did you have a specific network in mind?

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Sorry, I thought it was standard /tg/ to go with the rizon network. My mistake.

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Rizon, Undernet, and suptg's IRC network are all commonly used.

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player looking for FFd6 if there's a game with an open spot.

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Player or Beginner GM.
GMT, most times during my day.
Got some books from the /rs/
Riddle of Steel, Labyrinth Lord, Shadowrun, Warhammer Fantasy and 40k, some GURPS, Don't Rest Your Head and All Flesh Must Be Eaten.
Riddle is what I'm most prepared for, but I'm easy.

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Available Central time on the weekends 5-11pm, or on monday/wednesday 5-9pm.

Trying to get away from sillier campaigns. I have pdf copies of 4e and Gurps but I can go scrounge up anything. I like homebrew, the more the merrier for me.

One warning, besides the group I am with now, I tend to get shot down completely very quickly (mary sue this, usless that, no RP reasons, ect.) so I would like to find a GM that is a bit tolerant of someone who is trying to learn not to be that much of a That Guy.

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I think I might be interested in this Cosmic AD&D Campaign, but I've only played D&D once, and that was a hurried character creation with zip role-playing for one session. I don't even know what addition I was playing.

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Er..."edition", not addition...and I call myself an English major. : /

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Want to play D&D 3.5 or Exalted. have rulebooks to many other games. Available weekdays ~5 usually.

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Its fairly easy to teach. Drop me an email, I can sort you out on the rules. I play pretty minimal AD&D2e, there really aren't a ton of rules to learn.

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Player looking for PF, Anima, or FFd6

Can only play on weekends; maybe on weekdays, but not likely; west coast

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GM looking to run a game weekdays with Euro compatible times, some game possibilities I've been throwing up:

- Modern horror/supernatural game respecting the themes and mood of oWoD, but not using the system.

- A game set in the world of Elder Scrolls: Morrowind, way before the events of the game. The City of Narsis in mainland Morrowind, rife with Great House and faction politics when the first dunmer ascends to the Imperial Throne.

- A game of intrigue and film noir mystery set in 1938 Vienna. Nazis, hidden jazz clubs, strange events, so on.

I prefer simple narrative systems for the most part, keeping the focus on the story. If a crunchier system is needed, I prefer ORE (Reign/Nemesis).

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Know- any system using the 40k RPG system (by extension WFRP), d20/D&D 3.x, D&D 4e, any nWoD system, L5R, Dungeons the Dragoning

Want to play- L5R, WFRP, Deadlands

Can't GM at the moment- already running 2, possibly 3 games.

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>Modern horror/supernatural game respecting the themes and mood of oWoD, but not using the system.
Have you looked at Dead Inside?

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PS- I frequent rizon, I'm in GMT -5

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I'll take a look for inspiration.

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Player looking to get into some Rogue Trader, i have the manual and solid experience with the 40k RPGs.

I Am free on tuesdays or Sundays at just about any time (EST) and lean towards more RP intensive games.

Come on /tg/, help a fellow neckbeard out!

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P.S. will settle for Black Crusade!

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Hey, new guy here, looking for a party.

preferably set in some kind of fantasy setting.

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Might want to ctrl+f or scroll up, 'cause there's an anon advertising for an RT game on Sundays.

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I would love an RP-heavy Rogue Trader game. Do you use Skype or IRC or what? Could I join in tonight, even?

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We use Maptool and you could potentially join tonight, pending discussion with the other players, if you can get a character ready in time. We lurk on suptg IRC - what's your nick there? I can contact you.

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I'm on there as Obarad

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Hey hey! I'm up for Sunday Rogue Trader, was the guy who didn't check the previous posts heheheh

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Send an email. That's the best way to get in touch, as I'm doing some pre-game prep right now and won't be lurking the thread too much longer.

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I have mIRC as well and the suptg server, my own handle is TheAntiViewer.

No worries, i'm cool with heavy RP and am willing to start today as well (would you believe the first sessions of an IRL Black Crusade game died?)

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ok well my email is [email protected], and if you mean send an IRC email, well i'm rather new to the whole thing so you're gonna have to help me a bit

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I just did a whois and came up with nothing for TheAntiViewer

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Sorry my internet was being kinda gay, you should be able to find me now, i am connected

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Any more spaces on that rogue trader game? I have an Explorator I've been dying to use.

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I have room for two tops. If you want to email me to talk about a character concept, I'll bring it up with the group. We'll go with the ones that best fit what we're doing. I do have a Monday night group that isn't as long term that might accommodate the overflow, however.

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so what is your handle on the IRC? It would be easier if i could contact you

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You guys know about penandpapergames right?

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Anyone GM willing to take me? or am I out of luck for now?

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Yes, and TheTangledWeb and enworld and ...
But it can take weeks to get the same level of response as having a thread on here.

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i do yes

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Oh god
I don't have time to DM any more games
But there's a gamefinder thread
Oh fuck

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You are already serving your fellow fa/tg/uys with valor, Seargant. No need to fear conscription. Ave Imperator.

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But yea seriously guys

really want to play with a group. I have some pretty good RP experience. Would love to get into this game.

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I am also a guy bored with MMO's and have recently gotten into a Pathfinder game (my first game ever). 1 player already a no-show for two consecutive sessions, and 2 different players are also not present for the second session, which was then called off.
The GM held my character a prisoner until the rest of the party found and rescued me 3 hours into the game, and I have a total of a little over an hour play time. During that time I was commended on my RP.
I don't want this to be my experience with D&D that causes my interest to rot and enthusiasm to wither. I'd like to play any game with a group willing to accept a player with negligible experience who is a fast learner. I'll play *anything* as *anyone*.

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Forgot to mention, available anytime weekends and after 7 EST(GMT-5) weekdays til midnight. I'm obsessive with being early/on-time.

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Have played AD&D 2nd edition,3.5,star wars saga, A little WOT.
I would be interested in trying WH40k or anything else really but I have no knowledge of the lore.
Never done an online group before so if a patient GM needs another player my email is in the field.

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Player on the East Coast.

I'm up for playing anything with space. I can learn a system quickly, but I have experiance with GURPs, D&D 3.5e/4e, and the 40k systems.

I can also GM with some minor mistakes here and there.

Skype; GentlemanOtter

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Im in EST, I have a lot of D&D (4E) experience, and a bit of 40k system experience.

Available Weekends at anytime, really.

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Looking for someone to play 40k on Vassal with, 2000 points.

AIM and skype in the email field.

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Say, friend, I have never played Rogue Trader (and have never looked into the rulesbook for that matter), but have always been largely interested in playing something 40k related.
Would you mind a little catering to a newbie? I generally pick up new things quick so that shouldn't be a problem.
Also, how are you running this?
And, most importantly -- what timezone are you guys in? If you're American, I'm out. The longest I could pull is 11 or maybe 12 pm; talking GMT+1 here.

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looking for a RT game on saturdays, i live in EST but am available most of the day saturday. would prefer an IRC game, no interest in pbp

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Yeah, I'm American. Sorry about that.

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I was about to send you a mail when I realized your post is 6 hours old.
Oh, well. Guess that's redudant then.

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I'mma turn this around then.

I'm a player. Available usually the entire Sunday. Timezone's GMT +1 (I'm German if that matters to anyone)
I've been playing 3.5 and Pathfinder for some time so these I could join in rather quick.
I've had a one-shot of Call of Cthulhu some time ago, so I could find back into that in a couple minutes.
I've never played, but am interested in:
>World of Darkness (either)
>Dark Heresy, Deathwatch, Rogue Trader
I'd prefer playing over IRC or Skype. I seem to have connection problems with maptools, sadly.
email's up there.

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Player on the West Coast here. Not new to P&P, but have generally only played/DMed D&D and Pathfinder. Looking to play a game of... well, whatever's on offer, I guess - I wouldn't mind trying something new.

Ideally something lore-heavy, RP-filled, and story-focused, rather than hardcore rules-lawyery stuff.

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Don't know if you are still around, But I'm looking for a group to play preferebly L5R. I could GM, but the results could be lack luster. I'm in GMT -6 timezone and I could meet Mondays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays.

Alternatively, I'd also be willing to GM or Play a Star Wars Saga game.

>> No.16719486

I would totally dig a saga game, if it could work around my admittedly terrible times.

>> No.16719511

when are you available?

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Im up for this saga game as well. Available all the time except tues and wednesday nights.

>> No.16719785

okay, how would a Sunday afternoon play time sound? I'm also currently working on a campaign idea set in the New Republic era, right after the Bacta War.

>> No.16719826

Im good for sundays, got an email or skype for easy contact?

>> No.16719922

We can talk about it on IRC or skype or AIM or something.

>> No.16719977

Skype I have, how do I send you my contact info?

>> No.16719981

Mine is in my email field.

>> No.16720021


Dude, i'm totally up for a star wars saga game. I'm available around any time from 4:00 pm - 1:00 am est from monday thru friday. Included my email also.

>> No.16720058

My email is in the field, you can email skype info or whatever. Ive GMed 3 star wars games but never got to play it myself haha

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ok, call me a retard, but I don't know to view that, sorry, how do I see what you put int the E-mail field?

>> No.16720093

mouse over the blue underlined anonymous and look at the bottom left side of the screen

>> No.16720119

If you need two for a saga game, me and a buddy have two characters looking for a GM.

>> No.16720156

well shit, that's neato, ok one, i'll send and email then to those interested

are you in Japan, man?

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Let me know if you need two - or one - I haven't played Star Wars before and want to get into one. I'm available 4:30pm-12am EST mon-fri and anytime weekends. Email in the email field.

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k, just sent an email to you and the other 2 gents who posted email, I'm trying to contact the other guy who I think posted his skype. If everyone is in, that would make 5 in the party so far.

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