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Most Dark Heresy artwork threads are about characters and the like, but I could do with some scenery, especially fitting for a shrine world turned warzone. Gothic ruins and cathedrals earn bonus points!

Hard mode: No space marines are in view.

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Lessee what I got here.

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OP here, loving these! Thankye to the noble anons that are helping here, I'm out of decent scenery pictures now, so further assistance must appreciated.

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>Shrine. 56 ntsntee

More shrines you say Captcha?

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Bonus points for pilgrim. Someday I shall magically attain the powers of a decent drawfag, but until then I shall scrounge 4chan for wonderful things like this.

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Please everyone help this man because he really needs the help and he seems like a really cool guy to help with his artwork because he needs to find the artworks

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And I think I'm almost out.

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Ok maybe I have a couple more.

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If we're running out of things for a Shrine World, fuck it. Dark Heresy artwork general. If an Ecclesiarchical or chaos theme could keep going, that'd be nice, but all is welcome.

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If it would allow me to post the images that would also be magical.

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That's almost exactly how I described the main shrine in my campaign... Not quite as tall as the 500m ceiling I told the players, but otherwise, damned close. Even further credit to you, good sir!

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After looking through my folder, I've come to the realisation I'm completely lacking any decent images of Imperial clerics...

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Here, take my favorite. You need it more than I.

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>not alderan

Won't stop the exterminatus, Captcha,

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Durrk Hurresy

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Let's see what we can do to fix that.

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a heretic is fine too

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this is the greatest 40k image in existance.

if you disagree i am inclined to believe that you dont know shit about 40k

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What a guy.

>orbass 10:24
of the book of Captcha, teaches us fat priests are far larger shields against heresy.

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40k porn?

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"be careful with the teeth"

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That's pretty much it in terms of priests. Enjoy!

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His teeth are chainteeth.

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Any more decent sceneries out there? Doesn't need to be restricted to shrines, but Imperial or Chaos preferably. Mood-setters and idea-givers for areas of campaigns, pictures to just flick up and say "that is what you see".

I'm all out, but if there are any other contributors out there, general DH scenery/character dump!

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Bump for delicious non-marine 40k artworks.

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That's Heresy.

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Disagree- there is yet one better.

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>Galaxy is supported upon the top of a giant skull
>But what supports the skull?

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>Not "Foul XENOS"

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>Trying too hard to sound 40k when 'alien' flows more naturally in almost any case
>refer to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wCGpTnKAJrk
>report to reeducation facility on Silar Theta, sit in the BLUE chair, etc.

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The mantra has alway been "Purge the Alien, the Mutant, the Heretic!". FOUL XENOS is more a Dawn of War thing than anything else, as far as I can tell. Alien can be said aloud without sounding like an idiot.

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Gott strafe Craftworld Ulthwe!

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GottIMPERATOR strafe...sorry.

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I have always imagined Guardsmen and Adepts doing the roman salute as an alternative to that aquila Cribs gang finger thing. You know, Imperium, Roman Empire...

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>Slapping up a giant 40K billboard with the Imperial Eagle and a warning to everyone their neighbours could be traitors
>Not purposefully going over-the-top

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Utter bullshit.
"Xenos" has long been a 40k synonym for "alien".

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Never said it wasn't. It's just never been spammed so much.

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All was lost. The Xenos scum, who smashed us for two days straight, were hurtling towards us again. We readied ourselves for death. And then Death came. Ten Space Marines appeared in the midst of the alien swarm. They were all in black and they set about the foe with the very fury of the Emperor himself! They saved us, and the whole damned Imperial line.
— Guardsman Kyod, after the recapturing of Heliad VII +++

You ask why we must cleanse the xenos. I will tell you. The filth of the alien and the witch must be exterminated to preserve the purity of the Human race, lest we degenerate into abomination.
+++ Witch Hunter Tyrus at the Conclave of Vera +++

Come all you Xeno scum and fallen heretics! Come face the one true might of the universe and wither under the Golden Throne's gaze!
+++ Chaplain Varnus of the Ultramarines+++

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“What in the seven hells of Chaos are you waiting for? Personal orders from the Emperor himself? When I say take that damned hill, I mean take that damned hill, not damn well stand around and stare at it! I don’t care if there’s fifty L’Huraxi up there. I don’t care if there are fifty thousand L’Huraxi up there! Our orders are to take that hill and I’m going to damn well take that hill even if it means I have to kill every last one of the purple-skinned giants myself. Damn it, follow me. I’ll show you how it’s done. That’s it, get stuck in there. Medic! Stop whining, Brook, you’ve got another damned leg. D’ya think I cried like a damned new-born when I lost my arm? Course I damn well didn’t, I upped and ripped that damned land shark’s damned throat out with my damned teeth! That’s it, Sergeant Reed, give ‘em some Catachan steel. Emperor’s teeth, their blood stinks. Get that heavy flamer into that trench; flush the damned Grox-heads out. That trench, you idiot, not this one! Oh yes, smell those ALIENS burn. Smells better than breakfast, don’t it? Give me that damn grenade. Do I have to do everything myself? See? That ain’t proper armour like you’d see on an Imperial tank – no it’s flimsy, fall-down-in a- strong-breeze, I-hope-they-don’t-spit-at-me armour. I didn’t really mean spit at it! You there! Yes you! Pick up Sergeant Creek’s hand. The medics might be able to stick it on for him again later. Don't stop now, you damned work-shy sons of acid-grubs, we’re only damn well halfway up...’

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So what? I gave you three examples of "xenos" being said out loud.

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It's weird, really. In the Imperial Infantryman's Uplifting Primer, the word Xenos is hardly ever used, until you get to the Tau section (this is the Damocles Gulf edition, with Tau stuff added in much later), where alien is hardly ever used in favor of xenos.
In the original parts of the text, xenos is only used for technical terms, like 'xeno-breeds,' or 'xenos experts,' or for grandiose things like 'the xenos threat to the Imperium'. Everywhere else, it's alien.
In the

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One from an inquisitor, one from a chaplain, both of whom *should* be using a formal version.

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And the Inquisitor uses both.
Not saying 'xenos' should never be used, but it wears out if overused.

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