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List of fetishes Warhammer 40k caters to:

>Forced feeding = Iron Warriors

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>nazis= Imperium

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>downs children=players

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Femdom = SoB

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>tentacles = tyranids

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>furries = Space Wolves

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is tgstation down for me or everyone?

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>rape, forced pregnancy, hypnotism = genestealers

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>shemales = eldar

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rape = eld-

oh wait, it's not rape if it's an eldar

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>everything = Slaaneshi peepz and Dark Eldar

>aribili C'est

Yes, captcha, even that.

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Fecalphilia - In Eye of Terror two daemons have a competition on who can shit a bigger pile of dung.

Farting - Space Marine (the novel).

Xenophilia - One story, where an Inquisitor has sex with a callidus assassin in the form of an Eldar, two (old) stories of Eldar boning humans.

Cannibalism - In Eye of Terror people are turned into booze.

Genital mutilation - Pawns of Chaos, a sorcerer cuts off his junk for a ritual. Notes that it always grows back in more and more disturbing forms.

Voyerism - Blind, where a high ranking member of the Astra Telepathica talks about who to bone that evening, and tells his aide that he can stay and watch (I think hinting that he has done it before).

Fat chicks - Blind, clumbsy chubby arbites enforcer gets drunken pitty sex from another arbites.

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