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Oh ho!
No, young one, death is Nurgle's greatest gift, and he gives it freely! Rejoice! Your life will be over soon.
Only those who have truely shown Grandfather Nurgle their worth ever get the chance to die more than once.

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Perhaps, in death, you will understand.

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We are maggots on the corpse of man.

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All life is a lie.

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Nurgle's insides aren't as nasty as you'd think.

They're actually much, much, much worse.

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>In the embrace of the great Nurgle, I am no longer afraid, for with His pestilential favour I have become that which I once most feared: Death.

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In every plague, a warning.

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Know that your flesh is no different.

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One by one the Death Guard were afflicted with a plague so virulent that their Multi-lung and Oolitic Kidney failed to protect them. They remained conscious but were paralysed and helpless to do more than endure the burning pain that filled their bodies. Only their unquenchable instinct for survival preserved them.

That instinct was pushed to its very limit before the background hum of the warp shield generators died to be replaced by a distant vibration that grew steadily more intense. Suddenly it turned into the buzz of a million wings as countless black, bulbous, Warp-spawned flies poured through every bulkhead. This was the Destroyer, foulest of Nurgle's plagues. They swarmed over the paralysed Death Guard, feeding off their sweat, infecting their wounds and infesting every orifice. Throughout the vessel each body twitched uncontrollably as the plague flies laid their eggs within them. Flesh and armour swelled as the corruption filled them, bloating and distending until it burst leaving entrails and pus-filled lesions hanging from their wracked bodies.

On the bridge the ship's master, Typhon, was the first to stir, through a miasma of death he rose to his feet. From deep within him came a rattling, phlegm-laced roar.


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I am from a race of perfectly spherical, mineral-like creature with no biological components. We are immune to all ailments.

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I have always loved this bit of fantasy fluff. The idea that Nurgle armies travel around in circus caravans and surround a village the night before they attack to sing about all the sick shit they'll do to them at dawn amuses me so much.

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Father Nurgle is the biggest bro of all the chaos gods. Worshiping him is simple, and quantitatively rewarding. On top of that, there is always a new plague to spread, meaning there is always "employment". Despite this, each plague is unique, making each gifted worshiper all the more special in the eyes of Nurgle. The very best part; unlike all the other chaos gods, worship of Nurgle does demand losing your sanity.

Bro God is Best God. Plague God is Best God

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Keep 'em coming.

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There is a particular story I am trying to find at the moment. Stand fast, brothers.
Yet be admonished, brother, that if you cannot prove your worth to the Grand-Father you shall parish alongside all those you infected.

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When's the last time you ever saw official artwork of another gods daemons with bitches? Nurgle gets all the fine pieces of ass.

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Is it the one with the worms? That ones a brilliant.

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All that live shall one day wither and die and all that dies shall decay and rot. Allow me to speed up the process...

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You know, I wasn't looking for this one, but I think I found the one you mentioned:

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Frusterating, I can't find what I was looking for.

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You can still rot.
And if it does not rot it will corrode.

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Daemon prince, this one.
Also, there's art of the Slaaneshi daemon princess in this one with bitches.

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