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exterminatus mode: You are your space ship mates armed with the duty to shell the living hell out of space station 13, while trying to keep the station's crew from overtaking your battle barge.

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so... nuke?

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I mean the battle barge shoots at the station.

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Not as much as a game mode, but I'd love to see a Fallout version.

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That would be really great, it would get rid the whole Atmos lag all together.

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Not a game mode, but somebody should put some Space Marine armor and a bolter/chainsword into the game.

Is /tg/station still open source and do they still accept code and sprites from whoever? Because if so, I'm totally activating my autism powers and putting this in.

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Black Carnivale:
The clown is actually a vicious alien, empowered by a sinister god. His purpose is to unleash the Singuhilarity, at which point the station is lost, cleft asunder by the vast honk.
So basically a mix of cultist and changeling.

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I think so.

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So ... nothing to do with the station, really. You just want to sit somewhere off-screen and throw bombs.

I'd rather see a game mode where the map contains one z-level with multiple locations, and death results in respawning randomly into a number of different factions - crew, monkey, alien, syndicate, etc ... none of which are on the actual station, but all have a way of getting on-station.
Each group has an objective - ie; infect x number of crew with a virus, escape with x faction members on the shuttle, etc.

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I'm just a newb player, but I've heard that they're "frozen" when it comes to updates.

If you made that and posted it on the forums they might put it in down the line, but I don't know. If anything that stuff should be a harmless costume in the theatre.

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chainsword and gyrojet pistol are already in the game as admin'able items, afaik.

Don't really need spessmehrine armour. Use a mech.

The few times I've played and someone has split the station in two, (engineering to brig) it's resulted in some awesome crew effort to call a shuttle and not freeze or suffocate. Not sure it would carry over if it became common.

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Well, something that will destroy most of the station, or just something like the end of a nuke round.

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Any suggestions for music that will help my SS13 immulsions? Something preferably without lyrics, but if it's space themed and good I'd love it too.

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Are we still going for a horrible and oppressive atmosphere?

Everything by lustmord, but I like this especially:

Less horror, more action:

For when the noble crew chooses to sacrifice themselves over fleeing to keep the vile alien infection contained or something:

Maybe this also works for something:

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Are the /tg/station forums down? I just got permabanned by a fake rape that never happened after I set some poor bloke free form a straight jacket. Now I can't even appeal.

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Thanks. I don't know exactly what I'm looking for just something that breathes life into the game.

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For when the adminbus engine is revving up

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Yes they are.

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You took off someone's headset while they were trying to call for help then while they were restrained forced ERP on them while they asked you to stop.

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Okay, so
It's this game mode
Get this, guys
It's a game mode where you take the admins
like the admins we have right, now, okay? Those admins?
You take those admins
And you push them off a cliff.

Great game ruined by a shit community.

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>implying the admins are the problem

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We've got logs, bro :3

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I brought him into a small room, just said 'OH YEAH' without any sort of ERP and quickly removed him restraints which weren't even put in by me.

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They are. I promise you, having been one of the people behind the scenes and spending a lot of time cleaning up their messes, they are 100% the problem. Their actions are frequently short-sighted and self-destructive and it feels constantly like talking to and corralling bickering children.

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That's kind of exactly why I'm trying to appeal somewhere. You can see he was set free before any admin PMd me.

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I don't have the image because I've never thought I'd need it before. Someone please post a picture of copious screaming orgasms in front of a computer, please.

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Hello Penny.

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>cleaning up messes
So either you're an admin, and thus part of your supposed problem, or you're a moron, and thus part of the REAL problem

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Get out of here sprunt, are you on your period again

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>mfw every single one of these threads is derailed by butthurt people who are banned and or dont even play

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Why do you have to upset me by stating the truth?

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Fucking wizards

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Nope, wrong.
I dropped this whole thing ages ago. Until the coders stop implementing things contrary to the majority's desires, until the admins stop playing favorites and ERPing with each other in Skype instead of doing what they actually volunteered to do, until the server owners take up the mantle of corralling their staff so that the staff doesn't have to police itself (which it has clearly proven it can't) nothing is going to change in the game for the better.

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>license plate
Hahaha, yesssss.

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>Set in a vault
>Every round is a different type of vault experiment


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A little sad that you can't space corpses and vitally needed supplies for the hell of it, but that just ended up in Griffins anyway. Mitebkool.

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Have the out doors be fatally irradiated, contaminating anything that steps outside the vault door, forcing anyone who wants to go outdoors to wear a radiation suit or take huge quantities or rad-x if they want to go find someone's corpse outside.

Alternatively, you could "space" corpses by chucking them into the vault's reactor core, disintegrating (or at least highly damaging) their bodies.

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It's a bit late to make insulated gloves spawn on engineer's hands again, and having to walk 5 feet to get a pair on round start hasn't made people refuse to play engineers. For all the RUINED FOREVER drama, it ruined precisely fuck and all.

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Tunnel Snakes for life!

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That wasn't the only controversial change even from that one update, let alone ever. And every time something like that happened, the playerbase got shaved ever smaller.

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I'm always glad we're not playing a game that gives people more reason to shout "TUNNEL SNAKES RULE", like it means something.
Grey derp is enough.

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Got to love the ungrateful people who respond to you giving up your free time to ban griefers and deal with server fuckups only for them to make up idiotic claims of favouritism.

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LJ82, is that you?

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From a horror game, so a lot of it is ominous, to outright nope, but I'm sure you'll find some things suited to your needs.

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>player base even smaller
>Average max players per round used to be hovering between 30 and 40
>Current max players per round gets as high as 90
uh huh.

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It's scary how it fits.

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Horror game on a space station, rather. I tend to have Station Ambiance or Confession playing.

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Got to love people bitching about doing what they actually volunteered for. Also, "claims" of favortism? Bitch, there were no claims. Everyone saw it naked and proud.

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You realize it used to be so large that the amount of players lagged the server, right? Three digits was the norm.

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What are you talking about? (Not the person you're talking to back and forth.)

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I don't think we've broken 90 for.... at least a few months now.

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Are there any admins in like, particular, or do you think we're all just equally awful?

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Three digits was NEVER the norm, anything over about 90 is an exceptional amount and was usually due to the rush of players from /v/ over the summer.

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Err, are you talking about goonstation or /tg/station?

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Bolter is in as the GyroJet pistol, Chainsword is in as well.
Power armor needs sprites.
Sup Agouri

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I am not bitching about doing my job, you may not believe it but I took this job to protect the server from griefers, exactly the kind of people who infest these threads and bitch they got banned. And no, ONE admin was shown to be showing favouritism but there is a group of dicks who keep trying to claim all admins show favouritism. Even if your head is so far up your own ass you think its cool to hate authority and make up crap about people I will still do my job and ban people who grief you.

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Oh hi there.

What's going on here?

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The funny thing is that if the admins were anywhere near as biased as some of you people seem to think they would have banned you all by now. Personally I think its pathetic you abuse the fact they are not like that to constantly claim they are.

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Are we namefag circlejerking now?

>> No.16678340

Isn't that all we ever do?

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Hurr I cannot into namefield

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Circle up, boys.

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I still don't know how to grow weed.

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i feel this needs to be posted

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>ITT: people with shitty ideas

Half the game modes are fucking terrible already, how about you fucking let them fix them instead of adding more overcomplicated bullshit that ends up no fun?

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LJ, if that IS you, for the love of Christ relax. I know you're in the glorious British police state, but we aren't that bad here.
Also, we need this added. ZF-1 would be amazing.

>> No.16678447

Time to bust out ye olde secure tripfag since we're going that way I guess.

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Especially if all you have in all the trays are Walking Mushrooms

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You fuckass and your assfuck combo. Don't make me post the picture I have of morbidly obese X-23.

What we need, instead of more game modes, is more random events that do something besides LOL STATION'S DESTROYED LETS EVACUATE. Stuff like broken grav plating that causes you to slide across the floor and needs to be fixed by engineers, or space-wind storms that cause tornados of paperwork in the HOP's office that slice greysuits to ribbons.

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bite the pillow

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So I was on the other day when the chaplain performed The King in Yellow. Apparently the second act is just Woody's Got Wood.

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We need....More......Constructive or complementary comments that restructures the game at the most basic level. If the crew is to win, how are they to win? Will it be against other players or will it be against an AI(Think of the blob)(And yes, I have been spawning it a couple days ago to see how well the guinea pigs run)?

If you want to think of creating different game modes, start at the most basic level then work up from there. Urist created cult as a pet project off of the rev code of the game and quite frankly it has carried over with the rev bugs. More thought needs to be put into something as grandiose if you want to think of a viable game mode.

>> No.16678613

>implying I give a patoot.

By the way, I noticed last time you used task master you hit me with an air grab. You can do his down-air arrow or down-air arrow super after an airgrab, bro. JUST A HEADSUP.

>> No.16678679

>calling people out for shitty ideas, posting equally shitty ideas

This is the only thing worth salvaging. Station doesn't need more lolufalldownnow.

>> No.16678688

This also reminds me, to all of the players reading this:

If you see ANY blob spheres, either bum rush for the yellow blob, or any nodes and/or cores that you may see. THAT is the quickest way to not be flooded by a simple cell organism and die an early death.

Oh, and do remember, if you are a ninja, you are only robust in one on one combat. Any more and you might not only lose, but lose spider clan points. Spider clan points are points shown to admins seeing how favorable X is if they were to become a ninja. Neat little table that.

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>> No.16678717

I will keep that in mind next time i lay the smackdown on you.

>> No.16678742

Be that as it may, blobs that have been weakened by a welder take 2x-4x longer to spread and do not regenerate. Its entirely possible to take on one blob by yourself if you go around the blob and weaken the outer rim of it first.

>> No.16678744

no prob bob

>> No.16678766

>Huge RP event with captain. He's praying to calypso to help fell the foul beast (blob)
>Create Pulse Rifle named Fist of the Blob Star
>He finds it, extolling the virtues of the mighty "Harpoon", uses it to kill the blob
>He actually gives it back. Offering it to the singularity in the name of calypso.
+1 in my books to Captain Morgan there.

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I'm just glad you jerks are all in the same poisoned project so you don't ruin the other cool shit the /tg/ community has going on.

Spiteful, resentful, and nostalgiac,

>> No.16678802

Thanks for the reminder on why engineers will never again spawn with gloves on their hands.

>> No.16678824

>Namefags, namefags eevrywhere
Well, I'm out. Have a good night.

>> No.16678834

That's not fair putting some of us who like this game together with all the retards posting here.

>> No.16678858

Just admins, makes it easier for anon to yell at us and attempt to address complaints. Just ignore the chaff, and the bitching of Sprunt and Deeaych.

>> No.16678871

>This bread is incredibly bitter

>> No.16678874

Why exactly is it that engineers don't spawn with gloves anyway? They run to grab a pair anyway.

>> No.16678880


>> No.16678883

>Engineers don't spawn with gloves
>No ghost messages
>Revolver nerfed to shit
>Removing prison station
>No xenoburgers
no fun detected

>> No.16678897

Bananaphones are gone too

>> No.16678900

then play somewhere else, faggot

>> No.16678920

A bit of a forced "balance" issue with one of our coders, who felt that a latejoin engineer shouldn't be able sprint to the AI right off the bat. It has literally no effect on roundstart engineers.

>> No.16678929

I wish they'd kept the item, if not the effects of eating it.

>> No.16678938

Half of that was broken anyway, the other half had to be moved more then a couple steps away from the crew because of coders making it retardedly easy to antagonize the crew with little effort on the players part.

That was because we had to remove the banaphone song from the server to help lessen the amount of shit that people have to download. When they removed the songs it made it senseless to keep that on since it would cause runtimes trying to search for something that was removed.

>> No.16678940

Make a thread somewhere else, faggot

>> No.16678944

That makes a lot of sense, actually.
What happened to bananaphones?

>> No.16678947

Prison station is a shit anyway.

>> No.16678956

Whoops, question answered when I wasn't looking.

>> No.16678964

Having actual songs in the code is asking for lawsuit, and is a bitch to download. Removing Blackest honk, Space Asshole, Pete and Phone cut our download size by a third.

>> No.16678980

Sprunt isn't in this thread. Sprunt isn't even online.

>> No.16678990

zombies :3c

>> No.16678992

>>Revolver nerfed to shit
The Revolver's melee code was a relic of the original code, and was LITERALLY a 100% chance of knocking someone out for a solid lag-minute if you are in melee range, even if the actual damage was blocked by armor. The game is far better off with that code gone.

Any other changes were done by others, probably during my period of not giving a shit about the game.

>> No.16679020

Say, I have a few questions for things.

>Can you construct atmos vents?
>Can you make disposal inlets/outlets/pipes?
>Can you make light fixtures to put lightbulbs in?
>Is there an easy way to power a floating hunk of orbital wreckage/ hobo station?

I thank you for your answers.

>> No.16679034

You're right and I apologize. You, specifically, I pity instead of resent.

>> No.16679035

>everything you asked

Not yet anyway.

>> No.16679052

What about them? How are they made? Will they continuesly come or will they have a finite limit?

How are the crew going to survive? Can they survive? Can they escape? What would make them paranoid of this? What would make them stay together/break apart because of this game mechanic?

And for the final touch: How will this end and how do you decide the winners?

>> No.16679064

>people complain about admins being jerks
>admins flip the fuck out and accuse them of being a one man conspiracy to besmirch their name

calm the fudge down you're only giving people more ammunition to shoot at you.

>> No.16679067

Sprunt's online on steam, so I think that's what caused the confusion

>Can you construct atmos vents?
>Can you make disposal inlets/outlets/pipes?
You can make pipes, but not disposal units. Use the disposal pipe lathe in atmos
>Can you make light fixtures to put lightbulbs in?
Not that I recall, usually if a structure's impressive enough I'll adminbus them some light fixtures
>Is there an easy way to power a floating hunk of orbital wreckage/ hobo station?
PACMAN generators + coins

>> No.16679076

>Telling people to calm down
I find this far funnier than I ought to. You're a fun guy when you aren't upset, but man once you start going, it doesn't stop.

>> No.16679086

Last one would involve constructing either a generator and asking for a prayer for coins. You can also set up a singularity there with all of the parts sent via the teleporter if you can get the CE in on it. And after its set up, all you need to do is make sure that power is sent from the rad collectors to the APCs or to an SMES. It HAS been done before.

>> No.16679106

You can make vents from the atmos pipe dispenser located in the northern end of the atmos play area.

>> No.16679120

Have them come on a shuttle, maybe the big syndicate shuttle at centcom that is never used and have the number of zombies dependant on how many players are on maybe 3 times the players. There are a few threads on the forums in the ideas section so look at one of those.

>> No.16679121

>the atmos dispenser dispenses vents

>> No.16679131

Be honest: is it still a game about griefing? Can you ever actually manage to do the station jobs? Is half of the medical wing just people making acid and cybering with admin aliens? Does the shuttle always get called at the first sign of trouble? Does roleplay ever happen?

>> No.16679134


>> No.16679135

Only problem I have is with the lack of gloves.

But since the guy who removed them is a cunt bucket who said he would leave and stop coding if they were changed back, we can't do anything.

>> No.16679155

Be honest:
>is it still a game about griefing?
No, and there's a ban list to prove it
Can you ever actually manage to do the station jobs?
>if you couldn't, rounds wouldn't last more than 15 minutes
>Is half of the medical wing just people making acid and cybering with admin aliens?
Nope, geneticists clone/find powers, chemists usually either a.) poly acid and get banned or b.) fulfill requests, CMOs tend to actually help out, etc etc
>Does the shuttle always get called at the first sign of trouble?
You usually don't see the shuttle called until shit REALLY hits the fan (see: singuloth rampaging across the station)
>Does roleplay ever happen?
Yes, I tend to enjoy playing the eccentric scientist RD, and even have technological fluff to back it up

>> No.16679161

Between Deeaych and Erro, we'll take Erro.

>> No.16679162

By "acid" do you mean Polytrin or Space Drugs?

>> No.16679183

Griefing? You mean killing random people and destroying the station? Yes.

I'd say half of the people do their jobs. I'm not counting the assistants here.

It's usually only one or two people making acid then one or two scientists making bombs. The people in the medical/science field actually do their job.

I've noticed that some faggot will always say "CALL THE SHUTTLE" when a small bomb goes off or something. The AI has to call the shuttle unless a head overrides it and it usually gets recalled.

Roleplaying? I haven't seen a lot of roleplaying. The most I've seen is the chaplain preaching and people around the bar telling stories.

>> No.16679197

It never was. You can do the jobs 78% of the time. Its rare that you see any medic doc making acid. Also on another note, poly acid is still being worked out. I have yet to see another admin make themselves aliens unless it is to harass the crew. By harass I mean plant weed nodes at funny areas and creep the fuck out of the crew. We cannot stop people from calling the shuttle at the first sign of trouble, however, they cannot call it around 16 minutes or so into the game to prevent some metagaming fiends from getting the upper hand.
Yes. It is rare but people still act in character.

>> No.16679212

I thought Space Asshole was released under a Creative Commons license?

>> No.16679229

They took it out to cut the download size

>> No.16679233

I personally avoid the forums with a passion unless there is a ban or a matter that calls for a head admin to act on. Its faster and more reliable to contact me on 4chan then it is to get a hold of me via the forums.

>> No.16679237

But Deeaych doesn't even play anyway. So, uh, why do we still have Erro? He's kind of a huge dick.

>> No.16679260

Deeaych literally quit tgstation until Erro gets his shit slapped over the gloves thing. That is why she doesn't play.

>> No.16679289


>> No.16679337

Well, good riddance. Deeaych sucks shit, and Erro's cool in my book.

>> No.16679370

Anyone have the info on the /tg/ station?

>> No.16679397


>> No.16679420

Thank you.

>> No.16679433

Haha, you two faced hypocrite. I knew you were always full of shit.
That might be why I left, but it's not why I stay gone. Me leaving SS13 behind was a great thing to do for myself. That community is toxic. Errorage can do what he likes to the game, and you can do what you like with Errorage. Him staying on, or leaving, or becoming the king of Spain will not bring me back to SS13, to BYOND, and to you people. There's some new names in this thread and I won't make any judgement calls on any of you because I can't. But a lot of the people involved in this are truly awful people I can't get along with. So, fuck, if the crazy specter of DH is all that keeps Errorage there then don't let that stop you. I'm not haunting you ever again.

And some community fucking standards is all I ever said you needed.

>> No.16679452

I'd like to see some kind of Horror mode that involves the clown. Maybe some strange clown magic, maybe the clown could turn off all the coms/radios, and make lighting turn off when he got near. He'd have to be robust as fuck though, but I can see it being pretty fun running away from some psychotic clown.

>> No.16679472

Then why are you even posting in this thread?
To elaborate, Errorage has completely revamped the admin verbs to a more usable format. To the point where we can generally settle most adminhelps in as little as 2 click. >Valid? CA (Check Antagonosit)
>Yes, respond as such. No, poke the other guy.
Most of the time it is a valid kill.

So long as we keep errorage away from "Balance" decisions we are alright.

>> No.16679484


I think we have a new name for the syndicate

>> No.16679535

So you're never coming back. You call everyone a bunch of liars and assholes. So why are you posting in the thread? Is your virgin butthole that fucking ravaged that PEOPLE ARE ENJOYING SOMETHING THAT YOU HATE?

Oh, mercy me! Deeaych is upset! Best stop talking about /tg/station here, lest he besmirch it's name by calling us a bunch of doo-doo heads!

You're pathetic. Yeah, Erro was a dick about the glove thing. But he's contributed a lot more to the game than you. So sorry that his decision fractured your sense of entitlement.

>> No.16679543


Tha'td be cool. (joking)

>> No.16679553

Because people keep commenting on me. Here, I'll bow out. And take that temporary trip with me. A sage for your troubles, keep on trucking.

>> No.16679556


And nothing of value was lost.

>> No.16679575

Right now, though, what is going on with the /tg/ server?

>> No.16679579

Oh man, this is like... maybe the third time I've seen crag let loose on someone that wasn't me.

>> No.16679628

And there you go, slinking back into anonymity. No one was fucking talking about you till you started tossing a bitch fit. You're a petulant infant grasping at the teat of notoriety, desperate for the sweet milk of E-Cred on /tg/. Good, go, stay anonymous, sage all you want, you crying child. Don't let the airlock crush your bulbous ass on the way out, lardfuck.

>> No.16679630

Hang on I'll fill the void in your heart


>> No.16679636


>The AI has to call the shuttle unless a head overrides it and it usually gets recalled.


I've had to order the shuttle back so many times, due to idiots who go OH SHIT THE SLIGHTEST PROBLEM EVACTUATE LOL

>> No.16679659


I'm tempted to make some remark about the sore winner, here.....

>> No.16680152

It's just Crag being Crag. It can be adorable sometimes, really.

>> No.16680181

Whut up guys, check this shit out.

>> No.16680192

serial killer

>> No.16680210

Did the /tg/ server ever get around to implementing the nuclear reactor?

>> No.16680242

the admins suck

>> No.16680337

Please elaborate. Who, and why? I'm deadly serious here.

>> No.16680450

I don't even know who. Haven't played there in a month or two.

>> No.16680523

Well thanks for the valued input, jackhole.

If you're going to shit talk, be specific, like that asshole Urist who follows me around on the forum and bans me for 7 days for no reason.

>> No.16680549

fuck off faggot it was my first couple weeks playing

>> No.16680575

So here you are basically admitting to be a new fag trying to stir up shit on a server you don't know shit about.

>> No.16680581


>> No.16680590

2 months ago I was fresh out of cryo. From what I can gather from this thread, you're the server's pet retard, no?

>> No.16680599

I dipped a fire axe in molten silver and then I hacked off Scared of Shadows's limbs.

>> No.16680606

Nah, Crag is pretty cool. Twobeard/Chortle/Flensing was the pet. Crag just rages. A lot. Never gets banned for IC reasons really, just for his rage on the forums.

>> No.16680651


Ask how many times I banned Crag.

>> No.16680695

I've been asking the mods to list all my bans but they don't seem to want to.


>> No.16680721

Maybe it's because you are a massive faggot. I've seen how you talk ingame too, you're a fuck. Those admins ban you, unban you, and you don't learn anything.

>> No.16680747

Do you have a point? If I didn't listen to people who have actual fucking authority, why would I listen to some anonymous peasant on an image board? Way to hide behind LOL LEEJUN instead of giving me a name for me to make fun of. When I break the rules and am banned validly, I apologize for it. Apparently someone here is just butthurt that I called him a faggot in the OOC channel and is trying to STICK IT TO THE MAN.

75 percent chance you're one of those faggots who goes out of their way to harass people in game and runs to the admin when they get beaten for it.

>> No.16680806

... and nothing of value was said. Don't even bother, anon. Some people just aren't worth acknowledging.

>> No.16680878

Wow, I play a lot on the /tg/ server, but I don't pay much attention to OOC. I didn't know there was so much drama. I don't like some of the changes that were made (like the gloves thing) but I never take farther than a comment on the forum stating my opinion and "Oh well, lets keep playing", I have being ban before but I never made a big deal about it, its just a day or a couple of hours not a big deal.

Went did you guys stop enjoying the game and made it something to be angry about?

>> No.16680929

All that said, if anyone has some complaint that they would like to voice anonymously, please take the opportunity.

If you have an admin complaint, feel free to make it here (Cause there's a conspiracy on the forums), just please be specific. People don't get dismissed over hearsay.

>> No.16681037

I could really like to see new games modes in rotation. Are the coders or adms really open to the idea or are they focus more in fixing and improving what they have now?

>> No.16681067

>trying to hold a trial for about the HOS beating me while cuffed

>about 5 people there

>changeling stings me and slowly drags me into the maint tunnel

>no one notices a fucking thing!

>Nexbie changeling takes 5 minutes to figure out how to consume me

>finally absorbs me then someone finnaly asks what happened to me and wanders into the tunnels

>> No.16681086

Hey that was me.

I told the admins I was satisfied with you getting arrested but I guess they take it very seriously

>> No.16681098

For the most part we're working on fixing Mport's code. He broke everything ever, and now it's a scavenger hunt to find everything wrong.

A new game mode would be amusing, but Cult had me already believing it's a bad idea. Even Urist disowned cult about three days after it went into rotation.

That said, yes to both things, really. If you have a genuinely interesting idea, it will grab someone's attention, and like a squirrel with too many nuts, they'll drop whatever they're doing to work on that one.

>> No.16681099

you were the guy in mining?

>> No.16681114

Whats wrong with the cult game mode?

>> No.16681116

no....were there 2 cases of straightjacket rape lately?

This happened in the dorms and I was a scientist

>> No.16681178

No I saw someone in mining as a ghost taking everything off some offline guy, at 1st I thought it was a Changeling so I keep quite and move on but later I saw the notice about someone getting ban for rape.

>> No.16681260

Someone want to explain how delivery and the disposal chutes work?

>> No.16681265

Tag a package with the location thing with where you want it to come out selected, put it on the conveyor. It'll launch out their disposal thing.

>> No.16681275


I knew things weren't good back when I played the game.
I'm now actually *glad* my internet connection is shite enough to stop me playing SS13.

Never again will Nathaniel McKillingalot roam the station, fixing that which no-one else will fix, saving those that no-one else will save, killing that which no-one else will kill.

I wonder where it all went wrong.

>> No.16681305

>I wonder where it all went wrong.
All that is necessary for the triumph of griff is that good men do nothing.

>> No.16681331

Despite the fighting going on in this thread, the server is actually a nice place to play and has a pretty good community. The people complaining in this thread are a vocal minority, and, ironically, many of them do not even play the game much. Just don't bother with the forums or IRC. The server itself manages to have a totally different atmosphere.

>> No.16681365

This fellow is correct imo

>> No.16681416

>finally see some admins on /tg/
>all tripfags
>all petulant fucking children

and there goes any desire I had to learn how to play this game. I guess I'll just stick to reading greentext stories.

>> No.16681427


Some of us are still playing and we always make the effort to make it a better place. See you in the station bros, know that you are not alone there.

>> No.16681906


Namefagging for one thread isnt being a tripfag dunkass, they were actually using the name feature for its intended purpose.

Crag isnt a fucking admin

>> No.16681940

I listen to this on the character selection screen. Feel like it fits perfectly, but I cannot explain why.


>> No.16682005

The problem with Cult is the following:

1. It is the most complicated game mode
2. It has a rather low chance of happening

This results in most people being shit at Cult.

Admins/Coders bitch about Cult being not good but refuse to touch it.

>> No.16682341

the TGstation community is filled with many interesting people
Also note, crag and most others in the thread arnt admins, fateweaver and the other one are, penny was

And if you ever see anyone mention zomboids, it was cocanes idea

>> No.16682354

does this still lag like absolute shit?

>> No.16682360


>> No.16682369

Sometimes. Stability depends a lot on the momentary revision, but overall it has become better not worse.

>> No.16682385

Every single time I have played it lags every two seconds and is annoyingly unplayable

>> No.16683267

I enjoy this game despite the silly changes we have going on. Even if most of them are tearing out some of the neat objects and locations just to try and balance the game. But my major concern is the power gaming that is becoming more and more rampant. Players don't seem to really care about character interactions aside from beating one another or winning at the round, which really just kills any real enjoyment one can get from the game. Instead of asking for equipment they'd rather break into areas they're not suppose to be in or attack people just for better items. I'm not saying we need to be like Baystation or the old days where you'd get toolboxed as soon as you spawned, but it really is a bore to have only a few people doing their jobs and the rest smashing their way into other rooms for items or weapons every round. People's attitudes don't help either. Yes, its probably IC, but when half the crew plays assholes, its not really anything to look towards as they bitch about being stopped from stealing something or beating another person's head in just to end a round.

>> No.16684278

fuck the admins

>> No.16685030

Cult had a less chance of happening then rev for a while. However, it now has an equal chance of happening as rev, although, it could use a good push up to having an equal chance as traitor so that people that wish to try to learn it have a chance.

Honestly I am trying to help set up a second server so that the players that want to RP can, and the ones that want to rampage their way through the game can. However, I cannot set one up at this time.

Not today matey.

We also introduced a click lag in the game to prevent some of the more robust (IE people with ping less then .04) to rampage across the station against people that are lagging. Overall it has only made a minor slowdown, however, it should be more manageable then anything else.

>> No.16686223


>old man Henderson art


>> No.16688309

Would cult still be 'orrible cunt mode if the runes were more like door wires?

(ie; You've got access to all of them straight from the start, but don't know what any of them do and some require preparation to use properly, while some will flat out fuck you over for being nearby when they're used)

>> No.16688687

... as opposed to the current mode (at last check ... I opt out of cult) where you mix and match parts of a rune.

>> No.16688782

I wish there were more modes that involved the station being sawn in half.

>> No.16688888

What does this have to do with game modes? Get out there and start sawing.
RCD, crowbar, Ripley, Bomb, C4, Singularity (and beacon) - your tools are there.

Anonymous accepts no responsibility for atmospheric lag or calls of "BAN HE!" when you do this 4noRaisin.

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