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Would you rather spend eternity as a Demon Prince or Necron lord?

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Necron Lord.

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Necron Lord. I get to sleep in.

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Demon Prince(of slaanesh)

I GET TO KEEP MY PENIS(and possibly grow a few (dozen) moar)

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Daemon Prince.

Way cooler.

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This, and for the same reason. It is my dream to one day tentacle rape a convent of Sisters of Battle.

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Nothings cooler then my idea for a Necron Lord.

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Daemon Prince.

It's like playing the world's best MMO. There are millions of worlds that you can visit, all of them fully rendered and explorable, each with its own environments and NPC population. All the NPCs are voiced, characterized, and have realistic motivations, relationships, and interactions. You can do pretty much anything, go pretty much anywhere, and if you die, oh well. Just go dick around IRL for a bit while you wait for the respawn timer to tick down.

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>Be Necron Lord
>laugh at Chaos Gods
>armies of invincible regenerating robots prepared to follow your every order
>don't have to deal with toadying underlings and the general weirdness of existing within the warp
>get to kidnap Tau females and try to create Necron/Tau hybrid
>fail horribly
>get grumpy and invade Imperial fringe world for shits and giggles
>wear Commissar's hat and use his skin for a coat
>visit Mars to scare the Admech
>never have to change underpants
>can surf on a Tomb Spyder
>create your own custom Necron Warriors using spare parts and bits of other Necrons
>laugh at C'Tan
>laugh at Rubric Marines
>glance at Eldar craftworld and watch the space elves all shit themselves
>try to sell the Dark Eldar a group of Flayed Ones as human slaves
>negotiate with the Tau and use their borrowed technology to implicate them in the purging of an Eldar maiden world
>go for a brewski with my Blood Angels buddies
>laugh at Blood Angels
>laugh at Iron Hands, because they're shit at being mechanical
>laugh at Ultramarines, because you kicked their asses
>laugh at everyone
>troll all the galaxy forever
>still can't make a Tau/Necron hybrid

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Are the Necrons the best suited for fighting warp beings?

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Necron Lord. I'm not doomed to the eventual devolution to Warp Spawn. Not to mention it's a bitch to keep the Chaos Gods interested in you.

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I would devote my entire existence subtly trolling the ever living shit out of the Imperium. Scores of covert Deamon hosts will be dispatched to Format every servo skull they find. Steal everyone left shoe. Misalign all the Thunderhawk's mirrors. Water down all alcohol on every planet they visit. And put a pin through every condom.

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demon prince of slaanesh easily

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So when you say eternity you mean that we're garaunteed to be revived upon death either via self repair/chaos rezzing us?

Because Necron Lords are not fully immortal, just hard to kill permenantly.

And Chaos Daemons can still be taken apart by their patron diety.

What if I get bound to a weapon or trapped in a pocket dimension?

Do I exist in the 40k universe or in our own?


Anyway,Daemon Prince

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You're comparing being an all powerful immortal demigod to just being a pathetic mortal stuck in a metal shell.

Daemon prince no contest, not even a close one.

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Lets say you can still get fucked over by stupidity so no pissing off your patron god or flying a space monolith into a star.

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>And Chaos Daemons can still be taken apart by their patron diety.

Chaos Undivided, fuck yeah.

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Necron Lord. As a Deamon Prince you have dick bosses that can always wreck your shit if you fuck up, happen to be near them when they are pissed, or if they just get tired of your stupid face. As a Necron Lord you killed your dick bosses and now wear their form to troll you colleagues. Also science.

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Doesn't that mean another daemon can assfuck you and steal your energy/essence because you have no greater power to reform you once you get your teeth kicked in?

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Not necessarily. That's true for the furies, who don't have a patron to watch out for them, but a Daemon Prince of Chaos Undivided is one that has sufficiently pleased ALL of the Chaos Gods to be granted Daemonhood by the four of them as a pantheon.

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DL of chaos undivided.

Go to the Tau and steal Tau chicks.

Bone twelve of them at the same time while planning with Abaddbro for the next crusade.

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If the games have taught me anything, daemon princes of Chaos Undivided normally have to cheat and use some MacGuffin to gain that status.

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Daemons can't normally perma-death each other in the Warp. No past or future there, afterall, except for the totally fucked mortals who blunder into it. A chaos god who destroys one of his own daemons is, in essence, retconning him out of existence.

I'm sure there's a handful of unique, situational exceptions, based off daemons killing each other and absorbing each other while in the Materium.

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There is past and future...there is time, just not as we understand it.

More of a big ball of timey wimey etc

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In the games, your chaos lord winds up an undivided (usually) daemon prince without cheating, actually.

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Why anyone would choose Necron Lord other than thinking necrons are cooler/their favourite faction etc is beyond me.

You can skulluck reality into submission as a daemon prince and take on the form of a Necron lord if you really wanted, it is not really a good comparision to make.

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Daemon Prince of Slaanesh. Always.

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I'd take the necron lord. Not being subject to the whims of the chaos gods sounds nice.

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>C'tan come back

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In Dawn of War:DC, Eliphas is granted daemonhood by pleasing all the major powers of chaos.

>Taking the skull of Krull from Gorgutz and offering it to Khorne
>Offering the Imperial guard wounded and corpses to Nurgle and freeing the great unclean one bound in the Hellstorm cannon
>Shattering the soulstones of the Eldar and feeding their souls to Slaanesh
>Pleasing Tzeentch by destroying the necron threat
> gaining Abaddon's favor by butchering the hated Blood Ravens
> Pleasing the fallen Primarch Lorgar by slaughtering the secular and atheistic Tau

After he ascended to daemonhood he turned the planet into a daemon world and went on a greater unholy crusade that brought the Imperium's darkest day.

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Daemon Prince.
Depends on which interpretation of the fluff whether I'd go for Khornate or Slaaneshi though.
"Cocaine and hookers all day erry day" or "Obsessive pursuit of perfection" Slaanesh? Sign me up.
"Can't get off any more without skullfucking a Juggernaught while a captured SoB reams my ass with a chainsword strapon" Slaanesh? I'll take the chainaxe and red paint, please.

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Demon Prince.

>Pester Imperial Fringe Worlds
>Unscrew all the doors overnight and screw them to the other hinge.
>Draw on the windows with my fingers.
>Invade with horde of Demons

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We feel intolerance towards certain feelings because our bodies can't handle it, and as such need these feelings for self preservation.

But if I'm a Daemon Prince? I'd love to be able to turn pain into pleasure and revel in every little thing like that.

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Yes yes, you have a picture of a passable post-op.


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B..but Slaanesh is a guy.

Prince of excess and all that.

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You still can't avoid the fact that Slaanesh is still fundamentally a god about following your desire, not about doing shit contrary to your desire just to be a freak.

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Note the crotch.

Note that's not felt.

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I bet he doesn't have a misshapen left boob like that.

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Slaanesh can take any form, humans usually consider him a he, eldar usually consider her a she.

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No love for Tzeentch or Nurgle?

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I post the image because I find it to be a rather good representation. There is no background on the image to be found and it seems to exist just to fuck with people and make them question themselves. A mystery wrapped in an enigma.

Seriously, though. If you know any background, tell me. c_c

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Still he has a true form.

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Daemon Prince of Nurgle.


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Nah, all he has is a form he is usually depicted in.

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Damn Eliphas' voice was the sex.

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I think the Eldar know a little more about Slaanesh than you do, pal. After all, they invented it!

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But we perfected it!

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Taken from the ancient Realms of Chaos: Slaves of Darkness book.

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Slaanesh sounds too much like a twisted magical girl with a penis from one those animes I hear about!

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>Flowing golden hair

Not anymore....


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The book was published back in 1988. Those stories could very well be copied from this.

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So do Slaaneshi marines actually turn female or is that just /tg/ engaged in neckbeard fap fantasies?

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Nurgle is the only real answer, he won't fuck you up just because he feels like it and he's a total bro.
Tzeentch and Slannesh will just fuck your shit for being there.
And Khorne will ju-BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD.

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What magical girl has a penis? For srs. I know of a couple that are dudes that transformation sequence into girls (weird), and I am sure lots have futa hentai about them.

I was a bit disappointed to find out that although Nanoha winds up with a daughter, its adopted.

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To be fair, it's a great fit once you know where to look.

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You just have to looooooooooooook...

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According to Black Crusade RP book....they do.

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Oh gods why.

Seems more like iconography than anything. I interpret Slaanesh as a shapeshifter. I would say hermaphrodite as a default because of origins, but nothing is pinned down.

Here. Have an image of a sculpture someone made.

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They even have a picture. Sorry for the low quality.

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The chaos gods only fuck you if you fail them, but they will ALL fuck you if you fail them.

Nurgle will curse you with agonizing diseases (and not everyone who calls out to Nurgle is spared the pain of them, let alone the death). Seriously, Nurgle's easily the chaos god most likely to kill his own followers, by an unbelievable margin.

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One of these images is not like the others

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I think they can turn into something that LOOKS like a daemonette if they're paticulary (un)lucky. Or get both genders. But I don't remember reading anything about the turning *female* Where did you get that from, exactly?

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And I thought I was the only person who had an aversion to being raped by my own dick.

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Becoming a hermaphrodite is considered a "gift" of Slaanesh so if you do well in his/her service you can become half female.

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It says that the gods may remove the distinction, that they may become (possibly female) daemonettes physically, or that they may become hermaphrodites. That's it.

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But can they become normal human females?

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Oh Eyeshield 21 u so crazy.

And you know when to end. Unlike most other Shonen.

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itt - /tg/ attempts to discern if Slaanesh can turn them into little women

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Are you asking my opinion (which is yes, the chaos gods can and will do whatever) or are you asking if, according to Black Crusade, the chaos gods will turn someone into a normal human female, as a gift or reward of the gods, under normal gift-rolling (nope)?

But I'm pretty sure chaos can do whatever. It states the chaos gods may be willing to, if you use special obeisance, and roll a successful infamy test, remove an undesired mutation, or better yet, replace it with a desired mutation.

It might even be somewhat inspiring of a story, in a way -- a being physically dedicated to war deciding he wants to give up being a warrior so he can become human again.

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A human female? Giving up being a genetically engineered superman to become a squishy woman? Ewww

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Wasn't even my idea

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I'd hit it.

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>Implying squishy.

>> No.16673327


It could be sweet! An infinity of warfare and enormous power given up so he/she could become a mother.

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Some people just want to be the little girl. Even genetically altered, warp infused monsters who reap skulls for the skull throne.

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Necron lord
"Goddamn sentient life get off my galactic lawn."

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The thing is if you follow Nurgle, you're immune to his diseases. Nurgle is pretty bro though, even if you do tick him off, he'll punish you but it'll be light. However if you really piss him off, something hard to do, then yea, hell knows no fury.

If you're a Chaos Champion, even if you fuck up and still remain alive. Your bosses are very lenient. Depending on the whims of Chaos, you could be given many chances or turned into Chaos Spawn immediately.

Remember most the attention of the Chaos Gods are in the Warp in a "friendly" game of Chess that never ends. Only small portion of their focus is on the mortal realm and Chaos Champions.

As long you don't continue fucking up, or over extend your hand or die. You're free to do w/e. See Abaddon, he's on his 13th Crusade. By all accounts he's failed 12 other times, and is barely hanging on to the 13th.

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Necron Lord.
I'd have a fairly secure job and a whole bunch of pals with which to go looking for food for the c'tan.
Plus i get plenty of relaxation time.
A Daemon Prince means one fuck up (which is easy to do) will make me a blob.
A Necron Lord means a series of very difficult fuckups would be the only problem.

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You're not immune to his diseases, you just don't die from them as far as I know. Your nervous system has degraded to the point where you barely feel any pain from your rotting body.

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I have two different feelings there.

1. He's assaulting a heavily defended choke point. Failure is to be expected.

2. He's assaulting a heavily defended choke point. Why the fuck did he just throw his dumb ass into the defenses time and again when the CSMs operate with limited manpower and tech?

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This is probably where all those super-girly Slaanesh seductresses come from.

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>Necron Lord (old)
>Disengard chaos, disengard erry' thing i'm the rape train
>Necon lord (New)
>The same, but gangsta.

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you stupid fucks. not ALL the black crusades were launched by Abadabadoo...

He has only personally run 3-4 of them and they were resounding successes(except the 13th which can be considered a success for causing never ending war on cadia and draining the imperiums resources)

hell... when he took the black fortresses, he won pretty hard.

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Have you seen the new Necron cover art?!
Necron lord all the way!
Gonna light up the night with the power of metal!

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>YFW you realize your young bride was originally a chaos marine champion

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Necron lord.
I would gauss shit out of heretics, mutants and aliens.Emperiums silent guardian and watchfull protector...dark knight!

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Poison is what happens when a marine is Slaaneshi too long.

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It might as well be completely impossible to fail enough to be demoted to chaos spawn, if you are a daemon prince.

M'kar has done nothing but fail every time he shows up, but is in no danger still. You would have to be a drastically worse failure than M'kar to worry about chaos spawndom.

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daemon prince. either to Nurgle or Slaanesh.

Hugs for all or rape everyone, I couldn't care!

>> No.16673980

Neither. I serve the emperor unto dea-

Demon prince, naturally.

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Does a Living Saint count as a daemon prince?

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>It might as well be completely impossible to fail enough to be demoted to chaos spawn, if you are a daemon prince.
It is.
Spawndom, in the eyes of the gods, is a reward. They gift you with mutations because you pleased them, too many and you end up a gibbering mess.
In one instance, Nurgle had a Chaos lord who was one of his most favorite guys ever, and intentionally spawnified him all at once. Now he's some crazy toad thing, and is still one of Nurgle's most favorite "guys" ever. Not that the guy is probably of any mental faculty to notice.

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Why not both?

Iron warriors demon prince ftw

why not zoidberg?

>> No.16674034

Only mortals are punished for their failings. Daemon princes are given total freedom to do as they wish.

>> No.16674035

This man gets it.

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I'm not really up to speed on the recent changes to Necron fluff with the new release and all, but didn't they literally finish science? As in "we've discovered the absolute truth about the physical universe and have a perfect understanding of every thing not related to the Warp"?

Because spending eternity with an enormous horde of robot minions and other Necron Lord bros either going where ever the fuck you want or chilling in your giant secret base filled with the treasures of super-science seems pretty awesome to me.

>> No.16674110

Daemon Prince of Tzeentch. I could become the greatest troll neverborn.

Being a Necron Lord would be cool, but if the Fall of Damnos is anything to go by Necrons can fuck each other up good and it seems like a kind of sad existence.

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Their tech is pretty impressive, but I don't think they "finished science." I mean, wouldn't they all be armed with void grenade launchers and protected with force field generators and shit?

>> No.16674148

they probably didn't have the resources to build that much.

>> No.16674166

That's disappoint. I'd hope "finishing science" gives you an army more like the ARM/CORE and less like the necrons.

>> No.16674169

>Void Grenades

warp-loving biological mess.

>> No.16674178


Not in 40k.

It is a law of physics that even an army that has "finished science" still should lose to Space Marines.

>> No.16674197

They've never been said to have finished science as far as I'm aware.

>> No.16674361

Necron Lord.

You can be just as much of a troll as a daemon prince, but you don't have any bosses, a sweet tomb world for a pad, a bitchin' gun, and the most kickass ships.

Plus, you can teleport.

>> No.16676557

They have, but they don't get pants on head retarded about that.

>> No.16676566

The true and ultimate objective of all science is to beat up god. I'd say they managed that.

>> No.16676845

void =/= warp

also they necron do have pocket demensions
and non warp faster then light travel

>> No.16677303

>necron do have pocket demensions

>> No.16677321

No you're wrong. The 13 black crusades refers to the 13 Abaddon has lead. There are other black crusades outside of the 13.

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