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Sup /tg/, Would anyone be interested in Dan Abnett's Thorn and Talon audio book?

I've managed to get my hands on it heh and its currently uploading to Mediafire.

General 40k thread , I guess. What are your favorite Audio books and what are you looking forward to?

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Fuckin' go for it.

I'd like to see any and all Warhammer audio books, as it'd give me something to listen to while closing up at work.

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43% at the moment.

I will upload other audio books I have lying around if you'd like. Although they are easy to find, compared to this one that is not available at the moment on Black Library .

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Please do, and many thanks! This is just what I needed.

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Here's the audio book.

Would anyone like the Ultramarines Soundtrack while im at it?

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Anyone got the audiobook? I can't find it anywhere.

And text-to-speech doesn't count.

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Nah, the OST only has like 3 good tracks. But thanks for the audiobook.

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I'll check. One moment.


Alright, No problem. Enjoy.

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I'm hoping for someone to upload the Thousand Sons audio book.

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I found that on /rs/ a while ago, should still be there

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I have it. The Unabridged version. I can upload it if you want to.

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It's on /rs/.

Anyone got False Gods?

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I only have

A thousand Sons

Age of Darkness

Ciaphas Cain - Dead in the water

Garro - Legion of One, Oath of Moment

Horus Rising

Prospero Burns

Raven's Flight

The Dark King and The Lightning Tower

Throne of Lies

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Yes to it ALL.

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This is going to take a while...

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The Great Crusades weren't won in a day, my good man.

>substances tireca

Yes, substances tire, but that's why the God Emperor of Mankind also runs on WARP BATTERIES.

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Horus Rising? I am looking for said audio book right this second?

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Where'd you get it anyway? I have the special edition (Nerdrage: Engage) but it didn't have the soundtrack, and I haven't found it online.

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Audio books bro.


I am uploading all of my stuff now.


Dan Abnett.

Apparently facebooking often and pestering him with questions gets rewards.

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Wonderful. And are you putting that up too? I'd be so thououghly delighted if you did.

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The OST? or Horus Rising?

I'll just put both.

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good man

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HUGE thank you, OP!!!

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No problem bros, stick around for the huge audio book collection incoming.

Heres the Ultramarines Soundtrack :


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Thanks GEOM, ill stick around for at least Horus Rising

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I love you God Emperor of Mankind.

You truly Shepard Humanity and keep us safe!

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Its a fairly huge file. It has 5 CD's.

meanwhile, found Helion Rain.


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I try.

Here's another one I've found. Fireborn!


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Does anyone know a better upload source, one that is not a bitch about file sizes?

If you guys want Prospero Burns and Horus Rising, we're gonna need bigger than 200mb.

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The Emperor provides.

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mebe upload that shit as a torrent file?

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Alright, give this a try, tell me how good it is.

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split 'em up by disc?

also, do you have the comic that came with the UM movie? (or anyone, really). supposedly it explains why a Captain, an Apothecary and a Tactical Squad of rookies get a Strike Cruiser all to themselves, or something.

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3gb torrent...maybe it would be a better idea if you made torrents for each book good sir,

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Not OP, but I had the pre-order book, its only like eight pages.

Basically the Ultramarines are getting assfucked by the tyranids and recieve a distress call from the Imperial Fists, they can't spare many men, so they send ten scouts and a captain/apothecary instead of outright ignoring them.

Thats really basically it.

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Indeed. I will just upload your request, Horus Rising in two separate archives, and come back tommorow with the thread, its 3:41 AM here.

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Thew full company is on a planet to aid with suppression of a Tyranid infestation. It's a long campaign that's going to last many months. When the distress signal from Mithron arrives, there's no other unit in the vicinity to respond to it - as the company's strike cruiser isn't currently doing anything due to the scale of the operation on the planet, the captain decides that it may as well respond to Mithron with a small contingent that won't compromise operations against the Tyranids.

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Cool man,

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casually wait 9 minutes and , I dunno. Admire this picture of Magnus the Red that took me 38 days.

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putting scouts in power armor does make more sense than tactical marines being on their first actual mission.

and if anyone's got surplus power armor it's the Blood Ravens. But the Ultras probably have some spare suits laying around.

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I guess I'll mention this website

There are quite a few 40k books up there but the search isn't all that great

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Horus Rising Part 1


Part 2



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Bump for Caiphas Cain.

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Fine, last one, its 4 AM.

Because I love Ciaphas Cain. 5 minutes.

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Does anyone have the Straken story, Waiting Death?

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All Honor and Glory to you.

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Yes, I do bro, but comeback tommorow. I will have a new thread if this one dies.

Its 4AM for me and I am utterly spent.


Ciaphas Cain - Dead in the water

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Guys, newbie to 40k literature here, what book should I start with first? Something preferably in line with the recent changes to canon, and with Xeno in it.

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Depends on what you want, but I'd recommend picking up an omnibus.

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Those strike cruisers are massively oversized considering that they tend to just hold one Fighting Company, a few Space Marine bridge officers, and a few hundred serfs. They probably have whole wings of redundant equipment, so that the company will have something for every occasion, regardless of the enemy or environment they're fighting.

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Damn, noted. I'll hope to see ya tomorrow then.

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Let The Galaxy Burn

Short stories give a great overview for starters

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