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Something about 40k.

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Extremely critical evaluation of Matt Ward's writing.

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A display of Dark Eldar fanboyism

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Irrational hate of specific faction.

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Reasons why you shouldn't play the games you want and should instead play the games I like.

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No fun allowed.

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Complaining about the quantity of 40k-related posts on /tg/

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Something about Orks and their amount of firepower.

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Vain attempts to justify the c'tans existence in the first place.

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Irrational love of specified faction.

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Hatred for the fanbase and the newer changes to the setting.

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General comment about how we have too many 40k threads on /tg/ in the long run even though /tg/ was made to house the Warhammer Wednesday people.

Followup statement remarking that they should just make /40k/ and let the rest of us get back to better games.

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Attempted mad scheme to defend Gav Thorpe.

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statement about new fluff being utter tripe

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Statement about how you asked for it and now you don't like it.

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People hating any kind of new fluff. Especially "new" fluff from after rogue trader.

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Irrational fear and dread when confronted by dreadknights, plastic grey knights, new necrons, or anything that could be considered 'modernized.'

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Unrelated post.

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Trollish (and incorrect) comment on /tg/'s gulliability about trolls.

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Archiving, some witty comment about OP

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Truthful denial of the accusation that I asked for it.

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No, /Tg. You are the dreadknight.

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statement complaining that at least 'x' faction has a new codex and new fluff and that 'y' faction has not been updated for 'z' amount of time

'y' is so underpowered

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Rebuttal on the subject of dreadknights concerning that one can stick a dread sarcophagus on 'em and make them look pretty bitchin'.

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Draigo. Draigo everywhere. Casual attempt to deflect proof of him being samurai Jack in space.

>No, /tg. You are the Draigos.

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Lengthy discussion over oldcron merits versus newcrons.

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Half-hearted attempt at counter-troll. Mat Ward ruined 40k design.

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Asspull claims that Andy Chambers would have done it better.

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half witted post about how the tau are going to take over the galaxy with their technology

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comment regarding the 'poor' design of new necorn vehicle models

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Cries of Heresy and lengthy breakdown of why the Tau blow space goats.

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Obvious moment of insanity. Bringing up 2nd edition as a testament of truly godlike fluff and crunch. Claims we need to return to this. Is educated that Ward is doing precisely this. Thread dies.

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Not-even-barely-witted post about blue space babes and weaboos.

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Wolf post about the wolf marines being wolfier than all the other wolfs, IN SPESS

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Another generic decry of Mat Ward.

A display of Phil Kelly fanboyism.

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Ward fever infests thread like AIDS in the ghetto.

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Unfounded claims that wolfmcwolfwolf yiff fuckwolf is better fluff than Draigo. Ignores all posts mentioning Lucas the trickster.

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Comment about trying to make a new faction because of old fluff not getting retconned

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Insane eldar players declaring Gavdex the one true way. Cites it having been used since 1997. When asked about Kelly, posts pics of thunderwolf cock.

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Blood for the blood god and others tales.

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Off-handed comment regarding 'state of the meta.' Starts thread proudly proclaiming anon hasn't gamed since 4th edition.

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A blanket statement about Blood Angels being more powerful than Space Wolves and Imperial Guard.

Reference to librarian dreadnoughts, blood talons and deep striking Land Raiders

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Generic angry comment about furries.

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Comment claiming the current "state of the meta" is more of a "state of the melta".

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Gratuitously fellating post about Kharn the betrayer.

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Trolling post about kittens

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>Mat Ward ruined 40k design
And he stole your money. Matt Ward doesn't design minis.

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Anon claims to have played Sisters of Battle since 2nd edition.

Accusation of misogyny and guro fetishism towards Ward.

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Cites blood angels PDF as a good example of balanced fluff and crunch.

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Claims oldfag status. Has played since 4th edition 40k.

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Obi-Wan Sherlock Clouseau.

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Pretends librarian dreads are the end-all, be-all of 40k. Claims deep striking land raiders are not gimmicky, and broken.

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Post claiming this poster is a newfag. Proclaim own oldfag status.

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Cites dark angels as the best written codex in 40k history. Loud and annoying claims that 4th edition design was 'not gimmicky,' and 'less truly is more.'

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Post claiming bandwagon is bestwagon.

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Post with angry ad hominem and claims your sexual preference is angled toward sleeping with the dead.

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Mutter like monkeys with other neckbeards. Propeller marine is posted to prove true oldfag status. Monkeys all start throwing virtual shit at the thread in unison.

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One ups oldfag status by claiming since 3rd edition.

Comments negatively about old models.

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Create RPG based around monkeys chained to keyboards.

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Casually disregard imperial guard, because their codex is 'old.' Grey knights are broken beyond belief, and this is fact. Talked down by kids who've played for 3 months.

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"/tg/ gets shit done" post.

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Pointing out Cruddace wrote the 5th edition Sisters codex.

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Banned by mod. Avoids mod to post moot_and_tg.pg Starts new thread about fanwanked 3rd edition PDF's.

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Name it Wardhammer 42k. Neckbeards take offense to this. Claims of /tg/ getting shit done, followed by shit getting thrown at the thread.

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Derail new thread with 4e.

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Post implying that playing since 3rd edition is anything special.

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De-derail thread with Matt Ward decries as proof of older edition's superiority.

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Posts pic related. Claims it proves beyond a shadow of a doubt Ward is out to get sisters. Creepy vibes radiate from anon, as he gradually turns into Melissa.

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General angry reply about 4e sucking hard. 3.5 all the way.

>> No.16666064

Thread derailment by referencing how good/bad the thread is from a meta narative standpoint

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Claim that Draigo's victories are nothing special, citations of how daemon primarchs are not the strongest daemon princes to back up the statement.

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Semi Amusing statement about Milk for the Khorne Flakes

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Quote feminstic propaganda. Transform thread into monkeys versus feminists, forever engaged in shit slinging, all in the name of Mat Ward.

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Cites blood angels PDF as a good example of balanced fluff and crunch.

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>Mat Ward ruined 40k design
And he stole your money. Matt Ward doesn't design minis.

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Oldfag brings up doomrider. Everybody forgets about Draigo.

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Trollish (and incorrect) comment on /tg/'s gulliability about trolls.

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Post about how 40k fluff has always been a joke, followed by Lionel Johnson's poem "Dark Angel" in full.

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Unfavorable posting of Chris-chan. Aspies engage neckbeards in outright war. Everybody loses.

>> No.16666112

Post lamenting the loss of Doomrider and COCAINE!! Contemplates putting him in his Chaos Army anyway and telling all opponents who bitch to climb a mountain of dicks.

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Pointless pointing out of spelling mistake. Grammer Nazi debate.

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Reasons why you shouldn't play the games you want and should instead play the games I like.

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Claim /tg/'s only chance to prove themselves is to get shit done. bring up chapter master the game.

>> No.16666123

Comment on how I don't even need the other boards anymore. Even /tg/ now that this thread exists.

>> No.16666125

Thread derailment by referencing how good/bad the thread is from a meta narative standpoint

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Confused question about double post? Inb4 "It's the Matrix. Agents are coming."

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Generic angry comment about furries.

>> No.16666132


In his fury, anon posts diaperporn of cultist-chan.

>> No.16666133

Question whether the thread should be archived?

>> No.16666136

Post containing a link to Melissia's homebrew Sisters codex.

Unrelated comparisons of Chris-chan and followers of Nurgle.

>> No.16666142

Angry statement about how people should archive things themselves instead of waiting for others to do it for them

>> No.16666144

Leaping on the furry hate bandwagon

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As odd as it sounds I prefer Wards fluff here, the old fluff was over the top and stupid, how exactly does guerrilla warfare work against an endless swarm of bugs when you are suppose to be protecting space ports? Wards new fluff made her a true martyr while not making a long list of all the super duper heroic things she did.

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Even angrier rant about how the archives are clogged with bad threads and quests only three people play. Asked whether 'Umad?'. Confirmation of Madness.

>> No.16666151


Everybody agrees, except the oldcron. Butthurt aspie brings up contemptor dreadnought. Oldcron says it looks like Robotnik's mechasuit.

>> No.16666159

C-c-c-c-c-c-combo breaker!

>> No.16666160


Quote feminstic propaganda. Transform thread into monkeys versus feminists, forever engaged in shit slinging, all in the name of Mat Ward.

>> No.16666164

Angry rave about how this faggot broke the meta narrative

>> No.16666165


Anon rages. Thread slowly shifts into creep-mode. Loli cultist-chan porn is posted. Anon claims it's all for the lolz.

>> No.16666169

Attempted mad scheme to defend Gav Thorpe.

>> No.16666172

Call for mods. Report loli for CP. Someone says old /tg/ was better. Mod appears and starts posting.

>> No.16666177


Oldfags link to incontinent student bodies. Anon vanishes from the internet forever, only to return 2 minutes later on a new IP.

>> No.16666186

Post about how 40k fluff has always been a joke, followed by Lionel Johnson's poem "Dark Angel" in full.

>> No.16666189


Mod deletes EVERYBODY, except dragfag who made sisters porn. Anon rages in his impotent fortress of solitude. Devises plan to get back at mod. Starts new thread titled 'Ward is writing X army.'

>> No.16666191


Comparisons between Abaddon and Cobra Commander, accompanied by the Chaos Codex quote about letting no evil deed go unrewarded..

>> No.16666196

thread drifts into primarch masterbation. Someone asks if there are stats for primarches. Everyone but Blood Angels players get butthurt at mephiston

>> No.16666204

Screams CREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED! And posts image of Abbandon with no arms.

>> No.16666206

No arms-comment. Oldfag attempts to defend Abaddon's honor. Gets called impotent by the 14 year old newfags. Newfags are told to 'go home, kid.'

>> No.16666207

Complaining about the quantity of 40k-related posts on /tg/

>> No.16666215

post about the uberness of Mephiston and how he is even Robot Gullymans spiritual liege of awesome

>> No.16666216


Post bringing up Doombreed and Genghis Khan. Citations about daemon princes stronger than the primarchs.

Something about

>> No.16666218


Mod deletes EVERYBODY, except dragfag who made sisters porn. Anon rages in his impotent fortress of solitude. Devises plan to get back at mod. Starts new thread titled 'Ward is writing X army.'

>> No.16666219

Raged at for repeating what has been already said in the thread

>> No.16666222


Everybody jerks of Ferrus Manus then and there, no matter what. Anon requests dickgirl pics of Ferrus as a loli. Drawfag complies.

>> No.16666230

Raged at for repeating what has been already said in the thread

>> No.16666240


Dick measuring. Anon favors Draigo, because Mephiston simply isn't allowed to win. Is told he's being majorly insane. Ignores in favor of defending Draigo's manhood. Someone starts talking about Eldrad.

>> No.16666242

Pic related is posted, alongside quotes from Codex: Space Marines proving everyone wants to be Ultramarines but can not.

>> No.16666245

Relatively average attempt at writefagging that nevertheless causes momentary silence as everyone waits for the next piece

>> No.16666250


Angry post about how anon should read the damn thread and not post the same exact thing twice.

Weeps that he knows that such a thing will not happen

>> No.16666264


Complained at for complaining about the complaining. Deflects all attempts at reason and diplomacy. Wild claims of being 'true,' because anon only plays genestealer cult.

>> No.16666271

Post of "OPwilldeliver.jpg" less than ten minutes after writefag's last post.

>> No.16666273


Post pointing out that Draigo will never have as much dick in him as Eldrad

Chuckles at double entrende leaves with Eldar Men are ghey and thats why Love Can Bloom since none of the ladies are getting any

>> No.16666277

Next piece of writefagging quoting the first piece

>> No.16666280

Realises theres some kind of posting problem going on causing lots of double posts

>> No.16666287


Suddenly, anon is paranoid and fears Ward is watching him masturbate. Goes to /k/ for backup. Is told that /tg/ is the dreadknight, by /k/ommandos.

>> No.16666294

Post containing the canonical numbers for the frontal RHA of the Land Raider as proof that the US military could beat a marine chapter. Followed by a million 40kids crying "SPACE STEEL".

>> No.16666296


Posts eldar tits. Quotations about Space Marines destroying a Craftworld.

>> No.16666313


Proud and autistic proclamation that no one takes as much cock as the avatar. Retract statement. Countered by swarmed anon zergrushing using faked spoilertags. Gaiafags ask what a cock is, and why Dragio would need one in every orifice. Anon feels shame at this, and ponders going to /k/ for suicide tips.

>> No.16666315

Posts a bump, quoting F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5 yet further bringing the post count up and providing nothing of value.

>> No.16666317

Eldar tragic story copypasta

>> No.16666323


Suddenly, /k/ommandos and /v/irgins. Everybody agrees that anon is being a faggot aspie. Pics of ugly, 80's land raider are posted.

>> No.16666324

Post angrily defending about Eldar not being gay, and points out that Love Can Not bloom due to an Eldar would never do it with a filthy monkeigh, and that if they did the child would be a horrid abomination, COMPLETELY ignoring the Rogue Trader Fluff of that one Half Eldar Spess Mahreen Librarian.

>> No.16666325


Advice guardsman image.

>> No.16666328

Dear God /tg/. Someone can just mention 40k and get a million replies huh?

>> No.16666337


Teclis is posted, to kill the thread. Anon doesn't consider the possiblity that he's gone too far. Someone counters with OC of loli Draigo, dressed in avatar fur.

>cap: WARD erAseem

>> No.16666340

Post of picture of Dorfs. Dorf Fortress Hijack.

>> No.16666343

Is banned by mods for disagreeing with their opinions, and posts on his live journel complaining that mods banned him because he didn't like one of the old models.

>> No.16666348

Post stating that this anon knows very little about 40k, but has gleefully been posting along with everyone else, in a way this anon is studying the 40k /tg/ folks in their natural habitat, filled with derp and rage

Also posts that you are a troll and faggot

>> No.16666359


Casualfag implies /tg isn't made up of professional trolls. Is called casualfag and newfag. Mind breaks as anon posts horrible xeno bumptan with furry cock and diapers. Cries like a bitch Is told to get back in the kitchen, while the monkeys throw shit at each other.

>> No.16666375


Oldfag disagrees with other oldfag. Verbal fight over who gets to insult the new user.

>> No.16666376

Posts image of monkeys throwing shit, types monkey noises, trying to empisise point.

>> No.16666404


Anon talks about popping his huge back pimple. Claims the sound of pus exploding from it is an exact copy of how /tg/ sounds on a good day.

>> No.16666437

Shows image to random woman at high school to see if it causes them to throw up in their mouth.
Whines to /tg/ when it doesn't and they have a black eye.

>> No.16666451


Suddenly, and without provocation, oldfag and drawfag shit all over the place with pics of dead niggers.

>> No.16666453

Post attempting to derail thread with
>Eldar Slave Wut do?

>> No.16666472


Dares to make the claim that Melissa's fandex is magically better than Cruddace's shitdex. Is shot down by everyone, including feminists.

>> No.16666510


Counter with eldar rape pic.

>> No.16666523

Archive this shit, faggots, or I'll make Ward write the next codex: chaos space marines. My dad works for games worshop.

>> No.16666563

Shift into maximum overtroll. Say that Khorne has been Tzeentch's bitch all along. Counter any and all arguements with "Just as planned."

>> No.16666574

Poster forgets image. Double posts to add it. Troll credibility takes a nosedive.

>> No.16666598

Necron Artwork is 40k!

>> No.16666709


Irrelevant and wildly illogical assertions about Necrons being more naturally aligned toward Chaos and blatant wishful statement about Necron and Iron Warrior confrontations which may eventually lead to some badly made abomination of a conversion somewhere.

>> No.16666722

Points out Validity of argument that Khorne, and indeed Nurgle and Slaneesh as well, have in fact been Tzeentch's bitch all along. Questions why when the stereotype of fa/tg/uys is that we are all cerebral and out of shape why would any of us give a damn about Khorne and any of the other meatheads in the first place? Tzeentch/Eldrad/Creed should be /tgs/ spiritual liege! Now does a broad statement that all who disagree with this have down syndrome and aids.

>> No.16666780


Post pics of Draigo. Ask 'where is your god now?'

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