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Your party finds, in a small farming village, a trial taking place. An Orc has been caught rutting with a farmgirl in one of her vegetable patches, and is accused of rape. The girl claims it was consensual, but other villagers claim that she's simply too terrified to testify against the creature, despite the threat of decapitation if it's proven guilty. What do you do?

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Zone of Truth. Fuck you bigots. Sincerely, Orc Wizard.

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Villagers aggro me for saving NPC, means I can kill them without raising my bounty or alerting the guard. Kill the orc afterward for loot. Double the xp, double the fun.

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Cast a magic spell that turns every inhabitant of the village into some form of mutant or demi-human. Laugh. Leave.

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Claim that I witnessed it being consensual.

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I want to be the defense attorney so I can shout "Objection!"

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how many quickened spell: Fireball do I have readied?

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Imprison both the orc and the girl for indecent exposure.

Lawful stupid representin'.

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Ask if I can get a refund for the tomatoes I bought.

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it depends what alignment you are

but on another note, orcs are "usually chaotic evil" so there's pretty much no chance it would 'consent' to sex, nor would there be any conventional reason why a party of players should help it in any way.

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Clearly, the orc and the girl should perform the act in front of the village in order to prove that it could be consensual. You, as a neutral and thus impartial judge, should have dibs on the front row and possibly free snacks for your services.

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I ask to be the executioner so I can get the Xp.
Maybe I can kill the girl too for being a filthy shameless xenoloving whore, so I get extra xp.

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Oh, and throw in a spell where the entire village engages in a massive mindless orgy as they're turning into various forms of non-human. Because why the fuck not?

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It's always the monstergirl harem ending for /tg/ isn't it?

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DM throws you out or refuses to give you exp for killing helpless villagers. Of course the guard will be alerted if you go around killing people.

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>that .gif

I'm mesmerized

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provided standard dnd alignments are not in effect, I demand a fair and impartial trial. I gather a jury consisting of an equal mix of villagers and the orc's tribespeople, and another party member takes the role of judge.

The Law is The Law.

If we'd been too late, well then, the entire village goes on trial for murder, with a jury consisting of that orcish horde we routed last month.

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zone of truth

if they still want to kill it, take the girl's side

loads of Xp.

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>I gather a jury consisting of an equal mix of villagers and the orc's tribespeople
Nice job getting all the villagers raped.

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The girl and the orc aren't married.
Kill them both.

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turn into Gregory Peck.

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I walk up to the prosecution, and roll my bluff check, and say one simple sentence.

"I'm perry mason."

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My barbarian would challenge the entire village to open combat. Refusal means the Orc is innocent.

My monk would talk to the girl to find out what really went down. If the Orc is innocent he would inform the village of this. Refusal to set the Orc free would result in justice, fist justice.

My bard would defile a bunch of farm girls, blame it on the Orc, and then break the Orc free. Only to come back with a fake Orc head, accepting any rewards given(hopefully more farm girls) for risking his life against such a wild beast.

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I'd sneak in late at night, pick the lock to the cell the Orc is held in, on condition that joins our party in it's adventures. He is, afterall, a PC character.

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Yeah, I totally thought of that when I was reading it too...

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Is the girl hot?
or human for that matter?

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I shout at my DM for providing me with such a blatant ripoff of To Kill A Mockingbird.

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Half-orcs are ALWAYS the product of rape. Orcs only take interest in females as breeding sows, and will fuck just about anything. There's no love or tenderness involved, and any female that willingly fucks an orc has long departed the realms of sanity.

May as well just finish them both off.

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Announce to one and all that the Ork goes free into exile since the facts are so "muddled."
Separately ask the maid if she wants to go with him.
If yes, he can stay with her as part of the village and he's innocent.
If no, she has to some 'splainin' to do until things make sense.

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She's not a maid.

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An ork and a maid
sittin on a trukk

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My Paladin, acting as judge in the trial, as is tradition, executes the orc on the spot, and has the girl checked for evidence of glamor or compulsion by the local clergy or my order.
If it turned out she was acting under her own free will, banishment would be getting off lightly. Execution would be in order. It's likely her family could come under scrutiny (if they weren't already).
It's evident that the Orcs have become so bold as to think they can trespass on civilized lands without reprisal. I'd wind up leading a group of milita to scour the surrounding area and deal with the infestation, burning them out and executing every last one of the foul things from the warriors to the whelps.

>MFW I retain my paladinhood and lawful good alignment and sleep like a baby afterwards.

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what about a remote village made up of nothing but half-orc wanting to get away from all the bigotry and accusations eventually resulting in an entire generation of half orcs with loving half orc parents

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she loves the orc but not enough to leave her family behind, both accept this and he departs

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and yet I wouldn't think twice of having the King of said country rout an army to get you and your militia

just because you can justify something doesn't mean you should do it

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Kill the whore and kill the orc.
They're both lawbreakers.

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If I played a Paladin in one of these "modern sensibilities mirrored in medieval fantasy culture" types of campaigns , I'd obviously play it out differently "lawks! the poor misunderstood racial minority analogue and his girlfriend are just like romeo and juliet, woe is us who stand in their way, we're bad and we should feel bad"

Luckily I neither play in, nor run stuff like that (nothing against folks who do, different strokes and al that, but it just aint for me.)

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I wish I could do whatever I want as a Paladin... or any class for that matter. I nearly become a Lawful Barbarian! D:

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Option 1) walk in, kill everyone except the orc and girl. Tell them their love can now be.
Option 2) Walk in, rape orc. Justice is served.
Option 3) Kill orc, and possibly girl. No more problem.
Option 4) Do nothing, leave them to suffer their fate.

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Given the number of fa/tg/uys who would cheerfully mate with an Orc women, and the number of ca/tg/irls who I know that get wet over the thought of muscular Orc men, I really doubt this.

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My Paladin rides your Paladin down for murder, injustice, and general 'being a cocksucker and using your Paladin authority to try and get away with it.

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The idea that everyone who ever existed prior to the American Civil Rights movement or Feminism was an asshole to literally everyone they met is a modern conceit, nothing more.

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Ask yourself: What would Sir Ulric do?

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My Barbarian challenges you to a duel, he then invites you to the inn for a drinking contest afterwards.

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Sounds like something a blackguard in service of the necromancers to the south would do. You have fallen, son.

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I second this notion.

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>Luckily I neither play in, nor run stuff like that (nothing against folks who do, different strokes and al that, but it just aint for me.)

Holy shit, we have a That DM in our midst. Do you have female PCs raped to teach them that women should stay at home, too?

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My cleric?
Zone of Truth.
Alternately, leave the orc to his fate, since my character's a dwarf and fuck orcs.

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My ex thought orcs were the hottest race in WoW. I'd have to agree...

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Make your players kill the jury and take their place, then they decide the outcome. Or storm in and use diplomacy to convince the people that they should marry, since no human male would want to fuck a woman who has been penetrated by an orc. Then at the wedding you could make the orc flee and your players have to kill him, or let him flee, their call.

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I burn the vegetable patch, because it is clearly projecting some sort of compulsory toxin or magic that is causing this young orc to be attracted to pig-women. Then I slay the owner of the patch and probably most of the village, because they are eating tainted vegetables and are probably under the compulsion as well.

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My Paladin accepts both, because martial excellence is important to a follower of Torm and because Paladins are immune to liver disease. The rhino participates in the drinking as well.

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I put on my robe and wizard hat.

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>Do you have female PCs raped to teach them that women should stay at home, too?

Not really.
female players they can roll whatever they want. it's assumed they've already broken through whatever barriers, done whatever they needed to be respected when they create their characters.

thing about this was my point was less about social shit and more about the nature of evil, orcs and how the campaign setting dictates how you handle alignment and things like paladinhood.

In some games, Orcs are thoroughly vile, evil subhuman and irredeemable.
In some (i'd even say most) Orcs are just another race usually playing off the myth of the noble savage.

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>In some games, Orcs are thoroughly vile, evil subhuman and irredeemable.
>In some (i'd even say most) Orcs are just another race usually playing off the myth of the noble savage.

I think Terry Pratchett has the best viewpoint of Orcs I've ever seen... They've yet to truly appear in any of his books, but his viewpoint is:
"If humans can fall from greatness, then Orks can rise to greatness."

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My rogue breaks the orc out of jail, uses the fact that he is a Changeling/Doppelganger to shift into the orc's form, and fakes his own death by falling off a cliff in full after being chased by several townsfolk while wearing a ring of featherfall. If the farmgirl still wishes to be with the orc, I get the farmgirl to pretend that she is so distraught over his death that she wants to move away from the horrible people who killed her love. And I then secret the orc and farmgirl to a new location and pay for their new farm with the money I stole from those who accused the orc of rape.

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pick one

But really it's getting to the point that political correctness is interfering with some younger players ability to stick with an older GM's stories. Kinda like when I ran a campaign for some friends of my younger brother 4 years back, when they were all under 18.

The orcs were tolkien(or 40k), ie horrible raiding rape beasts, and the PCs were carrying out what was essentially a genocide. I had them being travelers from a foreign land that had come to this last place where there were still orcs. The group were all "human" races(elves, men, halflings, dark skinned elves, and a man of the east). Since some of them had suffered oppression in their backstories with the race of men being dominant over the others they assumed that the orcs would be vindicated as a misjudged but ultimately redeemable people. I had the local lords and kings proudly displaying orc heads on pikes lining their causeways and orcs being used in blood sports, essentially orc baiting.

The PCs were horrified by this until they came to the mountainous areas in the west of the region which the orcs lived. Here tails of pillage and rape were common, but still some of the PCs downright called the locals racist. Then they saw the orcs themselves. They were not dumb brutes entirely, but every one of them was a a murder and rapist since they could only propagate with the females of the other races.

Turned out that they were constructs made for a long forgotten war, and the "human" races were right for wiping them out, as they could never change their ways. It was simply what they were.

Now I'm GMing Dark Heresy so it's not like there aren't systems that encourage this type of story. I just wounder how long it will take PCs to start complaining about kolbold and goblin persecution if this this keeps up.

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Those kind of stories are terrible. All sentient beings have a right to life, regardless of whatever mental quirks they might have.

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Well the all humies, elfs, halflings, dwarfs, and such in this setting are technically derived from the same human species that split.

The orcs are more like organic weapons(like the Aliens from the Alien movies). They were made to be a kind of self sustaining siege force. You'd march in and leave your orcs behind. They would besiege castles and prevent their resupply by raiding the surrounding countryside and harrying travelers.

At some point after the collapse of the Ancient Rome/China analogue the orcs got free and were all over the place. But the human races slowly exterminated them and beat them back to the mountains. They have instinctual desires to attack humans, but not other orcs, afterall you wouldn't want your slave army destroying itself. And they kinda eat kids, because that is one of their directives. The guys that made them were not the most noble of oligarchs you know.

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>Orcs will never appear in a Terry Pratchett novel

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Can the Orcs feel?

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> Is playing Shadowrun.

Well...fuck. Time to put that Law Degree to good use. While I'm distracting the Humanic Nuts?

Rest of the team sees how they can somehow profit off of all of this.

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What specifically?

Sure, their living things but cattle feel pain too, so what?

Well yeah they rape women.

Anger and greed?
Sorta they rob and murder for supplies, and attack things that attack them.

To their chiefs, or once to their commanders. They can be broken and tamed but it is a difficult process.

Love and such?
Why would a weapon need to love?

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you a little behind bro.

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Bit late there, given that the protagonist of Unseen Academicals happens to be one.

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Sadness and joy, mainly.

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My Dwarf Wizard throws up a zone of Truth.Im a specialist Diviner so not only do I have it memorized but I already know whats going to happen for a week.Thats also why im here at all

Note I hate Orcs

Note im so Lawful Good I shit Paladins and the idea that the townspeople are lying so they get their jollies killing off something pisses me off worse

If it really was consensual ill clean the vomit out of my beard then tell both of them its best to leave town and start a new life elsewhere

If the townspeople have a problem with that remind them that no amount of pitchforks and torches will intimidate me when they are turned into corn

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>Sadness and joy

Well i never really thought about sadness. They don't really recognize a difference between freedom and slavery. So once they are broken they really don't disobey. They don't mourn their dead either, though they do bury them, probably so they don't get diseases. They bury humans that are not killed in battle for the same reason. They tend to just through them into a big pit light them on fire then bury the whole mess.

As for joy. They really like burning stuff: fields, houses, people, forests, whatever. But that makes sense since they are supposed to raid and destroy infrastructure. They are attracted to fire since it is sign of human habitation.

I didn't characterize them as stupid just single minded. They understand tactics, basic formations, making primitive siege devices like battering rams, undermining walls, weaving or stitching clothes though they don't really need them besides leather armor, building lean-to structures, and crudely forging copper and bronze.

I kinda based them on that Rawhead comic.

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Well, if the can feel joy, it's an ethical persons duty to make it all work out.

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I save their lives, bring them to my comfortable hideout place, become the godfather of their child, and when it is grown I gain my very own Barbarian/Wizard companion.

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>Implying we have to support a crazy greenskin's pyromania.

Is that you Ian Banks, you utilitarian hedonist faggot?
Why do you insist that happiness is the purpose of life, when happiness don't do shit?

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>But really it's getting to the point that political correctness is interfering with some younger players ability to stick with an older GM's stories
This^ that's it in a nutshell.
I've been running a campaign for the past few months for my nephew and some of his buddies. they're just hitting 20, but they're still basically kids as far as I'm concerned.
3 old friends from back in the day are playing as well (we all hit our midlife crisis at the same time).
I've slogged along with 4E, WoTC and all the political correctness and everybody gets a trophy bullshit sensibility that's wormed it's way into the game and support material and eventually just had enough of it.
So I chucked it. I gave it a fair shake, but it just aint for me.
everything's been scrapped in favor the old house ruled 1st/2nd edition, starting this weekend.
I guess one of the reasons I jumped in with the old school paladin example is to sort of gauge reaction as the typical poster here is roughly in my nephew's peer age group.

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Ian Banks is a greater man then you'll ever be.

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>implying an entire race of sentient beings that can reproduce with each other are going to be universally lolevil, regardless of how primitive they are.

Existing DnD Orc fluff actually has them treating their women somewhat decently, at least the women they consider to be "theirs". If a young warrior decided to take a human girl to mate, he'd have no reason to rape her, especially if she was already willing. You should refrain from treating your houserules as general canon.

And from using /tg/ to boohoo about political correctness stomping all over your middle-class white male privilege.


So, you ran a campaign in which Orcs were as strawman evil as possible, just to show your players what you thought of political correctness? Wow, what a shitty move, and the whole veneer of "KIDS THESE DAYS WITH THEIR MORALFAGGOTRY" just makes you sound like a bigger grognard.

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Bah, I actually have degrees in the natural sciences. He writes books that some people find entertaining and buys expensive cars. Seriously the guy has a shitton of cars for some reason. Then he trumpets science without really understanding the scientific method.

He's an artist and like all artists is full of shit. Whether you like the shit a certain artist spouts is a matter of taste but really artists are not that productive when it comes to vital industries.

So greater in what capacity?

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>Existing DnD Orc fluff actually has them treating their women somewhat decently

Have you never read D&D orc fluff ever?

>> No.16659485

If you think that a degree in biochem makes us better than anyone else you're wrong. We do science because we're good at it. But that kind of intellectual elitism make you look bad, makes me look bad, makes science look bad, and most importantly makes me look bad!

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It does in 3.5.

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>And from using /tg/ to boohoo about political correctness stomping all over your middle-class white male privilege.

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What does alignment have to do with wanting consensual sex? Sex is /better/ when the other person does things for you. Rape and sadism are for people who happen to have those kinks (or occasionally, for rape, who can't get it any other way), and having a kink is not synonymous with evil. You can have either one without the other.

As for the answer? Depends on the character, but the three main options are these:

1) Magical truth detection.
2) Kill the orc, fuck orcs
3) Why the fuck do I care? Grab dinner at the inn once they're done lynching it, keep traveling

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Kill the fucking Orc. There problem solved

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>Orcs were as strawman evil as possible, just to show your players what you thought of political correctness?

Not really I had used this setting before, and people liked it. I actually ripped it of of 40k over 7 years ago when I was in highschool. I didn't actually know much about 40k at the time other than having a friend that played orks, who told me about the living weapon idea. So I ran with it.

Their presumption was not what bothered. It was unexpected but at the beginning I came to rely on it to push the story along. I didn't even railroad them and say "You have to conduct the orc final solution." I let them do everything they wanted, like try to find orcs that were actually good people. I would just have a NPC farmer say that they had never even heard of such a thing. Ultimately the grudgingly went through burning down an orc settlment when they exhausted all other options.

Orcs were always chaotic evil back way before my time or yours, and these were created as slave thralls. I just wanted to to have horrible monsters based on a Clive Barker short story mixed with 40k orks. Later I found the comic and added pictures to the campaign I made a couple years ago.

>strawman evil
Strawmen are made to tear down a political or social concept, but portraying the adherent as idiots and having them act in ways the actual adherents don't. The orcs were just plain evil because they were made that way. Last time I checked we didn't have some selectively bred warrior caste.

What do you do if coyotes are eating your chickens? Do you live and let live? No you shot the damn things. Same with these orcs.

>> No.16659581


Man, did an Orc steal the girl who friendzoned you or something?

A Paladin who skirts their alignment to undertake evil actions and tries to justify it isn't an old=school Paladin, just a shitty one, and if you were even a legitimate grognard rather than an old fuck with no actual insight into gaming, you'd have noticed that the rules for Paladin alignment were more strict back in 'the day' you idolize. Don't believe me? Check the Paladin entry for 2e, if you've ever actually played it. Stop embarassing the actual old-schoolers.

>> No.16659608

>one Orc isn't an evil fuckbag

/tg/, sometimes you profoundly disappoint me.

The idea that cultures that are antagonistic to ours are invariably evil is outdated and immature. If Orcs regularly form hordes and pour out onto the cities of man, that might be less a function of "hurr we're all assholes", and more from a lack of living space, martial pride, and nationalism.

>> No.16659615

I kill them.

I then kill the villagers.

I populate the land with new villagers and have them build better walls and have regular patrols.


>> No.16659619

>A Paladin who skirts their alignment to undertake evil actions

cite the evil action.

>> No.16659624

Give them the benefit of doubt, find out how things really are, then possibly ask the girl and the ork to tie the knot to make it official.

Really, I don't like total racial similarity. Most of the orcs can be evil, but not all of them, just like how not all muslims are misogynistic suicide bombers.

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The filth shall be put to the sword. And the people of the district educated in the ways of my patron and lord. Such are the edicts of may faith.

Paladin of Zarus.

>> No.16659663

Kill the Orc. Even if it was consensual, why encourage that sort of thing?

>> No.16659709


Not the guy you were responding to, but I'll throw my two cents in. Your argument is, basically, that the orcs in your setting were irredeemably a threat to mankind, and thus should be eliminated. That's fair, in your setting, and nobody can honestly contest that situation. It would be silly for an orc of that type to show what we consider good moral character.

However, most Dungeons and Dragons Orcs are not your Orcs, and your logic is made rather unclear by the complaint about political correctness or "modern values." If you're trying to prove a point with your portrayal of orcs as relentless murderers who can never, ever feel remorse or compassion for others, then it would be arguably a strawman.

Personally, while I can understand based on my gaming experiences that most Orcs are antagonistic cannon-fodder brutes for low-level parties to face, they're far from the most evil of the "evil" species out there, even those who justify it with "it's our culture" the way Drow do. In 2e, Orcs could be hired as usually-reliable mercenaries, and while invading Orcs probably do rape everything that looks like a woman, that sort of behavior is par for the course in any medieval army.

I wanted to link the page from Warren Ellis' "Crecy", where the protagonist offhandedly talks about what the English army has been doing to French towns they've overrun, but apparently it doesn't want to work for me.

Can we agree, at least, that normal DnD Orcs, Orcs outside of your homebrew setting, are capable of sex without rape?

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wat do /tg/

>> No.16659712

I declare myself to the village elders as a cleric of Bahamut, cast Discern Lies on the Orc and ask if he raped the girl. If he did rape her, I cut off his manhood and feed it to the village goats before sending him back to his people. I then take the girl to a nearby temple for healing, and some herbs to prevent pregnancy if she so desires.

If he did not rape her, I give him and the girl a public exhortation against inter-racial mating and send them on their way. This is of course for the benefit of the angry mob; I catch up with both of them later and tell them they've done nothing wrong, but to be a little more choosey about where they get their rocks off.

Either way, I never reveal that I am no kind of cleric and am in fact just really good at reading faces. Rogue fo life.

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Skirting alignment and evil actions? point them out.

Typically interpretation of this sort of thing varied from campaign to campaign, and house rules were the norm.
which was sort of the point of the original post.

An "old school" player would know that btw.

I'd go as far as to argue that being made aware of a nest of orcs near a populated village and NOT eliminating the threat would put the paladin on shaky ground at the very least.

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BoVD, the book where the fagjobs get the idea that creating undead is evil, also said that orcs are natural sociopaths.

>> No.16659781

>the fagjobs get the idea that creating undead is evil

Er, creating undead is evil in pretty much every edition and every published setting of D&D since its creation. The ones arguing that creating undead is not evil are the fagjob ones.

>> No.16659797
File: 25 KB, 380x247, DURR.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.16659807


Lawl randumb XD


Murder of an innocent. If the Orc is guilty of nothing besides consensual sex with a human woman, it is unjust to punish him.

>Typically interpretation of this sort of thing varied from campaign to campaign, and house rules were the norm.
which was sort of the point of the original post.

You mean Those DMs were more common, and it was easier for a Dungeon Master to insert his own prejudices into the game back before the internet made it simple for people to trade stories and find another game if their DM was a fuckwit. I lived through that era of gaming once, and have no desire to do so again. Looking back on it with the rose-tinted glasses through which a Tea Party member views the 1950's is nostalgia and nothing more.

>I'd go as far as to argue that being made aware of a nest of orcs near a populated village and NOT eliminating the threat would put the paladin on shaky ground at the very least.

Howso? I see nothing saying that a Paladin's code of conduct applies only to protecting Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Halflings, and Gnomes. An Orc warband? Maybe, or at least they would be obliged to go find out what they're up to, but a village (which I'm assuming this is by your use of the term "nest") or settlement with women and children would be instant-Fall territory for a Paladin who went in with the intention of exterminating them.

>> No.16659818

I'm sorry, please explain how 3.0 is the only edition of D&D?

Cuz 2e had good liches which, unlike evil liches, had an animate dead touch, and the Complete Book of Necromancers made it clear that animate dead is "grey necromancy," entirely intend based. So its obviously not evil in AD&D.

Then in 4e its definitely not evil, hell being an infernal warlock isn't evil.

And in 3.5, I do love my lawful good paladin bone knight.

>> No.16659824

Zone of Bigotry. Fuck you truth. Sincerely, Human Wizard.

>> No.16659835

>2e had good liches

As did 3e, however the creation of undead was still explicitly evil in both.

>> No.16659837


An entire society of sociopaths would be unsustainable, and apparently that never made it into the rest of the fluff.

>> No.16659847

Of course orcs in 4e aren't murderous by nature, the orc/=consensual at the very beginning was a joke.

>murderers who can never, ever feel remorse or compassion for others, then it would be arguably a strawman.

That's how plenty of other semi intelligent creatures are portrayed in the core book. I just used orcs, what weirded me out was that if I had called them something other than orcs the PCs probably wouldn't have had a problem it with. But several were acquainted with warcraft, so I think they came into it with the idea that orcs or intelligent life had to be a certain way.

To me it's the idea that intelligent doesn't mean it can change it's nature. Do humans really change ours, or is it just that we don't have any context for something outside of ourselves to compare to.

And the human races burn, pillage, and rape enemies all the time.

I don't have a problem with the new orcs in the core rules just being a regular race. But like I said at the beginning, I was weirded out by the idea that just by calling them orcs as I always had they immediately got sympathy due to the presumption of racism. Where if I called them some other name they would have just been more exp to cut up.

>> No.16659855

>As did 3e, however the creation of undead was still explicitly evil in both.

>explicitly evil

Nope, though it states good chars should consider it carefully and not abuse it, ie. raising a graveyard full of peasants. That may be IMPLICITLY evil.

>> No.16659863

She claims it was consensual. I, being an Inquisitor of Iomedae tasked with rooting out the evils of this world, use my training as a detector of truths to investigate their case fairly and without pre-established bias towards the orc, for did not even She come from Cheliax stock, a people so rife with the worship of Hell and veneration of sin?

True justice shall be served, regardless of mob desires. Should they take to lynching, they will be neutralized with whatever force is necessary.

>> No.16659866

>implying I'm not fulfilling my Goddess' wishes of civilization by holding back the barbaric outsiders and trying to make a stronger community

Bitches don't know about my Erathis.

>> No.16659871


4e Half-Orc Barbarian here. Save young warrior, save his woman, punch anything that gets in the way.

>> No.16659884


Bitches don't know Erathis favors education, not mass-murder. Which, incidentally, drops you from Unaligned to Chaotic Evil.

My Human Thaneborn Barbarian/Adept Explorer/Chosen of Erathis shakes his head disapprovingly at you from atop his adamant throne.

>> No.16659916


Erathis is scary as shit. It notes in Divine Power that avengers of Erathis kill uncivilized and tribal people for no reason at all.

Also, you don't seem to understand how 4e alignment works, they're focused on the ends, not means, in stark contrast to other editions. You don't become chaotic evil by using supposedly evil methods, you become chaotic evil by becoming a pure nihilist.

>> No.16659922

I don't 4E and don't know Erathis, but a deity about education and civilization seems cool.

>> No.16659932

> Do humans really change ours,

Yes, there's no real difference in our brain chemistry since the days when people from the next tribe or clan were considered inhuman monsters not worthy of compassion.

I wasn't there, obviously, so I can't outright say that your players weren't simply sympathetic for the Orcs because they were familiar with Warcraft, but have you considered another reason for their responses? Namely, if you know about Orcs from normal DnD fluff, and suddenly you're hearing about these monsters that sound far, far worse than the Orcs you're used to, isn't it reasonable (if uncomfortably metagamey) to assume that you're encountering exaggeration and typical village racism?

>> No.16659937
File: 62 KB, 459x734, Hellknight_2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I kill the orc for illegally foraying into civilized lands, as according to the Law.
I punish the girl for indecent exposure, as according to the Law.
I punish the villagers for holding court without a Lawful representative, as according to the Law.

And when all cower in fear from a true hell knight, I will judge the Law satisfied.

>> No.16659938

The woman is having sex with a barbaric race in a field, not very civilized. Public, debauchery, and the like. The people are equally barbaric and are using the facade of civilization for their own barbaric ends. Erathis supports neither of these.

Besides, I'm an avenger, not a paladin.

>> No.16659984

My party?

Well, my party would rape, kill, steal, help, repair things, create art, care and burn. Whatever we do was going to happen anyway, so there's really no fighting it.

>> No.16660002

how do we know the girl isn't a high level character that was raping the orc?

>> No.16660006
File: 5 KB, 200x241, rudyard-kipling[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Erathis is scary as shit. It notes in Divine Power that avengers of Erathis kill uncivilized and tribal people for no reason at all.

No, they have a reason, it's simply more-or-less White Man's Burden. They're either taking the land so it can be put to more "productive" use, or displacing the tribal natives to plunder their natural resources of make a colony of their own. They don't murder a village full of their own people simply for having insufficiently high walls.

>> No.16660039
File: 96 KB, 562x975, Iomedae_holy_symbol.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It is your order that perverts the Law into a vile and fearful thing, and spreads villainy through its abuse and criminal acts through rebellion against its tyranny.

I shall show you what real Law is!

>> No.16660049


Erathis also doesn't tell you to randomly murder people for having sex in fields. Is that something she generally approves of? No, she prefers it in an elaborately vaulted bedroom with clockwork toys and complicated classical music, but murdering someone for an action as minor as that is the act of an Evil individual.

You can't Fall, being an Avenger, and you won't lose your powers, but if you keep it up you're liable to get an Angel or Paladin sent to have a sword-to-heart conversation with you.

>> No.16660054

I always thought Erathis was a shitty god but now I like her.

>> No.16660059
File: 105 KB, 593x408, HeliNLoathing.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Murder of an innocent.
It's an Orc. It's very nature precludes anything remotely resembling innocence.

>Dungeon Master to insert his own prejudices into the game

Sounds like someone's still mad that their DM wouldn't let them play a drow.

>before the internet made it simple for people to trade stories and find another game

I wouldn't know about that. I've always had friends, been able to play face to face on the table as intended, etc. never had to play over the net.
The only reason I've limited my current campaign to 6 players is because I don't have chairs to seat 10 comfortably.

>rose-tinted glasses through which a Tea Party member views the 1950'


>I see nothing saying that a Paladin's code of conduct applies only to protecting Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Halflings, and Gnomes

Protecting the innocent does. and as established previously, Orc aren't innocent - but peasant farmers & shopkeepers are.
Here, lemme throw more gas on the fire - in my campaign, Elves are evil dicks with a weakness against iron. They can't enter holy ground. I declare this canon.

>> No.16660061

>arguing over what is good or evil

Lol get the fuck out.

>> No.16660084

>egalitarian shits boo hooing that orcs are all irredeemably evil

Fuck, I knew you mentally ill twats were going to start shitting up my games now too.

>> No.16660086


Holding a trial instead of a lynch mob is civilized behavior, Erathis approves of it. Murdering all of the villagers, a mass of helpless civilians with children (not to mention the livestock you kill by starvation, unless you intend to care for them all yourself, and the loss of revenue for the merchants who buy their goods to sell in the cities) is a profoundly barbaric act, much moreso than either of the ones you're attempting to punish.

>> No.16660088

I don't understand the fucking question. Kill it, it's a fucking orc.

>> No.16660102


Everyone who argues otherwise needs to be killed.

>> No.16660116


This. Kill the goddamn orc.

>> No.16660140

It is YOUR kind that perverts the Law. The Law must be followed out of fear, not love. Else it will not be followed at all.
We no naught but mete out justice as is fair and right.

>> No.16660151

Holy fucking shit, I almost care!
Oh no wait, that's my nose tickling at the sweet smell of an orc problem! Where there are orcs, there is war. Where there's a war, there's money!

In this life, one thing counts...

>> No.16660168

How strict is the code? Are you allowed to bluff, forge and use subterfuge? As a Jasidin pally?

>> No.16660170
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>> No.16660177
File: 95 KB, 500x600, gwi7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.16660182


>What do you do if coyotes are eating your chickens? Do you live and let live? No you shot the damn things. Same with these orcs.

Built a fence to keep coyotes out, or move somewhere with less coyotes. It's not that hard to outsmart a fucking animal.

>> No.16660190

The Quran is rather ambiguous on the subject of orcs, but I suspect they're rather like pigs.

I can't even imagine how to punish someone for fucking a pig. Is there a precedent for this?

>> No.16660199

Especially if you have A GUN.

>> No.16660202

To make the sanctity of law something a man must fear to obey and corrupt to succeed is wickedness that cannot be tolerated. You and the Devil-lovers of your employ know not the harm you bring to this world or its people, and risk the lives of countless innocents in the name of a law that wounds more than it protects!

How is it you cannot understand the weight of your actions, when evidence of this is so rampant even within your own borders? Have you not even glanced upon the wickedness your order has spread in other lands?

>> No.16660203

Liberals really are too stupid to be allowed to live.

>> No.16660214


>> No.16660226

That's sheep, you're thinking of Poland.

>> No.16660229

Perhaps, brother. But what I do I do for a greater good, one Erathis would understand.

I do what I do so that we may stop having these kinds of threads on /tg/.

Would you judge me for that?

Would you have us taken over by orc rape what do?!

>> No.16660233


>in-character arguments between a paladin and a hellknight on the proper methods of upholding the law
>in-character alignment discussion that is infinitely more rational than meta arguments over the same thing

This is why I love you sometimes, /tg/.

>> No.16660243
File: 70 KB, 381x502, liberal_idiot.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Built a fence to keep coyotes out, or move somewhere with less coyotes.

yeah that works..for pussies...

>It's not that hard to outsmart a fucking animal.

the coyotes that survive the extermnation will be the smart ones - at the very least smart enough to stay the fuck away from other peoples chickens.
evolution is served. it's win win.

>> No.16660245

You know Machiavelli wrote the Prince to give bad advice, it's not a good idea to actually listen to it.

>> No.16660246

I really fail to see how this is my problem in any way shape or form. It's none of my business what this farming village gets up to and I'm probably never going to return anyway. In all likelyhood I'm on my way to perform a task that I've already been given and am actually getting paid for and probably don't have time to get distracted monitoring the political climate of a small farm village and a neighboring orc tribe. I will never know the entire truth of the situation and am an outsider who is unfamiliar with the customs of this village. And to be perfectly honest, I really just don't give a shit about some farmslut and her xenophiliac tendancies.

>> No.16660249

Sheep is New Zealand, you're thinking of English women.

>> No.16660255 [DELETED] 
File: 347 KB, 1173x1454, rocks are not free citizen.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Fence post
-60 dollars

>chicken wire
-20 dollars

>move away
nigger you best be jokin

>(1) 22mag rifle caliber round
-5 cents

>(1) dead coyote
+ (1) coyote skull and pelt

chickens are NOT free citizen

>> No.16660263

>How strict is the code?

Well, if you ever break it, you lose your magical powers. That's pretty strict.

And yes, subterfuge and forgery would break the Paladin's Code. That is lying and cheating, aka "not acting with honor" as per the Paladin's Code written in the books.

>> No.16660272

You mean ending criminal organizations? Spreading civilization to heathen savages? Stalking assassins? Hunting down vile bests such as the orc? Destroying corrupt revolutionaries and their knowledge?
If this is Evil, I wish not to know Good.
The devils of Hell are tools. Nothing more. By following their example, we bring order to chaos. We tread the path of righteousness, whilst you are blinded by compassion.

>> No.16660289


>Baseless assumptions about my political affiliation

Sure is lowest common denominator here. But, no, go ahead; I'm sure your papa's chicken farm is really important to you. I'm just saying, if I were trying to raise livestock, I'd find an area less prone to hosting things that eat livestock.

>> No.16660305

No, you really are too fucking stupid to live.

>> No.16660323

>I were trying to raise livestock, I'd find an area less prone to hosting things that eat livestock.

if the flat out blind-assed stupidity of that statement needs to be pointed out, you are beyond help man.

>> No.16660362


You keep right on thinking that. The spirit of the thread might dictate I enlighten you about civilization, but I'm a live and let live kind of guy. I'm sure you're a nice enough guy, like the people they shadow on Dirty Jobs.

>> No.16660368


Murdering women and children does not serve a higher cause, you have lost the right to call me 'brother'. If you were truly zealous or deluded enough to believe that the natural act of mating in the open was uncivilized enough to warrant murder, and similarly that the act of...of all things...holding a trial was ALSO sufficient to warrant murder, there is no moral ambiguity here, simply your fall from Erathis' favor and descent into unproductive evil. You will not stay my auto pulse-cannons from their righteous duty..

>> No.16660393

You know why areas become depopulated of things that eat livestock?

Hot lead poisoning. And regular poisoning. And old toothed leg hold traps, illegal my ass, I have and I'm gonna use'm.

>> No.16660405

Huh, so how do I fool my entire party that I'm just an urban ranger? Should I never mention my class in-character and proclaim that I'm a ranger out of character? To get around the whole lying thing.

>> No.16660415
File: 1.10 MB, 1003x1885, thisiswhatimmoralfagsactuallybelieve.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ITT: hurr lieberals, hurr moralfags

Damn it, faggots, this is /tg/, not /a/. We're heroes here, not assholes who use our power solely for ourselves

>> No.16660416


Is there some incredibly narrow band of climate that chickens can live in, or something?

>> No.16660435

You're really REALLY fucking ignorant.

>> No.16660455

>implying that killing coyotes is anything like killing a sentient humanoid.

Look, if Orcs are burning farms, raping women, and murdering every human they see, you're well within your rights to slaughter every orc warrior you come across. If they're not doing anything wrong, though, going out of your way to kill them just because they're orcs is stupid.

>> No.16660483


While concentrated campaigns of extermination can have an adverse effect, habitat destruction tends to be a larger contributor.

That said... I do know a fair amount of country folk. My mother and father both hooked up with people that had rural roots; the former with a deep-country, ATV riding kind of fellow, the latter with a fishing family.

We've always been respectful of each other's beliefs and contributions towards society. I may not like that wild animals occasionally have to be killed to facilitate agriculture, and they're probably not thrilled that I'm getting into a field that thrives off their tax dollars. But they contribute food, and I contribute to the development of medicine that may one day help them or their kids.

When corresponding with you, I briefly fell into the old habit of blaming your ignorance on your environment- That you were some stereotypical hick. And I apologize for that.

>> No.16660493


Conservatives do everything they can to give the rich every advantage, while taking advantage of the uneducated, working poor to do so. They rant about atheists and try to shove religion wherever they can, while simultaneously fellating the ideas and writing of Ayn Rand, a known atheist who believed religion was used to oppress and control people with shame and fear. They are anti-progress, anti-life, anti-human, and they've assfucked the upcoming presidential election so badly that they don't have a chance in hell of winning.

>> No.16660494

I think it's about 1/8th of the planet's surface. We like to call it "Where humans live."

The reason that chickens can live there is that humans meticulously exterminate the predators that would otherwise undermine their efforts at agriculture and herding. That is how it is done.

>> No.16660513

Eat shit and die. The men are talking.

>> No.16660515

You're a sheltered naive tool. You expect people to MOVE and ruin their livelihood just so they don't hurt some poor furry little animal?
You privileged fucking cunt. You are completely removed from reality. You've probably never gone hungry in your life.
Those "hicks" make your life possible, as you admit. Many of them are more intelligent than you as well. Fuck off and die.

>> No.16660527

The rich are rich because they are stronger than the poor. You weak poorfag. You will always be the rich white man's bitch.

>> No.16660540

Please don't be a stereotype, cousin, that isn't productive.

>> No.16660542

I'd kill everyone involved, because To Kill a Mockingbird was a fucking horrid waste of paper, ink and my time.

>> No.16660548

Well yes, obviously it was, but
wait, what?

>> No.16660558


Small scale agriculture, but generally factory farms are large, noisy, and enclosed enough to not have to worry about predation.

I'd personally like to see more research done into the possible applications of urban agriculture. We're already using space for urban centers, so, say, roof-top chicken coops might be worth looking into beyond just a recreational pursuit.

I've heard of people conceptualizing vertical greenhouses, but as I understand it there's a lot of problems involved with pumping the water necessary for irrigation that far up. And cows do need a lot of space...

In any case, there was a time when it was unthinkable that industry could be anything but utterly filthy- And my town today hosts a refinery that has a very low emissions output. Not zero, of course, but respectable for a processing oil. It's next to a fairly clean patch of bay and a small valley, as well.

I hold hopes that one day we'll find a way to practice large scale, sustainable agriculture with a minimal impact on forests and wildlife.

>> No.16660561

No wait, I'm thinking of Catcher in the Rye. I kind of liked To Kill a Mockingbird.

>> No.16660592

A long an concise investigation and evidence gathering period followed by various private and public hearings, questionings and cross references between different people in accordance with fair law and due respect to the torts of the particular society.

Justice will be served according to the ruling, not how much of a slut the peasant is, how much a bigot the villages are or how much of a rapist the Orc apparently is.

Also, my legal services are expensive. Like, what ever the outcome I better be seeing a lot of loot from everyone involved or they're all under arrest for being stingy cunts, anyone who resists gets a flail to the crotch.

>> No.16660602

All that + magic, and you wonder why fantasy worlds are the way they are.

>> No.16660607
File: 147 KB, 674x264, dealwithit7.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Cry harder. The fifties are never coming back, the gays are out of the closet, women are out of the kitchen, people don't need God to be good anymore, Obama is going to win in 2012 entirely because you sabotaged yourselves to death, and the Republican party is more religious fanatics than businessmen now. Deal with it.

>> No.16660614

Factory farming (of animals I mean, nobody protests hydroponics) is already one of the most nightmarishly inhumane systems conceivable... I am not certain how you can cite a concern for animal welfare while advocating a highly sophisticated and very well engineered death machine on an unthinkable scale.

>> No.16660621

I did it so that this thread may be wiped from the annals of history! Kill me if you must, but know that what I did I did so that one such as you did not have to.

Understand this. What I did I did for the good of civilization.

>> No.16660632

The religious nuts are just the useful idiots for the rich businessmen now. Think about it.

>> No.16660653

Seems fair enough to me. Anyone who argues against something sane and rational like that is just some disgruntled ass goblin who enjoys dick-wagging internet fights.

>> No.16660659


I figured relocation might be more beneficial in the long run, if it didn't require the constant overseeing of livestock- ideally not losing any to predation. In terms of relying on agriculture, well... It's the sad fact that the urban environment I call my home is fed mostly by large operations run by larger corporations which have as much in common with traditional farming as Wal Mart has with a mom-and-pop store.

Believe it or not, there is room for all people in the world- I happen to believe there's room for all living creatures, but I understand the circumstances of your environment may lead you to believe differently. And I believe the kind of divisive thinking that has lead each of us to view the other as a 'different kind' of person is part of why political climates tend to be so hostile these days.

The world does need people of looking past the emotional aspect of killing something and seeing the pragmatic value of it. Conversely, there is a place for those who see intrinsic value in even what we call pests; more particularly to my case, there is a place for those who have forsaken more rural sensibilities because there simply isn't time to learn how to work a farm, make money to support an education, and partake in that education at the same time.

No man will be able to do everything. No two men will share in every value. What is great about humanity is that it takes the strength from every individual that provides it and builds upon that to create a strong whole.

>> No.16660660

"God needs your money" rakes in truly fat stacks of cash from the lower class citizens after all.

>> No.16660667
File: 97 KB, 326x284, deathandsuffering.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You don't understand faggot. If Obama wins we're going to start shooting and bombing. There are millions of potential Timothy McVeighs and Ted Kaczinskys out there, and we're ready to remove you scum from this country or burn it to the ground. I honestly don't care which one comes first.

>> No.16660689
File: 65 KB, 400x304, Jones.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

At this point I think it has been rather poignantly demonstrated that the Republicans no longer need to win elections to get their way. Obama is the final proof that the two party system is a crock of shit. He's certainly not Liberal Charlamagne.

>> No.16660697 [DELETED] 
File: 25 KB, 370x450, Trololo-Custom-Song-Rock-Band-2-Expert-Vocals-Sang-by-azuritereaction.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.16660698

your party stumbles on a room with an ork in it, that ork has a pie, he says he found it. what do?

>> No.16660703

> habitat destruction tends to be a larger contributor.
Not for coyotes, there are higher population densities in suburbs now than in the rural east, because we kill the things on sight.

>That you were some stereotypical hick
Not the guy you are responding to, but that's exactly what I am. You really couldn't define my political standing because I am all over the place when it comes to politics. And I have an MS in Stratigraphy. But still I am a hick, I prefer brutal direct solutions to problems. Having long contact with animals both through farming and hunting has caused me to place them within 4 broad categories. Prey, slaves, pests, or beneficial. Prey get hunted at a steady rate to keep an even population. Slaves should know their place under our heel. Pests like the coyote are killed without restraint so they do not eat our prey or slaves. Beneficial organisms like black snakes eat mice that coyote would otherwise, while prey upon the deer, squirrels, and such that they would take.

In places where humans have been for a long time the natural environment is battered into shape to suit them, and is exploited in a fairly sustainable manner. This was true before the founding with the Iroquois, who created artificial hogsbacks in the hills to farm and transported fluvial sediment to enrich the stony soil. They also hunted the elk, bear, and wolves of Pennsylvania and New York to extinction. They when their population dropped those animals reappeared, only to be slaughtered and driven out again. That's why I do not support the reintroduction of elk to Pennsylvania for hunting purposes They were destroyed before, why bring them back to a place they are not fit to survive in when humans occupy it? Bear where never truly exterminated but they are very reduced, perhaps they should be eliminated as well. How can my hobby of preying on them justify the damage them sometimes do to crops or property?

>> No.16660718

I hope you do; it'll spiral out of control and demand UN intervention. The old will die, and the young will thrive; creating a highly liberal country partially ruled by the UN security council.

>> No.16660724


I doubt it. It honestly looks more like the whole "prey on the evangelists for votes" thing got out of hand, and now they're the ones calling the shots

>> No.16660729

You are what liberals want in the heart of hearts conservatives to be. Thankfully, you aren't real.

>> No.16660731

Dude, I got some of those cookies that old hedge witch gave us still. Those things were totally awesome, maybe he'll share his pie in exchange for some.

"Yo tall green and in possession of delicious, I got a deal for ya!"

>> No.16660740


I know, I know. It's... a delicate balance. Viewing things as objectively as I can, I worry more about the impact on wildlife than welfare in particular. I don't like the idea of any animal suffering, but if you took the amount of meat and eggs produced by factory farming and attempted to match that output with traditional farming, the cost in land and displacement of native species would be immense.

I believe large scale agriculture is a necessity; I don't believe it, in itself, necessitates cruelty. But it was only about 80 years ago that the FDA was first formed to stop the blatant disregard for -human- welfare in meat processing, nevermind that of the animals. It's a slow process, not helped by the kind of outrageous shock tactics used by the likes of PETA that makes anyone interest in animal welfare look insane by association.

>> No.16660745
File: 19 KB, 460x276, Buckley_Mirthful.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Could you queers quit playing grabass for a second?

>> No.16660751

Are you fucking retarded? I'm 21 you shit. Me and my group of friends are tired of your anti-white male bullshit.

Young white males are the most fucked over demographic right now due to YOUR leftard policies. What makes you think we are on your side?

Please PLEASE bring in the UN. That gives us an excuse to invade and free Europe.

>> No.16660782
File: 52 KB, 500x449, 1314614168695.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Maybe you faggots should stop talking about politics and start talking about Orc rape.
Seriously, it's like I'm in /v/ or something.

>> No.16660783

Young white males have it the worst? You must be joking.

>> No.16660788

Now that I think about it, has the government done worse crap than the corporations?

>> No.16660818


They tend to be denser in suburbs now both as a result of being pushed out of more rural areas by the aforementioned methods, and because prey species like deer tend to do well on the edge of suburbs because of a general absence of predators and additional food sources in the form of refuse, gardens, and feedings.

I personally prefer non-lethal means of animal displacement. This certainly isn't always possible, but it can be an option- tranquillization or non-harmful trapping with relocation, or fencing off or otherwise reducing the factors that draw wildlife towards human areas; a simple thing like using a secure dumpster can make a huge difference.

I can't change your opinion on the value of wildlife to suit my own, only to say that while I'm aware there are creatures who can be a nuisance, even they, on the whole, have a part to play in the ecosystem, and removing that part can ultimately harm or drive off beneficial species.

>> No.16660836
File: 31 KB, 175x299, Friendly_Mexican.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ok, you know what? You protestants have lost your fucking Conservative privileges. Give me your badge. Conservatism is now Catholics only.

Blowing people up, what the fuck? Who the fuck actually thinks that's necessary? Are you -afraid- of the liberal? The same guy whose idea of a revolutionary president does all of your party's work for it, digs himself another ten feet deeper into the near-eastern grave, and then accidentally 30 fucking seats to the tea party? The fucking TEA PARTY?

Oh I'm fucking sorry, let's look at equivalent leftist action in this interim.

There's, uh, the occupation of wall street, which has, uh, done nothing.

And... That's it. That's seriously it. There's been no policy change, there's been no foreign doctrine change that isn't just going to snap back the nanosecond the public stops looking, there hasn't been any change period! The game is fucking over, and you're throwing a tantrum because your sock puppet won?

Unfuckingbelievable, it's times like this that I'm shocked that we ever got out of the tidepool.

>> No.16660878

My 13-year-old human Warlord wrinkles his nose.


And then sets up a temporary blacksmith shop. Chastity Belt weekend.

>> No.16660891


My 11 year old elven thief goes to hang with this guy, because he's just old enough to set the curve of cool for their age group. Also, swords.

>> No.16660920
File: 151 KB, 960x540, carlin.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If I accept that it's not 1950, Faggots can marry chickens, bill buckley is full of mirth, women left the kitchen to roam the earth as bitter unfulfilled childless cougar crones, and north korea is best korea,

just so long as i can kill that fucking orc..

>> No.16660921
File: 28 KB, 500x500, 1300764460940.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.16660956


I wish my game group were mature enough to play children. As it is, murderhobo is the high end of their Roleplaying Level.

>> No.16660962

A small price to pay, no?

>> No.16660969


I'm Orthodox. Fuck off you heretic piece of shit papist scumbag. NUKE THE VATICAN.

>> No.16660993


You are no Christian. Not because the Vatican is worth any more than two shits, but rather because you are suggesting murder as a suitable solution to a problem.

Shame on you.

>> No.16660999

I'm still kind of amazed at the number of people that didn't decide to figure out if the orc raped her or not

>> No.16661005

LOL. A heretic trying to tell me what is and isn't Christian? Why don't you try reading the Bible you stupid leftard shit. Or maybe...take a history course.
Or hell...look up the definition of "murder".

>> No.16661006

Oh I'm sorry, Orthodox dog, would you like a slice of the conservative pie? Come and get it, there's plenty for everyone. But you must kill a WASP for each bite.

>> No.16661009


There were, they just posted it early on in the thread. It was summarized as "This is D&D, just cast Zone of Truth and the whole court ordeal can be cut short and simple."

With the OP's question resolved, we were then allowed to jump straight to the faggotry.

>> No.16661014

That doesn't matter. It's an Orc. Kill it.

>> No.16661017

This is because whether or not the orc raped the woman is immaterial, if it was consensual that just means BOTH need to die.
And really, it's a waste of a perfectly good girl.

>> No.16661034

well played op, well played

p.s. just kill the damn thing

>> No.16661038

>look up murder
mur·der (mûrdr)
1. The unlawful killing of one human by another, especially with premeditated malice.

Yep, nuking the Vatican counts.

>> No.16661040


so in other words, this question is complete dependent on the culture and society that the village is apart of

>> No.16661048


>> No.16661049


HURRRR DURRRRR. Laws are determined by states. What if I take over the state and declare it against the law to NOT nuke the Vatican?

>> No.16661051


*Completely dependant on whether your players used to frequent /new/

>> No.16661059

Offer to fix the busted up chiffarobe

>> No.16661062

Go back to RevLeft.

>> No.16661064


>> No.16661074

oh god It's like I'm on /new/

>> No.16661075


Then you would still be breaking the law as set before you by the God whom you supposedly worship.

Plus, don't bother with the bogus "what if" scenarios. The world does not work that way.

>> No.16661088

When God comes down and gives you official sanction to nuke the vatican, I will help you wire the bomb myself. Until then, it's murder.

>> No.16661096

does it count if a blind prophet in a cave told me to do it?

>> No.16661100

to be fair i'm pretty sure the christian god endorses genocide

>> No.16661105

I wonder if OP is still here. Probably not, as its been six hours, but hey, maybe.


>> No.16661115

Of course he does, but he must do it specifically. Jericho was not carte blanche to wipe out anyone you wanted. God had to come down and give you the folding chair himself and say BEAT HIS ASS, and then you did it.

Doing it wrong gets your thumbs cut off.

>> No.16661116

depends old or new testament, guy has a mild case of schizophrenia

>> No.16661121
File: 72 KB, 298x369, wiccan_warlock.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


How would you be able to tell the difference between God and some supernatural or alien all powerful entity trolling you by wearing a rubber god mask?

>> No.16661127


Discredit your entire movement, get shot by the police for domestic terrorism. Go ahead, a few short-term tragedies in exchange for being rid of you faggots forever is fair enough. You can't use terrorism to overthrow democracy in America, scum.

>> No.16661134
File: 55 KB, 445x722, Scooby_Doo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.16661143


Orcs are fucking monsters, they are there to be feared they shouldn't be getting themselves put on trial by stupid ass villagers any more than Beholders, Mindflayers or Owlbears should be.

>> No.16661144

>You can't use terrorism to overthrow democracy in America
but that's what the federal government does

>> No.16661146

god is allergic to rubber, that's why he hate condoms

>> No.16661151
File: 57 KB, 548x466, banksters.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>You can't use terrorism to overthrow democracy in America, scum.

use economics like we do.

>> No.16661160
File: 18 KB, 292x320, ja-rule.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They'll find two Qurans and a copy of mein kamph in his backpack, and we'll be invading Sweden by the end of the month. Make sense? Doesn't need to.

Discredit the movie. Are you for real? Are you the nigga from soul for real? This is the nigga from soul for real.

>> No.16661164

still dependent on setting, some settings this is true, others it is not

>> No.16661165

I cast Summon Atticus Finch.

>> No.16661168

>overthrow democracy in America
>in America

I've got some bad news for you...

>> No.16661176

In all of the big-boy sects of Christianity, it is recognized that the Bible, while the word of God, was also written by men living in a specific period for men living in a specific period. Therefore it must be assessed through the lens of its author. This is why the old testament laws do not apply to people not herding goats around in the desert.

This also accounts for the "differences" between the Old Testament God and the New Testament God. Just like a father handles an infant differently from an adult, God treats a primitive society differently from an advanced one.

>> No.16661183

considering how the trial went for him i don't think that will help

>> No.16661186

God is almost by definition an all powerful alien entity wearing a rubber God mask. Except instead of rubber, it is the human instinct to anthropomorphize the mysterious.

This is something you accept pretty early into the whole "religion" thing.

>> No.16661200

If I was inclined toward religion, I would bet on the Gnostic idea that it's not the same entity, but yeah definitely not big boy

>> No.16661204

HAHAHAHAHAHA. You leftard fucks just don't understand.

>> No.16661213

I use it as back story for my half-orc....duh

>> No.16661218
File: 17 KB, 287x250, titus3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I blame all this namby pamby "eeewww orcs have rights and feelings" bullshit on gay 80's cartoons featuring swords that shoot rays but never get used to cut anyone/thing.

Thanks, He-Man, Thundar and Dungeons & Dragons Cartoon for raising a generation of wussies.

>> No.16661229

This. It depends on the setting. Are Orcs a type of animal that is unusually violent and capable of wielding axes, or are they a type of people who happen to be green, muscular, toothy, and have a warrior culture? Neither is inherently better than the other [though I personally find the first a little weird and uninteresting].

>> No.16661231

Yeah, but that time the girl wasn't publicly admitting that it was consensual from the start, and he still managed to get an all-white jury in the South in the 1940s to not execute a black man who had sex with a white woman.

Here, the girl's claiming from the start that it's consensual. I'd say Atticus has this one in the bag.

>> No.16661233
File: 140 KB, 680x798, 1315201935270.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.16661234

>this is the nigga from soul for real
>Ja Rule('s crew)

Jesus Christ, I loved that song. Beefing eminem is like invading Muscovy.

>> No.16661240
File: 394 KB, 529x453, gaming_in_peru.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Perufag here. I just realized that local parties composed of mostly white people tend to be more conventional in their "always caothic evil" "usually neutral evil" race relations, while in parties composed of mostly mestizo players its normal to have goblinoids and orcs as misunderstood if not standard races. It makes sense in a way

inb4 Peru White: White are a minority here but since rpgs tend to be in english they comprise at least 50% of the fa/tg/uys here

pic related, is my party

>> No.16661250

So, how many half-orcs are the product of bands of human mercenaries/bandits who happen upon/capture an unlucky orcess?

I like my fantasy humans to be barbaric as well from time to time.

>> No.16661257

I should just keep "depends on setting" on my clipboard

>> No.16661273

Very few. In Orcish culture archery is seen as a part of the feminine ideal, so every proper Orcish woman can hit an apple from 100 paces

>> No.16661283

It doesn't help that an unusually high percentage of (recent) /tg/ is Balkan slavs. I swear to God they're everywhere now, and you can taste it in the air whenever they're around.

X is evil, FUCKING KILL X. It's a cultural thing. South America's history is mostly being on the receiving side of that, so I guess you guys haven't had enough time to really sharpen the knives, and as such everyone is sort of cool? I don't know much about Peru. Isn't that the place where all Potatoes come from?

>> No.16661319
File: 937 KB, 160x240, Accordion.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There is nothing that cannot be improved by adding slavs.

>> No.16661336
File: 65 KB, 400x700, gop_tears[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.16661361
File: 51 KB, 600x750, 1316153714619.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why do you hate diversity? I bet your filthy human scum who won't acknowledge the human girls love for the honorable orc in this scenario.

>> No.16661363


yeah, potatoes come from around here

There's racism in Peru, but is mostly directed towards people from the Andean provinces, since those parts are mostly underdeveloped. Blacks and whites (and everything in between) lived in the more prosperous coastal cities and terrorism in the 70s, 80s and 90s pushed a lot of Andean inmigrants to the capital, wich ended like every inmigrant situation ever "dem indian taking mah jobs" etc. Its mostly cultural than strictly ethnic since most of us are a bit of everything (Im dutch/native/japanese/black). Being "white" is a cultural thing and you can become "whiter" with money (whiteaboos)

Most of us are pretty chill with everyone but there are racist, and since I look whitish I had to endure some awful racist that I couldn't believe existed in this country

>> No.16661364


Oh lawd, you militia faggots and your adorable belief that you could mobilize or equip yourselves well enough to deal with the US armed forces, let alone the world's.

Or are you going to pretend that the military would join you, when they receice training specifically intended to keep them from that shit?

>> No.16661386
File: 37 KB, 348x328, 1318900116531.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.16661398

What? I have nothing against diversity. I do have something against orcs, you know, with the whole marauding and farm burning business, but it's not generally racial in my eyes.

I'm sure an orc *can* be a perfectly decent creature. But is it?

>> No.16661408
File: 86 KB, 573x580, Russian History.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

As Russian history so clearly illustrates.

>> No.16661435

Are you saying orcs are not a separate race? I'm sure many would be insulted that you're trying to lump them into humans.

>> No.16661462
File: 60 KB, 640x480, Rudy Pewe_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this should clear things up


>> No.16661466

No no, I meant the problem. Specifically the problem I have with orcs is not racial. If there are orcs that are not part of the world consuming horde, then the more power to them, I wish them the best.

But the orcs we see, by and large, are omnicidal berserkers hell bent on conquering the world. Everyone ought to have a problem with invaders who roll on in and kill/rape everything. That's only logical. Unlike some, however, I do not then extend this to advocating a race war against orcs. Merely a war against -those- orcs.

>> No.16661472


Yes, and this thread is reinforcing my liberal atheism.

>> No.16661494

I bust out with Social Combat Charms to learn the truth, and if indeed there is to be a travesty of justice, then by the will of the UNCONQUERED SUN I WILL SET IT RIGHT!

>> No.16661507
File: 976 KB, 300x300, Sisko Facepalm.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What a sparkling illustration of the integrity of the movement. We can now attribute orc rape wat do threads to liberal atheists.

Thanks, asshole.

>> No.16661534

Someone call Christopher Hitchens and tell him that the nigga from Soul for Real is on his side. That'll cheer the drunken asshoel up.

>> No.16661552

And Sticky Fingaz. So yeah.

>> No.16661571

nope as a cleric of Zarus the filthy beast deserves to be put down. So does the filthy girl for rutting with an animal. Both can burn for all I care

>> No.16661576

Sticky Fingaz has literally never done anything good that didn't have two other artists holding his useless ass up.

RBX and Eminem made Remember Me listenable. Tell me seriously, can you even remember Sticky in anything else that wasn't fucking Def Jam Fight for New York?

>> No.16661600


>I'm sure an orc *can* be a perfectly decent creature. But is it?

But thats the whole issue of it. Orcs were intended as stand-ins of inmigrants/poor minorities in developed countries. They're the Irish, the Blacks, the Muslims, etc

Fantasy has a long standing tradition of being racist as fuck. Lets see WHFB: Europe is represented by Humans, Orcs, Elves (and their subtypes) and Skaven. Subsahara Africa and Native America is represented by lizards

>> No.16661619


To be honest, lizards are a considerably better symbol than rats.

>> No.16661623

>Orcs were intended as stand-ins of inmigrants/poor minorities in developed countries.

What the fuck have you been smoking? Tolkien hated allegory and refused to include it in his work.

>> No.16661634

It wasn't in Tolkien, but it has been used that way by basically everyone since.

>> No.16661660 [DELETED] 

The paladin wielding a great sword one handed with ease asks where the evidence of this trial is, for the justification of the trial of this land just got shifted to the church. If they have an issue with it, they may send a letter to the cardinal and he'll be SURE to handle the situation personally.

Or they can challenge him.

Yeah, where's that evidence now?
>Mfw no one steps up, the orc runs free since he doesn't show up as evil, and the townsfolk have to deal with it.

>> No.16661675
File: 30 KB, 400x400, girl-rolling-eyes-7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>it has been used that way by basically everyone since.

pffft shyeah...everyone who *sucks*

>> No.16661676


>Everyone ought to have a problem with invaders who roll on in and kill/rape everything

But the thing is that every fucking human culture on earth is prone to killing and raping afterwards. It happened during the tribal era, it happened at WWII. The fact that one or two races are prone to this behaviour while humans are not its a a fantasy genre convention with very very racist roots (the mongol horde, the slaves, etc)

>> No.16661719

>Orcs were intended as stand-ins of inmigrants/poor minorities in developed countries.

By Irrelevant bloggers and noob DM's regurgitating shit they were spoon fed by their "hip" gendersocialequalityenvirojustice prof'.

Not by Tolkien.

>> No.16661725

It's fantasy it all sucks. Fantasy's only role is to facilitate non-fps games. And that's a very important role; fps games suck.

>> No.16661762

When a group of humans rolls in prepared to rape and kill everyone, I'm pretty sure everyone has a problem with it.

When orcs roll in prepared to rape and kill everyone, everyone has a problem with it. Whose fault is it that the orcs are ALWAYS prepared to rape and kill everyone? Perhaps the writers of the setting, but within the context of the setting being wary and fearful of orcs is entirely sensible.

Though again, I do not espouse a war fought on racial grounds for racial reasons. If a group of anyone comes to kill you, you are entitled to and I feel obligated to defend yourself.

>> No.16662046


Don't understand what? You're a 21-year-old shithead who will never enact any social or political change, ever. Go ahead, bomb an abortion clinic, go to jail, watch nobody with any power ever back your cause or goals ever again, and you need power to accomplish anything.

What do you think you can do? Nothing.

>> No.16662060

Stop fucking posting you Swedish cunt, he's not real.

>> No.16662476

N Elan Seer 7 - Divination the truth of the claims out of pure curiosity, then do nothing to intercede. No mind flayers, no problem.
NG Halfling Truespeaker 11 - Spook the townsfolk and fly the couple out of town. If the girl confides that she was under duress, reverse word of nurturing the orc and let Dallah Thoun judge him.
LG Human Truespeaker 3 - Lose my shit at the pig-demon, assume the girl is bewitched, slay the foul beast, and take her to a church for healing (very low fantasy campaign, if this wasn't clear. Even an elf would be alarming).

>> No.16662956


This is why I love, *love* being a Paladin of Zarus, and an unabashed human supremacist. Being LG, and sticking it to the filthy humanoid races. Also, I had a Greatsword called 'Purifier', which did extra damage to nonhumans.

>> No.16662960
File: 167 KB, 561x883, Soldier Russian.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>always kill X

I'm reminded of that one SCP team manual written by a Chechen War vet.

Naturally, he had a section on KILL THE DIRTY CHECHEN.

>> No.16663004


The day it's wrong to kill an Orc is the day I quit playing D&D forever. I kill the Orc, and take all his stuff.

>> No.16663005

I have some bad news for you ...

>> No.16663094

>Orcs were intended as stand-ins of inmigrants/poor minorities in developed countries.

I don't remember the orcs drinking all day and taking my job as an adventurer. I remember them trying to raze the town. Which immigrants are razing towns?

>> No.16663107

Razing the town is symbolic.

>> No.16663114

Of what? Rape?

Hey, back on topic!

>> No.16663123

Kill the Orc and move on. I am disappointed that so many of you plebes would spare the life of a lesser race. You are all dishonorable scum.

>> No.16663136


Also Arabs.
There was a big one in my area that was a suicide-arson using an oven that took out over twenty homes.

>> No.16663147

Kill the orc, and then kill the girl for miscegenation and the attempted breeding of half-orcs. Then kill the village for fostering degeneracy.

>> No.16663169

Those are pretty recent, I don't think they influenced years of orcs being allegories for immigrants.

>> No.16663196

stormfaggots, fuck off back to stormfag
libtards, fuck off back to revleft
orthodoxfag, fuck off back to krstarica

>> No.16663381

Next thing you're gonna tell us is that smurfs lay eggs

>> No.16663707

You know, I'd just like to point it out here that Tolkien never intended for all orcs to be evil either.

>> No.16664086

Tolkien was a hack.

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