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>Nemesor Zahndrekh: Overlord damaged in the great sleep who still thinks he is flesh and blood fighting the war of secession against his brother Necrontyr. Therefore, he is one of the few Necron Lords who still fights with honor and valor towards his enemies. Has a bodyguard named Vargard Obryron.

Matt Ward bringing you Lawful Good Necron Lord

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>who still thinks he is flesh and blood

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Is it lawful good if he's insane?

And he still relentlessly fights a civil war to boot...is he actually Chaotic Neutral?

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Alignments are a broken system.

Let's just say he is a confused self-righteous guy.

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Octocron, you have no flesh.

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My necron army will have to feature Guardsman Lazarus getting taped to the wall of a Monolith by Trazyryn (sp?) the Infinite.

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I would think so, but when was the last time a Chaotic Neutral consistently did honorable and valorous things?

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Oh god. I thought I would never see Octocat ever again.

Rolling for san loss.

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almost certainly true given the other true rumors its paired with and this close to release

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>Is it lawful good if he's insane?
Of course!

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Reading over the new fluff, the uncomfortable part is it really does sound like Matt Ward was inspired by Xeno and Tauquest. It's *good* and *interesting* but its a huge change from the old...

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I'm calling bullshit on all this unless I see a reliable source.

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>Codex Space Marine: Every guy makes Rambo look like a girl
>Blood Angels: Psychic manifestation of a primarch. A playable one.
>Grey Knights: Some random grand master carves his name into the HEART OF A DEMON PRIMARCH, and nothing bad happened.

Yeah, it's par for the course honestly. But then again, in the nids codex, the doom of Mal'Entai killed an entire craft world, like a boss. And then there is space wolves..

So, to make a point, this is the 6th moronic thing to come from 8th edition. And frankly, i prefer made up nonsense to "Kruellah the Ville" and "Marbo".

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and by 8th, i mean 5th.

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• Imotekh the Stormlord (Lord of the Sau): The most powerful Necron Overlord currently. A master strategist whose nemesis is the Orks (since their random nature is the only thing that can accidentally disrupt his flawless plans).

• Nemesor Zahndrekh: Overlord damaged in the great sleep who still thinks he is flesh and blood fighting the war of secession against his brother Necrontyr. Therefore, he is one of the few Necron Lords who still fights with honor and valor towards his enemies. Has a bodyguard named Vargard Obryron.

• Illuminor Szeras: The Necrontyr who took the C'Tan's knowledge to do bio-transfer and actually made it a reality...so he's the chief architect within the Necrons for actually making the bio-transference happen. He is a master of technology and can augment D3 units in the army with an augmentation.

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• Orikan the Diviner: A master astromancer (a Cryptek specializing in tech that can predict the future), he is renown for knowing what will happen and when. During the game he is able to achieve a 'powered up' state that gives him a greatly increases statline, but this boost can randomly end on any turn dropping him back down to his regular stats.

• Anrakyr the Traveller: A Necron Lord whose goal is to unite the Necron Empires again. He travels to Tomb Worlds still sleeping and kills the 'lesser' inhabitants that may live there unaware they are on a Tomb World, the 'price' for this service is to claim a tithe from the newly awakened legions. Some Necrons see him as a golden crusader others don't want reunification and would rather see him dead.

• Trazyn the Infinite: He is a Necron who woke very early and is fascinated with studying and collecting history. His tomb world is filled with secret trinkets including (I quote) 'a giant of a man clad in baroque power armor' (start your wild theories here!). He even will attack other Necron tomb worlds to capture artifacts from them that he doesn't think they deserve. He is the character that has the CC ability to pick one type of model he killed that round and inflict wounds on all models of that type in the combat.

~We've seen models for two of these already.

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>Necrons are all batshit old people

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Oh god! It's like a piss-poor 90s anti-hero comic origin.

Nemesor Zahndrekh, or, as he shall be known henceforth, DeludoCron. ("I'm a real boy!")

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>• Imotekh the Stormlord (Lord of the Sau): The most powerful Necron Overlord currently. A master strategist whose nemesis is the Orks (since their random nature is the only thing that can accidentally disrupt his flawless plans).

Wait, so he's Dick Dastardly to the Orks Pidgeon? Or The Claw to their Inspector Gadget? Or the Dexter to their DeeDee?

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Here's an exclusive picture of the Diviner.

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Then it's decided.
My next army will be necrons who are constantly fighting my orks and steal their shit to discourage them.
But that just makes the orks more eager to get their shit back.
Oh the hillarity!

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>A master strategist whose nemesis is the Orks (since their random nature is the only thing that can accidentally disrupt his flawless plans).

Yakface posted that Imhotep can seize the initiative on 4+ against any army that is not Orks (whose actions are illogical).

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Yes, he is.

That's the whole point of the codex. Oh, and they invented the pokéballs the grey knights use sometimes.

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>a giant of a man clad in baroque power armour

He looted a Primarch?

Orks and Blood Ravens have new competition.

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T-This actually sounds f-fun you guys.
M-Maybe Matt Ward is g-getting better?

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>all Necrons are electronic old men running the world

I'm actually approving of something Ward did. I'm scared.

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I think this fluff is pretty cool, what have you done Ward?

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>Old Men

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But... being silent emotionless terminators marching towards you were what made them cool...

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Prod with the Prod.

That's immediately what I thought too.
It's probably Vulkan.

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Inquisitor Page knows how to deal with Necrons.

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what if its one of the "missing" primarchs, like the two no names?

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And they still are. Only the higher ups have sentience.

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So are Chaos and Necrons not enemies anymore?

What with the emotions and stuff.

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Orks looting Necrons and Necrons looting Orks.
My next trukk is going to be a looted disco barge. oh yeah.

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>Mmm. I hope you're not underestimating the problem. The others may not go as quietly as you think -- intelligence indicates they're behind the problems in Paris.

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and that part of them isn't gone
just cos some of the Lords have personalities doesn't mean they all do.

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In another thread people went wild with writefaggotry:

"Finally, the Star-Burster Gauss Cannon, with this, I shall shatter Holy Terra and end the Imperium of Man!"

"Lord Imotekh! A giant asteroid is about is about to smash into the Gauss Cannon and destroy it!"


"The Asteroid is broadcasting sir!"



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Why wouldn't they be enemies. Abaddon's ambitions and those of all other Chaos Warlords as well are adversarial to the ambitions of Necron Lords either in the short therm or in the long term. It is only logical that Necrons would fight Chaos in 5th edition.

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The Silent King, who put himself into exile (for his unforgivable crime against his people) by leaving the galaxy after defeating the C'Tan encountered the Tyranids in the void between galaxies and has returned to spur the Necrons into action against the Tyranids (realizing that if the Tyranids wipe the galaxy clean of biological matter, then the Necrons will never find a form to transfer their minds back into).

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A bunch of pretenious old men, intent on ruling the world.

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Necron System Lords?
< Behold your new HQ choice.

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>Soldiers still mindless drones
>Leaders are batshit and eccentric

I am completely okay with this.

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but, clearly the nids are perfect organisms and so just the vessel for their minds the necrons are looking for.

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tombkings meets stargate meets terminator

I'm okay with this...

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>Bring me the biggest one you can find and bring it alive

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80's and 90's cartoons and nerdculture thrown in for the hell of it.

And /tg/ rejoiced, for Ward had delivered unto them something they'd craved for a very long time.

Original content.

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Electronic old men

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At last I have found it! The Grand Imperial Monolith from the days of the Empire. During the War of Old it rained ruin upon countless Craftworlds, and now it shall be reawoken to bring an end to those foolish enough to oppose me.

Lord Imotekh! The Monolith! IT'S GONE!




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So, with the hulking genocide bots now given a more unique fluff and characterization(or simply made into space Tomb Kings). Will we possible see the forces of Chaos or even the Tyranids become more then mustache swirling villains and biomass gluttons?

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Thanks to Mat Ward, pic related is now acceptable within the limits of canonical material.

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Imotekh and Assholetep are good fun.

>Assholetep orders a sandwich at local Emperorway sandwich shop
>They forgot to toast it
>3 subsectors are now devoid of all life

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Depending on the writer. Maybe they will hire Gav to write them?

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Get rid of the diaper and we're golden.

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That does make you wonder, since seeing how the Necrons were given a complete overall, it might be possible that we will see another race getting the same treatment. I'm guessing it going to depend on the popularity of the army itself, or maybe the success of the new Necrons.

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In the new tyanid codex: The Swarmlord and all hive tyrants have unique and self-aware personalities. When they die, the hive mind absorbs their mind and implants it into another newly-grown tyrant somewhere else.

That's about as much personally as nids should get, honestly. If they need more "personality", it should be within the genestealer cults.

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I'm afraid it won't be possible. His necrons are all senile and full of glitches. She's gonna need it.

>> No.16654652

What would a Necron even need a diaper for? No bodily waste of any kind.

Also, how is diaper even a fetish? I fap to a lot of weird porn, but that just doesn't seem erotic at all.

>> No.16654654

"Behold! I finally completed the Gaussstar! It is able to destroy a whole star system with one shot!"
"Golly me, dear chap that is wonderful!"
"But! Be sure not to touch this bright red button over here, for it is the selfdestruct button!"

>> No.16654669


The tau/necron hybrid thing is an unfortunate product of the obsessions of certain folks who fetishize fecal incontinence and mental retardation.

>> No.16654675

Tyranids are in fact an engineered race of food critics made by a long extinct race of the most masterful chefs the universe has ever known. Soon, even their divine offerings could not satisfy these obnoxiously insatiable gourmands, and they began their conquest of all around them, attempting to find a snack to satisfy their jaded needs. They also speak in French accents and don berets.

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I think there was also something about only sucessful personalties get re-used.

>> No.16654686

dunno, molten necrodermis leaks, because of mind deterioration?

as for the fetish, there are a lot of reasons behind this. The softcore SM humiliation thing, the association with scat/watersports, or simply the shape and texture...

>> No.16654687

The whole POINT of a fetish is that its something that, in and of itself, is not fappy.

If its something that in and of itself is sexual, then it can't be a fetish.

>> No.16654694

>but that just doesn't seem erotic at all.
that's why it's a fetish, and not just a 'like' (of something already containing normal sexual markers) but something unrationaly consuming of a craving not of the norm.

>> No.16654698

We've also got three hive fleets. They could have different priorities that instill a personality. Like one may not be hostile to other tyranid hives. And another may be looking for a galaxy to settle down on, instead of travelling between them as food runs out.

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matt ward was actually drunk when he wrote all this and forgot to put some retarded shit

>> No.16654734

well, that was Lolicron, not Xeno.

But yeah, now that necron mental retardation is canon, shit got real.

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>Trazyn the Infinite: He is a Necron who woke very early and is fascinated with studying and collecting history. His tomb world is filled with secret trinkets including (I quote) 'a giant of a man clad in baroque power armor'
>'a giant of a man clad in baroque power armor'

Oh god he stole the Blood Ravens Primarch.

>> No.16654752

"Your orders my lo...What the hell happened to you!"
"What do you mean?"
"You look like a little human girl! What the fuck?!"
"What do you mean? I was alwys a little girl. Now where is my teddybear?"

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He must be real good to kidnap a daemon prince from the warp then turn him back into a man.

>> No.16654781

Actually theres more named fleets
There's the big 3 (Behomoth, Kraken and Leviathan)
And then there's also the hive fleets
in the codex, though you're right each fleet appears to show a different "personality" in the way they act.

>> No.16654789

What sick bastard would draw this and how much fucked in the head you have to be to fap to it.


>> No.16654794

Now I want to convert an alpha warrior into a brood lord...
Alpha warrior + 5 normal warriors (all looking like genstealers)
13 genstealers with a brood lord times 2 and 8 yrmgal genstealers.

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I love the new Necrons and so does Lolcron.

>> No.16654800

Or we finally found out what happened to the Great Wolf.

>> No.16654801

You ain't seen nothing yet. This is actually a very tame version.

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>is on /tg.
>complains on diapers.
>has no idea /tg/ was all about the /d/
>is a newfag.

>> No.16654807

>Implying the noble Blood Ravens are spawn of traitorous scum

I should smite you for speaking such falsehoods.

>> No.16654821

We also have a techpriestess like this. And a tau. And a taucron.

>> No.16654841

Seriously? Then I'm glad I'am newfag and missed all this horrible godawful content.

>> No.16654855

It's only a matter of months before you start asking for it...

This, or futas, or musclegirls, or traps, or monstergirls...

>> No.16654857

Ward kicks ass.

He saved Warhammer fantasy with 8th edition. Sales are up now that it's a fun game that it's newbie-friendly rewards taking large units of infantry. It used to be a Byzantine mess where you'd lose if you make even the slightest misstep.

And the Necrons needed their fluff revamped. "WE ARE HERE TO HARVEST TEH UNIVERSE" was so boring. Terminators waking up after millenia and trying to rebuild their old empire? Now -that- is pretty awesome.

>> No.16654859

It was diapershit, thats new.

>> No.16654885

>mfw new Necrons

>> No.16654889

>Mat Ward looting /tg/ canon
>Mat Ward shitting out his own canon

pick one. I already know which one I'd pick, and it's not the one that spawned Draigo.

>> No.16654895

>I should smite you for speaking such falsehoods.

Your armor is red, you steal things, and your chapter master is a demon prince. Deal with it, mon-keigh

>> No.16654920

Nah, I won't because I value my sanity.

Oh really now?

As long it remains /d/ I don't think it will bother me much.

>> No.16654934

>He saved Warhammer fantasy with 8th edition. Sales are up now that it's a fun game that it's newbie-friendly rewards taking large units of infantry.

Seriously? Are we talking about the same 8th edition with it's "I Win" spells (*Cough* Purple Sun), or it's "Terrain means nothing unless it tries to kill you". Or the "Lol-Randumb" charge movement that relies more on luck than actual tactical forethought?

The ONLY thing 8th has been good about SO FAR, is keeping a concise design emphasis on the army updates. Although considering the O&G (first book of 8th) were reduced to 8 magic items, and Ogres have 10 + names... leaves me worried. I wouldn't be surprised to see High Elves show up with 20 something 'unique' magic items, all of which potentially game-breaking.

>> No.16654945


The Blood Ravens were founded by a member of the Corvidae in the ruins of Prospero, after he escaped some inexplicably present World Eaters. Where else do you think they got this "Sacred Chalice of Ragnar Blackmane"?

>> No.16654946

Good. I've wanted Necrons to be Tomb Kings in space, and now they are.

>> No.16654953

Don't forget Imhotek" main rival, BRENDOOM FRAZKULL!!

>> No.16654965


Good. I've wanted a reason to blow $400 at once on GW shit, and now I've got one.

>> No.16654970

I find it hilarious how /tg/ has embraced the Blood Ravens as 'master-thieves', when the game has had a canonical faction that can literally LOOT ANYTHING SHORT OF EMOTIONS OR FEELINGS. Baneblades? Not a problem. Monoliths? Rewired it with more guns. Titans? We're just getting started...

The only reason the 'theiving magpies' took off so well, was DoW2 and the fact they're spess mehreens.

>> No.16654980



>> No.16654984

Hate to derail the thread but damn it, that's not what fetish means.
It could encompass this, but what a fetish truly is, is something, ANYTHING, needed by a person to achieve sexual satisfaction.
This might just be sexual intercourse in the missionary position for the sole purpose of procreation, or it could be a woman wearing a red sock on her left feet with a hole out of which her pinky toe is peeking.

>> No.16654989

>Your armor is red, you steal things

RED with your foul xeno blood which was shed using a power sword gifted to me by my generous Ultramarine brothers!

>chapter master is a demon prince

My chapter master is Gabriel Angelos and he is NO HERETIC!

>> No.16655003


Orkz don't hoard things though, everything they loot goes right back into the grinder. You've sort of missed half of the point which is that Blood Ravens take everything and then hide it away in their various nest like, well like magpies.

>> No.16655016

Damn you got me horny.

>> No.16655017

Yeah yeah, Orks looted a Monolith.
Blood Ravens looted a gimmick.

Orks can loot things. Magpies loot abstract concepts.

>> No.16655018


Blood Ravens, Death Skulls and Trazyn the Infinite are all secretly members of the League of Gentlemen Enterpreneurs.

>Ranald is often portrayed as a human male, normally with a charming appearance, but can also take the form of a crow, black cat or a magpie.

>or a magpie.

>> No.16655021

Zahndreck is German and means Toothdirt, just thought I'd let you guys know.

>> No.16655039

Yeah, but the orks (I assume) are a pure comic relief race, and its always the same joke. The blood ravens can be a walking joke when the situation calls for it (STEHL RHEN, magpies, etc.) but they can do other tones as well.

>> No.16655043

>now where did I put that C'tan the Necrons gifted me?

>> No.16655066


>> No.16655069

No... Orks don't necessarily loot anything. My bet is 10 to 1 that you don't even know the name of the 'Orks' that are renowned for looting, let alone which ones dislike the concept of looting anything.

>> No.16655076

orks can as well. Most of their background is actually pretty frightening if you ignore the cockney English and the stupid references.

>> No.16655082


>Kruellah the Ville

Pic Related

>> No.16655089


Play Space Marine. Very little of Ork humor shows through, it mostly focuses on their badassery. And if you collect the right servo skulls...you find out just how funny an Ork invasion is to a planets inhabitants. *shudder

>"You mother launched herself at them, begging them to stop, to let go of your sister...
>T-they laughed, the most horrible noise I've ever heard, and they just...*broke* her.
>I took your sister and ran. I am so sorry, my son."

>> No.16655094

What parents would call their kid that anyway?

>> No.16655095


Deathskulls are the big looters but Ork tech is always cobbled together from various sources so all Ork tech is effectively looted. It's why Ork gear and vehicles universally have that slapdash look that's become their trademark.

Don't be an ass.

>> No.16655101

I don't know what the fuck I'm looking at, but I think I want more.

>> No.16655105


>Oh shit Orks looted yo mom!

>> No.16655107

What in the nam...what am I looking at here.

Nevermind better not dwell on it.

>> No.16655108


I loathe what Space Orcs have become ('Orkz'...). The one and only Space Orcs Codex I own has rules for six different clans, the one doing the looting were Deathskulls, however Imperial tanks were available to the Blood Axes as far as I know, which are nowadays condensed into a single unit called kommandos?

>> No.16655118

Nice. Make a wish, etc.

>> No.16655121

>ITT:WarmaHordes vs WH40K

Better Game Reporting

>> No.16655136


wrong thread.

>> No.16655137

I'm actually really, really okay with how this fluff is turning out so far.

>> No.16655138

Yo mama's so fat, she has space for enuff dakka.

>> No.16655141


wrong thread bro >>16653693

>> No.16655153

As a FoW fan, how dare you even mention this game in such a shit-storm of a thread. Out! OUT! Now, you, door, box for your stuff, get out!

>> No.16655156

>Grimdark Orks
>More focused, More serious
>ain't got no time for fun
>Only fighting and winning


>> No.16655166

Congratulations good sir, you're not a retard and know the difference between the clans. Unlike half the idiots in this thread who just repeat "hurr hurr, Orks loot everything, hurr".

I'm serious. You've earned my respect. I even shed a tear.

>> No.16655171

>Goff Orks

>> No.16655184

Lootin Orks is the only Orks that count.

>> No.16655185

Sorry Bros
you guys are golden, please accept this Monolith as a apologie

>> No.16655192

I am touched. However, I don't really count this as a personal achievement of mine, I just bought Space Orcs and Woodelves when I was too young to really do anything with them and never really played. However, I am deeply in love with the universe and have never stopped thinking up conversions, terrain and fluff for more or less every faction. At some point I might post some of my ideas (those that are not obvious like CSM with a special tyranid emphasis in fluff and conversion) so other people can use them. So basically I am a newbie, only from way back, which makes me oldschool.

>> No.16655195

Aww... how cute. Here Little Timmy, here's some spess mehreens to play with. That's a good Little Timmy. Now keep repeating the primarch names, and remember that there is no such thing as a sub-faction for any other army.

>> No.16655202

>Not Snake Bites Or Blood Axes
You'z a git!

>> No.16655211 [DELETED] 


It's meant to be a casualfag game for europeans, and it sells well in - get this - europe.

It was losing ground under the 7th edition rules, so they made Ward remake it.

8th is universally hated in America, and universally loved in Europe. Why this is, well, is simple. Different gaming cultures.

No, I don't like it. I don't like fantasy at all, regardless of edition.

>> No.16655215

You're just angry that your Orks suck and mine rock. That's cool. You can still join the WAAAGH, if you like. At the back of the fight.

>> No.16655218

Still... Good sir, you are miles beyond what most /tg/, let alone mehreen-fans, are. The vast majority can't even name all the Ork clans, let alone tell you what the difference in them is (beyond color scheme). The fact you have it down pat, including the fact that the Blood Axes have a few Imperial Vehicles due to 'trading', speaks volumes.

You sir, are awesome.

>> No.16655221

They don't sound like Orks they sound like Khornates!

>> No.16655231


Like every race, GW has compressed them down to one faction they pay attention to and the rest are left for people who have neckbeards almost as glorious as this guy's.

Otherwise, all Chaos Marines are Black Legion.
All Space Marines are Ultramarines.
All Orks are Blood Axes.
All Guardsmen are Cadians.
All Inquisition-related anything are Grey Knights.
All Dark Eldar are Kabal of the Black Heart.
All normal Eldar are... who gives a fuck about normal Eldar lol
All Tau are from T'au. Septs? What Septs? lol
All Tyranids are from Hive Fleet Leviathan.

I wonder what Tomb World the NewCrons will all come from.

>> No.16655234

Lol, I'm already on The-Waaagh. Apparently though, you're not. Because no self respecting Goff would stoop low enough to be a 'no gud snitchin' Deffskull'.

>> No.16655236

>Green iz best
>Snake bites iz Green
>Goffz iz Black and stoopid
Dere'z just no doubt about it. You'z a grot luvin' git.

>> No.16655245

Butevery mehreen chapter is a unique and speshul snowflake.

>> No.16655246

Why do you think it's hated in America but loved in Europe? What bits of gaming culture are so different between them to cause this dichotomy of opinion?

>> No.16655251

>They don't sound like Orks they sound like Goff Nobs!


>> No.16655255


snakbits are brown

>> No.16655256

I can't name any Ork clans besides Goffs and Blood Axes, because I'm an Eldar player and I don't really care about the Orks. Just because someone doesn't know every bit of Ork fluff ever doesn't make them a SPESS MAHREEN loving twelve year old.

>> No.16655260

I dunno, Americans like guns more?
or are buthurt that Not-america in the fantasy world is the dark elf lands.

>> No.16655266


Sorry, if I wanted to play in such a boring setting, I'd just play CoD2

>> No.16655267


I'm sure snakbits are brown, and Snake Bite Leather is brown, but snake bites are generally green with fuck tons of war paint and boar riders.

Old wayz iz best.

>> No.16655273

Europeans FUCKING LURVE the gimmicky bullshit win-conditions... like 'Oops, I IF-ed a Purple Sun and your army just disappeared... Too bad you picked -Army X-'.

Americans tend to like actual skill and strategy involved. The ones who don't, like space marines.

>> No.16655276 [DELETED] 


Europe is hyperfocused on the 'everybody's a winner!'-concept, which means you have to have FUN, and beating people in games isn't FUN! FOR THE LOSER!!!!111111111

So you're not supposed to play to win, but play to have 'fun.' Which cannot ever involve winning.

A better example: in my homecountry of Sweden, glorious neckbeards play comped armies for their already distilled and casualfag warhams fantasy, and do so over a tasty snack, a casualfag movie, and some beer. Culture of pussies breed pussies.

>> No.16655285

Goffs = Scar boyz
Blood Axes = Kommandoz
Bad Moon = Teefy gitz
Snake Bites = Feral Orkz
DeffSkullz = Lootah Gitz

>> No.16655287


Sorry, I enjoy rolling tons of dice on my ratling gun and either having it destroy a unit or explode and kill one of mine, Warhammer should never be about total seriousness.

>> No.16655292

You both seem upset

>> No.16655314

this goes for 40k too, If you want serious competitive gaming GW isn't the company for you.

>> No.16655326

Indeed, I mean, what fun is there to be had if you take it all so seriously?

I once had a super serious warriors of chaos player... he left the table after I killed his unit of knights and lord by bogging them down in 80 slaves and hitting them with a two brass orbs and a fuck ton of wind globes

>> No.16655327

So It's the complete opposite of Europeans & Americans in the BoardGame Community?

>> No.16655336

Serious competitive gaming? Maybe not, but shits and giggles competitive gaming? Fuck yes.

I mean... they're armies. It would be weird if they didn't try to win against each other.

>> No.16655342

I'm detecting a monumental amount of Butt-hurt. Do you want to talk about this anon?

>> No.16655346


The traditional name for it is "Beer and Pretzel" gaming. Fun for a local league or whatever, but don't expect massively refined.

>> No.16655348

Sure enough I always try and win with my skaven. But I do it in a fun way.

Skaven battle line is a fun way!

>> No.16655360

The better comparision would be Company of Heroes.
just sayin.

>> No.16655367

true enough, I am not bashing the game itself, the setting is just so mind numbing I can't really stand it anymore.

>> No.16655391

I like the idea of un-self-aware personalities. Just instinctual programmings with a dim sense of recalibration. That way, a glimmer of an emerging sense of self would be weird.

Followed by an echo shouting "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRKKKKSSSS!" passing warp-wise through the system.

>> No.16655395

>Matt Ward bringing you Lawful Good Necron Lord

4chan trash bringing you 2-dimensional morality systems

>> No.16655397

>he left the table after I killed his unit of knights and lord by bogging them down in 80 slaves and hitting them with a two brass orbs and a fuck ton of wind globes
The fuck did he think you were going to do with 80 slaves that you can shoot at? That's just being a sore loser for making a poor mistake. Besides, it's WHFB; even before 8th you should have expected every model you put on the table to die horribly.

>> No.16655403


Drizzt of the necron.

Now in official flavour.

>> No.16655413

nah, actually, it's:

>Mat Ward bringing us a lot of potential to make your necrons more characterful

>/tg/ rushing on the opportunity to make only lawful good necrons all day everyday because it's DEEP

wow. /tg/ is actually worse than Ward.

>> No.16655419

eh thats not so bad, it'll discourage a lot of "i made my own special snowflake sub faction" players simply because there's already a cannon one so there's wouldn't be a special snowflake.

>> No.16655439

I understand, but most of the times WW2 is represented in Movies, Games & etc, it's always " 'MURICA STRONG", so i guess it's nice & a unique the fact that i can play the Finnish against the Soviet Horde

>> No.16655443



You're right, /tg/ IS worse than Ward. At least HE gets paid to write this bullshit.

>> No.16655457

I really hope teh new 'crons don't get a "I-WIN-FOREVER" unit like missile longfangs or any such nonsense.

I don't know if it's my long acquaintance with dorf fortress or what, but any game i can wring a victory from in no-time just goes into the meh pile.
I want to work for my victories dammit!

>> No.16655458

He was constantly trying to avoid the wall o' rats with them all game, Guess he did the only thing he could really.

>> No.16655464

Necron Drizz't you say?

check this out. A rebellious Lord made this out of a random tau engineer that was passing by, probably to put a C'tan spark who has gender issues in it. But then, the Overlord of the rogue Lord hijacked the little tau girl, let her run around augmenting herself and looting tons of artifacts just because, and made her a pretty, pretty undead robot princess. And now, she's all on her own with a swarm of scarabs that she poops randomly, exploring the galaxy and doing a lot of crazy shit like bitchwassling with an ork in space, being raped by tau scientists, playing dolls with hereteks, and being emo about not having asked for this (which is completely false).

and all of this is in accordance to Ward's fluff

>> No.16655486

And Finland actually comes across as a damn good list. Their infantry is some of the best in the game. Their tanks are questionable... but they didn't win through tanks.

>> No.16655495

its also in accordance to pre-ward fluff.

>> No.16655506

Not really. There was no official hierarchy between lords, no crypteks, no such liberal uses of "bio-transfer", and less independence for Lords.

>> No.16655511


Wrong, dumbass. You're thinking of the Necrontyr, not the Necron.

>> No.16655519

>glitched lord program.
Now it fits.

>> No.16655520

>fights with honor
>Lawful Good

Why are trolls so dumb?

>> No.16655521

Well, his 3 books so far don't really have any. Granted, there are a couple units in each that are just a pain in the ass to deal with, but nothing that auto-wins.

>> No.16655531

precisely my point

>inb4 Shas'O was Mat Ward all along

>> No.16655535

His fluff is the main cause for concern, and The Necron book DID have ghost writers for him, so maybe this is the reason why Necrons might be his best work yet.

I still sting over him basically making Ultramarines the god-sues of the universe and less like the romans.

>> No.16655542

>Not the God Sues of the Universe

>> No.16655571

>>16655211 universally loved in Europe

My group stopped playing Fantasy with the 8th edition. And it's not a Ward thing because the one dude who said he would never start Space Marines started Blood Angels to get into 40k.

>> No.16655574

True, Hollywood seems to have a hardon for ROMANS TRUE DAWN OF THE CIVIL WORLD. But I enjoyed the roman tinge the Ultramarines had and less of the being the spiritual leige of everyone.

>> No.16655604

>> No.16655610

>> No.16655626

>> No.16655634

/tg/ is increasingly making me nauseous.

>> No.16655635

>Image macros


>> No.16655637

>> No.16655643

I approve. What the fuck, was the name change necessary? I can't wait until the next CSM where terminators are called Monastic Guard or something.

>> No.16655648

>> No.16655649


You cut that the fuck out right now.
I swear to god, kids these days and their meme-spouting image-macroing faggot asses....

>> No.16655659

Smells like /tg/ to me

>> No.16655660 [DELETED] 


>> No.16655674

That's what happens when your "glorious Man of Steel" shoots all your generals, doesn't have experience in military logistics, doesn't have an understanding of military strategy, kills competent officers to cover his own ass by blaming failures on them, and feeds a million men into a trench war piecemeal over a period of 8 months instead of building a concentration of force and zerg rushing them.

When you're commitment of soldiers out numbers the enemy 5 to 1, but they slightly outnumber you on the front line because you can't move your forces up fast enough and refuse to build a reserve there is something wrong.

Stalin was a smart politician but had no arms when it came to war.

>> No.16655677

>> No.16655680


These aren't funny


>> No.16655684

I wouldn't necessarily say Stalin was a smart politician, but he was a ruthlessly expedient one with charisma enough to hold on to power and paranoia enough to eliminate any and all threats to his power, and quite a few that weren't.

Which, truthfully, while not ideal, did help make the Soviet Union in to an industrialized state. At the cost of millions of lives.

>> No.16655689

>Yakface posted that Imhotep can seize the initiative on 4+ against any army that is not Orks (whose actions are illogical).

>Implying Chaos is logical
>Implying Imperium is logical
>Implying EVERYONE IN 40K isn't as batshit insane as Necron Pinnochio is.

This is the stupidest shit.

>> No.16655699

>> No.16655723

>Read Black Crusade
>Get to the part where a Necron Lord allies with a Chaos Sorcerer

What is this I don't even..

>> No.16655738

Bad argument, I love Penitent Engines but I never ran them because they were shit. They still are. On the other hand I lore Repentia too and I use them now because they don't suck anymore.

>> No.16655752

Bear in mind, as far as 99.9% of the Imperium is concerned, they're still faceless death robots with no souls come to harvest your lives.

>> No.16655764

The Blood Angels view them as worthy foes and respectful allies.

>> No.16655771

Not to mention, folk can be predictably illogical. That's how casinos stay in business.

>> No.16655776

Bout 5 million I recall, to build the damns, roads, and rails.

Then he killed another 2 million intentionally by starving them to open up his collective farming initiative, which really was a waste of cannon fodder.

By smart I mean smart for Stalin and his interests(AKA Stalin), not so much for the USSR itself.

>> No.16655795

And what percentage of the Imperium do Blood Angels count for?

>> No.16655810

You know I don't really care about these changes, mainly because Necrons were shit before now anyway

>> No.16655822

Dunno...how big is the domain of Baal?

>> No.16655868

Although I am European and I don't like the implications, I can't really comment because I don't actually play the game. But from the perspective of a 'retired' enthusiast, I hate Ward as much as anyone.

>> No.16655884

All necron players, if you choose to ever field Nemesor, you must have him wearing a white cotton suit and waving a confederate flag. THE NECRONTYR SHALL RISE AGAIN!

>> No.16655891

Doesn't matter, it's going to be way less than one tenth of a percent.

>> No.16655998

Yeah, most of these are shit but this one kinda fits /tg/ perfectly.

>> No.16656044

So the new Necrons are more like Fantasy Battles Tomb Kings. The troops are anonymous goth terminators, while their leaders are eccentric, sentient badass automatons.

>I'm totally okay with this idea.

>> No.16656047


More old man monolith please.

>> No.16656059


your senseless transhumanism is showing.

>> No.16656074


Fucking no.

>> No.16656076

Does this mean that Necrons can field human auxiliary?

>> No.16656080

it means that they can even have sex with them

>> No.16656136


Everyone in 40k is randumb, but only Orks are comic relief tier lolrandumb.

>> No.16656168

Yes, they're called "unflayed ones".

>> No.16656169

ahaha, hilarious.


>> No.16656226


>> No.16656336

I'm now imaging Imhotekh as a grimdark Scooby-Doo villain.
>I would have gotten away with it if it weren't for you meddling orks and your stupid squig!

>> No.16656346

We really need to find a drawfag, tie himup, then make him create comic strips like that.

>> No.16656359


"Ey boss, oi fink we should split up"

"Woy's dat?"

"Dey won't see it comin'"


>> No.16656367

"still thinks he is flesh and blood"
I would think that Necrons don't really lack reflective surfaces?
I mean what the fuck.

>> No.16656378

He is being called crazy for a reason.

>> No.16656386

Mirrors do not cure mental illnesses or code glitches.

>> No.16656393

Vect vs. this new Necron turd, who is better at siezing the initiative?

>> No.16656403


Vect, technically. He can steal it on 4+ against anyone, this new guy can only do it if not facing Orks.

>> No.16656408


Normal seize on 6+ (16,7% chance)

Vect seizes on 4+ (50% chance)
Imhotep seizes on 4+, but against Orks on 6+

Sicarius and Coteaz seize on 6+ and can reroll failed attempts (30% chance).

>> No.16656423

When you have one sub-faction who views a 'Full-Frontal Assault' as a valid tactic, and another who will happily field the opponent's weaponry against them, while a third regularly charges into battle while breaking the sound-barrier ...

Yeah, shit gets confusing quick for the opposition. And that's not even touching upon the 'sneaky-gitz' who dress and act like entirely different alien races, while showing surprising amounts of tactical knowledge and cunning.

There's more to Orks than just /tg/'s sad over-saturated stereotypes.

>> No.16656425

>I am made of meat and bone!! How much I enjoy the pleasures of the flesh.
>But sir, we are somekind of Egypcian zombie robots. You are made from Living Metal.
>Shut up, and bring me a whore!!

Bender-cron in the new codex. Awesome. And the new Legion snipers.

>> No.16656439


>You there, tell me. How fares the war against the Trans-Necrontyr?

>> No.16656444

But each of those follows a specific doctrine of operations. All he has to do is figure out what klans are there, and he knows what (generally) the orkz are going to be up to. Not that I mind race-specific special rules, but I can see a hole or two in this one's logic.

>> No.16656459

>Implying the Imperium, Chaos, and Eldar aren't just as diverse as Orks are

Agree, though, Orks aren't given enough credit normally.

>> No.16656483


With any large WAAAAGH or ork warband there is going to be an extreme diversity in the klans involved.

You can't tell.
You can only assume that you won't know what's going to happen.

>> No.16656524

/tg/ can't even wrap it's head around the different clans, let alone the majority of mehreen players who don't even know them beyond "color-scheme variants". The vast majority of times I fielded my Goff army (prior to current 'dex), marine players would often ask where my Looted Basilisks were. Upon informing them this was a Goff army, they gave me a blank look like a cow looks at an oncoming train.

Actually, I wasn't implying anything of the sort. I also think it's retarded to have a 'tactical genius against everything but -Army Y-'. But I was just emphasizing the point that /tg/ has it's head up it's ass about the apparent lack of diversity the Orks have. The majority of 40k players on this board, probably can't even name every single clan.

>> No.16656531

> Necrons get overhaul
It can only mean one thing...

DA SQUATZ IS COMING BACK, GUISE oh shit I reset the squat clock and now they'll ne

>> No.16656556

Yeah, it's sad.
You're also giving Blood Axes a little too much credit. Sure, they dress and act like other alien races, but they've always done it so incompetently. They're much better at the sneaking bit, even though they're not sure how camouflage works.

>> No.16656563

So what other factions does Ward hate other than Tau? (in b4 all but SM)

>> No.16656581

He hates orks, destroyed fantasy orcs with an absolutely awful codex. Definitely a major git

>> No.16656587

I think... maybe... just perhaps... he doesn't like the Sisters of Battle.

A little.

>> No.16656596


At least he did not write their rules, Cruddace did. Pic related, his face when seeing a Sister player.

>> No.16656600

Who says Ward hates Tau?

>> No.16656607

Actually, that depends on whose fluff you go by. To GW's fluff, they're very incompetent and use shitty camo patterns (such as Zebra, on a snow-world). They also don't mimic at all, beyond 'commissars' or what you see of the Warboss in the Deff Skwadrun comic.

The fans however, reinvented the Blood Axes. The canon fluff does support the concept that the Blood Axes are the most tactically minded of the Ork clans, but the fans took it one step further and made them actually mimic the look and organization of other non-ork armies. This has led to a lot of (very impressive) projects of IG-themed Ork armies, such as the Death-Korps, Cadian, Steel Legion, etc. Or even other armies altogether... like 'Green-Knights', 'Fer da Greater-Waaagh' (Tau themed) etc.

Despite the obvious differences between most Canon fluff and Fan-made fluff, the Blood Axes are a case where the Fans have taken the background above and beyond the initial implications. Even to the point to where the fan-made fluff is far superior to the original. "Zebra-Camo" or "randumb-Camo" Blood Axes is very much inferior to "Death Korps of Waaagh", serving the immortal dual Emperors (Gork and Mork).

>> No.16656614

People. On the internet.
Sources don't get more reliable than that!

>> No.16656621

"Dat wuz no spooky gensteala! It wuz dis nekron git all along!"
+++ Curses be with these green-skinned abominations.+++

>> No.16656653

>Hate Tau

He had the Ultramarines treat them with respect and honour. It's like when people claim he'll fuck Necrons over even though every time they've showed up in one of his codexes they've raped face.

>> No.16656681

Allowing them to live knowing they'll not be Ultramarines is a fate worse than death.

>> No.16656747

I for one think that this fluff sounds like legitimately the best re-imagining of a mediocre-fluff army that Games Workshop has ever written. The one thing that the Necrons have lacked for doing anything is motivation. Their motivation was just to kill people, which is fine -- but we now we know WHY they kill people.

Some people do play team campaigns. Now we have fluff based reasons why Necrons would be able to ally with both Imperium and Xenos forces. Now we have fluff based reasons why they would be able to fight other Necrons.

So, hipsters gonna hip. It's cool to hate things on the Internet.

>> No.16656757

I've heard Matt Ward is actually very nice and he likes the game setting as much as /tg/ does.

>> No.16656770

Yeah, it was a great team-up, Ward provided the fluff nerfs and Cruddace the rules nerfs.

>> No.16656776

Hating Ward doesn't make you a hipster. Saying you love his work, when the majority of the player-base says otherwise, is more of a 'hipster' attitude. Especially since it sets the person up to claim they liked his work before he redeemed himself.

>> No.16656786


That I can concur with. At the same time, credit where credit is due: if this codex is anything to go by, he seems to have improved quite a bit.

>> No.16656787 [DELETED] 


But the new sisters fluff is good, since it's all 2nd edition reworded by Ward.

You know, like all his other fluff.

>> No.16656789

I for the most like the new cron fluff. The only thing I will miss is the C'Tan being a nigh omnipotent menace. I really wanted the crons to feel like a godtier Cthulhuesque incomprehensible alien threat on par with Chaos or the nids. This new fluff seems to water down the crons into ork/eldar tier.

>> No.16656796

Well... it wouldn't be fair to say that he hates everything but SM, since he also hates Black Templars and Space Wolves.

>> No.16656801 [DELETED] 


He was always good, and always will be good. /tg/ are butthurt they aren't paid for doing his job, is all.

If /tg/ played games, they'd know he makes the most interesting, flexible, and outright long-lasting books, too.

>> No.16656803

So the Blood Angels and Necron alliance is now OK?

That's good to hear. I always loved that part.

>> No.16656804


Perhaps: at the same time, they still finished science and then committed mass deicide.

>> No.16656805


I'd presonally disagree there. I didn't like what was done with St Praxares. She went from 'Bested a Hive Tyrant and held back a nid invasion with clever tactics' to 'died to hive Tryant, only the priests got out, was never made a saint'

Kinda irksome. Not huge but I really liked the old story, it was heroic and cool.

>> No.16656808


Outside the typical "they can totally beat everyone if they were so inclined" (which is the sort of fluff Orks have too) in their codex, Necrons in 3e were never portrayed as big a threat as Chaos (Space Marines), or the Tyranid Hive Fleets.

Chaos and Tyranids have been the biggest threat to the Imperium since 2e, and little has changed that.

>> No.16656810

> finished science and then committed mass deicide.

The true goal of all science.

>> No.16656812 [DELETED] 


That never happened in 2nd edition, and the whole goal was to get rid of Gav, so of course it got left out.

It's also maybe - MAYBE! - an A4 in total of fluff for them. He couldn't fit in everything.

>> No.16656834

>Necrons going from tools of the laughing and thirsting gods that devour souls and suns
>faceless legions of death, making no sound, only going onwards to crush all life

God damn you.

>> No.16656835

I never thought that it was especially justified to hate Ward.

Raging about 40k fluff is equal to going full retarded and the Space Marines book (and 5th edition in general) was at least in my opinion a huge improvement over 4th edition. Ward doesn't create as many uber lackluster units as other codex designers so it is easier to create a fluffy army that you can actually play.

>> No.16656842


Actually, she was from the 2nd Edition Codex: Sisters of Battle. So yeah, that's 2nd ed fluff.

And really 'Beat hive tyrant, was never sighted dead before contact was lost' and 'died to hive tyrant' is a pretty hefty turnaround.

>> No.16656849

Reworded indeed.

>> No.16656855

>Now that the Necrons have reawakened in the 41st millennium, their goal is no longer to 'harvest' souls for the C'Tan (the C'Tan shards are now their slaves) as it was in the old book, but rather to reestablish the great Necron empire that spanned the galaxy before the war with the Old Ones began. However, the overall hierarchy of the Necron people is gone for the most part, leaving each individual Empire to once again rule for itself. This means each Tomb World (or cluster of Necron worlds) is essentially a separate little empire to itself, with a full backstory and idiosyncrasies. While Necron warriors are pretty much just automatons and Immortals not too much better, every other higher Necron being is now much more like an actual person, as their essence is simply trapped inside a metal body.
So there is lots of crazy nuance to Necron culture that was never present before. The codex now has plenty of 'quote' boxes featuring memorable quotes from Necron Lords like other races have in their books.
Its like im really on fanfiction.net

>> No.16656858

Oh boy, just imagine:
During a battle between orks and necrons the necron overlord gets hit with a stone and breaks down.
Then when he reboots he thinks he's an ork, because he runs on windows.
Now the overlord kills the warboss and orders his boys to kill off the necron, for they are not green.

>> No.16656860

More awesome fluff from the codex.

>> No.16656863

Saint Praxedes went from Guerrilla nun saving thousands of civilians to dying like a bitch at the hands of a Big Cheese tynannid just to save some cardinal and his cock suckers.

>> No.16656871

The whole "martyr" thing should be enough to safely say Praxedes is dead to the Imperium except maybe some conspiracy theorists.

>> No.16656873


I really liked the Guerrilla part of her old fluff. It showed the SOB could be smart and hey, I was always hoping she'd turn up as SOB-Marbo.

>> No.16656878

Gav's fluff was good though. If Ward's mission was to change it, then's he's a bad author.

>> No.16656880

>Ding dong the witch is dead.

Chaos has some real leadership issues. Night Lord invasion fails because their leader is strangled with a root and now this.

>> No.16656884

I read it differently. The Imperium does not fully grasp the scale of the threat that the Necron represent, being pre-occupied with current threats. The old fluff had an ominous "awakening" of a unfathomable foe that won the War in Heaven, a foe that frightened even the Eldar. What happens when all these Necrons awake? What can stop them from culling the herds of the living?

This is of course academic now, this fluff is as obsolete as the farting marines fluff

>> No.16656886

There's a writeup somewhere where a Necron Lord got looted by Orks.

>> No.16656891


You should see what happens to their castles when the lord is killed.

>> No.16656894

You all do understand that the fluff is designed to support game scenarios where events like that might actually happen, right? And in some cases, did happen?

>> No.16656901


>Gav fluff

According to Gav, Chaos Space Marines believe that they are themselves pure evil, and Imperium is good.

He also changed Eldar fluff to a pile of puns and hurpaderp snootiness so that it resembles a bad Captain Planet season more than its previous incarnation.

>> No.16656914

You are all overlooking the most important question of all: IS PHASE OUT GONE?

>> No.16656915

We're talking about Sisters of Battle here, doofus.

>> No.16656921 [DELETED] 


So, uh, let's see if I got this right.
You hate Ward because he added to the fight,and left out the 'martyred ETERNALLY!!!!!!!!' part?

Because it does, since she's referred to as a martyr in both pieces.

You're on full retard mode.

>> No.16656925

>>16656901 hurpaderp snootiness

So he turned them into High Elves in space. How terrible. Ward turning Necrons into Tomb Kings in space was a genius move however.

>> No.16656926


The Imperium will beat them of course.

They did face and overcome their mustache-twirling bosses, and it was not armies that did it, but lost Space Marines or techpriests. Black Templars defeated Necron horde offscreen, and the Necron role in Medusa V campaign was a sideplot while Chaos firmly had the main adversary role. Campaign ended up with Necrons achieving nothing and Deceiver ranting to his minions how they have failed him and how he has more evil to commit elsewhere but he'll totally come back to punish them for reals.

>> No.16656944

Fuck this new shit sounds terrible. As a Necron player, im pissed, why you gotta fuck with the Necrons ward? Why couldn't you just keep fucking up the Ultras?

Im going to ignore this and put it in the shit pile, just like that whole "It was a guardsman, NO IT WAS A SPACE MARINE, NO IT WAS A CUSTODE!"

>> No.16656947

1. In the old fluff the Sisters saved thousands of people, in the new fluff they save a priest and his entourage.
2. In the old fluff the Sisters kep fighting the Tyranids even further to save even more civilians, sacrificing themselves for their goal.

>> No.16656948 [DELETED] 


>What can stop them from culling the herds of the living?

Anything with initiative 3 or more, and at least 2 base attacks.

>> No.16656952

A point that only reinforces my hatred of IGfanboys

>> No.16656953

>, but rather to reestablish the great Necron empire that spanned the galaxy before the war with the Old Ones began.
Great empire? How do you make a great galactic empire when your ships can't FTL? I mean, that was literally the only thing that let the Old Ones push the Necrontyr back to their homeworld/system, and one of the big boons of discovering the C'Tan.
Man, this book is going to be really different. Hopefully they don't just recycle all the (admittedly cool) 3rd edition art and make a lot of new stuff.

>> No.16656969


No, the dislike is the idea that it was changed from 'Beat Hive Tyrant and then led guerrilla war against the nids, saving thousands' to 'Died against hive tyrant, only the priests got out.'

It's about seriously knocking down her accomplishments.

>> No.16656971


There's nothing that implies Necrontyr got their FTL from the C'tan.

They had an interstellar empire and could wage interstellar war amongst themselves (as the new fluff says) and against the Old Ones. This implies they indeed had FTL.

>> No.16656981 [DELETED] 


But she's there to protect the priest, and she does just that. She even kills the hive tyrant in honorable combat.

It's like you're ignoring that the Ward part is set completely on her and the hvie tyrant, instead of giving an overview about how all the 59592 guardsmen got away.

It even includes an epic 'last strike before death'-piece.

What happened here is, Ward improved something, and you hate him for it, because he didn't mention all the supporting cast members that were rescued as a result of the character's actions, and you even have the balls to say it's worse, despite focusing ON THE CHARACTER.

>No, /tg. You are the dreadknight.

>> No.16656992


Both the Necrontyr and C'tan had empires. C'tan Empire was called an "empire of destruction", just like Decepticon Empire is sometimes called.

As for its leader:

>The term "Emperor of Destruction" refers to the highest-ranking member of the Decepticon, Predacon or Vehicon military. The Emperor of Destruction is the Supreme Commander of the entire race, bowing to no higher authority.

>> No.16657001


How is it improved? The combat was changed from 'beat' to 'mutual kills' and yes, it does not focus on the battle nearly enough.

You are bitching that 'It's much better to hear how the character got herself killed than to know she accomplished something'

>> No.16657016 [DELETED] 

Sisterfags, there was a point in time I felt sorry for you, but now, after being told Wardian fluff is worse than old fluff 'because it focuses too much on this character, and makes her heroic, but doesn't talk about the civilians saved, duh!' I believe in a new thing.

That you deserve Cruddace for at least 4 more years.
May you all have died out by then, so none of your tainted thoughts are ever carried by the new generation of warhams players.

>> No.16657018


Actually, if you look at the original, she was there to protect the Spaceport, not the church. It's a complete change of circumstances.

>> No.16657034

Ward's text only mentions rescued priests, I guess saving a handfull of priests was a more important achievement than saving thousands of civilians.

>> No.16657039 [DELETED] 


Let's hope one of the new guys are styled up to be Starscream.


>> No.16657053


And you are telling us it's better to hear 'Yep, that victory? It's now both people dying! And that battle at the spaceport? It's now a church! And that Guerrilla war? Never happened!'

It's like saying 'Yeah, Sanquinius actually fought a Chaos captain and they both died, and it was on a space ship' with the battle of Terra. It's completely changing the situation, to it's detriment.

>> No.16657062

>Please ward, more space marine dick in my ass please.

Jesus christ, are you American or something? can you not tell that the fluff was downgraded in that instance?

She went from a noble SAINT who lead a strike against the Tyranids, saving thousands, to being a useless footnote who dies fighting a single tyrant to save a few priests.

Now compare the 4th edition Honor guard to the 5th edition ones in the Space marine codex.

They went from Ultramarines veterens whom the Chapter master trusts to being fucking demi-gods who never loose.

>> No.16657067

Dying to save some priests isn't as heroic as dying to save thousands of civilians.

>> No.16657190


How many priests were there?

The Imperium is a theocracy and they were fighting on a shrine world. There could have been literally tens of thousands of priests who were evacuated.

>> No.16657228

>And that Guerrilla war? Never happened!

Well that never happened anyway.

>> No.16657252


"Leading her small armies in a Guerrilla war against the armies of the Hive Mind"

I'd say it did.

>> No.16657262

>Dying to save some priests isn't as heroic as dying to save thousands of civilians.
It's even more heroic you silly fat neckbeard virgin

>> No.16657263

The SoB is the militant arm of the church. Defending the clergy and smiting heretics is their raison d'être.

Notice I said nothing about protecting civilians and spaceports.

>> No.16657371

Not really. It's just kind of stupid. I mean, it's what they're supposed to do. It's like saying it would have been more heroic of Forrest Gump to leave lieutenant Dan and follow orders than rescuing him.

>> No.16657401


>> No.16657414


>> No.16657426

meh...well...i kinda start to dig the necrons having different personalities

>> No.16657437

So, do they want Necrons to become a MMO race?

>> No.16657445

That would be a good fucking reason.

>> No.16658041

I'd actually play DMO if I could be Necron.

>> No.16659079

I think I might start a necron army when the new release arrives.

Also those C'tan shard things sound like a great opportunity for crazy conversions.

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