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Kill Astartes general.

This thread is dedicated to the Emprah's Sues getting their shit kicked in.

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Shas'la, just because you suffered defeat does not mean you must mock your opponents from behind their backs.

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Indeed, filthy Xenos, why not have a nice, relaxing cup of coffee?

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I like necrons....

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I concur with our brother, here. We must always appreciate our opponents; the humans are unaware of the full truth of the Greater Good, and their armored soldiers are the most indoctrinated against it. Though we fight them, we must remember they are our foes; nothing more, nothing less, and always deserving of our respect.

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Like hell

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Doesn't make sense what you just said. But I can say for certain, I for one am finally satisfied seeing those damned corpse fetishist Gue'la being shown this galaxy isn't theirs alone. Seeing their teeth kicked in for once is poetic justice. Let's see those battle records!

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>>People want to see Marines get their asses kicked
>>It's all Ultrasmurfs.
I wonder what this means.

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Rather ironic that your image contains one of the biggest sue characters ever conceived.

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Isn't that basically a sue killing sues?

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You mean a giant faggoty sue killing lesser mild sues.

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Suddenly I feel grateful that 40k is only cartoony grimdark and not actually depressing. Truly, it is a fine line they walk.

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You all just jelly of our spiritual liege.

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Just who is that fucker anyways? seen him in several pics floating arounds

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The mary sue of this guy.
No, I'm not joking.

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Just when I thought I had nothing left to laugh at.

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That guy seems to have a really punchable face

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rolled 7 = 7

Relax it was a disarm attack. The idiot Templar, like you, is so worried about the Purity seal that he /drops his gun/

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Full version.

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It's located between the Anus of Chaos and the Scrotum of Chaos.

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>likes playing warhammer

It all makes sense now.

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rolled 7 = 7

>Operating System: Windows XP
Why is that listed there? Is XP the grimdarkest of OS's to run off of?

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>Favorite Writers

>A. Hitler

Mein Kampf wasn't even a good book...

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You're thinking of THE Hitler. His favorite writer is A Hitler.

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You do realize that that is EXACTLY the way they are portrayed from their enemies' perspective, right?
Read the Ultramarines series some time.

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chaos are such fags that they have ponytails HA!

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rolled 12 = 12

What was Hitlers first name.

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>Favorite Book: Dune

Well...at least he has SOME taste

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I've read the whole Ultramarine series and I never got a negative vibe like that for them

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>The Joke

>Your head

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That bit from the perspective of the traitor guard fighting for whatshisface.
You know, describing the monstrous giants viciously slaughtering all of his comrades and then getting slain by a horrible monster in a skull mask.

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He wrote more than just that one. He wrote several pirate novels in the 70's after that he mostly wrote detective stories about a guy who thought he was a glass of milk.

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I don't think that is a space marine, the armour is way too different and he looks like a midget when compared to the chaos space marine.

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>>Reading Warhammer novels

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Could be a scout

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To be honest with you when I read that part all I was thinking was "Ha-ha-ha fuck yeah"

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There's a few genuinely good ones. Storm of Iron springs to mind.

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Your Scott Pilgrim image gives it away. Sorry

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Storm of Iron was one of my first, and favorite novels.

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and anything by Abnett

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But that's the vibe.
It was written specifically to show you how ordinary men see these massive superhuman killing machines.

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I have a soft spot for it, just because I'm a massive Iron Warriors fanboy, starting with that novel. I read a few Chaos-centric books to work out which Legion to play, and SoI sold me at the scene where they use prisoners to find gun emplacements.

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Also Ciaphas Cain.

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Well okay then. If you say so.

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Scouts should be 7ft tall and they don't wear power armour, this looks like a normal human in power armour.

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And Graham McNeil
And Aaron Dembski-Bowden

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>That one female guards woman who's name escapes me.

>Dem trucks.

Now I need to read it again >:|

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You just have to read it from an outside point of view.
If you're rooting for the Ultras, of course you'll just think "fuck year".
Hell, Dead Men Walking has Krieg Grenadiers mistaken for new kinds of Necrons initially. That part was written to ALSO show you how an outside observer will see them.

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Truly this disgraces space marine will never be able to face his peers.

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Goddamnit it took only 1 hour for this completely unrelated thread to turn into "Dan Abnett rape the fluff, guise!".

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It's not the Marine talking.
It's the bolt pistol.
The Marine is stone dead.

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Honsou is a magnificent bastard.

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Squad broken = faggot marines getting raped like the faggots they are

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Are you saying he does not?
Besides, you came up with that on your own.
His books are not good.

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But they are good.

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But... that didn't happen. That anon's argument might just be that there are millions of better books to read than any tie-in novels.

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In my opinion they are good

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That's WARSMITH Honsou to you!

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Not more than any other BL writer or codex writer. So no, he really doesn't.

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Go fuck yourself, halfbreed.

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...negative vibe?

It's not like they're slaughtering those Guardsmen for the lulz. Or did people not notice the guy kneeling in front of the book, the dude with a chaos rune on his face, the man gleefully attempting to self-sacrifice,, or the fucking Ultramarine head on a spike?!

Dark and gritty, sure. Cleansing heretics isn't clean. But I'm not sure how this is supposed to make the ULTRAS look bad, here.

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I guess you would know, Blood Raven.

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There are far better BL books.
Most are also actually set in the Warhammer universe.

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Can we have some pictures of spess mehreens, paticulary Spess wulves begin killed off?
Especially the Space yiffs beign horribly slaughtered is hard to find.

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>There are far better BL books

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why is that guardsman so big

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Look at all these gifts just lying around!

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Provide some examples of fluff raping by Abnett. Other than "I dunno I don't get the 40k feel, so I guess that's it". Something that's not extremely vague and can't be applied to most 40k materials.

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But thats not what I meant.

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>thread abut heresy
Earlier poster here. I just meant that one looks... nasty. Normally there's a certain cartoony over-the-topness to things. Don't know about the novels, haven't and wouldn't read them.

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>THE Hitler
>A Hitler

Gave me a good hearty laughter. I luv u guise.

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Too bad.

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Okay then. I guess you don't want to explain.

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Tiny warp-capable ships, "burning out" blanks, Guardsmen having to adjust for wind while firing lasguns (I WISH I was making that up).

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It's DoW. Fire Warriors annihilate marines, lord metal boxes, terminators get raped by kroots, Von Stubbs sends 100 baneblades to Cadia, but makes more on the spot. Enormous guardsmen are the last of your concerns.

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and they said /tg could not be trolled

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Explain what? That Abnett is a comic writer first and foremost, so isn't very good with novels?

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>Guardsmen having to adjust for wind while firing lasguns (I WISH I was making that up).
Where is that from?

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No. Not that.

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/tg/'s anti-trolling brigade was taken out by insane mods who were brought in by shitspammers.

That's why you have shitspammers, mods, and no one who can't be trolled.

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And any of these is worse than any modern codex how?

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He's asking you for recommendations, you silly fuck.

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>>and they said /tg could not be trolled
Where did you get that idea?
Didn't you know that /tg/ is also short for "troll grounds"?

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>Guardsmen having to adjust for wind while firing lasguns


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rolled 6 = 6

It was a grimdark wind. If he didn't adjust the Laser would have diffused and hit the ground early.

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Graham McNeill is pretty good.
I liked Pawns of Chaos, your opinion may vary.
Dead Men Walking was awesome.
Those are all books/authors superior to Abnett.

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This is probably in the days when they fired lasbullets. Them firing lasers was only formalized fairly recently. Don't take it so seriously.

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If I recall, Gaunt's Ghosts.

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>Abnett, despite creating most of the fluff, ruined it!


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Abnett takes a crazy universe of grimdark fun and makes tedious warporn about WW1-ish sci-fi men killing each other in trenches all day, essentially.

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I know. It's so stupid that it fucks with the laws of physics as well as W40K fluff, seeing as lasguns are energy based weapons.

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But... that's what IG essentially is.

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>complaining about violations of physics
>40,000 AD

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The IG has flavor. His do not.

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That's very vague. I've read 5 of these, and there is like 10 more as far as I know. Not that I don't believe you, I just never heard of that before and it seems fucking stupid even by 40k standards.

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If you try to say Death Korps is flavourful compared to the Tanith, get AIDS and die.

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Oh ok, lasbullets it is then.

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Hey guys I heard you where trolling lol

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He inspired the current IG portrayal, you fuck.

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my brain hurts.

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I never did.
And as a matter of fact, the Death Korps are insane fanatics. That in itself is more flavor than "21st century in outlook spacemen".

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I smell a troll

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Right, there are a lot of them.
Which is why I remember the exact book and page number. It was a longlas, is what I know.

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A guardsman out stealthing a fucking Mandrake.

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>It was a longlas, is what I know.

>A sniper, compensating for external factors before taking a shot.

I bet you're the kind that gets pissed during LOTR when the Ringwraiths didn't pull dice out and roll to hit before stabbing Frodo.

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Shhh, they are bullets propelled by repulsive lasers.

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He didn't outstealth.

He outsmarted the Mandrake.

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But do you need to compensate for external factors when you're firing lasers?

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What book is that from?

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Oh great, you're one of these people that get mad whenever there is a mention of Avatar getting killed in the fluff. Eldar get killed by other races all the time, that's completely normal, deal with it.

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Wait what?

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"Outsmarting it" in the singular occupation it had been doing for thousands of years. In a culture were you slip up slightly, once, you're dead.

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Saint Sabbat, iirc.

Book 7 in the whole Ghosts Series.

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A Slaanesh chaos lord died during some... activities...
A cucumber can do dreadful things to your insides if your not careful..

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Ain't the Guard's fault that the Delfdar are fucktarded.

>Implying the Ghosts weren't veterans by this point.

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Whos the guy who keeps dumping? You do know that you're just showing that you're butpurged right?

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Seriously if you need someone to explain to you why underdog hero in a fucking s-f novel outsmarts and kills a more powerful opponent, you're retarded.

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Loyalist Emperor's Children killing the Black Legion?

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>Laws of physics change over time

>> No.16642933

Foresight, mortal. Foresight.

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Not actually Im dumping because Im bored. Also I'm big marine fan and have twice as much pictures of Xenos and Heretics getting purged but I figured since a lot of /tg/ want to see marines getting stomped why not give them what they want?

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>Implying that a trope makes it any less full retard

>> No.16642945

My apologies. Boredom is always an acceptable reason.

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You're not even trying any more.

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> Solider to solider, the pious sisters of battle are no match to the space marines.

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are these connected?

where find more?

>> No.16643008

Damnation Crusade (Comic)

Search for it in /rs/. You should find it there.

>> No.16643032

I know, I meant the edited version

>> No.16643044

Oh...eerm..nope just found those while lurking /tg/.

>> No.16643094

have you noticed the shape of that explosion is the shape of the U.K...

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