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Do you prefer DM or GM?

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DM is really only applicable to Dungeons And Dragons, every other game I have ever seen uses Game Master.

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before actually getting into RPGs I learnt it as DM so I find myself saying DM 90% of the time even though I think its stupid to call them that in any game that doesn't involve dungeons.

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I'm a rebel like that.

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D&D? DM. Anything else? Its specific title, but otherwise, GM.

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The only time I use the term DM outside of D&D/Pathfinder is when I'm describing a /d/M.

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Both, DM is easier to say, but "Game master" sounds better in public spelled out

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But GMs are nothing but cannon-fodder.

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rolled 971 = 971

pretty much this, I'm used to calling it dm.
also st is hipster pretentious bullshit

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Ah, but what KIND of dungeons?
>So it's come to pass that you've been captoord for Khayos! I shall elaborate...

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Agree totally. I keep trying to use GM but often revert when I'm not paying attention.

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Tend to default to DM, but if I'm expressly talking about a specific system, I'll use the relevant title for that system.

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I prefer to stop my shitty hijinks webcomic in favor of writing the most atrocious guro shit.

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Dungeon Master is trademarked, that's why most use GM.
And I philosophically object to the term 'storyTELLER' to describe a role in a cooperative narrative.

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Psh, that's so last year.

Imagination Conductor is the new hotness.

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DM. I've been calling it that way since I was 9.
Sometimes I slip, and then it feels weird.

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That sounds like the role is best played by George Carlin...

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I don't think a dead person would make a very good IC.

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The fuck is ST

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One letter away from an embarrassing problem.

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And so are the Ghespenst put they're awesome.

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Give us the guro OP, we know it's on the next page.

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Story Teller, it's the term White Wolf uses for their games because they all use a variant of White Wolf's Story Teller system.

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Thank you

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Our group started in D&D then moved to Dark Heresy. We joking use GDM for "grim dark master".

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Oh man, this guy does the Angel Corps stuff.

I love that shit.

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I use GM except for games which have dungeon-crawling elements. I often slip up and use it in other games, though, because D&D was what I played first and I'm sued to it.

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>smart acid
More like a caustic base and the Professor is pissing himself with laughter that Abrahms believed him, amirite?

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GM, a lot of my games have nothing to do with dungeons, and DM has connotations of rollplay, which I am not all that interested in.

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More than likely.

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>go to site
>read comic
>hot girls
>aw yeee nigga
>getting killed and impaled
>broken bones
>broken neck
>then fucked

Im feeling sick

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He didn't used to draw only guro porn, that pic is from when he didn't.

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Don't forget the zoom in shot where they shit and piss themselves.

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SM. Story Master. He doesn't tell all the story, he doesn't control the game (unless he writes his own set of rules), but he fucking controls the story.

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My exact reaction. What the shit.

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Adventure Link Fabricator

Or ALF for short.

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Go here: http://g.e-hentai.org/g/365087/db40b6f7c4/

Probably the one and ONLY story from the series where the girl actually survives without injury.

But yeah the rest are just a chain of death scenes that seem to follow the Aeon Flux model, where they come back in later stories to die in different ways.

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>my face when they get killed and fucked

And here I was thinking it would be just another boring porn comic.

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Worldbearer. Because that's what you do.

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>kill squads are already en route

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Its done by scribblekid?
His arts really improved since i last saw it.

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Oh hey, it's that guy that did Chugworth Academy. I thought he got arrested for the underage porn he was drawing.
Now he's doing guro porn? Huh. Dude has bills to pay, I guess.

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That stuff is old, I think. I dunno what he's doing now.

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I go by Starosta.

Glorious szlachta master race.

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Didn't take long to find out what skribblekid is up to.
"spiky box" looks like a thinly-veiled /d/ comic. dismemberment, choking, splooshing, transformations, all on girls that wear bathing suits that magically go between boobs instead of going across, and wearing high heels in hand-to-hand combat.

To answer OP: I use DM, GM, Director and Narrator interchangably. I sometimes use the term "Referee."

I make a point of avoiding "Storyteller," because that's suggests I'm the only one at the table who is telling the story; that's dismissing the contribution of the other players at the table.

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He also sent his henchman out over a fucking river of acid without any protective equipment or breathing apparatus, so i'd say it's a given this is fucking with a grunt, yes.

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the GM is the precursor to the Jegan.
There has never been a better Mass Produced mobile suit.

There might have been, if the Big Zam had been mass produced. But that never happened.

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Or alternatively "Meister".

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I say DM for D&D, ST for WoD, any specific names given by the specific games if there are any... but I say GM if I'm speaking generally or if the specific game to which I'm referring doesn't have a unique term.

I thought that was how everyone did it.

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DM, GM, I'm the guy with the hat.

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