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Hey /tg/,

Which Chaos God do you think your most susceptible to?

Mine probably be Nurgle.

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slaneesh or tzeentch. everyone is is susceptible to tzeentch really

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Tzeentch, cuz this.

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No, really.
Lifetime depressive: Nurgle.
Sudden fits of Rage: Khorne.
Urge to Burn Civilization: Tzeentch, barely.
Wank, eat, troll, Dark Souls: Slaanesh.

Hard to pick.

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The one with all the hot and kinky sex.

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zeech, all day, every day

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The blood god silly.

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I would definitely fall to Slaanesh.

As it is I spend every penny I can get on fancy clothes, art, and expensive wine. I went a week without proper food last month so I could settle up my bill with the tailor. I probably go through fifty grand a year in luxuries.

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Chaos Undivided.

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nurgle, because chronic depression

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Nurgle or Slaanesh.
Fear of death, sloth and gluttony play into Nurgle's hands.
But what i consider to be my nobler trait drive me towards Slaanesh: my passion for arts and perfection. Also, kinky sex...

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Slaanesh. I'm hedonistic as fuck and into all kinds of kinky sex. Trying to live my life to the fullest is pretty much my life's goal.

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I'm perverted and take secret pleasure in pain/grief.

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I go straight in to demonhood, I got love.

I don't mind the side effects because of the benefits.

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The god of apathy and obscurity.

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Nurgle due to loneliness, dislike of change, thinking infections are cool, and just wanting to be hugged sometimes; also splashes of Khorne for anger issues and an occasional desire to rip someone's spine out.

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Look at all these Slaaneshi, it's like a buffet for my knife.

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Tzeentch. Moving all the time, constant change in my lifestyle and always looking into new things, plus a hint of Just as Planned.

I'd say Khorne, but not nearly enough rage in my life to do so.

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Tzeentch. Why? Since I am an aspiring Magnificent Bastard, and yes, I know I will probably fail horribly, but I will at least try. Also hope, hope errywhere in this.

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Not enough rage! Well I just have to end this horrible life your living.

Wait, before I kill you. Can you tell a little red khornate like me if you are an Inquisitor named Librarian or a Inquisitorial Librarian?

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Neither. My name is Inquisitorial R. Librarian, son of Anna and Mark Librarian, named after my maternal grandfather, Inquisitorial Roberts. People keep thinking I have something to do with the Inquisition, for some reason.

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"You've probably never heard of him before."

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You're name is Imposter, is what is. Although I never expected to see someone masquerade as me.

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Slaanesh. I tend towards addictive obsession about anything and everything that takes my fancy. It's an easy foothold for Slaanesh. It's all about ME and MY accomplishments and what I have done and the love of MY god. It's not a natural way for me to go... but if a god like Slaanesh came along offering me not just rewards but high praise and treating me like I was it's favoured.... I would quickly fall into the trap of obsessive devotion. I would become a slave to my desire to be praised.

Where Khorne is about YOU and how much I HATE YOU and fuck other people! ALL OF MY RAGE! KHORNE HELPS ME DEAL WITH YOU FUCKING BASTARDS! AHHHHH! That's not me. I don't get angry.

Tzeentch's comes in as a close second. But again I would be taken to obsessive levels for the purpose of, not so much changing the world to how I want it, simply doing it for other peoples praise... which is more Slaaneshi

Nurgle doesn't really fit. I don't tend towards depression and I can't leave stuff alone.

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That's what you get for not using a secure tripcode, bub.

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Neither of you are me, I'm me.

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OP here.

I didn't really mean pick and choose like some have done. Chaos is all about temptation and corruption. If I could choose I'd go for Undivided, but I feel Nurgle would be hardest to resist.

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Considering the amount of hate that Tripcodes generate with certain people, I figured why bother. Just goes to show I suppose.

As for you...

The name orginated when I archived the stories from this thread: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/16402139/#16426989

And then reposted them here: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/16435335/
...using the name Inquisitorial Librarian. I kept the name, and moved on.

Now, I suspect that the people running around with my name are doing it for kicks. Five bucks says that there will be at least four by the end of the thread.

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When I do something I learn slow, but I learn completly. I want to understand and know EVERY ASPECT of something. Find every possible outcome. When I play a game with multiple endings, I play till I hear EVERY line of dialogue every, ending, every possibility.
Even my plotting despair and blood-lust fall into slaanesh territory, because of my natural tenancies to simply try to one up myself. Those assholes I hate at work, I think better and better ways to fuck with them. The days thats suck, they are the ONLY thing I care about, when I want to kill something I aim for the throat. When I write I write to improve my style.

Repition, persistence, nd blind stubornness. All I want is to achive more and more. Yes I can feel the sensation now. I feel the warp overtaking me!

BUUT I'm lazy and stubborn so I'd probably never fall to chaos.

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I can't tell you how much I scheme and plot, I'm like an Archon

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Whoops. Meant for that first link to be to >>16633544

Somehow, I manage to screw up links at least once a day it seems...

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>being susceptible to the ruinous powers

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tzeentch first, slaanesh second, khorne 3rd, nurgle last. The dickery of tzeentch seems cool, the dickings with slaanesh, the being a dick of khorne then not washing your dick with nurgle. Not particularly hard choice

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Papa Nurgle loves us all.

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If GW sold them I would actually buy hoodies with the Chaos Gods symbols

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Undivided because
>Nurgle-Depression and sorrow
>Khorne-Because the best way to perpetuate my suffering is releasing it through bursts of manic rage
>Slaanesh-Because fapping errday
>Tzeentch-Because ftfy im gonna rape your mind

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I'd say Khorne.
My dreams are often filled of bloodshed and me lopping off heads. I have a bad temper and I enjoy yelling.

Also Khorne seems like the most fun. Running around with your bros and daemon bros, yelling and killing No fear on or off the battlefield. Acquiring skulls and depositing them.

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I swear they already do?

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Same, he's pretty damn cool. I wish they would do a little more with him.

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slaanesh. there is simply no doubt about it


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Either Tzeentch, because I move alot. Constantly trying to learn and try new things, and have a lot of rapid changes in my life.
Or Slaanesh, because I'm overly flirty, love loud music and all the pleasures I can obtain from life.

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I like Tzeentch, but I'm kind of resistant to change. I do hate being in limbo but I also hate being in the constant state of crisis I find myself in.

I'd say Slaanesh, then Tzeentch or Nurgle, then whichever of those two wasn't first, and khorne last. I really do not get mad that often, whereas I'm very much someone of decadence for Slaanesh.

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''Will you be joining us soon, brother?''

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Angry all day. Everyday.

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Isn't that also honouring the minor chaos gods like that one who doesn't believe in his existence.

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I...I'am...Leandros...of the...Ulta...Ultra....arghhh...Blood Ravens!

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Khorne. My hate and rage sustain me.

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I'm always planning everything. Always.

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Probably Nurgle, which is ironic because Nurgle is my least favorite chaos god.

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I'm all Star Child motherfucker.

Didn't expect now did you sonny boy?

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Knowledge is power. guard it well.

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Seems more tzeentch to me, with abit of khorne rather then slaanesh

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Great, now they steal Space Marines.

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The only one that is a real chaos god.

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''Good Good''

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Tzeentch is my favorite, but I'm retarded, and I don't like change.

So, probably Slaanesh because every day I'm fappenin, or Khorn because I wouldn't care about much other than killan and angryan.

I don't like Nurgle. Something about the fact that I couldn't live with so many diseases, even if it meant I lived forever.

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Blood blood blood blood blood blood blood blood!

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Sorry brothers i was swept up in the moment... Truly Khorne is the only option

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You can have your ever changing "magic" after you get my axe to your head!

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Just has planned

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I wouldn't consider myself likely to fall to chaos - I'm too "noble" and no chaos god calls out to me. Tzeentch represents me at least partially, although the constant change part doesn't suit me.

But, if everything good or righteous about me was removed, as well as fear of consequence or any trace of reason - leaving only raw feelings. It would be Malal; cause fuck chaos.

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Man, I miss the days when she writefagged here.

Whatever happened to Xiombarg, anyway? Did she finally die from that lingering disease or what?

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Planned lambs to the slaughter!

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Considering i likely have no choice of saying "no" to the gods, i'll go with Khorne, its better to die fighting than become a disgusting deformed titty monster with diarrhea.

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I'm consistently pissed off and would love to burn down a few houses or churches or what have you, and break some shit.
I was also diagnosed with clinical depression as a kid and get really sad and lazy sometimes.

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Clearly you are a servant of Khorne's will!

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Every living creature is puppet of Lord Tzeentch, including the rotten corpse of Terra and other fool gods

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>not dead by an axe of Khorne

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Slaneesh. I would honestly love to become some kind of eight-titted ten-holed sexlump. And if I can't have that, then I'd love to fuck someone unless until they are turned into an eight-titted ten-holed sexlump. But not before the spiked bondage gear gets put on of course. And a bit of playful flaying.

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"I'm a Nurgle worshipper!" = "I'm an unhygenic fuck who wallows in self-pity and I wish that I could be awesome despite being a failure."
"I'm a Tzeentch worshipper!" = "I'm a pseudo-intellectual who likes to pretend he's intelligent and witty when everyone actually looks down on him and sneers at him."
"I'm a Khorne worshipper!" = "I'm a manchild who constantly throw tantrums when he doesn't get what he wants and is nowhere near as tough as he pretends to be."
"I'm a Slaanesh worshipper!" = "I'm a gross fat fuck who sits in his room masturbating to strange alternative hentai and has yet to lose his virginity."

I probably fit Nurgle best, yeah.

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Do you play violent video games!? That is to worship Khorne!
Do you have thoughts of hurting something, That too worships his will!
Do you ever get angry. Be not afraid brother you are blessed by Khorne!

Give in, let the blood feast overcome you! Skulls.... to Khorne

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yes..... YES... dark fires consume us all!

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That's unfortunately an accurate description of most chaos fanatics. All most people seem to know about the chaos gods is what they immediately see. Excess? Slaanesh? What? Slaanesh is the god of sex, dude. Despair? Come on bro, Nurgle's the god of disease!

Pisses me right off.

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Khorne. It doesn't take much to work me up into a blind rage where I start punching walls. That and I almost always play the physical damage classes in any game.

A bit of Tzeentch. I have a thirst for information that often sees me browsing wikis and books for hours on end.

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Amen brother.
Pray to slaanesh for various animal and tentacle dicks, nipples and breasts that can be milked for alcoholic beverages or spray acid, and deep vaginas that can be impregnated and birth little creatures of nightmare.

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Papa Nurgle seems like the most accepting god out there so I'd probably join him. Being immune to all hurts and pains really does tempt me too.

Then again, I often rage in real life. In fact, I just finished screaming at my neighbors! FUK YO RULEZ! BLOOOD FER DA BLOOOD GOD! SKUULLZ FER DA SKUULLZ THRONE! LET DA GALAXY BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURN!

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Is compulsive eating Nurglite for the disgusting factor or Slaaneshi for the hedonism?

I guess the clincher is that there is also an oral fixation involved and lots of chewing on objects. Slaanesh it is.

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There's more to Slaanesh than tits and dongs, mang

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Purge yourself of the Changing Demon, succumb to the hatred you know in your heart!

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I have an affinity for Nurgle.

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Slaaneshi without a doubt.

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BROTHERS! I smell much treachery in this thread! We must PURGE these worshipers of weak chaos. Khorne demands homage, and always remember: your blood too shall serve!

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You can be a buffet for my knife, if you get me.*wink**hands on groin*

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It is impossible for me to fall from the Emperor's light.

To muse which form of Chaos scum I would become is heresy.

Thus, you are all heretics.

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The rules become so strictly enforced I don't bother writfagging here anymore. When you have to avoid even ~seeming~ like fapfiction in quests to avoid bans, there's no point in trying to write anything that I'd have any interest in writing. It's simply too graphic for the current roster of readers to enjoy apparently.

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File: 1.75 MB, 1175x1083, 40kWorldEatersMarine.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



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You hear his word of violence in your heart. Know that is Khornes whispers, nay his blessing. Do not fight it, allow it to become you.

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Forever doped up isn't as visually stimulating as boobs dicks and pussies. And any if the other excesses in life can be pushed to further excess with those.

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Khorne. Whenever I dream, I usually dream of being some sort of superpowered kill/rape machine. Throughout my life, I've always genuinely enjoyed the raw physicality of a good fight. And I tend to enter HATE KILL SHIT FUCK I WILL EAT YOUR SKIN mode whenever things get serious.

So, spending eternity as a unstoppable killmonster, feeling flesh tear between my fingers, grinding bones between my teeth, eating the eyes of young hopefulls? Yesplz.

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my body is ready!

though can we not kill the rubric marines?those guys are pretty chill and don't have any blood nor skulls anyway, and i doubt big K needs ashes for his ash pile.

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yes.... yes you could be KILLING THEM ALL INSTEAD. Think of all those women who have scoured you, all the sex you'll never have. LET THAT HATE CONSUME YOUR SOUL. BLOOOOOOOOOOD

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Simply because my ex turned out to be a Slaaneshi Sorceress who sexed me out of house and home and I want nothing more than to offer her skull to the Blood God.

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can they be hit with an axe!? if so CHOP UNTIL NOTHING REMAINS

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Slaanesh for sure.
I have a huge libido problem, and take pleasure in every inch of my shameful lustings.

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>you are now aware of the tzeentch symbol at the very center of the star.
>yfw just as planned

>> No.16634251

I'd fall for Tzeentch simply because of my lust for knowledge and secrets.

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>Not joining the Blood Pact with your Khornate bros and killing Imperial scum

Look at the good time these bros are having

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Slaanesh. I give in to pleasure far too easily, and I enjoy stimulating my senses.

>> No.16634263

I like the fact that she's probably not aware of what that Horror is actually doing to her. It just tickles, right?

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rolled 40 = 40

Well, I disdain most sorts of excess, Nurgle grosses me the fuck out in some deep ways.

So either Tzeentch would leap and manipulate my intelligence and pride to take me as he so often does to mortals,

Or if I was the one falling I'd fall to Khorne, as I so often just want to lash out and burn everything, ignoring the rules of society completely. With a bit of chaos corruption I'd be raging and killing and weeks at most.

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>> No.16634276


I like the fact that her ejaculating penis suggests otherwise.

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I present to you a squad of Imperial Guardsmen

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>Blood Pact
>Only one guy with mouth scars
Get the fuck back in the front rank before I have to discipline you with my chainsword you grox-sniffing pansies.

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Something many fans of Nurgle have convinced themselves of is that if you follow Nurgle, you will be immune to his plagues.
This is a blessing that is resurved for only his champions: the space marine, the arch heretic, and the fanatic. The old chaos codex states that Nurgle's followers often cried out for relief in their pain, and cursed Nurgle for the plagues they so ignorantly asked for, but their clamour is like the laughter of loving children to Nurgle.
Every death brings Nurgle closer to his goal, and if you cannot infect more than the average carrier, you too will parish with them.
Death is Nurgle's greatest gift, and he does not hesitate to give it.

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>showing a picture of Tzeentch's chaos star

You've been played by the greater chaos god, fool.

>> No.16634325


I got into a fistfight with my best friend for the sake of it once. And at least I would still be able to be see every moment as I would want it to be. In perfect crimson clarity.

>> No.16634328


Foul worshiper of Nurgle death in the product of Khrone! Nurgles realm is the what comes after death, the decay. LEARN YOU PLACE ROT GOD

>> No.16634338

undivided as well here

I mean - fuck i can't choose

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What is the chaos god of apathy?

>> No.16634347

Enjoy your sores.

>> No.16634355

Probably slaanesh, but not for the stereotypical reasons.

Normally you'd think I'd fit better with tzeentch, seeing as I'm a librarian and like bird-motifs and stuff, but there's just this near-sexual gratification that I get sometimes from having taken a completely disorganized row of books and returning them to glorious library of congress order. I used to just mark that up as some flavor of occupational OCD, but now that I'm thinking about it fits pretty well with slaneesh's desire to seek artistic perfection and stuff.

And I was an art major for a couple of wild and rather misguided years, so there's that too. ...And I have hung out here for a number of years, so you know that must have driven my over all sexual strangeness up a few notches.

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There was a thread about this a few days ago talking about how it's Costanza.

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>> No.16634383

Either Chaos Undivided, or Khorne because LET THE GALAXY BUUUUUUUUUURN!

>> No.16634388


He doesn't want them to die only be on the bring of death suffering with rot and disease... some just aren't worthy enough

>> No.16634403

I have no empathy, and I like to Just As Planned now and again where do I go?
But I also rage alot.

>> No.16634409

Khorne, because every day is a struggle not to bleed the ignorant masses

>> No.16634412



>> No.16634414
File: 61 KB, 400x439, prostate.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

slaanesh 100%

>> No.16634415

I will find the excerpt just for you, but Codex, Lost and Damned detailed that even those who burned plague treatment centers down were only worthy of prolonged life, they died from the plague like all others.

>> No.16634419

Probably Nurgle, possibly Tzeentch now. I've been trying to fix myself as a person, realizing that my laziness and my desire to drag others down to my level of misery is what's holding me back.

>> No.16634426
File: 48 KB, 690x605, 1307474518080.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.16634439

slaneesh, thought not because of the usual LOLCOCKS (thought not to be left out). I very much live to experience things and explore what the world and people are made of.

>> No.16634440

That's a pretty unimpressive cock, bro.

Slaanesh would not be pleased.

>> No.16634446

Tzeentch. Who doesn't want to stand in the shadows.


>> No.16634448
File: 145 KB, 924x860, 1318562837136.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Chaos Undivided.
>Jolly with an unnaturally strong immune system
>Strongly in favor of major societal changes, and the pursuit of knowledge and understanding as the prime goal of humanity
>Overindulgence in daily pleasures such as food, music and debauchery
>I get so fucking mad and I love being angry holy fuck
>I hate all of these things about myself
Come at me Abaddon. Its time I earn the full favor of the Chaos Gods.

>> No.16634465

>I've been trying to fix myself as a person, realizing that my laziness and my desire to drag others down to my level of misery is what's holding me back.

That sounds alot like Imperial Dogma to me...

>> No.16634476


yes REALIZE NOTHING CUT THEM ALL! Offers their skulls to Khorne!

>> No.16634477


I think this is my favourite piece of 40k art ever. It bridges the gap between the miniature line, which is all about the marquee powers in the galaxy, and the every day experience of all those billions of Chaos-tempted individuals on forgotten planets. It also helps that it doesn't fuck you in the face with DUDE I AM CHAOS but instead understates the Khorne symbolism and the basic "dude, this dude is fucked-up"-ness of the cultist.

>> No.16634494

BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD. Seriously, Khorne. I get angry for just no reason sometimes.

>> No.16634497


I've been suffering from clinical depression for several years now. The only time I really feel emotion anymore is when I'm angry.

Also, I like that Khorne as a very clean, ordered aspect; the rest of the Chaos gods are very chaotic and big on mutation and disorder, but Khorne, well, with Khorne you have organizations like the Blood Pact. So that appeals to me.

>> No.16634498
File: 20 KB, 137x180, 1318532587128-3-2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone World Eaters here? You guys are awesome to hang out with.

>> No.16634505
File: 14 KB, 250x250, haha oh wow.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I would go with Undiveded, but i don't know, chaos is pretty retarded.

>> No.16634509

Hmm, perhaps I need to die in His glorious service maybe?

>> No.16634531

Emperor of Man.

Because come on, that fucker has billions of billions of billions of worshippers, no fucking way he's not a Chaos God yet.

>> No.16634542

Still Khorne, because I've always responded to depression and other such shitty moods by getting angry.

>> No.16634545

> Chaos God
> Order

>> No.16634557

Worshipers do not equate power in 40K, Sir.
All Chaos Gods were born without a single worshipper, and while you may argue primitive religions or death cults, in all cases it is the actions and more importantly the EMOTIONS that lent the Gods power and even sentience.

>> No.16634566

The very fact that the Chaos gods have defined characteristics and areas of focus makes it pretty clear that Chaos does not mean chaos.

>> No.16634576

I pray to all of them.
I look to Khorne for physical strength
I turn to Tzeentch for wisdom and mental focus
I dedicate my illnesses to Nurgle
And my pleasures to Slaanesh

>> No.16634604

Tzeentch, I would troll the world with sorcery.

>> No.16634606


>> No.16634611

It hurts to be a non-functioning Khornate. All I see are blood packets with tasty skulls walking around, and if I bother to take a few I have the military chasing after me with their pussy guns.

All I want is to have the blood flow; I don't even care where it comes from, you know?

>> No.16634618

Chaos Undivided should just become a religion like Jedi, but without all the inherent insanity of chaos...I mean imagine the shit you could pull under the umbrella of a religion! Them tax frauds and mock sacrifices to get all the metal heads to give money to the church...Fucking priests can babble about ANYTHING and be in the right because it is a belief!

>> No.16634638


Remember, always remember this, your blood too can serve.

>> No.16634653

Why dont you just make ritual cuts to ourself and offer the blood to khorne? Atleast he should notice that the blood was from you and it was taken just for khorne...I am sure he will give you a pet juggernaut once you pass the 1000litre mark of blood.

>> No.16634655
File: 17 KB, 111x170, 1318532587128-2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Umm, no thank you.

Where's Kharn, by the blood god he's dreamy.

>> No.16634665

Slaanesh. I'm never happy with what I create. It could always be better. ALWAYS.

>> No.16634677


Sounds more like anger, relish in Khorne's blessing.

>> No.16634691

I don't know much about 40k, so I was wondering, how would this work?
Will you get visions of a certain Chaos god or demon, calling out to you? Does there have to be a cult?

>> No.16634693

Well until it completely consumes you and you go insane in the memebrane and start killing everyone...but yeah, you strive for something better. Hey who knows, knowing the fickle nature of theGods maybe some people will be given all the success and and their soul would be reborn as a daemon prince...never know with Chaos.

>> No.16634696

A bit tough

Love fighting and have been in the MA circles for most of my life, sparring and such. So I would possibly Khorne.

Then again, I'm really not the Khorne type, but I do love social manipulation and watching plans come together, which is why my friends ask me to DM for a bunch of our stories. So possibly tzeentch

Can't be nurgle, I never get sick and I hate illness and such.

Most likely Slaanesh, constant indulgence and plenty would work for me. Constant overindulgence would probably be my game in the 40K universe.

I've worked most of my life, went hiking and hunting and such, but I would definitely like a few years of constant indulgence.

>> No.16634699

Tzeentch, for the dickery.

That said, I might swing Khorne. I have shitloads of anger issues. But like I said, Tzeentch in a heartbeat.

>> No.16634724


I can cut out that heart for you.

>> No.16634757


No, 'not happy' does not equate to anger. Slaanesh is about extremes, including the search for perfection, artistic or otherwise.

>> No.16634771
File: 487 KB, 1280x1981, 1300069760941.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Which Chaos God would I be susceptible to? I have no damn clue. I want to claim I'm a humanist. I believe fully in advancing humanity at any cost, and that those that seek to waylay progress for their own personal gain are enemies that need to be exterminated with extreme prejudice. I believe that the place of man is to ascend beyond any limitations imposed by flesh or mentality into an ultimate overwhelming force. Then again, I realize that the pursuit of this for humanity as a whole is futile due to the nature of mankind. People reach for power and will try to undermine change in order to gain power for themselves at the expense of their peers, and it's impossible to quash all of them. No matter how strong your memetic advantage becomes, there will always be those trying to counter you so long as you lack the omniscience required to weed out sedition. Part of me wonders if the only way to overcome this issue would be to render everyone into an inescapable condition of equality.

TL;DR: Pumpkin pie is fucking delicious.

>> No.16634787


Ah, keep in mind, Nurgle's children don't actually get sick. Sure, they look like hell, but they feel like a million bucks. They don't feel pain from their blessings the way normal people would.

>> No.16634804

Dude what comic is that ...it looks awesome.

>> No.16634805


And the extreme form of unhappiness is anger. LET IT CONSUME YOU

>> No.16634818

Still I hate the idea of sickness, someone dying to something they cant consciously fight, kind of strikes me as horribly wrong.

But I dislike harming things for no reason. So Slaanesh, victimless indulgence in luxuries. Fine brandy, art, stirring music, and carnal delights.

>> No.16634845
File: 71 KB, 800x600, 216377_md-Conversion, High Five, Imperial Fists, Space Marines.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


High five, librarybro!

>> No.16634866
File: 56 KB, 660x1140, 1251640708329.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Because always wanking, never getting laid.
Being tempted with remedying the problem would be too great.

>> No.16634877

Best info I can get for you: Venom Vol 1 1 page 09

>> No.16634888
File: 25 KB, 260x257, Necron_Pariah.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Implying I am not a pariah
>Implying I won't join the glorious Necron master race

>> No.16634900

Pariahs may have been retconned.

>> No.16634916


I spent six years as a school librarian. My favourite task on the duty rota was shelf-straightening - taking all of these books of varying sizes and making sure that they all sat flush with their spines on the shelf's edge. I was a goddamn legend. Even the Art section with all of its irregular coffee-table books quailed before me.

>> No.16634945

Biologically speaking your body can't tell the difference between masturbation and sex. Both have more or less the same health benefits.

>> No.16634982
File: 28 KB, 194x331, dewey1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Pah! Library of Congress is for faggots and communists. Dewey Decimal master race here.

>> No.16634993

Going pariah leaves even less of your personality that going hardcore chaos.

>> No.16635005

You wish. Actual sex is also a workout for more than one arm.

>> No.16635006

Actually that's a pretty awesome idea.
And the insanity of the Warp doesn't really start until the Fall of Eldar so we're in the clear for the next 28000 years of so.

>> No.16635019


DDC becomes a bit more extensible once you know the centuries, but it becomes silly when you have really large collections.

IMO, LCC is an intellectually more robust classification system.

>> No.16635072
File: 20 KB, 627x588, 1318594287428 (1).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So /tg/, If you were a Pariah...which faction would you choose to join?

The Imperials and be turned into a Culexus Assassin, Or the necrons and be turned into a Necron Pariah.

Either way you'll be kicking lots of pysker and daemon ass, however you should choose wisely

>> No.16635107

Culexus, so I can fuck them after I kick their ass

>> No.16635127
File: 95 KB, 558x638, maris_wearing_a_pillbox_hat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Who is most connected to greed?

>> No.16635153

Worship of Necoho, the Great Doubter.

The irony alone is worth it.

>> No.16635174 [DELETED] 
File: 115 KB, 667x1000, vulva.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

how could you ever, i mean like once in the entire set of moments constituting time, say no to this?

>> No.16635211
File: 1.82 MB, 405x430, 1316164313820.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Considering I'm an regular visitor of /tg/ I guess Khorne... But honestly, Tzeentch would be most up my sleeve. If a god could give me supernatural powers and finally immortality, if I just accepted that I would serve him anyway, I would take the chance.

That's the beauty of serving the Changer of Ways, all the other gods demand something from you, but you just have to accept your status as a chess piece to serve Tzeentch. Can only hope one's the King.

>> No.16635215
File: 276 KB, 1002x575, MindCrush.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wise choice.

>> No.16635314
File: 44 KB, 200x226, eris-discordia3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fools, all of you.

>> No.16638284


>He is a meddler, constantly striving to undo the things which others have done and to soil the efforts of others. His brand of Chaos leads him to ensure that nothing turns out as expected, and that all plans will go awry.

>Zuvassin is the patron of those who desire to use his powers to sabotage or undo something. All those who follow him find their plans going wrong in the process.

Master of the not as planned

>> No.16638307

Nurgle...Not because depression and sorrow but because he's the only god you can join and not be screwed over by. Khorne you are bound into service unto death. Slannash makes you his fuck toy. the bird manipulates you and controls you until he's through with you.

Nurgle what you see is what you get. You live basicly forever, you become a horrible bloated husk sure but, you've got perks, when you die you get resurrected as a daemon. Albeit a lesser almost mindless daemon but a demon non the less.

>> No.16638397

I love knowing things, and magic powers are fucking awesome. All around have to go with Tzeentch.

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