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I'm Tired of Chaos Marines and Cultists. Lets have some regular Chaos troops kitted for battle.

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Heretic Flashlights shoot green LAZORS!

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Sup bros. One of mine.

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Dark Mechanicus also accepted?

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And i'm out. Don't know if there are much non-marine, non-cultist chaos pics at all.

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Those would be fine.

ANYTHING Chaos related that goes beyond the standard Daemons/Mahreens or cultists would be good.

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Holy fucking sheet!
How much money do I have to spend?

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That looks awesome Anon.

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Are they gonna start making out for Chaos? But I know the feeling. It's hard to find images like that. Though It's not as bad as it used to be. At least we have some interesting established designs for Chaos Troops.

Mainly doing this due to dissatisfaction with the design of the cultists that you fought in Chaos Gate.

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Worshipping Chaos is bad for your skin, apparently.

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No idea. Apparently it's a custom job someone did here, using Chaos Marine Rules. http://www.hortwerth.com/?p=57

A little bit strange that up close they don't seem to have legs, but I think they're cool looking.

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>>They see me rollin', they hatin'

The Imperium really should emphasize this more in Propoganda.

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heres my very WIP nurgle cultists

Theres a leman russ too..but I didnt want to dig it out

...i dunno..i think they're cool...

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I think they're cool to. I like the shield guy. Does that represent anything ingame?

Somehow it seems appropriate that one of the Nurgle cultists wouldn't have an arm

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Are there any groups or organizations among the general superstructure of Chaos that aren't made up of depraved psychopaths?

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Has anybody got a source for the Artbook that was released with the CE edition of Space Marine?

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You're not getting it or you're trying to Mary Sue it.

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the beginnings of my Traitor Guard army. I'm using the Siege of Vraks Servants of Slaughter rules for them.

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Naw. It's just that it isn't too far off to see groups within the waning Imperium come to accept the nature of Chaos as being connected to human nature and aligning themselves to it without going full crazy in the hopes of establishing a healthier empire.

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Well, Nurgle's deal is to be empathetic with all those who are diseased, ostracized, downtrodden etc.

In the Gaunt's Ghost's series, in some of the later books, several chaos planets are detailed, and the way their upper echelon works. Most of them are not just "kill everything and then rape it lol!", they have rigid honor-codes and planned hierarchies. Still, that is Dan Abnett's writing, and he is known for toning w40k down a bit and making it more noble-bright.

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>>Are there any groups or organizations among the general superstructure of Chaos that aren't made up of depraved psychopaths?
>>God to Sexual gratification
>>God to violence
>>God to Rot and plague
>>God to knowledge and Machiavellian scheming
All these sound like they'd result in lots of crazy fucks.

>>Still, that is Dan Abnett's writing, and he is known for toning w40k down a bit and making it more noble-bright.
You mean not indulging in the sillier grim derp stuff, and trying to make it workable?

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>God of spirit and expression.
>God of honor and strength.
>God of vitality and perseverence.
>God of hope and intellect.

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That goes against established canon of how Abaddon leads and he's the most successful chaos leader, thus emulated by others.

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>Implying I care what laughing fat bitches think

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You see fat bitches, I see catapult ammunition.

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For good measure infect their bloated and abused mass of gluttony with smallpox prior to launch. Maybe sew an explosive device into the gut. Make it good and demoralizing.

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Maybe in an alternate universe. But in universe the Chaos Gods are complete monsters.

The least evil ones are Nurgle, but that's only to their own followers.

Mind you, it actually could be a pretty cool alternate universe. Where instead of the God Emperor, you have the Imperium worshiping the non totally evil Chaos Gods, with different Factions/Armies/Chapters worshiping specific ones

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LOL I know right? Because me and my girlfriend have spent about 10 grand on it. Converted our garage into a gaming room with AC and TV.

We're both followers of the four powers at that.

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No, I mean Abnett writes only stories set in the Star Wars universe. Dan just GSRs all of the proper nouns in a script in Word before sending it to BL such that it seems, at a glance, to be set in the Imperium - but it's obviously not.

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gunshot residues?

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Nah...he's just the other half of the missile launcher team

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Really?! How will poor Abbadon do this without his arms?

>Yes i know, posting C:SM, it's not allowed but damnit i'm out of other chaos pics besides marine, daemons and cultist.

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I felt like you did, that Chaos had reasonable sides. For three years I've played Warriors of Chaos in Fantasy, running them as a primitive tribe that still followed the old ways. They weren't evil, they were just following their god's wills. That changed last week, though, when I finished a novel I had been reading (by Dan Abnett, nonetheless) that made me realize just what I was defending. Tell me, mate, how can you say that piles of skulls, human skin capes, raping and murdering and torture and seeking the destruction of mankind are not evil?

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>raping and murdering and torture and seeking the destruction of mankind are not evil?
>stop liking what I don't like


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>how can you say that piles of skulls,

Collecting trophies isn't even relevant to morality, how you killed them in the first place is. If you can kill with a clear conscience, you can harvest their beautiful skulls.

>human skin capes,

Ditto. Do you eat meat? Do you wear leather? How does it matter?


So... what, do all chaos warriors in FB rape and stuff? I'll be honest, I don't get how they shoehorn, say, all Tzeentchians into being screaming rapist berserkers.

>seeking the destruction of mankind

I don't even begin to buy such a ridiculous notion. Even Khorne at his worst does not want a world without blood. Even Nurgle at his worst doesn't want a world without living victims to suffer from disease.

But really, I can't even begin to wrap my head around the concept of all followers of chaos = Pathfinder vikings.

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If we're talking about 40k chaos, the Imperium is really bad enough that people turn to chaos for the hope of a life that isn't utter shit, misery, and 140 hour work week.

So chaos followers range from people like the Thousand Sons who don't want no trauble to MMMM I LOVE RAPIN' EYELESS BITCHES AND BEING FAT.

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The funny thing is that I think its genuinely intended to be a FOR TEH EVULZ picture but in reality it looks like they're happily in love. The cleric guy looks like he's literally in love, to the point where despite being a homophobe it looks oddly sweet.

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I like this thread, I might have to convert spare warzone figs to become Traitor Guard.
Especially this one, simple GS but would look nice painted up.

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Anyone else really like the concept that got thought up for a traitor guard army in this thread? http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/1312058/ Silent hill soldiers with creepy scarecrow commissar effigies seemed cool to me.

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There's a Warhammer Fantasy style Tzeentch sorcerer in Pawns of Chaos (a 40k novel), and he seems to love raping.
Granted, so do the Imperial Guardsmen, but still.

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They... DO seek the destruction of mankind. Nurgle certainly does. All want Chaos to be triumphant, which would result in mankind's destruction.

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I remember those threads.

Those were good threads.

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And yet, at the same time, if any were to triumph they would perish, for their nature is self consuming. Without something to feed upon, they turn on themselves.

Which is why the current state of the universe sans-necrons and tyranids is pretty fucking fine for Chaos. The ones who really really want to CRUSH THE IMPERIUM GRIND THE FALSE EMPEROR TO DUST are all mortals, the gods just want to feast on souls and decadence/decay/schemes/BLOOD for all eternity.

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Only Tzeentch actively DOESN'T have an end game (other than the whole "staff" thing). The rest doesn't seem to care that utterly winning would cause their destruction.

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Well once you've won everything, what else is there to do?

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Gloat? Revel?

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>They... DO seek the destruction of mankind.

Um... not seeing it. We got Tzeentch, who explicitly wants the game to go on forever. We got Khorne, who wants the blood to flow forever. We got Slaanesh, who opposes Khorne because he seeks a diversity of experiences rather than the simplicity of death. And...

>Nurgle certainly does.

Bullshit. Even in Disciples of the Dark Gods where it's describing how horrible and disgusting the zombitastic plagues he unleashes are, it notes they always leave a few people behind to repopulate.

>All want Chaos to be triumphant

Considering the ONLY time chaos gods work together or agree on anything is because of Tzeentch's meddling, and Tzeentch explicitly never wants anyone, even himself, to achieve final victory, I'd have to say that's bullshit.

>which would result in mankind's destruction.

Okay, let me get this straight. The chaos gods want to destroy themselves... why, again?

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The gods don't care about the mortal universe. They want to triumph over the other gods, which would have the side effect of killing mankind.

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Oh, I'm sure the gods might accidentially the whole universe, but just as you point out, they (aside from Tzeentch) probably aren't aware of that they will disintegrate if they do so, and probably the only chaotics who know this are the Purge.

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There's a few. Some Khornates want the entire galaxy to be metaphorically drowned in blood.
Most of the gods don't know or care.

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Truly the only true path Humanity has is to accept itself to the Necrodermis and become a Necron. The Ct'an are shattered and within the hardened skin of a Necron all sentient life will finally be free to usher their individualism without fear of the wrath of any extra planar gods.

Why else does Chaos fear the Necrons?

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Hey guys. Just popping in to say that Chaos will never win as long as the Ultramarines and Grey Knights exist to fight it.

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Nice try, but in the GK codex it states Chaos will win in the end and even the Grey Knights are aware of this, so...

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So Fantasy Daemon Army Book. Because Fantasy doesn't have Grey Knights /or/ Ultramarines.

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one word for you 'umies.

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