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hey, can you guys kindly post the link to the official site? For some reason I can't Google it


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>Hey, can I plug this thing that only three people care about anymore?

Let it go, man. It was good while it lasted.

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I just wanted to see how it was going and if anyone actually made something, there's no more official site of this?

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I care about it, even if only for the art.


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I care about it, if only for the bros!

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I just want to complain about the disappearance of Broquest Quest.

Couldn't give less of a fuck about the game itself.

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Why is Freddie Mercury black here?

I choose David Bowie and Freddie Mercury as my bros, and we go on a ROCK AND ROLL QUEST.

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The bard was already black. The artist made two different character models. One was based on Freddie. That one got the most votes, so now we have black Freddie the Bard.

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In return, vixen


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also, villains

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Quick question

Is the Broquest guy the same guy that did Chickadee Quest?

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There's no way to actually "play" this, is there.

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The game isn't even in alpha yet, so no.

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This is ridiculous, these stats are meaningless. There isn't even a quest here. For all the attention you wanted to give this you couldn't even make a fucking game out of it?

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Well... someone seem to be actually making a game about it, but there's nothing to be played yet

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So, who is the Gay Option?

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A game IS being made, but it's not even close to playable yet.

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David Bowie.

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I don't know about this thing but the art is awesome

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Oh, right. Yeah, I that makes a lot more sense than what I thought, Bernard Monsha.

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lmao more like 'lets develop chars then draw them and do nothing with that' quest

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So what's you guys opinion on the Kobolds?
I think they look neat.

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I think that they are great, but the Ari are just too adorable.
Anyone else get a Wind Waker vibe from some of this stuff?

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Orc bitches be sexy as hell.

I do not like the new protag. In fact, I hate the new protag.

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Don't forget there's a wiki too.


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their map is not half bad either

inb4 cliche and shit

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Well that is pretty much the point.

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I know... it's just too bad many people don't get it

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Something seems...familiar.

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I'm loving the new art.

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Is that some Mobius from Sonic CD?

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So the Miaomao Empire and the insect empire guys share the island of the Setting Sun or Rising Sun or whatever?

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First samurai pic I've seen in a long time that hasent been fagtastic. In fact, it is pretty god damn awesome.

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Amazonian male has me chuckling, I'm not gonna lie.

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Looks like a bro I'd totally wanna get stoned wif.

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Looks like it. I laughed when I saw the insect chick, seems like it is referencing that Thri-Kreen umbrella pic.

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I like the Krom, King of the Frostborn as the Warlord villain, but there is no background so far for the Evil Warrior, so let's brainstorm!

The Kobolds are tied to the Destructive King of Dragons, and there's already good human villains like the Fallen Hero...

Personally my theory is the Evil Warrior is a P'orc beneath all that armor, but that's just me.

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One of the ancient B'orc race, the far more muscular and terrifying ancestors of the pigs.

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It's weird, the entry makes it sound like being a male amazon sucks, but he looks like he's having the time of his life.
I was honestly surprised when I saw this guy.

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They are used communally for sex - this guy probably gets laid 9-10 times a day.

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"Smile for the camera or I will fucking stab you!"

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>one of the porcs is a cooked ham

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He looks like fucking Ben Franklin.
Who WAS a bit of a shit anyways.

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>He looks like fucking Ben Franklin
fo real?

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Rising Sun. The Island of the Setting Sun is what they call the main continent.

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THIS IS THE BROTAGONIST. I personally like it.

Shown are Warrior and Mage, not pictured is Thief.

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Dwarven Mechanic and Dwarven Drunken Monk

Because we're fucking DORFS.

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>Blue eyes
>Black hair
I'm okay with it. It's not mega-Aryan at least.

I'm going to pretend my guy is Paul Atreides.

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I want them to hurry up and reveal Panther Lu Bu.

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>not picking NRFS for each party member

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An antagonist, ladies and gents.

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The Castle Crashers?

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Dorfs beat NRFS's every time. It's because they're dorfs. Pick related.

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Because gay people and RPGs have never co-existed, right?

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No. What are you, some kind of faggot?

Dorfs aren't faggots. They're dorfs. They make love to anvils.

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A good thing he wasn't talking about dorfs, then, isn't it?

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His loyalty is his undoing.

Also dig Kommander Tucker's quote:
"What I do, I do for the good of all my kind. My loyalties lie with them, come what may."

Picture unrelated, but cool.

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I was trying to make a list of potential romantic options for males/females/gay/lesbian with a "options for male and female both" column; but I hardly could think of a female romance option for a male Brotagonist that wouldn't also go for a female Brotagonist. Elven Time Mage only, but you know that Realigned Villainous Vixen, Foreign Catgirl, and especially Experienced Warrior Girl wouldn't let the Brotagonist being a female stop them if things get really bromantic.

Its like all the available female characters are bisexual or would make a exception for the protagonist, except for the hetero (I don't know why I get the vibe) Elven Time Mage and the lesbian Law Enforcement Paladin.

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Doubt Catgirl would munch carpet, she's too innocent.
Warrior girl I could see, but vixen seems like a temptress and I've never seen a temptress ever tempt a female character.

In fact I'd put a future elven woman as someone who could look past gender rather than most others (excluding paladin obviously).

Maybe that's just me,

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wait, she's a cyborg, now?


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>Doubt Catgirl would munch carpet, she's too innocent.
I don't even. I seriously do not even.

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How many bros do we get to pick to be on our team?

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I want Suave Devil and Gunslinger.

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The pictures that are question marks on the wiki aren't supposed to be released for spoiler reasons. Please don't go posting them randomly.

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You can have three in your party at any one time.

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3 + Brotagonist

Its an old pic.

Im not sure if im allowed to say this, but the romance options are (as of now):
Male: Vixen, Catgirl, Tsundere, Prince, Amazon
Female: Paladin, Rival, Prince, Orc, Archmage

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>not Time Mage
Seriously Bro Quest guys, I'm not even into romance simulators but you have to give me the option to conquer the Elven Magitech Future. With my dick.

>> No.16625534

The Brotagonist is customizable. Dont be hatin on that design

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As of now, romance isn't even a focus.

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The Rival Gunslinger has been updated though. There's a proper picture and profile up on the wiki.

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Yeah, i proposed the same, but then...
-She does not like humans
-She's on whats likely a suicide mission
-She doesnt want to get attached emotionally to someone from another timeline

you CAN defrost her around the end of the game (i guarantee maximum NNNGGHHH), but no romance option is viable for those reasons.

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>Seriously Bro Quest guys, I'm not even into romance simulators but you have to give me the option to conquer the Elven Magitech Future. With my dick.

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There should be an evil counterpart to NRFS.

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>Orc not romanceable if male
Damn. That's the one I really wanted.

>> No.16625584

There is.

>> No.16625587

Nameless rank and file enemy?
I think you'll meet lots of those...

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Sweet people sweater puppies, Batman!

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I am now female.

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hello, cast of Mulan.

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I'll make a Bro out of you.

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more like Power Rangers

>> No.16625834

Power Rangers all have the same build. And there's three male and two female, not five male and one female.

>> No.16625847

lets get down to business...

>> No.16625864

To defeat, our foes.

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>Not posting the underbosses

>> No.16625903


Why, is there a.. Problem?

"I cast dispel, paralysis, fear, sleep, confusion, burn, poison, and Reduce HP to 1. Your move, Chuckles."

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Why did they send me daughters, when I asked for bros?

>> No.16625927


>Design the original Mocking Manticore

>He makes it into the game


>> No.16625942

Daughters can be bros too. Should have gone with 'Did they send dick-ass thieves'.

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is that supposed to be some sort of homestruck reference

>> No.16625967

I, uh, doubt it.
Mainly because I can't see anything about it that would reference Homestuck.

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Oh god.
We need porn of this.

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Different Bowie personalities. Lrn2musichistory

>> No.16626014

Gay incest porn of David Bowie expies. Fantastic.

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This art work is amazing.

>> No.16626021

Ziggy Stardust and... modern Bowie? To complement the Goblin King prince?

Thin White Duke would have been better, IMO. More distinctly different hairstyle and costume. Plus, looks more imperious.

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curse you yaoi fans

>> No.16629787

Yeah, this game needs more lesbians.

>> No.16629812

This is becoming more and more disappointing as development progesses.

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>implying you don't want porn of David Bowie

>> No.16629853

>Implying there are pics of David Bowie which aren't pron already

>> No.16629857

>implying anybody would

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Would prefer

Male: Vixen, Catgirl, Tsundere, Prince, Amazon, Rival, Elf
Female: Paladin, Rival, Prince, Orc, Archmage, Vixen, Elf

Becasue why the hell not? I never saw the vixen as one who would care where the jollies were coming from, Elves are (usually) bi by default (and make her a real challenge).

As of for putting Rival in both... well, let the yaio fangirls have their fun. If I can have fem-tagonist on vixen, they should be able to have something too.

But romance isn't a big focus, so meh. If this does come to fruition, though, please consider expanding from what you listed to above.

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They should just do the thing Bioware did in Dragon Age 2 and make practically everybody fuckable regardless of which PC the player chooses.

>> No.16629944

The problem is that's a shit-ton of writing.

>> No.16629960

Why? I'd say most of it could be reused for both male and female by abusing the /charpronoun command.

>> No.16629996

I personally want to see a different variety of elf, other then moon elves.

Because if all elves live on the moon, why even bother giving them the extra moniker?

If there were Solar elves, now that would be interesting.

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Romance is an intimate thing (nah, duh). It's a time where a character's personality can be different or really shine through. Such a thing has to be tailor fit to the character or it will read horribly.

You cannot recycle this sort of thing. You just can't; it's very poor practice as far as writing and characterization goes.

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Male Protag, Androgynous Cleric Kid, Law Enforment Paladin, Soldier

Team Unfulfilled Desires

>> No.16630019


Yeah The chained moon does kinda remind me of prospit and derse

>> No.16630022

>avalance of butthurt when every romance option is bisexual in DA2
>"Let all romance options be bisexual!"
Never change /tg/

>> No.16630027


It's okay when WE do it.


>> No.16630029


Funny, but I'd much rather it be kept random, rather then determined before hand.

And hell, just throw in an androgyny ending too just to keep people on their toes

>> No.16630031

Wait a minute, the androgynous cleric kid's gender depends on the protag's gender?

Welp there goes the male protag out of the sack.

>> No.16630034

Not really. It was a joke. The artist likes to make jokes.

>> No.16630044

It's a vidya. It's not like we get actually any decision on how the PC will act beyond 3 or 4 options. Player characterisation is basically non-existant. Romance in games is equally shallow.

>> No.16630051


Well I guess male protag is back in the sack.

>> No.16630058

Eh, it's just concept at this point more then anything else.

Also, team crushed Unfufilment is the Golem, The amnesiac Zombie, and the Gunslinger.

Stoic Badasses to a man, typical conversation between them would generally consist of


>> No.16630078

Ah, my team is a different kind of unfulfilled.

>Male protag: I wish I could be strong
>Androgynous kid: I wish I could be useful
>Paladin: I wish the androgynous kid would be female, or anyone else, goddamn sausage fest
>Rank and File: I wish I was someone.

>> No.16630102

>Female Brotag
>Warrior Girl
>Perv Archmage
Team "Never stops beating the shit out of the mage" is a go.

>> No.16630104


The Rank and File Soldier doesn't have any bullshit hopes or desires like that. He's a soldier, goddammit, and he'll do what a soldier does. To ask any more of him would be an insult to him and all his brave faceless brothers.

>> No.16630114

I just heard of another good team

>Female Brotagonist
>Perverted Archmage
>Cleric Kid

Team Maximum Shota rape.

Desiring to be a good soldier is also a desire.

>> No.16630127


I don't think desiring to be exactly what you are counts as a desire.

>> No.16630138

Good sir, you forgot the pig knight...

>> No.16630140

Of course it does.

Plus everything and anything desires for things. Unless they're brainless undead and somesuch. Even constructs can have desires. You could say desires are like half a soul.

...Oh my.

>> No.16630146

Doesn't NFS have a wife and kid?

>> No.16630162

In true red shirt fashion, yes.

>> No.16630202

And another delightful case study of "Blackheart ruins everything".

>> No.16630208

Oh shush you

>> No.16630212

Go to bed Sam.

>> No.16630769

>Male Brotag
>Rank and File Soldier
>Steam Knight



My guilty pleasure.

>> No.16630830

Fuck that, cursed undead warrior knight, suave but dubious devil, gunslinging loner, and elven time mage for maximum story telling potential.

>> No.16630860

More like awkward silence.

>> No.16630878

Not-so-spoony Bard, Ancient Steam Knight, Gunslinger Loner, and Nameless rank and file Soldier.

Great dialogue, all day, erry day.

>> No.16630915

What is all this Broquest?

>> No.16630937

Argh, this is always so hard. Everyone is has so much potential for Shenanigans.

I think; Orc Troublemaker, Hot-Blooded Rival, Perverted Archmage and Dwarven Mechanic.

>> No.16631074

First playthrough

>MTagonist Warrior
>Seasoned Veteran
>Villanous Vixen
>Suave but Dubious Devil
>Will see the end of the Bad before he dies, whatever the cost, sacrifices and means necessary. The horrors he world are all too plain to him and his Uncle, and if evil must be used to defeat evil so be it.

>Ftagonist Thief
>Orc Troublemaker
>Perverted Archmage
>Dick-Ass thief (Perhaps swapped out for NRFS if we can kidnap and fool him into joining us)
>Fun loving Robin-Hood esque figure sets out to become the ultimate, most despicable, most evil form of thief there if. A politician. Brings herself and the mob of unlikey, unreliable goons into conflict with essentially everyone along the way.

>> No.16631084

Catgirl, Amazon, and Vixen

Team Catfight, mreow~

>> No.16631618


Dick-Ass Thief, Vixen, Suave but Dubious Devil.

Team Clusterfuck is go!

>> No.16631735

Dwarven Monk
Dwarven Mechanic
Ancient Steam Knight

>> No.16631744

team sacrifice-themselves-for-the-PC

Loyal Family Pet, Nameless Rank and File Soldier, Cleric Kid

>> No.16631775

well, anon, I'd like to have a:

Ms. Paladin
Freddie Mercury

>> No.16631790

The devs still around? Any chance you'd be adding a super-secret-game-breaking-your-never-going-to-unlock-me bro?

pic somewhat related

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>> No.16631899

disturbing lack of bees

>> No.16632066 [DELETED] 

The original Dick-Ass Thief

>> No.16632116

Uncle, Freddie, Vixen and Dwarf Lee obviously.

>> No.16634464

Team adorabloodthirsty:
Cleric kid
Adorable Druid

>> No.16634487

I thought that was a Sephiroth expy.

>> No.16634598

Well lookee at this faggotry

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