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I got a friend who plays WH40k and I wanted to buy him a Black Library fiction title. This will probably be the one and only book he will ever read about WH40k. Which is the best book?

He plays Eldar, and I saw several Eldar-related books, but I'm not sure they're good. I've never read WH40k myself.

What should I buy?

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Daemon World

Also I guess there is a bit of Eldar in it.

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Path of the Warrior.

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Some dude online told me Eisenhorn, because it's so well-written. I check some parts in it, and it was ok, but nothing legendary. Just the usual "kills some dudes", "story arc", "kills some guys" fluff that I've read in many a codex.

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Why path of the warrior? Because it's good, or just because it's Eldar?

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It's both.

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None of them are going to be ACTUALLY well-written. For that you need books that weren't written to sell figures...

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I actually really liked Eisenhorn.

Except his lightsabre in the first book.

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Eldar Prophecy.

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Eisenhorn really doesn't work well in bits and pieces. The story is about his slow descent into radicalism and heresy, gradually losing everyone and everything he ever loved, as well as his own humanity. For that, you need the whole story.

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Ciaphas Cain is good if he's not HERP DERP GRIMDARK SERIOUS BZNS about his 40K.

The Horus Heresy series is on the whole very good. I'd recommend Fulgrim, Mechanicus, and A Thousand Sons.

Guard Books are plentiful and they're nearly all of them excellent. Dead Men Walking is my current favorite.

Or you could show him the greatest 40K story every old: http://1d4chan.org/wiki/Gav_and_Bob

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Second path of the Warrior and Path of the seer.

They're not amazing, but for an Eldar player, they really provide alot of insight into the Eldar culture.

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Which one gets you hooked on "eldar society" better? How alien does "eldar society" feel in these books? [I ask, because I think writing from a first person perspective, like in the Warrior, gives too much of a human-feel to the Eldar.]

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Never actually read them, but I'd suspect that the best way to keep the Eldar alien is to not have them as main characters. Unless the book in question is really good/weird, and I doubt they would be.

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You can actually read sample pdfs on the Black Library site. I'm reading a bit of Path of the Warrior and it's... freaking terrible. But, y'know, that's just my opinion.

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I as an Eldar player found Path of the Warrior and Path of the Seer good, but not awesome. On the other hand, the whole Ciaphas Cain series was one of the best i have read so far, next only to the inquisitor series Eisenhorn and Ravenor.
The Soul Hunter series, if you think he might enjoy a little chaos, is also quite well written.

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Titanicus, or Brothers of the Snake. Neither is *that* long, and both are an interesting look at the Mechanicus and Space Marines, respectively. BotS in particular has a lot of mythic resonance, for a story that's basically about a Codex-compliant Chapter.

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