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>mfw i realized the Emperor protects

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That's a nice sword you have there.

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no one has realized the Emperor protects?

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That's a nice non-cannon symbol you have there

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>mfw you just confessed to not always believing the Emperor protects


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I admit to not having always seen His Light, but his will hath shown me the path! I now see the folly in my ways. I request redemption!

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bad idea, the imperiums idea of redemption is bolter fire to the face

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My Faith in the Emperor's protection will guide the bolt to miss my faith. Then all shall know that I have his grace within me.

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Only in death does duty end.

Serve the emperor loyally and well for the rest of your life. Joining the imperial guard is a good way. volunteering for a penal legion human bomb unit is an even better way!

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Me? I was raised in a Hive, I heard every day that the Emperor protects.

I wasn't about to argue, but fighting other kids for food every day, I kind of felt like maybe He had bigger concerns than some random scum like me.

I joined the Guard, more for three hots and a cot than anything else, and there, too, they told me that the Emperor protects.

The commissar had an itchy trigger finger, so I didn't ask why they were giving us body armor, if that was the case.

I saw my best friends die in ditches, for no reason other than our company had the bad luck to get stuck in the vanguard when we liberated Merloa VII.

I fought the 'nids, big bug suckers from beyond the galaxy, and when the line broke our gunny sounded the Fallback.

Me and mine fell back alright, we ran and thought we could lose the beasts in the jungle.

And that was when I learned that no matter how insignificant you might think you are, no matter how much the system beats you down, you should always remember that if you are a dutiful servant of Him on Terra...

...the Emperor protects..

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>this whole thread implying 'the emperor protects' isn't really just plot-armor for it's speshul snowflakes.

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I wish to become a prior of his word such that one day i may obtain sainthood, and forever live in his service

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>mfw when my Khorne Berzerkers beat a Crimson Fist army this evening.

I have no saved GW pictures.

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Suffer not the heretic to live.

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>Blood Rehvens

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You cannot slay me, foul Templar, feel the power only the lords of chaos can provide!

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>yfw warp spiders in Dawn of War can make multiple very closely time teleports less than 5 foot distances.

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This thread needs.... CHAOS

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>yfw multiple, simultaneous and devastating defensive teleports

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>mfw the very nature of teleports disallows such precise teleports

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>the emperor protects

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Well of course. The Emperor counts as fortifications and grants a 3+ cover save.

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>mfw eldar teleporters mishap and never return from the warp

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>mfw when that's my point

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Depending on your meaning, they make closely timed teleports in the tabletop as well.

Of course this doesn't keep them from being fuck-awful, but still.

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Oh, hey there Slaanesh, what are you doing here?
I'm in the warp aren't I?

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nah that stupid cinematic for dawn of war 2 the warpspiders were doing short distance teleports to avoid bolter fire

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>mfw screw you guys, at least you don't hear about Warp Spiders getting stuck in the sides of mountains like shitty Imperial teleporters.

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So is that really the policy without exception? Is there no way to make amends?

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So when will the Emperor reincarnate and smite the Imperium? >> No Spess Mehreens you are the heresy.

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>mfw even the Eldar use the Astronomican

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Why exactly can't Warp Spiders jump short distances quickly? They aren't teleporting in the same way others teleport. They're stepping into the warp and then stepping out of it.

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thats how all.. besides the necrons... teleports work

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You can only receive redemption in the eyes of the Emperor, and you can only meet his gaze in death. Or so the logic goes.
That's for major heresy though. Experiencing flatulence during a church ceremony will get you a few weeks custodial service in the church (assuming that you immediately get on your knees and profess your profound sorrow at the act).
>mfw wat you talkin' bout, Mon'Keigh?

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>mfw promoted to 1st Company Captain after the previous one teleported his left half into solid rock

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rolled 22 = 22


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The emperor sure does a shitty job of it.

I can think of better gods that are better at protecting.

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You're right 22 is not even a little true

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...somewhat attractive HERESY, but still HERESY!

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Because even with Eldar technology, teleportation is still a dangerous business.

Too many jumps too quickly and daemons will surely detect the presence of the Eldar and pull him or her into the depths of the Warp to become a plaything of the Dark Gods. Basically, >>16615960

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Oh Lysander, you so crazy.

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>mfw the Emperor's protection broke last night

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That's what your face looked like?

What were you fucking, a Nurglette?

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The Emperor wills you to produce more meat shiel-errr future Imperial Guardsmen.

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Which is why Warp Spider Aspect is considered the bravest of all aspects... because the Eldar are butthurt by slaanesh

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And to think someone bought the explanation. "Cultist activity disturbing the warp"? Why didn't he blame Sanguinius' wingtip vortices while at it?

Then this vaunted "First Captain of the Imperial Fists" goes to the Warp for thousand years and emerges unscathed! How DARE the Fists not surrender him to the Ordos after such damning evidence!

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>the librarium and chaplains took six months trying to find warp taint
>found no warp taint
>like, none at all

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I couldn't help it. I think it's sexy that they excrete their own lube.

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Rejoice and know that Nurgle loves you

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>implying that sync kills with teleporting warp spiders isn't awesome.

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>animu face
UGUUU seriously why do people do that shit still, I get pedophiles more than people who masturbate to girls with downs.

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>excrete their own lube

You mean like...

Every female ever?

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Not for ALL their whole they don't. While Nurglettes do.

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>mfw that sentence doesn't even make sense and Nurglette's don't exist.

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>mfw I realised what the Ultramarines emblem was when turned upside down.
I feel incredibly dumb for not noticing it sooner.

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Female followers of nurgle would like a word with you.

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>Female follower of Nurgle
>Not a shambling, bloated corpse-woman, riddled with pox and oozing venereal diseases from her distended, gaping vag.

Nice try.

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Did somebody say Heresy?

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We've been over this before. Plenty of Nurgle's followers LOOK normal.
It makes infiltration to spread disease easier. (Yes this would include STDs. Would you have sex with someone who LOOKED like Nurgle?)
Plus there are PLENTY of diseases that only effect you INTERNALLY rather then externally. Ebola, for one, doesn't have many outward signs until its later stages.
Papa Nurgle loves his children and wants them to be happy. You think EVERYONE instantly looks like a leaking puss sack at first? No, they need to be eased into it.

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>mvw i made people discover that the emperor(our undying lord) protects.

Best Cutscene in the Whole Game
You Know it

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I don't think logic will work here friend.

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>Dat Bulge
>Dat terrifying bulge

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More Slaneesh you say?

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>mfw we'll soon see how well he protects you

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>mfw someone let an evil deed go unrewarded

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Slaanesh is great.

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Somebody must have, because I committed lots of evil deeds today, and I haven't been rewarded at all.

inb4 "Evil is its own reward."

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anyone else, despite knowing what is under there and all tho horrors that come with it, still think slaneesh is hot?

cause i do.

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Evil is its own reward.

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I know the perfect place for you then! It's 43 boards to the left!

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Any true Slaanesh worshiper would be perfectly willing to roll the dice on what sort of genitals he/she/it has chosen to manifest, and would be happy with any result thereof.

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>mfw I love this Necron Lord

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Indeed. I would let Slaanesh violate my soul is horrific and sexy ways.

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>mfw warp spider exarch DOESN'T EVEN WEAR A FUCKING HELMET

>i have no face

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Wait, really?

Travelling through the Warp unprotected from the soul-rending horrors all around you: not the best idea.

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>his face when

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They bareley have any slaanesh threads there.

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why do you care again? Are there actually people who like the blood ravens? Why would you do that? There are so many real chapters to like! Liking the blood ravens is like becoming a professional bigwheel rider; yeah its got some merit, but its so little compared to real sports that nobody gives a damn.

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Pic related like the motherfucking Fist of the North Star.

This, my friends, this is truly /tg/. And I love it.

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>mfw I realized BOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD

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>when I realised that the same tech that tau use to move spaceships around is used by eldar for personal teleportation.

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Delicious heresy, Mr. Space Marine.

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>mfw god of sex drugs and rock and roll

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I'm sorry, I can't hear you over the sound of how Slaanesh I am

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>hfw the sister of battle fell to the power of chaos and the delight of Khorne's slaughter

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/inb4 blood4thebloodgod

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Is there more to this comic?

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>mfw I realized that the Emperor is a withered corpse on a throne; he can protect no one

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Look up Mr Culexus on devart.

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Many thanks. You Rock

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