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After sorting through a few zillion tons of images, I figure I'd contribute a horde of shots from the 2011 Conquest of Mythodea, arguably the largest live-action RPG in the world. A few shots folks might remember from other LARP threads, but most are here for the first time.

Alphabetical order here.

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There's some in this thread too:

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Drachenfest is bigger imho.

Thanks for the pics though!

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What'd they both do this year? I'd thought Drachenfest was slightly smaller- but both of them dwarf nearly everything else.

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Fuck, I just got stared down by a picture.

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I've got a few more pics of him later, too. He played one badass warrior of Sigmar.

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That's a great costume, that person really looks like an old woman who's worked her farm all her life.

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>go 1on1 vs bald of sigmar
>he stares at you

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And yes, there will be more of Sir Bald later. But there's a lot of neat stuff to come, I hope.

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Dat poor bunny.

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Well they ARE a wicked nation of the damned walking dead.

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The amount of unprotected sex this year was staggering.

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How are you privy to this information?

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They're one of the big "bad guy" NPC factions at Mythodea, so they dig up some great costuming for them.

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> wide variety of polearms

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>fake beards

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My count was 4, best year in ages!

Also, funny moment: zombie blowjob.

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Yeah, enough variety at games like this to make Gygax want to publish a "Polearms Supplement" from the grave.

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Pics or it didn't happ- oh, wait, that'd get you banhammered. Pics somewhere ELSE or it didn't happen.

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Did the Zombie have teeth?

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LARPs are a great place to score with horny geek girls. Quite a few of them are really smoking hot. Walk with confidence, look even half good, and they'll be all over you.

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This is Mythodea. I can say from visual evidence elsewhere that the answer is a firm "maybe", regardless of what said zombie-blower actually says.

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Good timing on that comment, BTW. Pic related.

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They have tents at most LARPs with free condoms and safe sex information.

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Of course, some of those ladies are a mite cold.

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>Also, funny moment: zombie blowjob.

Great, another weird thing /tg/ has made me wanna try.

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Wait, so I could get laid at a LARP?

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*sighs* OK, taking the joke a little too far there, bro.

(Protip: Although LARPers have no qualms about getting it on, you still have to have social skills to actually do so. Or look like Sir Bald.)

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That's not period-appropriate.

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Why'd you think people go? To hit people with fake weapons and roleplay? That's lame as hell.

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If you can in real life. LARPs like this are about as social a gathering of RPG players as it gets. After all, if they didn't want to be social, they wouldn't be dressing up and instead playing D&D in their parent's basement.

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Even the uglies at a LARP... Bump Uglies for lack of a better word.

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Ok, what is the easiest way to win at a LARP?

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It is appropriate if your girl wants to keep having periods, however. (It's in Germany, FFS. Like getting some condoms is tough.)

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Go, play by the rules, do awesome things, have fun.

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The same way you win at life.
Look good, plan well, and fight with unparalleled skill.

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I was a larper from about 1997 to about 2005, and in that time, slept with around 40-50 girls, and at least 3/4 of those were at larps.

I gave up larping about 2005, and I've slept with 4 people since then.
Ok, so one was sort of, kind-of monogamous (in the sense that I only slept with her.... though she slept with her husband) for 4 years, but, that still sums up what larpers are like for chastity and celibacy.....

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You can always tell when it's a good LARP thread. Draws the trolls like flies to honey.

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Magic users at LARPS are to a T, all dicks and losers.

The best people are the ones who are:
1. In Shape
2. Able to Run
3. Swing a Sword.

Everyone else is just a tard.
Although the girls wearing elf ears put out.

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I do consider this one a WTF moment.

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Keep clear of those huge guys with the real good costumes. Especially those from the orcs.
Those are mostly experienced hardcore LARPers.
They eat you alive.

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Beat up Children LARPers, they are easy prey and count the same as adults towards your final score.

Plus, their tears are delicious.

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Swords are for hero-complex faggots. The real best people are the ones with a shield and a spear, who hold the line.

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No, they tend to be shitty autistic fucks. They're boring to talk to, generally wear glasses, and bore the fuck out of everyone in earshot about what their polearm was designed to do.

Beat on them extra hard with your sword.

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I have to agree, the spear/polearm crowd are uber geeks who have no sense of fun, they are the same people that are rules lawyers and 'that guy' in regular RPGs.

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...Whats wrong with wearing glasses?

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<- played a mage at a LARP for 8 years, a warrior for 5. Believe me, I stayed in shape. If you're in throwing distance to cast, the smart guy with the bow already has been in range for quite some time.

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You are genetically inferior and/or too much of a pussy to wear contacts.

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mine out a walrus.
no, really

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I don't know but i've been told
Undead pussy is mighty cold

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Oh, is that all? Good, I thought you might have had a real reason why.

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Mythodea's a pretty magic-light system in any case. Most of the heavy lifting is done...well, by the guys not casting magic. But sometimes, you need a ritual done, a golem summoned, ancient artifacts safely contained, what have you. Piss on your wizards and you're a flaming idiot. Depending on what they can cast, that is sometimes literally true.

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Does Mythodea allow you to parry thrown magic? Does any system allow you to play baseball and hit a mage with his own spell? What's the difference between throwing a spell and throwing a javelin?

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I'm just going to let the picture do the talking on how derpy that comment about glasses is. Heck, we have a resident one-eyed LARPfag on /tg/ who wishes he'd been wearing protection...

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People who larp can't have sex.

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also, proper padding is important

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Oh boohoo, he got a little cut. Who fucking cares? You want to wear safety glasses while playing outside? Fuck you, that's so nanny state it sickens me. You probably carry a polearm as well.

People got hurt in the middle ages, deal with it.

The strongest and toughest at LARPS always get overshadowed by the loser magic casters.

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Friend of mine was once at a larp where someone found a left behind weapon. It felt heavy so he tested it out on a tree where it got stuck.

Turns out someone had just padded a machete.

>> No.16614609


well bakc in tha day we had all kind of problems with things like that. someone once used real arrows and only put a cork at the end of them.
fun times... in the DF meaning

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No, but that's like asking "Can I parry being bathed in napalm" or "can I block being electrocuted with a stick"? That being said, there's defenses against spells as well, and mages have to take both time and power to do their mojo. A mage stupid enough to be standing out there chanting and waving for long at a game like Mythodea is going to get an arrow or two through them. No metal armor allowed for casters, you see.

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I prefer modern LARPs.

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no there you need protective glasses if it's an airsoft one

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As promised, more BALD.

As for the difference? A javelin is aerodynamic and gets far better distance than chucking a spell.

I've nailed people at 40 yards easily with larp-safe javelins and can hit a line at the same range with a crossbow (I'm a better thrower than shooter, go figure.). I don't get accurate with spells using the stuff the games I've played in (packets, spellballs) outside of 20 or so. Javelins and bows are ballistic arcs (and bows obviously have a mechanical advantage), spellcasting is generally accurate only if you're throwing in a straight-and-fast line.

Games with battle magic have a trinity. There's the big armored fuckers that protect everyone else and grind down the other side, the casters that try to burn holes in that line (and the healers and mages who protect them), and the skirmishers and sneaks who look for advantages.

You all need each other. Anyone who gets pissy about that just wishes they could do it all and not need anyone else.

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And here's your BALD, as promised.

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This was meant more to dump some from Mythodea, but as I'm mostly done, here ya go. Post-apocalyptic good enough for ya?

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She looks hot.

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Where do people at Mythodea get their costumes? Do they make them or are they given by the people running the event?

>> No.16614934

Players make them themselves.
Groups mostly coordinate their looks.
NPCs get issued uniforms AFAIK.

>> No.16614940


most of the buy it from stores, others make it for themselves.

>> No.16614959

Oh, yeah. Forgot about the stores.
Got some nice stuff on sale.

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There, there. It's OK. Let the butthurt out...not only do we have sex, we actually have the magic ability to talk to women and actually have relationships, unlike some basement dweller with Asperger's.

>> No.16615027


We got past the herp derp misogyny ages ago, especially since 1) They like to dress nice and play and 2) They frequently aren't bad at dressing us, either.

>> No.16615111


Most LARPs at least help dress up their NPC's- Mythodea has staff that does the makeup work for a lot of those, too. PC's generally dress themselves, although groups frequently pitch in together for uniform stuff for more military characters and such.

>> No.16615160


Yeah, a lot of shops pretty much pull up stakes and bring all their stuff, like Mytholon.

>> No.16615254

She looks fat.

>> No.16615316


Perhaps you were looking for someone like this, then.

>> No.16615340

Much better.

>> No.16615400


Enjoy your dead, anorexic Frenchwoman then.

>> No.16615423

Why is there plenty of pictures of women dressed up and of men fighting, but almost none of women fighting?

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>> No.16615454


hrm, trying to be cool on 4chan's not working out for me 'cause I can't even link to the right post, apparantly

>> No.16615546


You mean ones like >>16614293 or >>16614644
? Just happened to be the ones that caught my eye going through the press. There's plenty of women that fight at LARPs, Mythodea included.

>> No.16615578


Sometimes it's tough to see them under the makeup, too.

>> No.16615599


Pardon the sizing, I usually try and make sure pics are a mite smaller but I'm pulling these from my rough collection for haste's sake.

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>> No.16615612


But believe me, they're in there, fighting.

>> No.16615700

This man is confirmed for awesome.

>> No.16615752


because most women doesn't enjoy fighting as much as men. There are of course women out there who play fighter roles but much less. That's all.

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>> No.16615772


Plenty of Chaos up in your grill at these games. Male and female.

>> No.16615800


Why would Khornate carry a shield, when he could be carrying TWO WEAPONS??

>> No.16615831


because he want's to beat the living shit out of you with a shield. Do not question a khornate

>> No.16615832


Because a shield IS a weapon. And besides, are you gonna argue with a bunch of these guys? If so, they got a throne you'll fit in. The skull anyway.

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Just for laughs, one of the -oldest- LARP pics I have to go with all the new ones.

This is from the grand-daddy of UK LARPing, Treasure Trap circa 1984-5 or so. We've come a long way, baby.

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OK, round 2 of Mythodea 2011 pics. Again, alphabetical order, and a few of these were posted recently while I was going through roughs. Mostly from different sources.

>> No.16617218


There are furries. And then there are beastmen. Call these furries and you deserve to have your shit slapped.

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>> No.16617245


The Aqua camp had their own blue dragonman who was also awesome, but the detail work on these three is just...wow. Aritculated jaws and all.

>> No.16617256


What Mythodea would be complete without old fashioned brawls?

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>> No.16617347


Night time at Mythodea has entertainment...including fire shows. It's not just all about fightan and roleplayan, there's time and places to sit down and enjoy some guy tossing flames out of his gullet, or a band playing, or gambling, or just parking your ass at a bar and getting some drink on.

>> No.16617352

What do you DO with this many people? What's the purpose of this LARP?

>> No.16617354


These are NOT worth extra points. There's a surprisingly large number of kids at Mythodea, though you generally won't see them in the lines or the like. Mostly. Definitely not when they're THIS young.

>> No.16617444


The purpose? Rule number One, of course: Always have fun. There's an actual plotline- factions, strange artifacts, diplomacy, manipulation, fighting between the factions of the great Avatars- and each faction is there for their own reasons, and there's plenty of people and groups that don't belong to any of them.

It's three days in the life of a great gathering from every corner of the earth, and their reasons for coming are as different as it gets. Ask a Sigmarite or an elf or an orc or a mercenary or a wizard or the merchant woman selling cake at a stand that question, they'd all give you different answers. Some try to stick their nose into places they shouldn't, others try to pay respect where it's due and mind their own business.

>> No.16617474


Some groups, like the undead are more likely to stick their nose (if still attached) into things than others. They make life exciting, even if you don't always want it.

They're NPC's, a way to make sure the pot stays well-stirred.

>> No.16617645


And not everyone's going to react -badly- to them. They're intelligent and can be reasoned with and could make powerful allies...

>> No.16617651


Of course, many people just aren't gonna get along, and fights happen.

>> No.16617666


...lots of people fighting. For what cause? Which cause? Ask them. You might find brothers and sisters you never knew you had.

>> No.16617677


Given, the voices most easily heard are those of the elemental avatars, who each seek to push the world their own ways, and often draw great armies both of war and of knowledge to back them up...

>> No.16617692


..but not all forces heed or desire to answer such a call. Some things just would rather see the world descend into chaos and nothingness, where only power matters and law extends precisely as far as your fist.

>> No.16617709


In the end, you will choose- even if that means choosing none of them and seeking to lay your hand on the world yourself. Or not to bother. There IS an awful lot of ale that needs drinking, after all. Work to be done that isn't earth-shaking deeds of heroism. Someone's got to do the laundry and cook the meals and make a bundle off supplying all these loons.

Just think on it. You're young yet, right?

>> No.16617780 [DELETED] 

>Wife wants to LARP
>See this thread and hit up the Google
>It's like Warhammer but I can actually wield a shield

I need to get in on this.

>> No.16617972 [DELETED] 

So these siege weapons have an in-game mechanical purpose? How do you determine where the rocks land (assuming actual foam boulders aren't launched)

>> No.16618063

No larp thread is complete without this guy. (I think he is from one of the german events.)

This guy makes me wish I could larp, and that larp in the USA wasn't all cardboard and foam tied together with ducttape.

>> No.16618828


In my experience? By launching actual foam boulders and seeing where they land.

>> No.16619304

That is pretty clearly a fursuit head.

>> No.16619444

I'm checking this off as a life goal: Travel to Germany someday with a painstakingly created costume, some like-minded buddies, and live out my dream of being a holy Sigmarite.
...On second thought, make sure I look good bald by the time that happens.

>> No.16620157

Yeah, too bad nearly all American Larps suck ass. No one puts effort into their weapons and costume, and they don't even role play. At least try to put on a costume to even a most basic degree instead of running around in your shorts, sneakers, and T-shirt. A decent outfit is not that expensive to buy or even make. Shit.

>> No.16620180


>> No.16620506

You shall be welcomed as a friend and brother.

>> No.16620524

I just wanna know where people get some of those weapons, damn.

>> No.16621317

we have a plan to acquire a good enough equipment for a mercenary team and then go to Drachenfest in 2013, but thats still far away.
And we will need a translator too because none of use speaks german, and although we can speak english most likely we won't, just for the fun of it. Or at least in official matters.

>> No.16621350

You will be hired blades from a foreign land. You do not speak the language but if they keep the loot flowing you'll keep fighting

>> No.16621398



>> No.16621409

I'd fucking love to join you.

Wasted my morning looking up any SCA/LARP/Re-enacting groups around here. It looks like my best bet might be to combine migration period re-enactment with Dumnonni, which is the nearest LARP that I know of.

Which is cool. Not exactly a period I find incredibly interesting though.

>> No.16621431

well I think it would be better for you to join to the Grand Expedition group (http://www.thegrandexpedition.org/). They are english and not starters.
Also our group is from Hungary, so if you are from the US that would make things a little difficult

>> No.16621594

That link... it's perfect...

Perhaps not 2012, since I need to make sure that I actually like this LARPing game, but 2013 would be awesome.

>A sagittis hungarorum libera nos Domine!

>> No.16621650


>A sagittis hungarorum libera nos Domine!
most likely we will have equipment from the 1440-1540 era so no bows, just crossbows... and maybe a few cannon

>> No.16621698


>> No.16621708

>>16621409COLD STEEL

There needs to be a Best Hits reel of that guy on youtube, to the tune of a Touhou song

>> No.16621763


Siege weapons are generally firing LARP-safe projectiles. Not quite the range of a real one obviously, but with appropriate effects.

They fall under two categories in Mythodea- heavy weapons (crewed smaller weapons like a ballista that fire a single large projectile or a hail of multiple smaller ones) ignore armor and destroy shields. They won't significantly damage walls and the like.

Siege weaponry like that big-ass one are more lethal. A torso hit will drop someone, killing them outright (even if the PC regenerates wounds normally) inside a minute without immediate treatment. If it "merely" hits a limb, that limb is severed from the impact. A shield won't stop it either and (like a large weapon) will be destroyed as well. That kind of damage is so nasty that it takes magic or alchemy to save someone- forget stitching anything back on.

>> No.16621776


Yeah, IIRC that's Mythodea. And it is an example of why costuming armor should exist. Some stuff you just can't do properly in metal but looks so fucking good it should be, anyway.

>> No.16621793


One thing that surprises a lot of people is that despite being a German event....a lot of people speak English. It's an international game, so by default that tends to be the "second tongue" most people know. Including the folks running the game, so you're going to even hear game-related calls in English when the person calling them might not know much else.

>> No.16621809


A lot of those are regular LARP-type weaponry over there. Look up Mytholon, they're a German site but like a lot of these big LARP games, they frequently deal in English and have the site translated to that as well.

>> No.16621812

Yeah seconding that.
I have met a lot of foreigners at the Mythodea and Drachenfest and communication wasn't really ever an issue.

>> No.16621822

Mytholon is sometimes called 'Mülltolon' (garbage-tolon) for a reason though. Some (not all by any means of course) of their stuff really lacks in quality when compared to other meanufacturers.

>> No.16621845

They should just loose the Eyepatch and call the set Vimes instead.

>> No.16621846


*nods* That's what I'm saving up for- go hit Drachenfest/Mythodea both with the Expedition group next year.

I've LARPed for decades. Something like this is what I've wanted for at least half of that, and I never got around to the comparatively smaller games like the Lorien Trust ones in the UK...and the head of the Expedition is an OK guy by my standards. Fuck, most people I mention this sorta thing to don't believe it's possible until I dig out the pictures to prove it.

>> No.16621856


*nods* Throwing them at random German-only sites woulda been more counterproductive, though.

And something else about the NPC's at Mythodea- they don't just get sent out, get changed, go grab a beer and pizza and come back for another shift later. No, they're RPing the whole way too- the NPC factions have their own camps and things go on there much like they would anywhere else- so if you're visiting from another part of the game, it's "live" the whole time as well.

>> No.16621864


After all, the PC's are up and running all the time. Why wouldn't the NPC's in a game like this?

>> No.16621867


I know that feel. But we think it's possible for us in two years. We know that right now we don't have good enough equipment but we will make them, including the tents and things like that. Our smith already started to make some of the armors

>> No.16621881

ARGH Curses this is why I hate living in cnetral new york the best we get around here is the rare ren fair. I know of a huge larp fest that takes place in Virginia its where a friends father met her mother but, I have no money nor time to travel.

>> No.16621905


>> No.16621909

yeah guess you're right about the shop thing.

And yeah the NSC factions at the major German cons are a lot closer to player factions than classical NSCs. The only thing that really differentiates them from players is that their camps a have a stricter theme which to adhere to and they get 'orders' (mostly as in a very general objective they have to carry out, how they go about accomplishing it is their own thing again) from the GMs then and there.

>> No.16621934


If there was a big LARP fest in Virginia....believe me, I'd know about it. I live there. :P

You're in about the best area for LARPing in the US. There's a lot of crappier games around you by sheer dint of numbers...but there's decent ones as well. And the only way games like that get better is by example and effort. I pull a lot of my US LARP image pool from Knight Realms and Mythical Journeys, and both of those are within driving distance of central NY (one north, the other south of you).

Given, I'd like to toss the event organizers for most of the area into a cargo container, ship them to Germany, and make them NPC just to get a clue as to how much they miss holding to low standards...but sadly, that'd be a crime. Sorta like justifiable homicide.

>> No.16621945

fair enough, honestly I wish I could use some of my family's land to have a larp I have acres of forest and fields that usedto be cow pasture and would be quite nice for it.

>> No.16621946


funny thing is, in my experience most of the game organizers don't go to other larps, so they really have no experience outside of their own game. I don't know this is because of their elitism or because of this they are elitist

>> No.16621957


>> No.16621958


Actually, sticking blinders on seems to be a common problem.


It seems that save for rare cases, creative types like that don't like being stuck together. Thankfully, the rare cases are when you get the really good (and sadly too rare) LARPs.

>> No.16621995


fortunately it's not that rare here but still organizers have problems. there are a few assholes but we deal with them one way or another. Than there are people who want to make a good larp they have good intentions and really trying... but something always go wrong, like weather or just plain misfortune. And of course there is always something that every organizer knows better than the others.

>> No.16621997

Ive gotta know how is it people tend to get the land for this sorta stuff? These seem like they use a lot of terrain? Is it bought up or what?

>> No.16621998

Two things:

1) More total lies about getting some from level 9 chicks at foam sword conventions
2) Why in the hell is there so much War Hammer in these shots? Why am i so compelled to go now , much like how geese move south during the winter?

>> No.16622018

To be fair I find it pretty believable. Last non-foam sword convention I went to had a girl awkwardly hitting on anything with a pulse. I think all the non-neckbeard guys were sensible enough not to give her the attention she was after though.

>> No.16622036

Damn it, NY-fag here again. How does one go about managing a larp? Like start up costs and such?

>> No.16622039


>> 1) More total lies about getting some from level 9 chicks at foam sword conventions

Pretty standard troll tactic- but there's a grain of truth in it, as the bigger the LARP group, the less socially inbred they tend to be. The amusing thing is the ones who'd go to one thinking it was a fuckfest are precisely the ones who'd get laughed at.

>>16614057, for example? Don't think he has to worry about a date after the game.

>>2) Why in the hell is there so much War Hammer in these shots? Why am i so compelled to go now , much like how geese move south during the winter?

Because Warhammer is the fantasy gaming the ur-LARPers over there drew from for inspiration, like US ones did with oldschool D&D. And the geese analogy is a good one- you're feeling an urge to go where it's better now that you know it can be.

The Europeans embraced LARPing without having social groups look at them as crazed cultists in the woods or nerdfests to be scorned. In that kind of environment, games thrive. It's actually common in the US to try NOT to get your picture taken at games, for fear that an employer might react negatively or other social stigma.

>> No.16622058


also don't forget the SUE EVERYTHING! mentality in the US which adds more problem.
On a related note I doesn't really understand the no stab rules in germany either. I mean yeah, some of the latex weapons have shitty tips but still...

>> No.16622066


In the US? Generally rented, often from Scouting groups or private parks and the like. It's almost unheard of to have a game on a perm-site, though that's just starting to happen here and there on the East Coast.

They also tend to run a helluva lot more events on average. Games that can keep their props and such on-site can do better, and games that HAVE their own site better still. Games like Mythodea are tent cities with a few larger structures put up by the game itself...but most of that is people bringing their own things to the game and a sense that it's GOOD to try to outdo each other.

Over here, the few real gems tend to be places that have regular sites, plenty of room to store stuff close to hand for events, and if possible actually get to modify the site to be LARP-friendlier.

>> No.16622077


and meanwhile the Scandinavians build taverns and villages for their games...

>> No.16622099


They went straight past "embrace LARPing" to "selling LARP gear in supermarkets and subsidizing games all over the place". You get out what you put in.

>> No.16622117


And again, there's that whole "available land" thing.

Try that in the US, and you'll have a pile of permits, real estate laws, and other bureaucratic crap to deal with. And of course, most rental sites won't let you build on them, which means here the only places that can build anything lasting are the few places that own the land to begin with...

>> No.16622138


Note that this is a US LARP. It isn't covered in crappy costuming or ugly boffers, and wouldn't pass badly overseas either. Here's the same site (the same spot, even), a different game, a few years prior from an online album by Wired magazine. Feels any different?

>> No.16622212


Being able to actually work with a site means you go from this...

>> No.16622216


everyone has problems with the sites.
Here we doesn't even have camps to rent for a game, or any such site, so mostly we just go into the forest.
Except for postapoc games, we have a few abandoned soviet military site for those

>> No.16622219


To this.

>> No.16622308


And it's not easy to work with, right? Everything you do, you have to bring in with you on your backs, set it all up the day you get there, tear it back down because if you don't, somebody's going to be mighty pissed if you leave it there.

The more you have already in place that you can leave in place, the better an event looks- alternatively, having shitloads of manpower and friendly site owners helps.

>> No.16622323



>> No.16622353


And what is he doing nowadays?

Oh yes, this. What's in your wallet?

>> No.16622356

the bring-the-stuff-to-the-site is the hardest part in a sense that you can bring only so many stuff... If you have a car or something that's helps a little but still you can never bring enough stuff

>> No.16622395


*nods* That's what I'm talking about. Used to be, the site we had was a rental, and we had to drag nearly everything back and forth. That limited how much you could dress up the site and indeed the NPC's, as everything everyone brought had to fit in cars- and not everyone drives honkin' big SUV's or vans.

Then after using the place for a while, we got a limited amount of storage space. That helped, and you could get fancier.

Now, it's a LARP-owned site, the storage situation is even better and a lot of the stuff that would have taken huge amounts of effort are actually being built into the site for good- even though three of the four games there are still renting (and the 4th owns it), there's a lot of things that everyone can use and nobody has to rebuild from scratch every time they go for a weekend.

>> No.16622412


>be rich
>rent/own truck

Better still

>be filthy rich
>own acre upon acre of land with planning permission to do what you will

If I ever find myself in possesion of inordinate abouts of money, I will buy myself a goddamn castle. Wouldn't mind if it was this place, although it's currently owned by some Lord.

>> No.16622419


well as I said, we have nothing like that. just forests and sometimes a ruin

>> No.16622421


Forgot picture of said castle. It's a nice place, with plenty of countryside surrounding it. Also near the sea too.

>> No.16622472


We actually do rent a trailer, mostly to get the huge mound of NPC costuming cleaned up and laundered.

It's fun washing for 40 people or so who change clothes multiple times a weekend and seem to find every mud puddle, tree, or other source of stains in between.

>> No.16622592


If there was anyplace nearby I'd love to win the lottery and reclaim, it was the old Renfaire in Fredricksburg. Ran a few years, then closed down out of the blue for a host of different reasons (though there's still a VARF, it's a much different animal now). Now it's a slowly rotting village, fading with the passing years.

http://abandonedplaces.livejournal.com/2130535.html is most of the pics from the site now, but this is one of those. I used to work there!

>> No.16622622

Yeah I'm actually the scion of a clan of farmers out here so I have a fair amount of land that can be used hte biggest issue is letting my family actually let me use it for anything other than sitting there and also well laws. On the plus side it's a gorgeous area

>> No.16622660


pretty much the area between glass factory and swamp road is family owned. Think it would be big enough?

>> No.16622696


more than enough

>> No.16622702


Sure, though not for long events. Parks and big rural areas you can't put much up on are decent for one-day events, although given enough pavillion-style tent space you can build something temporary for weekend events. Just don't hold them in winter!

>> No.16622722

I figured as much, I wish I could still use our hold hay fields, we had almost a mile long stretch of old open fields that were...well amazing. But theyre not cornfields which pisses me off to no end.


starting at Hwy47 or so.

As for winter you can't really do much up here anyways that area tends to be nigh inaccessible.

>> No.16622737

also had I the option I would happily build at least a few shelters on it. Or even refit the barn into a tavern though in its state that's not very likely

>> No.16622751


why not? winter is fun!

>> No.16622764

mostly out of the fact, there's well over four feet of snow everywhere and ours tend to be rather harsh as of late, and by harsh I mean negative thirty with ten degree wind chill. I would prefer to avoid lawsuits if possible

>> No.16622797

well that and there's a snow machine trail that runs right through it.

>> No.16622798


hay fields?

>> No.16622802


Winter's fun. That part of NY in winter is not-fun getting to.

Heck, a lot of the NY/New England area games don't even hold games during the winter months. (Though once you hit NJ, most don't stop any time of the year).

But really rough weather will put a damper on games, even then...although we've had at least one game that got hit by a hurricane and it still kept chugging along once the storm passed.

>> No.16622822

agreed, southern tier has it easy let alone Penn, and NJ Im a central New yorker and we're known for well. wind cold and hate.

And yeah HUGE fields, all three combined are about a mile long but they were convereted to cornfields they should be going on rotation to hay soon though I would think. We needed the money sadly

>> No.16622832


the trick is to don't hold the event at mid-winter. Also one day events are viable solutions too

>> No.16622837

true, really its avoiding the starving months here(feb-march) and mud season. but mid summer would really be the best. and again I would love to build something on this land even a few simple shacks and leantos/huts

>> No.16622869


there are a few methods to make easily and cheap larp buildings with very little work

>> No.16622882

poles and tarp? Hell I've got those, now all I need is to convince the family to actually let me use the land . Which if I say it will make them a little money in the long run it may.

>> No.16622886


Actually, hay bale-walls and the like are fairly common for the more boffer-combat games around here, since they're easy-to-build "forts" that you just shred afterwards, literally.

>> No.16622894

round bales are not shredable by hand, trust me. though it would give me a reason to play around with the 856 which is always a good day.

>> No.16622903

this thread is awesome and you should feel awesome

mayhaps sticky this for a week?

>> No.16622911

certainly? Also hungarian any links to building LARP structures?

>> No.16622924


What you might want to do is see if any of the already-established games in the area would want to use the site. After all, then they do most of the work!

For that matter, you might pitch it for stuff like paintball as well. And yes, you can pull off reasonable temporary structures with painted canvas/tarps and poles/pavilions to hold the whole thing up. It's nothing fancy, but it'll work.

>> No.16622927

hilariously in the old days we had highland cattle roaming the fields, keeping them ate down. Had I the ability to larp whilst large bovines were just chilling around it would be quite the site.

>> No.16622931

I should I know there are paintball groups in the area at least, its always a matter of getting the family to agree to the idea of course and having someone who is established coming in and presenting it might look better really

>> No.16622935


nope, not really. We can't really build anything anywhere as in not allowed anything serious so every time we just get creative.

>> No.16622940

fair enough personally I have a ready supply of timber in the form of cedar and tamarack for rough cut and pole timber. I think it would be quite fun to build my own cabin out there as something of a tavern or just pitch pole tents around the area. of course I want to also do park and recreation area management sooo

>> No.16622943


Oh, gawd no. I mean just small feed bales, not the OMGHUEG round ones that are taller than a man. It's like biodegradable giant LEGO time...and yes, hay bales also make nice "walls" for covering with cloth for temporary buildings as well. (Actually, it's a "green" construction method for real shelters too)

Read and learn for the fancy stuff- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Straw-bale_construction

>> No.16622954


>> No.16622959

ah the horse, mounted combat in my larp?

>> No.16622971

true that, sadly we need our hay for our few remaining cattle, see pic above. hmm, I know a guy who actually did LARP as a young'en so maybe he'd be up for helping with the set up though he's out in goddamned brookfield

>> No.16622980


>> No.16622992

Damn it, now I think I must train our highland to be ridable.

>> No.16623012


Start with talking to any local paintball shops- they're usually the type to set up an event, given space to do it in. Borrow a lawyer for a bit, set up a contract, and you've got yourself some income. As for construction- ask your parents about how pole barns got built...then play around with smaller versions using the aforementioned materials. Pole construction dates back in US farming to the 1930's and you still see it done today, just usually with sturdier stuff for actual building, rather than stuff like Hungarian uses to tear down after a weekend.

But you could do a rough structure in a pretty straightforward way. Poles at each corner, bales for the walls, a flat roof weighted down by more of the same. Run a cloth "wall" painted tarp along the inside and outside, attached to the poles and leave a gap for the door and/or "windows".

Voila, easy-build hut that'll actually tolerate some abuse.

>> No.16623031

actually what I had in mind, again parks and Rec we're taught a surprising number of building techniques, also as a kid we built a shit ton of hay forts, for large scale, say castles or walls round bales(ours are the 6X6) work nice too

>> No.16623086


any opinions on this gang of rabble rousers? also something to make you D'aaaaw

>> No.16623095


NERO to larps is what FATAL to table top games

>> No.16623099

...nevermind that one then, any suggestions?

>> No.16623157


OP here.

The owner of the whole organization? Worst fucking thing to happen to LARPing, ever. But I don't hold the chapter owners to that, some of them are good peoples.

You know all those cool pictures from Mythodea I posted? The folks from Live Adventure (who run it) got an offer from Joe Valenti, who is the aforementioned owner of NERO to do a Conquest game over here in the US. Yes, they wanted to do it.

Valenti then systematically hosed it in so many ways the European LARPing community won't touch him with a twenty-foot pole. And I don't mean a really tall guy from Krakow.

Some of the guys that run NERO games on the other hand are A-OK in my book, those that I've had the pleasure of talking to. Alliance LARP, the breakaway organization is better peoples in my book- and the guy at the head is a lawyer who has had plenty of experience with the way Valenti hoses contracts...so he won't do it himself. Smart AND fair. Talk with these guys, they're in the Hudson Valley- http://alliancecrossroads.com/

>> No.16623181

thanks for the heads up, I don't get why someone would be such a douche about the whole thing but, then again that's just me.

>> No.16623284


Long story short, money. He bought the company, then started shoving franchisees around (which got him Alliance LARP formed from a bunch of now-ex-NERO chapters that left), dumping money into "LARP award shows" and other things that give most LARPers a case of collective facepalm.

It's still one of the best-known and most-marketed games in the US, and it has some really good people running some of those games...but I think that's in spite of Valenti, not because of him. http://www.nerolarp.net/ is his site to "draw people in" to franchise new chapters, and it creatively omits a lot of interesting facts to provide the brightest possible picture of the whole. And has piles of broken links thanks to shabby work on the site, including "projects" that in at least one case have been hijacked by someone talking about cartoons.

I think a lot of the chapter owners stick to it in part because they like the other chapters...not the owner. But it's another example of how what could have been progress got nearly turned around into something going full retard instead.

>> No.16623365


Also, NERO isn't quite as monolithic as it might seem. Yes, you can play your character at any chapter. However, every chapter has what are called "playtests", variant rules that differ from game to game. Some of them are more game-changing than others- in one chapter I might have to memorize all my spells in advance. In another, I'd just "cast on the fly", picking which ones my spell slots would allow from all the different ones I know how to cast. Or those spells might do more damage in one chapter and less in another. The core rules are the same, but it'd be like a bunch of D&D games, each DM of which used different supplements to run their campaigns.

>> No.16623462

>>16623284 it has some really good people running some of those games...but I think that's in spite of Valenti, not because of him.

There isn't a big enough "THIS" image macro on the internets to support this point.

>> No.16623567


A few months ago someone figured out that it would be a pretty good idea to start a nero chapter in this country. We discreetly laughed at him as hard as we could, maybe we pointed at him too. Then he saw the error in his ways

>> No.16623594


Ooh, this website of Valenti'sFrom 1998 to 2007, Joseph Valenti closed more than twelve (12) 'fake' NERO LARP Chapters 'nero alliance' chapters, that Michael Ventrella licensed to others without authorization, using the American judicial system. Additionally, Joseph has repeatedly had unauthorized websites that misrepresent NERO LARP removed from servers. "

...except he didn't. That's Alliance LARP's chapters he's talking about, who kept running the entire time.

"In the fall of 1991 an article about NERO ® was published in Dragon Magazine which captured the notice of thousands of gamers. NERO Massachusetts enjoyed attendance by 500 to 700 players for three years thereafter, operating 10-12 weekend long events each year. Ken Courtney and several of his friends in the Pittsburgh PA area saw the article. They attended an event in Massachusetts that October and concluded that this experience should be brought to the Pittsburgh area. They held a very cold event in February of 1992, attracting 22 local adventurers. Thus the Pittsburgh Roleplaying Organization was formed. PRO has staged 10-12 weekend events every year in PA since then, with over 100 people in attendance. "

PRO's good peoples, and they're the first NERO chapter that didn't get irritated with the national organization and leave...but hey, we don't mention the people that left before PRO. They're eeeevil. I even still have my membership card from late 1991 to prove it!

Incidentally, NERO's "success" has Ravenholt clearing about as many people per event now as PRO did when it started. Which is kinda unfortunate.

I will always remember with fondness the day my group locked the entire noble population @PRO into a cabin and they couldn't get out. Shortly after looting the game's general store of all of it's valuables and haring off for the afternoon. All in fun. Seriously, who DOESN'T memorize a few Dispels for times like that?

>> No.16623636

>They're eeeevil. I even still have my membership card from late 1991 to prove it!
that they are evil or that you are evil too?

>> No.16623713


Oh, Mr. Valenti does not like games that broke away from his organization. Not at all.

NERO-NJ did that, became LAIRE, and hence a not-mentioned part of NERO history thereafter. Not being any real competition to him, we don't get the "OMG Mike Ventrella is a wicked, illegal LARP-runner and we shall castigate and prosecute him and his heretical followers!" treatment. We just never existed. Or still existed. *shrugs*

That NERO has had so many chapters fail or split off is the ugly part you will never see the organization mention. Far as they're officially concerned, it's sunshine and rainbows and nothing bad happens, nothing at all.

>> No.16623745


yeah, I know that kind of behavior, uncirons that farts pink clouds and everything

>> No.16624135

It's the same as any other fringe hobby, don't worry. You see the same kind of politics elsewhere. To my mind the best way to deal with it is to encourage openness and honesty - in a free market the less-shitty should do better.

>> No.16624595


Oh, no worries there. I do my best to cross-contaminate games with each other...when people realize there's better out there, they want to have it. Mediocrity thrives on ignorance.

>> No.16624650


>> No.16624660


and when the organizers and the players too are assholes you can still ruin the game

>> No.16624767

You know what? I'm an asshole. An asshole who judges. Judges people who perpetuate the boobplate myth. The boobplate economy. The boobplate lie.

I try and suspend disbelief, but it's just full on fucking retarded.


>> No.16624807


Next to nothing on those boobs settle you better? Here you go.

>> No.16624865


how about chicken breast armor?

>> No.16625127


And still he hangs on to his hat.

Son, I am impress.

>> No.16625172


He looks like a filthy steampunker. He should be beaten.

>> No.16625271


Not at all. He's one of the O'Gready gang- and forget steampunk. Think closer to "Gangs of New York".

>> No.16625788


I don't think he can hear you over the sound of how much more awesome he is than you. Try shouting though, by all means.

>> No.16625953


And all that lined me up to finding another nice image site to mine, too. Hehehe. Here's one, speaking of this lot- who amidst other things keep up on running *ahem* sporting rings.

From brawling to outright bloodsport, they're in on it.

>> No.16626067

Not that big a deal in the US. I have few acres of wooded land that I bout for about $1000 an acre some years back, and I built something that would make an accurate enough tavern there over a few years. If I had a LARP gang I could totally host some small things there, and total investment was probably under $10,000.

>> No.16626141

Can these things be combined somehow?

>> No.16626223

mmmmm.... homoeroticism

>> No.16626316

I'm not going to lie -- I've never LARPed or really read up on it or anything, so I am fully 100% newfag about the social factions and how they hate each other. This is hilarious: it's like band geek factional hatred.

>> No.16626422


Hey, if you're into that sort of fantasy more power to you. But by all means if you prefer believing there were never any gay spartans or whatever thats cool too.

>> No.16626434


Oddly enough, the only NSFW Mythodea pics I have are all about the penis. Go figure.


Certainly could. LARP safe weapons + LARP safe walls = whee, LARP castle battle. Just mind the heights. From experience, it's enviromental hazards that cause the worst injuries at LARPs, and falling off a height is one of those.


Funny thing is, it really only matters to the people running LARPs, in most cases. Haters gonna hate, players gonna play.

>> No.16626444


horses: still used to advertise that someone else has more resources than you

>> No.16626462


Alliance runs one of their games (and has built up from) what used to be a fairly large farm out in PA. Me, I want to be Jim Butcher, he of the Dresden Files books. What'd he do with some of his hard earned nerd-gold? Bought about 120 acres for use as a LARP site.

(And he happens to play in NERO, too.)

>> No.16626478


For sure. I've never larped, but it looks like desert raves or burning man or whatever else: An excuse for a bunch of people to leave the boring buildings that surround us and daily social shittiness to go do something silly in a little aesthetic bubble they've collectively devised.

I'm more of a tabletop guy but that makes sense to me.

>> No.16626518

>Shy talking to girls


...just had a vision

>horse riding lessons
>cost of plate armour
>weight of armor
>common mistakes when horseriding in platemail
>how to polish stainless steel

>load fast google!
>where's my fucking credit card?!

yes I choose to believe its fucking prophecy, and if you disagree, remember to bring a sword.

>> No.16626618


>hee, LARP castle battle


>> No.16626694


Tasker Wolfe, those guys film stuff that isn't QUITE LARPing (cause it's all staged) but it's damn fun to watch. Nuthin by <3 there.

>> No.16626762


IIRC they are also working at some kind of amusement park or something.
Also they now their shit

>> No.16626794


All I gotta say on that is I've had friends that did Ren Faire stuff, and yes. Jousting is a helluva girl-drug.

Mind you, those guys really do work at it. Go from fair to fair performing, practice together during the off-season. Even some of the squires. But it's awesome.

>> No.16626819


if you want to do real jousting don't forget to get a proper jousting armor (which is differs in some way from a normal proper armor)

>> No.16626866

Even jousting has its cliques and personality splits.

>> No.16626894

Talsker Wölfe. They're bad enough motherfuckers to have a proper umlaut.

>> No.16626902


splits they have, lucky is the day when it's not in your body

>> No.16628813

so happy to see this thread is still here, I just worked a hella shitty eight hour shift at the local gas station.

But yeah Ive got somewhere in the range of 40 acres if I can get the family to agree to letting a bunch of people in costume beat the tar out of each other onto the property. would that be good for strictly weekend stuff?

>> No.16628872


Depends. Does it come with a mule? :P

Start with one-day stuff. See how people treat the property. Next step's seeing if a Fri-Sun weekend works out for people, but save that for later.

>> No.16628895

used to come with cattle and yeah again gotta see what the family says to it as well, if they can make money out of it, it probably will work to my favor. the area has some open fields and small wooded sections along with swamps, It also would not be hard to make structures such as simple leantos my worst issue is the fact Im literally in the middle of the state of ny near, well nothing.

>> No.16629009

Also, of your opinion how hard is it to do stuff like make chainmail?

>> No.16629040

Chainmail isn't really difficult, you just have to sink a lot of time into it. Once you get the basic action down, there's very little potential to mess up.

>> No.16629046

good to hear, what about other armor types though? Say things like scale and brigadine?

>> No.16629057

They're harder. I haven't made anything but chainmail, so I can't give you specific details.

>> No.16629106

fair enough I have a buddy of mine making a chainmail shirt I guess...though he doesn't larp which is odd.

>> No.16629274


It's like knitting. For men. :)


Brigandine can be pretty easy, depending on materials. Scale's a bit tougher.

>> No.16629299

what do you mean by materials?

>> No.16630744


if you wan't an authentic brigandine or cop it will be hard. If you don't want an authentic one then you can cheat in a few places for example you can use modern rivets. And you can easily fuck it up if you don't know what are you doing

>> No.16630762

here is a proper brigandine

>> No.16631328

ah alright, that looks rather hard. also how hard is it to take up forging? I need a hobby that actually does something for me and blacksmithing seems like it'd be a good one

>> No.16631412

The Armour Archive is actually really good for these kind of questions, as is MyArmoury.

I'd recommend stealing a copy of Techniques of Medieval Armour Reproduction by Brian R. Price. He's a dick and a thief, so it shouldn't matter too much. There are a couple of versions out there on the tubes. At the moment I only seem to have 'Brian Price - Techniques Of Medieval Armour Reproduction.pdf' @ 263MB, and that seems to be a shitty, incomplete Google Books rip. I'll try and find the other.

As for chainmail, a dress made of butted aluminium rings will be cheap, not difficult, but time consuming and a bit annoying trying to size it. On the other hand, a properly riveted steel dress would be a hundred times more time-consuming and painstaking as well as having the same fitting problems. Start with aluminium, even though it's not armour in any meaningful way.

Decide what you want, take is slow, do your homework and keep motivated. Costuming is like wimminz.

>> No.16631432


a CoP or Coat of Plates is similar to a brigandine but it's easier to make. Bigger plates and sometimes not complete overlap between the pieces

>> No.16631475

fuck man, i wish there was enough land and nerds to do this in Brunei. alas nerds are more of the starcraft variety, and it's way too fucking hot for platemail.
Lots of muslims though, would make for some interesting LARP action.

alas, i would have way better luck if i moved back to canada

>> No.16631521

Thing is, I imagine that dressing up and pretending to be Saladin would go down well with the spoilt sons of Arabic oil wealth. The problem is that there's no culture of re-enanacting the past, or role-playing, out there.

And also they're all lazy sandcoons.

>> No.16631532


Why the hell would you go to Brunei? It's a shithole.

>> No.16631538


I think he lives in brunei. Which is shocking. I didn't know anybody with internet lived in brunei.

>> No.16631548

I moved here to be with my wife. she wants to leave.
guess that supports your shithole theory
moving back to canada next year because i have not been able to find a job that will hire me because i'm not some fucking indonesian they can pay peanuts and get a cheap workers visa for

BAck on track, when i was in canada i had a few calimacil swords. Do real larps use them??
I really liked the quality

>> No.16631575


I was thinking a few days ago that I could probably get the Saudis to bankroll some sword and sandal epic of the rise of the Al-Sauds if I wrote a script good enough for it.

But it's hard to say. To be sure and tragically so anything of the rashidun period is tricksy to cover. An "Indigenous" movie did actually do it with creative methods of not depicting Muhammad and the later caliphs, but you apparently had someone in America misunderstand it and take hostages because he thought some actor was depicting Muhammad. Even though it went over quite well in the muslim world.

>>Gaddafi helped fund the movie


>> No.16631576

this guy here. Anybody use calimacil? they have put out some really fucking nice stuff since i left canada.

I grew up with a mom who did full armour / rattan sword dueling . Still has the shield / helm kicking around somewhere if i'm not mistaken.

Started with building swords. did pvc, bamboo, you name it. ghetto battles with my friends ect. late nights in the school fields. find memories of the gigantic heavy ass 'lightsabers' i made that one day gave me a concussion. moved on to online foam sword retailers. Never been to a real larp since i was a kid. would love to go again.

Do any of you know about larps in canuckland? what kind of weapons do they use?

>> No.16631577


even in 40 celsius it's bearable for a while

>> No.16631614

I've never met any westerners who actually enjoy living in Dubai, Brunai, Kuwait or any of the other oil-baron-doms.

No fucking idea about Canuckstan mate, I'm European and don't even LARP. I just want to be able to rock up to one with some friends, dressed like Pic Related.

>> No.16631686

I like it for the most part. foods nice. people have great families which is something canuckistanis and NA in general seem to lack. thanks murrika.
sweaty balls and constant unemployment really grinds my gears though. cold showers feel fucking amazing here :P
I would love to have enough land to set up a LARP, or just go to one in beaverland.

No thoughts on foam swords guys?

>> No.16631719


it seems to me that calimacil swords are fucking great. But I try not to judge them if I never tried them. And sadly this is the case...

>> No.16631739

>>16631719 bruneifag here
I have owned a few. they have a good deal of flex, and the points arent bad if you're considering stabbing. weight is nice, and it sure as fuck beats any of the pvc or bamboo abominations i made. Even tops the other carbon fiber rod swrods i bought online. what the fuck was the name of the company? those ones were light but the tips were shit and i actually split my friend's eyebrow busting a katana tip on him. lulz!

I just have no idea if people use them in larps. been to one when i was a kid but they were using full plate and fucking rattan swords no padding.

>> No.16631752

>been to one when i was a kid but they were using full plate and fucking rattan swords no padding.

thats SCA not larping

and I think some of the scandinavians use those weapons

>> No.16631756

quite right. forgot about that. was a long time ago

>> No.16632408

I thought that the SCA was a LARP?

>> No.16632502


most of them thinks they are better then larpers and SCA is something better than a larp. In reality it's just different.
It's like comparing a pen and paper game to a tabletop miniature game.

>> No.16632813

They're pretending to be fictional characters, most of whom are in a fantasy feudal system, decided on a game of stick tag.

I'd consider that LARPing. Not that there's anything wrong with LARPing ;)

>> No.16632867

Hmm, I'm thinking of getting into LARP. I've been considering this weapon combo. Not that I'm trained in it, but conceptually it seems pretty effective. Not only are you wielding two swords, both blades have wide guards. It's like dual wielding swords and shields. And although I probably couldn't get much force with them, most LARPs just require tapping to be considered an adequate blow. Unless someone managed to get really up in my grill with a stabbing weapon, or another person was dual wielding much better than I, I think I could do quite well for myself.

Also, are there any good LARP groups in the southern ontario/GTA area that people would recommend? From what I've seen it's just WoD, and I'm not big on goths and furries, so that's out of question.

>> No.16632931

dual wielding sounds pretty good at first but in reality it sucks. polearms will fuck you up and shield users too if your enemy is not a complete noob our if you are not a pro with your weapons. Also the "just need to lightly tap" mentality is one of the reasons why larp fights looks really retarded for any outside observer. You can do better than this

by that logic reenacting is larping too. Of course you can see things that way but I like make a distinction between vampire lives, boffertags, larping, sca and reenacting

>> No.16632955

Bastard sword. For polearm users, be a real bastard and grab the shaft.

>> No.16633053


Can you at least explain why dual wielding doesn't work besides "the other weapon users will tear you another asshole if they aren't terrible"? Also, the main reason why I picked the twin hooks was because of the guards, I would think that warranted some degree of protection from slashing attacks.

>> No.16633105

in my opinion, people choose "dual wielding" because they see martial arts movies and think that shit works in real life.
protip: no

Most people i have fought against either use one of two methods
1) flail like a tard hoping to confuse you and score a hit
2) attacking one sword at a time, trying to get you to block so they can strike you with the other sword. really predictable.
YMMV of course, but that fancy shit you see in kung fu movies doesn't work.
Using a two-handed sword suits me better, because i have been able to disarm people trying to dual wield. its not that hard to knock their fucking sword out of their hand if you're using two hands and a longer sword.

>> No.16633162

first of all, that's my experience. It doesn't mean that I am right but I doesn't really saw anything to contradict this. There are exceptions of course but there are always a few. Also I will assume that both you and your occasionally opponent will know at least a little about how to use their weapon. I mean if someone can't use a weapon you can kill him with anything...

If you use two weapons that means both of them shorter than a two handed weapon that means you have less reach, which is a very important thing. So you always in a disadvantage and if the other guy always maintain his distance you will be in a very shitty situation. If he has just a two handed sword or something with similar length then it's not as bad, you have a chance but for example a spear user will likely to attack you repeatedly with fast stabs. It's pretty hard to parry those and while you can say "yeah I will get close to him" it's really not that easy to do that.

Against a shield user he will likely to have the same reach as you. But a shield grants you a much better protection, also passive protection. You don't have to flail around your shield to defend yourself while you always have to move fast with your weapons. So again, you are at a disadvantage.

I'm not saying that you can't beat an opponent with those or that two weapons fighting doesn't have any advantage but it has way more disadvantage in my opinion

>> No.16633483

Thing is, I think that fighting with two weapons might be fairly effective in LARPing compared to a real fight, because:
Your life isn't on the line if you fuck up.
You don't have to worry about actually hurting the other person. Little things like edge alignmight, power generation and supporting structure behind cuts don't matter.
The fight won't be like a real one - weapons won't want to bind together like steel meeting steel actually does. There's barely any sense of feeling. Equally, weapons won't get embedded in wooden shields.
You don't NEED the safety against missile weapons that a shield gives you.

Now, there are people out there who are very proficient at play fighting out there - Mark Gilbert of the Riddle of Steel group in the UK often comes to fight camp and is able to rack up a very impressive win/loss record with them. In a highly artificial enviroment, taking the above into account.

short answer - there might be enough artefacts in the enviroment of your fights to make sighting with those things work. All that I know is that I wouldn't want to give it a go. In my experience fighting with two weapons makes 'We hit eachother at the same time!' a lot more likely, and 'I managed to kill him without being killed by taking advantage of timing and the mechanics of the situation.' a lot less likely.

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