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New Necron Special Character ability

>After the Necron character has killed someone in combat and after all blows have been struck on both sides, roll a D6 for every type of model (friend or enemy) that the special character killed that turn. On a 4+ all other models in combat of that type take a wound (armor/inv saves can be taken as normal).

For example killing a guardsman would make all guardsmen, but not commissars, in the blob to take a wound. Same for shoota boyz, but Nob is immune.

Blood of Kittens rumoured that this ability could affect every model in the enemy army, that isn't the case as it is restricted to those the special character is combating. No other necrons have this ability.

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Well, after seeing what GK purifiers can do with that bullshit cleansing flame ability EVERY ROUND. This dosnt seem too far fetched of an ability for a Special Character, provided the effect stays contained within the combat. Army wide is just all sorts of bullshit. The only problem i can see, and its a big one, is defining unit "type" ie guardsman, from veteran guardsman, from sergeant, from vet sergeant, from platoon commander, etc. That kind of potential for rules fuckerey and vagueness gives me a sizeable amount of doubt as to the validity of the rumor.

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Well they'll need something half-way decent, after the Troop choices got nerfed to shit for no reason.

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Necron Warriors are twelve points a model. They're well worth that.

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And they still fold in combat, were reduced to a 4+ save, and are charged down with a -2 differential in Initiative. Hope you enjoy watching your troops take a charge from tactical-squad, loose, and all die to being run down.

Of course, Immortals becoming T4 blows, too.

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They're bayonet fodder.

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Please post your sources for this information.

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No nerfs, each overrun Warrior squads costs you less and no longer causes phaseout.

3e warriors are the worst troops in the game right now, it is impossible to nerf them anyway.

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The only problem I see with this profile for a Necron warrior is the save. They're supposed to be tough as nails, at least (in my mind) as tough as a SPOOSE MOOHREEN. So the save should really be 3+.

The penalties to close combat initiative make total sense. These are shambling, mechanical zombie robots. None of them is going to be Bruce Lee.

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>They're supposed to be tough as nails, at least (in my mind) as tough as a SPOOSE MOOHREEN

Do we know if they've changed the We'll Be Back rule?

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They have, but I don't remember the exact wording. You get it against power weapons now at least, and I believe it's army wide.

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>Kill a guardsman
>set off a chain reaction that drains the souls of every nearly every living creature within a few hundred feet

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Yes, it is now a 5+ save for all Necrons, not just those who are "Necron." The save comes at the very end of the turn, so if your Necron unit gets wiped out or flees, those left behind will not be able to wbb.

The rez orb makes the wbb a 4+, but it only applies to the unit with the lord. However with the new unit of bodyguards for the lords, you can have many of them with a 4+

Also phase out is gone.

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The rumours pretty much uniformly agree that it happens at the end of the phase where Necrons die. They get up on 5+ (resurrection orb makes this 4+ within 6'') no matter what kind of weapon they were killed with.

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It seems that Fantasy Flight got wind of this in advance.

The Black Crusade necron warriors have armour of 6 which is carapace armour equivalent. Immortals have power armour equivalent 8 armour.

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>Reduces my troops AC from 3+ to 4+
>Drops the point cost by a THIRD

Uh, yea... I'll take new 'crons over the old any day. They may not have the AC of a SPESS MURHEEN anymore, but at least now I can HAVE an undying horde of robots (you know, like the fluff claimed they were all along).

P.S.: Claiming a primarily ranged unit sucks because it doesn't do good in melee is fucking stupid.

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You. I like you. You are a reasonable individual.

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wow its exactly what i thought. limited to one target. and the range is shorter than i thought, i expected 6"
but in CC, and requiring a kill...

yeah once again Anon freaks out over nothing.

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>Reduces my troops AC from 3+ to 4+
>Drops the point cost by a THIRD
>And makes WBB ignore armor-peircing kills
Fuck yeah I'll take this, This is sexy

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Um... Can anyone tell me what GK's Cleansing flame does?

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Generates automatic wounds on every enemy model before combat attacks are made, when a purifier squad passes it's psychic check.

In other words, it makes Nid and Ork players rage-quit, and start playing a better game system.

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Ruins everything

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Enjoy watching your warrior squads fold and run like Tau as soon as someone charges them.

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>primarily ranged unit
>24" weapons

Fire Warriors are ranged.

Tac marines, necron warriors and all the like are not.

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I feel bad for the chaos daemon. Asshole GK.

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Does this mean that even if you use some shoota boys etc to shoot down an entire squad bar one, the final guy can run in and go "OH LOL PURIFYAN!" most likely KOing 70% of the squad?

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Initiative 2, sub-par combat ability...

will fail Ld checks, and (miserably attempt to) fleet at initiative 2. Overrun's a bitch. Everything that fucking blows currently about playing Necrons and loosing combat, will happen more often now. A 33% point reduction will not change that.

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Thank The Emperor my Black Templars have Abhor the Witch! Destroy the Witch! vow.

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Yes, provided that final guy is the sergeant (iirc)

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You will still want your Preferred Enemy over Abhor The Witch. And they still have power weapons.

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Eh, that ability is good at stopping tarpit units but shitty at taking out the REAL hand to hand monster who have good armour saves and often wound allocation dickery that negates the rule.

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Damn lol thats pretty gay, I was sort of on the anti-GK/ward bandwagon just for fun, but that is a legitimate reason for me to take a seat.
Then again there seems to be a lot of shit geared towards raping horde-based armies recently

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Considering every goddamn model in the army has a Force Weapon? I think you're just fine on that issue.

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>Then again there seems to be a lot of shit geared towards raping armies that are not loyalist marines lately.


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well, its not so bad as the initial rumour of shooting everything in the army. restricted to one special character is good too.

i really should get back to repainting my pile of crons.

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Tacs and Necron Warriors are explicitly ranged units and suck ass in close combat as they should. 1 attack/model, no special rules for that attack.

Fire Warriors have 6'' longer range but statistically the pulse rifle is no better than a bolter or a gauss flayer due to BS3. Their rapid fire range is the same, and their CC is worse thanks to WS2, T3 and crap Ld.

They're no units at all, suck in CC and suck at range.

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Hmm. This all fits with the rumors about 6e combat going faster and being more brutal. Late 5e/6e is "roll the dice to see how many guys you kill" edition, I guess.

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Even if it was, it wouldn't change the fact that the army's still going to fold like a wet paper-bag as soon as anything remotely competent in CC charges it... In other words, it's going to get fucked pretty hard by BA Ass-Marine-spam.

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>finish repainting my old necrons
>take them to store on day of new book release
>first game with new book
>accused of bandwagon jumping

happened with my grey knights. will probably happen again, and i will be Angry

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>They're no units at all, suck in CC and suck at range.

Bet me. I dare you.

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>happened with my grey knights.

you should've just been like "pick up one of my terminator models. does that feel like bandwagon weight to you?"

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And Dire Avengers, 12 points like Necron warriors but with worse strength, toughness and Ld. They have it easier against sweeping advance, but they take much more of those morale checks in the first place.

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But... I like the idea that Necrons should be a small model count but elite army.

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>Only wounded on a +4
Oh thats not as bad as I thoug...
>purifying flame wounds count as CC wounds
>40% of the mob burns to death, and then the rest get anally dominated by no retreat/fearless
Well shit

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the greasy fuck claimed id got them from ebay
the concept that id bought, painted and collected my army during its previous codex was quite beyond his grasp

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Then use immortals instead of warriors, they're over 40% more expensive per model.

>> No.16613994

They're also much more lethal in the shooting phase, have a good transport option, and are led by a sergeant that can actually fight in CC. And for all that, they are practically guaranteed to make it out of combat, as opposed to the 98% fail-rate Necron Warriors will have.

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Welcome to 5th edition. This is why you have a soak-screen of grots in front to act as a speed-bump.

If you think that's bad, wait until you see a Blendertron drop out of a BA Stormraven, and kill an entire unit in combat before No Retreat! even kicks in.

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And are still I 2, and dropped to Toughness 4 instead of the T5 they used to have. They basically just became "up-gunned warriors".

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>Thinking about getting back into 40k
>This thread reminds me about the bullshit that is every marine codex

Nevermind then!

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I'm waiting on the Necron codex to decide if I want them to be my xenos force or not, and anybody who claims I get into them "for the latest overpowered codex" might get my Chaos Space Marine and Sisters of Battle codices rammed through their heads.

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i thought there was going to be two types of immortals now, the current version in troops and a two-wounder elites version

>> No.16614031

Fuck close combat, the slugga boys are going back in the box. Its time to run a mechanized shooty army

>> No.16614033

does gauss still work the same way?

>> No.16614037


Good thing Stormravens cost 200+ points and are AV12 all around.

What's that? Your only antitank is powerklaw nobz and deffrollas? Oops...

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>I'm waiting on the Necron codex to decide if I want them to be my xenos force or not
>xenos force

Fucking grow a pair, you worthless spess mehreen fuck.

And you fuck-heads wonder why non-imperial/marine players quit and move to better game systems, with self-entitled attitudes like that.

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>not having 30 lootas to shoot the cunt out of the sky
I really 'ope you boyz dont do dis

>> No.16614066


No more than Terminators are upgunned tacticals.

Also having the Immortals keep their old statline and corresponding point value would make them Dark Eldar fodder.

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>> No.16614078

dis git knows wots wot
purifiers are a lot less scary when you shoot their stormturkies out the sky and they have to walk through a hail of shootas

>> No.16614083

You don't need to be mechanized... although it can help. But shootas are definitely the way to go in 5th ed.

Orks are no longer the CC nightmare they used to be... you know, back when Andy "Awesome" Chambers made sure they got their love, even if it was in the form of a WD Clan-Listing Article.

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Stormraven's carrying a Blendertron have an effective 20" charge range, ignoring terrain for the first 12". And iirc, they can 'alpha strike' via outflank or something.

>> No.16614100

So.... Is there any more rumours about necron stats/abilities/etc that haven't been mentioned yet? Also, do gauss weapons still exist/work in the same way?

>> No.16614101


Just because the Tau have the best rank and file ranged unit does not mean that suddenly every other faction is melee. You're silly.

>> No.16614112

>Currently play Slaaneshi CSM and Tau
>See Necron rumours
Cool beans, I'll probably pick some up.
Fuck the Imperium.

inb4 bandwagon. I was going to pick them up instead of Tau but phase out was just so fucking bad.

>> No.16614121

No more?
So, do Immortals have 2+ save? Do they have invul save? Do they have power fists or rockets?
Granted. they cost less - but that only underlines the difference between the Warrior/Immortal gap and Marine/Terminator gap. One of them is bigger then another.

>> No.16614125

I do like the flavour of this codex with all the fun shit like SAGs put back into it, but I sure do miss the +4 save modifier for choppas.
A lot of my boys are slugga boys though, most of them from when I played 3rd ed, and others from a BR set. I would convert them but it just doesnt seem propa to have most of my army with guns

>> No.16614126


What exactly are you on about? Please explain your RAEG to me.

>> No.16614129

they only have deep strike, which is pretty shit, cos it just sits there for a whole turn after it shoots.

i assume rending, but thats just because rending is as close to gauss as a main rulebook rule gets

>> No.16614145

War in Heaven.

>> No.16614156

I'm loving the sounds of all these rumors.

I have so many Necron just lying around...60 Warriors, 16 Scarabs, 6 Destroyers, a Heavy Destroyer, a Destroyer Lord, a regular Lord, and 3 Monoliths.

And all that ran me maybe $450-$500. The Necron Battleforce is actually pretty nice for what you get, and if the rumors about Scarabs are true?

Start buying them 40mm bases and putting 2 scarabs to each to spread the love, boys.

>> No.16614174

With a few hundred quids worth of models stuffed about the place, I always feel obligated to keep checking in 40k to see if it's worth playing again. NOPE! They might as well rename the game "Warhammer: Space Marines and Some Others Too I Guess".

Space Marines get to be more mobile and have better psykers than Eldar, more customisable than Tyranids, more experienced and diverse than Chaos Space Marines, and now tougher than Necrons. You've got the fucking Chaos and Eldar gods acting as Worf's to show how powerful the latest Astarte Mary Sue is.

4+ save, 5+ WBB, 12pt Necrons? Fuuuuuck that. Don't Blood Angels get to be 3+ save with near-constant 4+ WBB?

>> No.16614178

I hope you're trolling me now

I really do

>> No.16614189


How the hell is are Blood Angels making stormravens and dreadnoughts outflank? You have to blame your cheatyface opponents, not Ward.

20'' is not very hard to avoid in deployment either, and blood angels have nothing like Sathonyx that makes them go first more likely. One shooting phase is what you should need to cripple the stormravens.

>> No.16614190


y u mad tho

Scarabs are now the best choice in the game if the rumors are true. lolbyebyearmorvalue

>> No.16614191

>Blood Angels
>4+ WBB

>> No.16614202


>opponent using Stormravens
>not holding in reserve

He deserves his fate. Destroy him.

>> No.16614203

Hold up. If that's the exact wording of the rule, then it's still broken. It says all units of that type IN COMBAT, not just those on combat with the SC. Thus even if a unit is in combat with some other part of the necron force it would be effected!

this has some great potential for shenanigans and rules lawyering

>> No.16614224


But totally makes sense if he channels it through the Necron under his command, and is completely awesome.

Not really all that broken, either.

>Oh no, a model that's good at close-combat in a primarily shooting army!

So shoot the fucker to death, what the fuck is going to escort him? Unless he's ALSO the dude that gets Pariahs as his retinue, in which case...shoot him faster.

>> No.16614233


Warrior squads start from 60 points and additional models cost 12 points. Blood Angel assault squads start from 100 points and additional models cost 18 points. Sanguinary priest with the FNP bubble costs 50+ points, has one wound, and can be singled out in combat. WBB doesn't go away from power weapons or AP1-2 or high strength unlike FNP.

>> No.16614249

im hearign things about vehicles that arent the monolith
stuff like War Barques, a skimmer transport, and Obelisks, miniature fast monolith things. like really hard land speeders

>> No.16614254

Who gives a shit about competitive play and one OP unit? 40k is a joke competitively. The feel of the army has been gutted - it was about immortal hordes Necrons who never died. Now they die easier than Blood Angel scouts.

And I'm not mad, I haven't played 40k in 2-3 years. I'm just disappointed that something so great has fallen so far.

What is feel no pain.

>> No.16614258

I'm just looking forward to hordes of plastic Wraiths.
I've always wanted to play them.
I hope they are still 3++ with S6 and the ability to phase through everything.

>> No.16614269

One planet of Necrons took on a galaxy of Old Ones with their orks, eldar and other species servants. Still won.

>> No.16614270

>hasnt played in 2-3 years
i dont think your opinion about current 40k really matters then

>> No.16614279

i hear they have actual combat weapon options now. like power weapons or rending claws n stuff

>> No.16614290

My first major interaction with 40k was through DoW1. When I played Winter Assault, and a force of like 3 units of necron warriors was advancing at me through the map, and they were un-fucking-stoppable unless you used titan guns I fell in love with them.

I wish they were more like that on tabletop. Maybe I'll buy Tau instead this time around if their codex will be better.

>> No.16614295

The fucking Necron tagline is "Their number is Legion, their name is Death"

>Small force

Pick one

>> No.16614296

The only rumour about Wraiths we have is here http://bloodofkittens.com/blog/2011/06/18/future-tact-necron-random-unit-review-3/

Storm Shield terminator cost (40 points if it's a vanilla termie), Storm shield terminator save (3++), rending, S6, and two wounds each.

>> No.16614312

Now you trolling bro.
You didn't mention C'Tan
You didn't mention necrontyr having their own empire before the conflict started (granted, Old Ones kicked them to their planet)
Lesser races were created later in the conflict and did change the battle more into favor of Old Ones

>> No.16614318

with billions of necrons on that one planet.(probably the same numbers as on earth in 40k)
and seeing as there's more then 1 tomb world now they ust be able to make more and with the best of there technology and a more C'tan then they have now and the fact that because they are made out of living metal they happen to be basically indestructable meaning there number barely ever go down

>> No.16614331

I heard rumours that tomb-blades were basicly super awesome reaver jetbikes, has this been debunked?

>> No.16614338

Why were Necrons in Winter Assault?

>> No.16614343


Except when they fight 100 Chaos Terminators and a crazy Chaos Dreadnought.

God, the Dark Apostle series is so boss. I don't know why /tg/ doesn't ever really talk about it.

>Forward, brothers! The False Emperor will meet death this day!

Never forget Warmonger. Never forget.

>> No.16614344

do they still move as jetbikes or are they proper jump infantry now?

>> No.16614358

>>16614318 here
t-t-thanks guys

>> No.16614363

Because all the characters are just generic evil villians with about as much depth as cardboard cutouts?

Its just marine wank reskinned to be chaos wank.

>> No.16614385

Sorry, just checking to see if I'm blocked or not.

>> No.16614395


>What you like is stupid droll, allow me to insult you over the internet about it, hurhurhur.

>> No.16614399

So, for those of us who model and paint most of the time .. do we have any info on the new models?

Can we expect them to be new DE tier, bland as fuck oder Titan-Dick-Babycarriage tier?

>> No.16614405


There are only two ways to write Chaos, "mustache-twirling villain" and "dark and misunderstood marine". Both will get /tg/ to rage.

>> No.16614416

Why is "having a jolly good time being fucking free" never an opinion with chaos?

>> No.16614421

Khorne approves

>> No.16614424

>Ask why /tg/ won't discuss it/express interest in discussing it
>Discuss it

>> No.16614430

A question.
How does one utilizes Necron Destroyer Lord kit best?
I'd hate to leave a perfectly good body behind...

>> No.16614431


Because they're evil, while the Imperium is less evil and the protagonist faction of 40k besides.

>> No.16614435


Anything will get /tg/ to rage. Pic related.

>> No.16614438

So... When is this new codex supposed to come out.

>> No.16614439

>Except when they fight 100 Chaos Terminators and a crazy Chaos Dreadnought.

in the 41st millenium

not during the war in heaven
why did you even mention it?
I love the series and i collect word bearers
but why did you mention it if you wern't trolling?


>> No.16614451


>implying criticism was taken to heart

>> No.16614454

>Just because the Tau have the best rank and file ranged unit does not mean that suddenly every other faction is melee. You're silly.


>> No.16614465


I don't know, why are Chimeras better than Rhinos?

>> No.16614473

So everyone is saying "Oh, no, I wanted to play Necrons before it was cool, I'm not a bandwagon jumper." Fuck the police, I want to play 'em because they are new and cool!

>> No.16614475

Here is one question I have about the Necrons.

How did one Planet go up against the Old Ones? These fuckers created planets and shit, saying that the Necrons "had a better grasp of the physical world" is bullshit if the Old Ones could MAKE PLANETS. It sounds very stupid if you look at it.

>> No.16614483


I want to play'em because my Xbox-colored Necron have gotten all dusty on their display shelf, and could do with some battle.

>> No.16614489

but i actually did play necrons before they were cool

>> No.16614490

>it sounds very stupid if you look at it

We're discussing 40k fluff, that is pretty much a given

>> No.16614496

I am not sure why he mentioned that. IIRC, Terminators succeed in their mission

>> No.16614498

>There are only two ways Black Library attempts to write Chaos, "mustache-twirling villain" and "dark and misunderstood marine". Both will get /tg/ to rage.

>> No.16614502

imperial guard fans saying they deserve the most as they are the best etc.

pic very related did you even read it?

>> No.16614525


Hey now, Games Workshop design studio writes that way too. Or did you not see this in your CSM codex?

>> No.16614526

How could they do it?
Well, you see, Necrontyr FAILED, HARD. In the beginning, that is.
They lost all except their homeworld and were left alive only because Old Ones decided to show mercy - or just didn't care.
Then Necrontyr discovered C'Tan... and the rules of the game changed.

>> No.16614530

I think ADB does CSM fantastically, though really he seems to be the only one capable of writing a decent badguy.

>> No.16614556

How about 2nd edition when they were T5 and had 2+ saves?

>> No.16614578

Fuck Gav's bullshit. Did you ever read the Index Astartes articles for Word Bearers? Iron Warriors? Alpha Legion?

>> No.16614583

Damn, dem niggas be pretty tough

>> No.16614585

This rumour was posted a few hours ago:

>(...) Some time ago I mentioned that new Necrons will appear in October's White Dwarf - I just got a confirmation of that info from a reliable source! (...)

>In the upcoming WD you will see some new units:

>- Triarch Pretorians/Lychguard - think Ushabti with Grey Knight-like spears / glavies
>- new Immortals
>- new Destroyers
>- Deathmarks - Necron snipers
>- new HQ'a / characters - Overlord and Cryptec, those will be in finecast
>- Command Barge - with a Lord on the throne

>> No.16614588

At this rate, their late 6th ed codex will feature Warriors with a 5+ save, and a 6+ WBB (Feel No Pain), for 6 points a model. And their Immortals will be what the Warriors currently are.

>> No.16614602

that shows they are tough

but not elite
and we all know that was to show their "super metal" more then their number/eliteness

>> No.16614613


And 2e Necrons were just mysterious raiders of mysteriousness, with no hint as to their true numbers and origin.

>> No.16614631

thats... kinda my point

>> No.16614639


They have consistently portrayed the most prominent Chaos force, Abaddon and his Black Legion, as super villainous though.

Abby even had a rule called "You have failed me for the last time..." in BFG and his fluff went on about how no Chaos Lord will serve on his ship because "you won't become a Chaos Lord by spending time near a bloodthirsty maniac".

>> No.16614646

>- Warriors and immortals are troops.
> - save 4+ for the warriors
> - 2 Variants of equipment for the immortals,
> - sniper teams immortal
> - Many variants of pariahs : one with weapons who kill the life...
> -fail cast flayers all ugly.
> -2 Kits which are support vehicle / troop carrier, one of which will be a mix between a machine of The Phantom Menace / the old DEldar's raider / a boat of the Egyptian antiquity.

>a machine of The Phantom Menace
>The Phantom Menace

>> No.16614647

and how did the c'tan change the game with magic metal bodies? Why did the Old gods who could do practically everything lose to this? Why did the Nightbringer tackle Khaine one on one, loose BARELY and still infest the God AND THEN survive and THEN get inslaved by necron tard-bots?

>> No.16614667

The fluff said that they were only small raiding parties, and were made of hard as balls warriors.

>> No.16614673

Hella tough is the same as being elite. Well, not exactly the same, but it means they're better than normal troops.

Model count can be inferred. Sure, you could have a horde of individually powerful models, but that's not exactly balanced.

>> No.16614674


The necrons played dumb?

They'd have to be pretty good at it, since they could build the equipment to transfer C'tan and create their bodies, as well as FTL travel before meeting C'tan, yet we're supposed to believe they could not cure cancer?

The entire Necron history was just as planned to enslave C'tan. Mat Ward would do it.

>> No.16614686

Considering their current (read: 3rd ed) codex was written during the era when there was no such thing as an 'Elite' army... you're full of shit. At the time of their codex release, marines didn't have "Lol 20-models 1850pts" or 'custom-ammo veterans', or "can assault after deep-striking" or other bullshit as such. Nearly a year after the Necron codex was released, the Daemonhunter one came out, and 'all GK' armies were still 'not-quite-elite'. They were fewer in numbers, but you still had an ARMY and not 'Super-Sue and his 25 best friends'. The minimum GK army in 1850 at the time was high 30's, to low 40s, depending upon Land-Raiders etc.

The closest you could get to an 'elite' army during 3rd and 4th ed was Death-Wing, and it was widely considered an extremely challenging army to play with.

This notion of 'Elite' armies is a recent thing, and is for the most part limited to the current developer favorites.

>> No.16614700

Simple. You can't kill Necrons. They just keep getting up. Add in the fact that their technology was on the same tier as Old One psychic powers and the war is much more feasible.

Basically, the Necrons didn't "win." They were just the last men standing.

>> No.16614701

"No... Elite isn't the same as 'hella-tough', because it's not Mehreens".

Yes, that is sarcasm.

>> No.16614715

>The entire Necron history was just as planned to enslave C'tan

That would actually be hilarious. Wiping out the snottiest race of live forever know it alls, while enslaving the other race of immortal assholes. All while giving the finger to physics and making the greatest tech of literally everyone else look like a monkey poking a stick into a termite mound.


>> No.16614727


Space Marines were advertised as elite in 3e, and were considered to be elite back then by players as well.

The later advent of Deathwing and the like just has raised the bar for what constitutes an "elite" army.

Of course while many players like being "elite", these armies are by no means as powerful as GK razorspam and guard parking lot. I don't see any issue with elite armies for this reason.

>> No.16614735


What if the Necron Warriors get the Stubborn Special rule? I think that would solve any close combat deficiencies without causing them to be overpowered.

>> No.16614736

Well, apparently they were unstoppable, especially with LOLRESPAWN taken into account.
Also, apparently Old Ones weren't really keen on the usage of warp in offensive manner - and had to resort to creating lesser races to do it for them.
Presumably, C'Tan also contributed to war effort by partaking in the creation of Nacron war machines (that go up to planet-sized).
Point is, though, eventually Old Ones broke the warp with their meddling - and that did them in for keeps - or so i percieve it.
I won't comment on rumours and Dawn of C'tan any

>> No.16614745

And there we have the stupidest bullshit of them all. Space marines can blow up tomb worlds, why didn't the old gods just smash them apart with a snap of their fingers.

It's actually grating on me, because really.. the Necrons did something really stupidly impossible.. and thats that.

>> No.16614754

They were not considered 'elite' armies, they were just considered 'marines'. The bog-standard. Any marine player who honestly thought he was playing an 'elite' army, was playing against 12 year olds who weren't packing their lists full of Starcannons and Plasma weapons to make their lives a living hell.

>> No.16614769

A) Because Old Ones weren't that powerful? The ONLY thing we know they can do is create other species and webway. Everything else is speculation.

B) What makes you think Necrons can't repair Tomb Worlds?

>> No.16614778

Stubborn is a half-assed way to make something not as frail in combat, without unjustly penalizing them with No Retreat!.

But regardless, Necrons are not Imperial so they will not get Stubborn. And they've got something better than a 5+ save, so they will not get Fearless.

>> No.16614789

They blew up ONE. And it wasn't easy.

I'm willing to bet that, for a galaxy spanning war, they built more than one, put them everywhere, and had defensive fleets to protect them.

Granted though, yes, fluff marines are always silly.

>> No.16614792

>they could build the equipment to transfer C'tan and create their bodies, as well as FTL travel before meeting C'tan, yet we're supposed to believe they could not cure cancer?
Why not? We can split atom and still cannot cure common cold for good, for example. Fundamental physics and biology do not corellate all that much.

>> No.16614820

dude im talking fluff wise not tabletop wise
>necrons are a horde
>2ed had them as raiding parties because they were just coming out not because the were elite
>the toughness was for balance and could easily use the special metal thing to get around and fluff changes they planned
>Eldar are an elite force

I never said the codexes do the races justice but the whole "Necrons shouldn't have numbers" idea is wrong

>> No.16614829


Neither do our splitting the atom and fictional FTL travel/building avatars and tunnels for star gods correlate.

The supposed medical ineptitude is facepalmworthy and has always been. To turn it into a ruse would make it more plausible, if only a little.

>> No.16614838

>Hey er guys. You know all that science you used to make these fusion powered inertia-less plasma spewing toasters? Have you considered using the scientific method on yourselves to cure all this cancer?

And lo the War in Heaven was averted.

>> No.16614846


I am 100% sure the whole "necrons beating the old gods" is based on purile mary sue work to make the machine people sound kewl.

>> No.16614848

You COULD just imagine it was a side effect of the Warp, or C'tan fuckery, to ease yourself with this

>> No.16614854


One would think Zombies AND Robots would be fearless.

Or at least stubborn.

I don't think it's too far fetched of an idea. It's the sweeping advances that are the bane of my friend's warriors. Stubborn would certainly make that less common, considering their leadership of 10.

I don't think Necron Warriors SHOULD be good at close combat, but I DO think they should be able to hold their ground if assaulted - as one would expect of lanky zombie robots. Stubborn would be a good muddy middle-ground without changing the Warrior's stats.

>> No.16614858

Their roots are "stupidly tough and hard to kill robots." Every edition they're moving further away from this.

As someone said above, sure, you can have a horde of unstoppable units. It's just not balanced.

>> No.16614865

>necron warriors can get up after EVERYTHING but a sweeping advance.
>Lets make them also fearless so WBB has no downside, not even in cost.

>> No.16614886

>Everything but a Sweeping Advance
They're never going to get up then.

>> No.16614905

Old gods? What old gods? Please leave you fanfic characters out of here.
Besides, what makes you think sides weren't blowing planets and stars left and right, and the "current" tomb-worlds were something that was easy to build/establish on the drop of hat?

I mean, there is no "hard" data. Anything you attribute to Old Ones besides their immortality, ability to use warp and create new races is your assumptions. Then you assume necrons were inferior and fall into confusion, because that doesn't add up.
The solution is to assume necrons weren't inferior after certain point and work your own version from there. Problem solved.

>> No.16614907

T4 and technically invincible (fluffwise) +4 save and +4 WBB is still pretty nice considering

>> No.16614920


When you throw in rules that don't yet exist, ya that seems pretty unfair.

With their current stat line and rules I think it's a good concept.

>> No.16614928

and yet SPHASS MAREENS can kill them easy. Hell anyone can kill them easily. It's the whole bullshit premise that Necrons are these huge galactic threat when they are not, especially when they are being made into space tomb kings.

>> No.16614946

Considering what? Considering an Assault Squad can charge, easily beat them by 4 in combat, and then effortlessly jog after them and instantly kill the remaining 15 models?

This is the same attempted design 'fix' they tried with the Orks after the 4e edition change ruined their sweeping advance and fall-back attempts. Except this time, the Necrons aren't being compensated with above average shooting AND above average combat performance in order to turn them into a versatile troop choice.

>> No.16614948

Yeah, the perfect speedbump units to keep your army wiping lord and fucking DEATH RAY is fine.

It basically seems Necrons get the best of everything ever this codex.

>> No.16614952


>Fluff=Table top

It's not. Jesus, how many times does this have to be brought up!

Table top =/= Fluff

>> No.16614953

you are making me agitated.
Science is not a "stat, that unlocks all technologies at once if raised high enough".

>> No.16614960

Space marines kill them easy in fluff.
Imperial Guard use them as target practice.

Necrons suck balls. A fucking Vindicare assassin can end an entire tomb world invasion force by killing any Gold Level lord he sees.

>> No.16614982


>Space Marines and Imperial Guard rape everything

No shit. It's not just the Necrons broseph.

>> No.16614985

5 marines is 90 points
Charging 5 necron warriors (60 points) they win 3 times out of 4.

But they win only by 1 wounds unless extreme luck is involved.
This means that Necrons have 5/6 chance of not fleeing. If they flee, they probably though not certainly will be swept but their chances of ending there are still small.

I don't see how sweeps are an issue, and the example used was with Necrons having a large point disadvantage.

>> No.16614997


No, but the situation Necrons are in involves immense stupidity and breaks what little suspension the fluff has.

>> No.16615003

>the Necrons aren't being compensated with above average shooting
>not above average shooting
seriously I'd be suprised if necrons shooting doesn't improve at least a little im pretty sure they have been rumours about this as well

>Space marines kill them easy in fluff.
Ultramarines trilogy (never thought id quote that to show marines having a hard time (ignore the C'tan thing))
>Imperial Guard use them as target practice.
>Necrons suck balls. A fucking Vindicare assassin can end an entire tomb world invasion force by killing any Gold Level lord he sees.

can you source all three? pretty sure the max level lord is platinum which has never been seen

>> No.16615011

True, but all aspects of science are interlinked. Advances in physics allow for advances in technology that allow for advances in experimental techniques. Much of our recent biological knowledge comes from the use of more advanced microscopy and materials. Necron science is advanced enough that they should be able to probe biological matter to atomic levels.

Also, Necrotyr had incredible scientific abilities, which indicates they had incredible logic and problem solving abilities, amongst other qualities. These transfer from physics and metallurgy to other scientific subjects.

>> No.16615018

What I am getting at is, the Necrons are currently a semi-united force on unrelenting machines, and they still suffer problems, yet are they really expecting me to belive that the Necrons beat the Old ones and all their races AND BEAT ON THEMSELVES before getting bored and going for a nap? It's just as retarded as the Space Marine fan wank, except you don't have space marines killing the chaos gods.

>> No.16615044

This is what happens in fluff when Marines and Necrons meet.

>> No.16615048

If a Necron Tomb looses a Gold Lord, it can't replace him, unless he is phased out, something you can't do to extreme damage, like a fucking sniper's bullet designed to kill fucking Necrons.

>> No.16615053

All joking aside, it's likely that the Necrotyr had radically different biology to humans. It's entirely possible that they had some kind of TNT based metabolism that resulted in them exploding all the time. Or maybe they were half arsenic based, so half of their cells kept poisoning the others.

Or, more likely, maybe they required radiation to get energy. It gave them cancer, but without it they starved. We know of fungi that "feed" on on gamma emitted by the Chernobyl ruins.

>> No.16615059


Read Dark Apostle series. You meet one...Scarab Lord, I think they called it?

Pretty fucking hardcore, it was.

>> No.16615060


Necrons didn't kill the Chaos Gods, they killed the C'tan who are weaklings.

Nightbringer < Ultramarine and a meltabomb. Deceiver < Techpriests and their makeshift plasmabomb.

And seeing how Deceiver talks like a Bond villain, he's likely prone to all related stupidity.

>> No.16615062

Erm, that's precisely what phase out is for. They phase out only when they need to be repaired at a Tomb World. In battle healing is due to inbuilt repair mechanisms.

>> No.16615065

Gaus weaponry on Warrior squads doesn't rend.

Their compensation is "Lol 12 points", which is the same thing (same percentage decrease even) as Slugga/Choppas got. And look how shitty they're doing now. People used to fear CC with Ork choppa/sluggas. Now they just plow into them and win by 12+, and laugh as No Retreat! does half the work for them.

>> No.16615067

So wait, is the new codex good or bad?

>> No.16615078

>phased out, something you can't do to extreme damage

Necrons can always phase out. They are completely immortal.

>> No.16615084

No. What we've seen of the C'Tan so far are a fraction of their power contained in a metal shell. They're essentially Greater Daemons of the C'Tan.

>> No.16615089

Phasing out only happens if they suffer Severe damage, a LOST HEAD is a dead necron, be all and end all... until this Codex I expect where they are unstoppable and totally unkillable and other stupid fucking bullshit with no weaknesses.

>> No.16615093

We don't know yet.

But my prediction is that (much like the Nid codex) it will have a few 'good' or 'OP' things in it, that carry the army early on. Otherwise, it's a piece of shit. Then an FAQ hits with wonky rulings, and the army becomes Nids 2.0.

>> No.16615094

yeah, spess mahreens kill everything in fluff, it doesn't translate to shit on the battlefield.

i lost count of how many times a leafblower list thought they could take me out easily. i toasted all his vehicles turn 2 with my destroyers.

>> No.16615095

It's... debatable. It seems that they're no longer Unusable tier, but they're not exactly high tier.

>> No.16615099


Gauss glances are enough to keep them from those situations. If Necrons get a furioso dreadnought close to them, they can rapidfire its arms off. Orks and minimum sized tactical squads can only run away or charge in and get cut to ribbons. Grey Hunters have one meltagun, but it had better hit.

>> No.16615109

Written by Matt Ward, I expect rules to break the game for anyone not space marines.
Hell I am expecting being immune to poisons just so Deldar can't hurt them with 90% of their fire.

>> No.16615114


No. What we've seen of the C'tan according to old fluff is all their power contained in a single shell that teleports around talking smack.

According to the new fluff they're enslaved shards.

>> No.16615119

A lost head is nothing. Necrons recover from being run over by Baneblades or melted into slag.

>> No.16615123

Matt Ward writes the most balanced rules in the game, its his fluff that is bad. You are thinking of IG or SW, neither of which were written by Ward.

>> No.16615130

Wow, so they really are the Mary Sue piles of shit I am complaining about? If Nothing stops the Necrons, how can they LOSE?

>> No.16615141

>Grey Knights
>Blood Angels

And now Necrons.. who are designed to directly counter Space Wolves and Imperial Guard by the rules.

Ward wants all his stuff to be number one, thats all.

>> No.16615159

>He thinks GK are OP...

>> No.16615164

They lose by running away. Just because they survive to get repaired doesn't mean they didn't lose. They still had to retreat.

>> No.16615177

>he thinks GK and BA are balanced.

pro-tip: Mat Ward sucks ass at balance.

>> No.16615189

But they just come back as if you never dealt a crushing blow, basically turning the Necrons into Tyranids who can pop up ANYWHERE and there is very little you can do to stop them while they all sit there acting broody and plan to make their empire.

At least with Tyranids you can STOP THEM, Necrons seem unstoppable.

>> No.16615200

lack of interest in destroying the enemy.

they could do alot if the lord cared enough about the situation.

>> No.16615203

Wait wait wait wait wait.

Are you saying that the faction designed to be an unstoppable robot horde is unstoppable?

Also, every faction is unstoppable in 40k. It's sort of the point.

>> No.16615205

>he thinks because something is winning, it's unbalanced

It's not, bro.

>> No.16615206

>Army with force weapons,immune to plasma including Tau basic weapons, powers than wipe out squads and thunder hammers with no downside that are also force weapons.

yeah.. balanced. Not against anything with no protection against Psykers.

>> No.16615210

Second only to Space Marines

>> No.16615215

>he thinks balance exists outside of "Rock, Papper, Scissors"

>> No.16615216

Camping them onto their tomb worlds would be pretty well stopped. Then going a step further and completely destroying their tombs would be a bit more stopped.

You can't expect them to be totally setback from individual battles, no. That's because they're based on the god damned Terminator. Who set the standard for never giving up.

>> No.16615233

Yet the Tyranids can be stop on one pivotical battle.
The Tau expansion was stopped in a few short battles.
Basically Necrons want Necrons to be on par with space marines only in plot armour ness.. so yeah, the irony is delicious.

>> No.16615236


Space Marines.

This is how the biggest Necron lord of the book fares in combat against Ultramarines in Fall of Damnos - the climatic battle if you will.

>Agrippen barged through the silver horde. Scattering the last of the necron immortals in his way, he descended on the honour guard. One he crushed in his fist; the other he burned, pressing the flamer so close it scorched his armature and stripped away the paint. The necron overlord glared up at the Dreadnought, a hellish fire ignited in its eyes.Sicarius had wounded it – the Undying’s face was caught in the flux of self-repair.

>Agrippen cared not. He smashed his power fist down upon it brutally, crushing the gilded overlord into ruin.

>The destruction of their lord sent a massive shockwave rippling throughout the necron ranks. As one they began to fall back. The Dreadnought was not to be denied, though, and tore apart the mechanoids as they fled. Assuming command, he drove the Ultramarines forwards. Only the Lions remained, surrounding their fallen captain protectively.

Basically an Ultramarines dreadnought walks in outta nowhere and kills all necrons, with the BBEG going down in one hit.

>[ ] Not told
>[ ] Told

>> No.16615241


Oh yes, the army that can have TWO squads resistant to plasma at best and even then, only within 12 inches.

Do the Tau want to be at 12 inches from the grey knights?

>> No.16615259

fucks over a good counter to terminators anyway doesn't it? but the fact is, it makes Plasma weapons USELESS, thats not balacing a game, thats making stupid rules.

>> No.16615273

In no particular source-codex order:
>psychic power spam when only mehreens and eldar have any kind of defense
>super fast-vehicle razorback spam
>McPhiston, the infantry-sized daemon prince
>FnP-Bubble ICs at 1 to 3 per elite slot, no more than 80±pts each.

Try playing something other than GW's favorite special snowflakes (be that loyalist marines or IG). It doesn't matter that they 'win'. What matters is that they effortlessly win without any actual strategy beyond "Lol, hope I don't roll all 1's!"

Oh, but it's balanced because it 'plays well against SW, IG, and Marines...

>> No.16615274

>Yet the Tyranids can be stop on one pivotical battle.

No, they can't. Not in the "and they're gone for good" sense. Which is what you're bitching about Necrons.

Same for Orks. Orks are a resilient infestation.

>> No.16615280

Well, that's an accurate representation of tabletop, if anything...
S10 on I5 = instant death
And, after being tied in combat, they couldn't shoot at it and damage it.
You could also quote Tigurius destroying not one but two Necron Lords as well.

Point is, if anything, Necrons Lords aren't last bosses of Final Fantasy and go down just fine.

>> No.16615284


Are you telling me that the one piece of gear that absorbs pulse fire within 12 is somehow NOT going to kill you with or without it, since he's within 12 of the tau in the first place?

It's a completely useless piece of gear, and truly only exists to mark the inquisitor out as 'anti-xeno' without having any actual in-game effects.

>> No.16615285


It makes plasma weapons useless if they are wielded by guys standing within 12'' of a T3 HQ with no invulnerable saves.


>> No.16615287

God forbid you play Chaos Daemons.

>> No.16615295

>Point is, if anything, marine novels are nothing more than wank-material and not worth reading


>> No.16615297


Plasma hasn't been useful since 2008.

>> No.16615298

A good space battle destroys any chances of Tyranids doing anything ever, especially if you sever the Hive fleet apart.

Orks are not exactly as "We are fucking unstoppable killing machines with guns that rip you apart atom by atom while being immune to enemy fire" as the necrons are, Orks who are born without a Waaaagh go feral and stupid, easy to stop.

But Necrons never suffer any losses, and every victory against them is a shallow victory, because necrons can just come back and try again at full strength.

>> No.16615313


>Point is, if anything, Necrons Lords aren't last bosses of Final Fantasy and go down just fine.

I think the book would have been better if the wrecked lord had melted through the ground and then risen up fused with a Tomb Stalker while giving an ominous and hammy speech.

>> No.16615315


Chaos demons have been useless since Alessio raped them with the marine split.

Grey knights are better against tyranids, anyway, and since demons were never a threat to begin with, no one cares.

>> No.16615319

Except in that one Black Templar comic where they destroy an entire fucking Tombworld because the writer said so.

>> No.16615321


So have the plasma shoot something that's NOT the one or two units an army resistant to it?

It's ENTIRE purpose is, yes, to make plasma less useful against a squad. Why? Because they have really expensive terminators very commonly fielded and plasma would otherwise wipe them off the board because unlike EVERYONE ELSES Terminators, they can't get Storm Shields.

>> No.16615334

All Tau weaponry counts as plasma.

>> No.16615347

>A good space battle destroys any chances of Tyranids doing anything ever
Assuming the space battle is the size of a galaxy and none of it occurs near a planet with biomass. The bulk of the Tyranid fleets are huge. The most a single space battle can do is split the the leading tendril.

>But Necrons never suffer any losses

They also doesn't have any gains, except Pariahs. Where an Ork who losses his Waagh can go build one double the size in any of the countless worlds that Orks control, a Necron that loses a battle will never be able to come back better.

>> No.16615353

i think he might mean fantasy deamons. you know that ones that ward answered saying they should be over powered.

>> No.16615360

You do know, that it's not just whatever targets the 'plasma immune' unit, but whatever plasma weaponry in range stops working as well, right?

There's a reason most Tau players just rage-quit when someone parks a Stormraven with a Plasma Syphon on board, right in the middle of their army (Oh lol, I have 4+ Obscured for Move Fast).

>> No.16615365

Not at all. I meant that if you're playing Chaos Daemons against Grey Knights you shouldn't even bother unpacking.

>> No.16615368


Yes. This isn't a major concern, however, as your shitty firewarriors must be within charge range of the carrier for the item to have any effect.

This is almost as bad as taking firewarriors in the first place. Why aren't you fielding tons of crisis suits that will NEVER be within 12 inches, because they can move and shoot?

See, the syphon truly is useless, and just for fluff.

>> No.16615374

Writers=Gods, umad?

>> No.16615377

>They also doesn't have any gains

Tell me more!

>> No.16615383

And Eldar plasma missiles. Which I always figured were just regular missiles that exploded into plasma, not some weird RC bolts of plasma.

>> No.16615387


It's a vehicle with a cover save. Shoot it with pathfinders and railguns. The guy with the plasma siphon won't live, he's got a 3+ save at best.

>> No.16615390

Yes sir.

>> No.16615392

Except for all those missile weapons, rail guns, and ion cannons.

>> No.16615402


So it's armor 12, and within 12.
That means it moved really fast.

That means it's definitely in range of your railguns.
That means you should laser away the coversave with your pathfinders.

That means it gets penetrated on 3+ from a railgun.

That means you're a dumb idiot for taking firewarriors and pulseweapons, when you have an entire army of plasmarifles, missilepods, railguns, and smart missile systems.

So you don't know how to play tau, and ragequit because the enemy has a 205+ transport, with a 50+ point character, escorting a 100+ point unit, so it can negate the powerlevels of the weakest unit in the game?

/tg, you disappoint me a lot today. Please sell your models on ebay.

>> No.16615409


It was nice of GW to give Word of God on what weapons are plasma and what units are the daemons.

>Everything in the Chaos Daemons Codex (except for
>Chaos Spawn), Daemon Princes, Possessed Chaos Space
>Marines, Obliterators, summoned greater Daemons,
>summoned lesser Daemons, any vehicle with the
>daemonic possesion upgrade, Daemonhosts,
>Mandrakes, Kheradruakh the Decapitator, the Avatar.

>All Plasma weapons, as well as Eldar missile
>launchers firing plasma missiles, burst cannons,
>starcannons, all Tau pulse weapons and any weapon
>described as using ‘plasma’ as its effect or in its special

>> No.16615455

i never understood that, cause the GK players i played with have actually only really lost more then they won to the two armies they should win against. Daemons and Necrons, the abilities are good against daemons but when they get to turn GK's to spawn it changes the game dramatically. Draco spawn is hilarious and with the necrons the fire power being pumped out and the ability to pull out of close combat is extremely annoying to GK players.

>> No.16615469

So that was an entire tomb world, huh?
All i remember is two splash pages with necrons (one before their defeat, one after)

>> No.16615475

The point isn't that the stormraven can't be shot down, or that you can't bury the unit (with it's 3+ save "E-Z Kill Inquisitor") with wounds and hope to kill the syphon once they bail out. What matters is that you have to go out of your way to kill this thing, and deal with the 2' diameter bubble of 'no-fun-zone' specifically designed to fuck your army over. You are basically forced to spend a turn dealing with this, or avoiding it like the plague with your puny 6" move, 6" assault move... By landing within 5" of any Crisis Suit squads, you effectively shut them down for an entire turn, unless they're packing missile launchers, flamers, or fusion guns (yes, Burst Cannons count as plasma, too).

>> No.16615477

>they have good things
>they are broken

Yeah bro. Sure.

>> No.16615483

>durr, I only pleh spess mehreens.. 40k iz ball-enssed.

>> No.16615484

It was, though again, they made some really weird desicions as to what counted.
>again, missiles, somehow
>Mandrakes and the Decapitor are daemons, even though they might not be from the Warp
>Khymera, formerly known as "WARP beasts," don't count as daemons
Speaking of plasma, would Eldar getting the option of plasma pistols be good? I feel like they should have them, but we are just stuck with shitty not-bolt pistols.

>> No.16615487

So...Deathstars are bad because you have to do something about them? Like, any other unit in the game?

>> No.16615499


It would.

But ideally they'd get something unique like a haywire pistol (S4 AP4 12'' against vehicles inflicts glance on 2-5 and penetrates on 6's) instead, giving them more punch against mech.

>> No.16615500

You have to deal with them using an inordinate amount of force for their points cost, that is the problem. And you don't have an option to ignore them since they fucking kill anything they touch.

>> No.16615502

>implying DE and IG haven't consistantly been as strong as GK, SW and BA
>implying the only reason the only reason the other codex's haven't been doing that well is because they haven't been updated to improved design standards

Seriously, if you built a game around those 5 armies, it would be a pretty balanced meta.

>> No.16615508


Tyranids and Sisters would be up there too if they had gotten Ward or Kelly to write them.

>> No.16615509

Well, you always have to use "more points" to completely kill a unit in a short amount of time. Otherwise, you're not actually killing it. I mean, sure if you're using 1000pts to kill 500 in a 1750 game, it kind of sucks for the rest of the turn. But then your opponent no longer has 500pts sitting on the table.

>> No.16615510


Yeah, cuz I charge my warriors into assault the first chance I get.

Jesus, here we go again with "This shooty unit sucks because it can't stand assaults". YES, if warriors get into assault, they get stomped. The same can be said for nearly every other ranged unit in the game ESPECIALLY troop choices. Every unit has weaknesses. The fact that you can exploit them does not make them suck.

>> No.16615521

I can't really consider sisters a codex at the moment. But yeah, if you put people who know what they are doing on a project, it comes out okay.

>> No.16615529

Well, hopefully we will see fusion pistol get spread around (FW has them for their corsairs, after all). My only fear is the shitty "No more then 2 weapons per HQ" nonsense that they've brought back in 5th edition since apparently Chapter Masters, Archons, and Wolf Lords cannot into holsters.

>> No.16615538

It's fucking Tau. Every turn spent not dealing with the ominous opposing army and it's attempts to close with you in combat, is 1 less turn before your army folds in combat.

>> No.16615575


Well, Calgar has two fists, an AP2 storm bolter and a powersword...

Archons can do stuff like djin blade + splinter pistol + blaster for 4+4 PW attacks on a charge plus a decent gun.

>> No.16615577

Fire Ward, let Kelly do the armies. His fluff may be worldor mildly irritating, but he's never got full Ward. Codex Wolf Wolves might have wolfing in the wolf, but it wolfs me want to wolf it.

In conclusion, wolf.

>> No.16615588

No... No they wouldn't have. Or at least, not necessarily.

Anyone who honestly wants to think a codex is guaranteed to be 'competitive' just because Ward wrote it, should bury their head in the sand and keep telling themselves that the 7th Edition Orc and Goblin army book never happened.

>> No.16615589

No need to fire ward ...just dont let him write fluff ... especialy space marine fluff

>> No.16615595

thats fantasy ..ward hates fantasy, his 40k rules are alright

>> No.16615598

So when are we getting that Necron codex, and who all is writing it?

>> No.16615600


I've heard rumors that Kelly is taking over more of the fluff nowadays, while Ward is going to stick to rules. Is that good or bad?

>> No.16615602


He hasn't written an underpowered army since, and his 40k work has uniformly been superior in quality to his Fantasy work.

I don't see why 7th edition O&G should even matter anymore, especially now that they have a new book.

>> No.16615611

Fantasy Daemons then? The complete opposite, that ruined the entirety of 7th ed and required the 8th ed rewrite?

>> No.16615618

Compared to everything else released for 5th ed, the SM codex is 'underpowered'.

Or does that also not matter, for some bizarro reason.

BTW, his reasoning that he gave during an interview on the 7th ed O&G book was "I just don't like Orcs very much."

>> No.16615626

i hope he does write necrons to crush SW and IG, at least then I wont be so pissed off about them. Dark eldar here I laugh at blood angels and grey knights

>> No.16615645


SM are not "underpowered", they are better than Tyranids and Sisters obviously, and can compete with others.

They still have the best TH/SS termies, get bike troops unlike other marines to offset the crappiness of tacticals and have excellent psychic powers like Null Zone to fuck over enemy armies with invulnerable saves.

There's no problem with the codex excepting minor issues like overpriced weapons on devastators, but those have decent alternatives like predators and riflemen.

>> No.16615650

Word on the street is November. So 2 weeks.
White Dwarf suspiciously lacked a "Next Month" final page, though, so who knows.

>> No.16615663

Alright- I've been playing Necron for a while now and I really hope I get to see them go back to being soulless robots rather than being best chaos fighting bros with sphess marheens

>> No.16615665

Then I wish you goddamned self-entitled jackasses would make up your mind. Half of you complain that it's a shitty codex, with the worst troop-choices in the game, the other half run "count-as BA/SW", and then the final half apparently think it's well-written.

(three halves make a whole now. three halves are cool)

>> No.16615672

So many pinches of salt I'm starting to dessicate.

>> No.16616501

Poor Tzeencthen horror.
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