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This was fun last night, let's try it again. Ask a Redshirt anything (job/hobby related).

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Let's see some necron codex, I know you have it!

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How many pandas could fit on a standard bus?

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What is your employee discount?

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From what I hear from the latest rumors, Necrons are to be pre-released on the week of the 21st

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Are you my mother?

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whats your favorite starter pokemon?

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How often do you get to hear rumors that aren't complete shit?

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GW shirts are still red over there?

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I want it.
What is a standard bus?
50%, 20% on forgeworld
I played pokemon red and I picked bulbasaur.

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Why are your bathrooms the only clean part of the store.

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Considering this is GW that's...not so bad...you could, dare I say, actually afford things.

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he has a job. I'm pretty sure he could afford things even without the 50%.

Get one. Maybe you'd be able to afford it too.

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Not very.
No. They are black.
Our bathroom is our priming room, so it is not clean.
Yeah. My x-mas plans are two Stormravens for $66.

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Hey OP, I'm curious about employment at GW. Is it an hourly wage? Or is it a contract thing where you need to be in the store 12-8 (or whatever the hours are where you are) 5 days of the week?

Also, whats the pay like?

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1. Are there any redshirts who don't like the hobby and treat it just like any retail job?

2. What would happen to a redshirt who lost interest in painting and playing, but wanted to hold onto the job? Are there ways to force employees to hobby?

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Hourly. Max pay for hobby specialist is $10.25

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Perhaps I phrased it wrong then

"Oh hey 50% off is nice! That makes things 50% cheaper! Almost a reasonable price for what is being bought. I wouldn't know about that since I can literally not buy anything since I'm a homeless man with no job. Silly me. I can't even afford internet! I don't even know how I can type this."


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damn thats terrible...
Is there any way to climb "up the corporate ladder" through just doing retail?

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1. At my store we are all really into it. My co-workers are excellent hobbyists and we have all been involved for years.

2. You don't actually *have* to hobby to work for GW, you just have to have knowledge enough about it to talk to people and give them good information. I wasn't a good painter when I started, but that was OK.

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...At least you enjoy your job.

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You could become a manager or operator (single man store). From there I'm sure you could become a regional manager. Just like any other corp.

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Oh, right, I was thinking that a lot of the display models and things are done by the staff so you'd have to be really good. Who does those then?

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I fucking love my job. All the random hobby stuff I could want, and I got to game today as part of work. While selling this lady a dragon.

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What do you do/ how do you feel when people pitch a fit about the prices on your goods? Like the naive mom/grandma looking for Christmas gifts for Johnny shithead? Also what's your policy on third party models? No bueno I presume?

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Which products are you told to particularly push? As you're in the 40k-heavy US of A, do they encourage you to sell more Fantasy? Is there an official policy of MORE MARINES? If so, what happens when a new Xeno codex comes out? Is there a period of SELL XENOS, before returning to SELL MARINES?

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Do this for a living, OP, or are you in school?

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>50%, 20% on forgeworld

BRB, applying.

Any tips for the interview/getting hired?

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Well yeah, some of the staff are amazing painters. We also just get people from the store to do some. It's really a community effort.

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What is the worst part of your job?

From one person in retail to another, sort of thing. What makes your day just a living fucking hell, or the type of customer you wish you could murder in plain sight, and your boss would give you a raise for it?

What is corporation side bullshit that you hate and makes you rethink working at the company sometimes?

Also, what is starting pay? Max is $10.30 or something like you said, but what if I was brand new? (Currently making $10.58 at a Starbucks for part time, raise coming soon)

Basically looking for reasons to quit my current job and join a GW. I'd love the product a helluva lot more, I'd know how to sell it to people, and I can paint pretty damn well. Sorta just wanna know what I'd be getting myself into.

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I tell them that it can seem daunting at first, but actually when it comes to hobbies WH is not so expensive in the long run. Then I tell them about the positive points it offers (for johnny shithead, it can get him off the computer and out of the house AND there are books for him to read).
3rd party models are ok if they are part of conversions, but overall my store is pretty chill.
When dreadfleet came out our manager told us to talk to people about it. That was about it, we do good business so we don;'t really have to "push" stuff. Our line is "advise customers on what they need, sell them what they want". I want to get people excited about the hobby that I enjoy. More interest and more players can (in my opinion) only help to improve the overall experience for the hobby as a whole.
I work full time for GW.
Most standard interview tips apply here. I personally wore a nice shirt and tie. It helps to know about the hobby, but it also has a LOT to do with how you interact with people. I got hired because I was really into 40k gaming and I can talk to people in a friendly and polite way.

Keep in mind the FW discount is basically nothing as it really only cuts down the shipping cost.

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>FW discount is nothing


Makes a tau manta closer to 800 pounds instead of 1000.

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Are there any specific questions in the interview?

Something like "a LotR Uruk-hai and elrond meet in CC. Elrond is equipped with the staff of miracle bullshit. What are the odds that the Orc will win?"

The thing is, I'm not too knowledgeable on Fantasy, and not at all on LotR.

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Where the FUCK are you that pays that much for a drone job? I'm making $8.25

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Um... there will always be people who give you a little bit of attitude, but I haven't had anything too bad. Honestly the thing I hate the most is the same people I'd hate if I was a gamer there. Other jerk-off gamers. Dickholes who rules lawers and shit all over the game. Good thing is I can (politely) tell those people off as part of my job.

No corp. bullshit as of yet. Apparently shit used to be pretty retarded but it has been smooth sailing since I started.
>starting pay
$9.25 You get bennies and PTO also. It's fulltime though.
What you get yourself into largely depends on your manager and local regulars. I chill and talk all day with the guys hanging out painting and even get to game/paint when it's quiet (which is often enough even in the large city I'm in). Your mileage may vary.

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Keep in mind, I've been at the same coffee shop (California) for 5 years. So I've had a few raises. (raise every 6 months)

I would say about 15% of my job is making drinks. other 85% is pure acting/customer service role. With the most horrendous and needy customers out of any food service job.

At least at McDonalds someone orders a cheeseburger, they don't ask you to put half a splenda in it, make sure the burger is shaken, also don't fuck it up because you kids don't know what you are doing, and don't you dare charge me extra for the caramel! The other store doesn't charge me for it HARBL GARBL GARBL I AM THE CUSTOMER AND I SMOKE A MILLION COCKS

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Hey redshirt, I was playing DoW 2, and A paint type has been bothering me, how do i make the "golden purple" effect/paint? I have burnished and shining gold, boltgun/chainmail metals, and liche purple (with the obligatory skull white and chaos black)

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Hrm, the decrease in pay would be alright since I would be making more on average due to it being fulltime. Not too bad.

Thanks for the info.

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OP, how do I into highlights?

I've got everything else down, just not highlights.

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Same colour, lighter tone.

Drybrush onto raised surfaces.


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Not Op, but you can get reading, also try the Warhammer (non40k) articles for more pointers
Otherwise, I think the keywords to keep in mind were... "gradient", "direction of IMAGINED light", etc

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oops, forgot link,

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Not OP, but have you tried mixing a little metallic into your acrylic for the effect?

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I was considering it, and was gonna test on some space marine i have laying around, but my fear is that resin+cape =/= plastic space marine armor

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You know you could always find a bitch model or a spare piece of sprue to test the color on first, right?

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Sanguinius appears to be about... 10x the height of a normal Marine in this picture.

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No nothing like that. I didn't know shit about WFB or LOTR when I started. I asked to borrow the WFB BRB my first week of work though, to prove that I was interested in learning. They teach (or should teach) you about how to BS through an intro game for a system you don't know. (Intro games are about "rolling dice. moving models. and killing dudes.")
Think of it more as a sales interview and less as a hobby interview.
At Games Workshop
All the colors in computer games/army painters as shit and don't look/work right. AKA: I have no fuckin idea.
That's what makes it so awesome.

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forgot the lore, but aren't all primarch 10 meters tall?

>> No.16609438

If you assume he's standing on that rock then he's in the background (he has wings, true, but he sure looks like he's standing not floating). Follow the perspective back from the Marines and... I think that's a lot more than 10m.

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When's the next VC book coming out?

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>1. Are there any redshirts who don't like the hobby and treat it just like any retail job?
had a co-worker who did. He was the top seller in Canada for two years

he was fired because he was a jackass and his attitude didn't retain customers.

>2. What would happen to a redshirt who lost interest in painting and playing, but wanted to hold onto the job?
you get fired, it's a big part of the job

>Are there ways to force employees to hobby?
monthly targets for demo games (this is from after I quit), new releases need painting, games day events are basically slave labor...

not to mention the general-purpose "build and spray a couple hundred free-for-paint-lesson marines" every week and "run events/build terrain for the shop"

being a redshirt generally KILLS your hobby motivation, and you start to stockpile models due to the discount.

was a fun job while it lasted, but aside from the staff (who were awesome) most of the regulars were dickheads or idiots.

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No fuckin idea. wood elves, and brets should be before them at least.

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OP, how much advance warning do staff get on price increases, and do you guys stock up before they hit?

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Not my experience at all, maybe my shop is really laid back/has an awesome community. I've also heard some horror stories from before I started so maybe it's been much worse in the past.

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It's on a schedule so technically everyone knows before hand.

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Any news of anything interesting coming out for orks anytime soon?

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I worked in a high-traffic (and tiny) store in a mall. My co-workers were great, the people who came were just young and stupid.

mind, I'm also a little bitter. The company fired the veteran manager (15+ years in the company..) and brought in a new guy from head office. New guy fires the rest of the staff.. and has the gall to call us all up afterwards to help him assemble AoBR sets for the release

HQ has vapor for brains. Got loads of good memories from my time there, it just ended on a sour note

>do you stock up before rises
with a 50% discount, what do you think? Most of GW's profits are likely from impulse redshirt buys.

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True dat.
Ah, this is more like I imagined... I guess in OP's case the new releases get painted by staff and regulars who are really into their painting, so they jump at the chance to paint new stuff even if they don't get to keep the models... or do they get to keep them?

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a redshirt likely won't know.

Unless your manager spills the beans of the manager's conference or has the ear of someone high-up, you won't find out until right before release.

and that was before the iron curtain for rumors dropped. Not sure how (if) it's changed

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OP and not OP, is there a regular company newsletter-type dealie? How early, if at all, do staff get news about releases?

Also... how do you deal with people disgruntled because their codex is old and uncompetitive? Is that a big problem?

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Fucking stupid Space Pirates.

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Not that I know of.
When dreadfleet came out my manager stayed in the store by himself until 2am or so painting (mostly quick drybrush so it didn't look like shit). I guess he's just the man.
That sucks. We're mostly college students and 30-40's. Only kids on the weekends.

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>OP and not OP, is there a regular company newsletter-type dealie? How early, if at all, do staff get news about releases?
our store had it's own e-mail that would occasionally get new things posted to it before the rumor mongers got it. Generally from someone at head office

It got bad (as in; no new info, just policy changes) right after the US/CA merger. The US management changed a lot of things. It might be better now.. but I doubt it

the UK always got the lion share of previews though

>Also... how do you deal with people disgruntled because their codex is old and uncompetitive?
Tell them to deal with it. Nicely, of course. Maybe some advice because generally speaking they don't know what they're doing

>Is that a big problem?
with older guys or teenagers who just read an online article, sure. Kids don't give a fuck about list balance for the most part, and the cool dudes play casually.

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Not really anything on the news front. We find out (officially) maybe a day (if that) before releases happen.
I mostly empathize with them. I talk about how I delt with the BA PDF and how awesome it feels since I stuck with it, now that I kick (more) ass.
I'll also talk with them about builds and strats that I've heard of. For most armies it's just stuff I've read on the internet or seen when I play them.

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Feet. Not metres. Fuck.

>> No.16609727

Pic makes him look at least ten METRES...

>> No.16609736

'cause that's totally not fan art. Hurp.

>> No.16609742

Also, Horus Heresy series. They're ~9 or 10 feet.

>> No.16609751

I used to play Tau when they came out, but quit. What army should I start if I am thinking of coming back to the hobby?

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Only because I worked McDick's for two years when I was in high school... They do want artificial sweetener in their coffee. Why isn't it fresh? I want a new pot. And can you make that bacon cheeseburger with sliced onions instead of diced? Oh, and eighteen sweet and sour sauces. They didn't charge me last time. Oh, and smile. It's free with every meal.
People are dicks everywhere. Service is about serving. Get used to it, or get out of the industry.

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Grey Knights and Space Wolves are pretty shooty while still being really good overall. If you want you should just play Tau again. They are old but can be used effectively. Our last 40k tournament was won by a Tau player and he abused the GK players.

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Bump before sleep.

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Elaborate how?

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OP. Any news on Dark Millenium that you might of heard?

Also, any news on new IG stuff? Or Eldar?

>> No.16610047

$10.25 is pretty good if thats what you get hourly.

With a diploma, i can't even get $10 /hr in my country.

>> No.16610067

When I was 16 I dropped out of school and got a full time job.

>$12 an hour starting, went up to $15 when I was 17

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We don't know shit about the video games.

>> No.16610085

Me btw. I'll come back in the morning if this thread is still here.

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Not OP or anyone, but I want to say, tbqh; you kinda need to pick your own race.

A big part of the "hobby" is not just gaming/modeling, but background and fluff. Its kinda like playing an RPG with a character you don't care for. You'll get bored of it.

Especially when starting out, pick a race that interests you most. For whatever arbitrary reason. And stick it out.

>> No.16610124

What was that full time job?

>> No.16610213

Office work. Filing, photocopying, answering phone calls, getting stuff for other people, etc.

Basically a gopher and then moving up the line. I just got lucky.

>> No.16610261

...Companies pay $12/hr for random office hour like that? What the hell?

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I worked part time at one of my dad's shops for a while

>basically washing windows and changing oil
>20$ an hour

>new IG stuff? Or Eldar?
nothing a redshirt will know without getting lucky. IG are "rumored" to get another couple kits this year/early next.. but who knows. Eldar are "rumored" as one of the first 6th edition books

that's just from rumor-mongers. Would be nice if it's true. Though I'd rather a Tyranid release than IG, tbh

>> No.16610366

Well I'm an Ausfag. That changes it a bit.

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Yo I'm back. Answering more questions!

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Any chance the SoB's are getting a new dex or models at least?

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I think they will/should be. First quarter of next year.

>> No.16616159

I do hope this is true, I am so tired of my WD codex

>> No.16616245


They won't.
If blood angels had to wait four years, what makes you think sisters of unplayed battle are gonna get a new one sooner?

>> No.16616290

Because their current one is weak enough to border on unplayable, and you can't even use Celestine because there's question as to whether she's an IC

>> No.16616396

How would one go about getting a job in Games Workshop? What do I need to know? Qualifications? Any pointers on what will get you extra brownie points?

How did you get your job?

>> No.16616412

As an ex redshirt... it's easy.

You apply. Have a resume. Some customer service experience is handy, but not necessary. And play 40k and/or Fantasy. Knowledge of both is preferred, knowledge of more game systems is better. Knowledge of all 3 of GW's core systems, along with their 'specialist games' is best.

They will teach you customer service, how to sell, and how to paint/model to (at least) an above average standard.

>> No.16616423

Does being able to run Deathwatch/DarkHurrsy/RogueTrader/BlackCrusade help atall?

>> No.16616424


Did you ever play PDF blood angels? Go cry some more, sisterfag.

No one cares about the lamentation of your women. You didn't get your trademark unit Jervisfied to be rending for the sake of rending. It's like if they'd taken your meltaguns and made it so they were all plasmaguns now, for some reason.

>> No.16616440

Because the rumor is they were supposed to be before crons and only got set back due to a problem at the printers. So they got pushed back.

>> No.16616449

Current rumour is that Vampire Counts are in January, followed by Empire.

Dwarfs, WE and brets are nowhere in sight.

>> No.16616466


>> No.16616748

OP, how Legal is the Forgeworld stuff?

>> No.16616859

Perfectly legal if you're playing with IA books. It will vary in different stores/tournaments.

>> No.16616864

like your vampires are any better than my glorious zealots

>> No.16616909

Whats the general consensus on the eldar, and your personal opinion on them, fluffwise and as a TT army.

I have heard the higher ups enjoy eldar, and that may be why they arent being worked on any time soon, but its nice to get some perspective from others.

>> No.16616953
File: 649 KB, 1000x750, 1285531516636.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think their fluff is fine. TT wise they could use an update to make them match the current meta and still take advantage of all their FOC slots. However, in the hands of someone who knows what he/she is doing they can be very powerful (just like any other army). In the hands of a beginner they will be horrible most likely.

>> No.16616963

That happened at my local store. they just don't renew the contract.

>> No.16617016

Have you ever had to kick people out of the store?

>> No.16617020

Is there any official GW policy regarding WYSIWYG, or is that just up to whoever runs the place?

>> No.16617042

How common are the one man shops? I have one which is supposed to be a 2-3 staff at all times shop but its turned into a one man deal throughout the week and whenever there aren't any big events at weekends.

was wondering if this is a common phenomenon.

>> No.16617043

not yet.
For tournies, yes. For open play it depends on the store. We let the people playing make their own choices.

>> No.16617056

It's common enough. One man shops are called operators and make more than a normal hobby specialist.

>> No.16617077


So for example, if I have a plasma pistol equipped character, he actually has to be waving the thing around? He can't just have a holster?

>> No.16617088

Where is your shop?

>> No.16617090
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As a tournie org. I would allow that. Unfortunately I can't speak for everyone. Best option is to check before an event, with someone who will be in charge. That way you can be prepared.

>> No.16617096
File: 142 KB, 1000x849, 1265190313593.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

In a major U.S. city.

>> No.16617097

Technically speaking, you could have a guy with twelve holstered weapons, and nothing but his fists equipped, and he'd count as having all those weapons.

However, a point of some minor argument is that a plasma pistol and several other pistols look very similar while holstered. It can get confusing.

Especially if the player changes his mind as to what the pistol is from game to game.

>> No.16617105

Do space marines account for 90% of your players?

>> No.16617166


Downer's Grove isn't "major".

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That's where having a nicely printed up army list comes in.
I don't get the reference.

>> No.16618771

If you're still here, did you by chance work at the GW at Toronto Eaton's center? Not trying to call you out, just that I was a (semi)regular at that store when it existed and I am curious.

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