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hey /tg/ how about ill draw you some zealots,heretics,mutants and xenos.

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Hey there, any chance of Hereteks?

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I vote for heretics !

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I vote for painboyz :3

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could i ask that you put spaces after your commas?

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Spaces are also found before interrogation marks.

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Can I please have a red and white tau fire warrior, or a XV-8 battlesuit?

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No, they are not. Capitalization thought, is expected at all times.

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I vote for xenos impersonating members of the commissariat.

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A mini Diomedes with a minimug.

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we demand hereteks!

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Can i request arts?

For my next thread? If you don't mind that is.

Inspiration here:

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slow delivery because i made a thread when 4chan lagged and i thought i didn't made a thread.

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im doing these at random btw.

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killa kan

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A Krieger!
Preferably bayoneting something.

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A Plaguebearer with maybe a Nurgling or two.

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A noise Marine? Pretty please?

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I'd love a cultist in this style

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Slaaneshite Cultist licking an inquisitors boot. preferably both male.

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some Lovely praetorian guard? :3c

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A.. cute defiller.. ,defilling. ?

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A khorne champion on a juggernaut of khorne. A bowl of khorne flakes may or may not be present.

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An Angry marine talking shit about my mother

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holy shit saved forever

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Stickfag just hading out dem dubs

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Dude so freaking awesome!

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A long haired male cultist riding atop a Defiller waving the banner of slaanesh!!

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That man has balls of solid fucking titanium.

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A Culexus in a Hawaiian shirt, straw hat, sandals and with camera on his vacations on a Eldar Craftworld Ship. He's shown around by a scared shitless Macha on her part-time job as a guide.

Please, I've been asking for this for years.

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Kriegers get issued them with the gasmasks

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To the left of the camera is a Commissar providing him with 'motivation'

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Don't Krieg commissars have to shoot them to STOP them from charging?

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Ork Rokkerz doing sweet solos.

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>Krieger fighting ork

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Requesting Steel legionaries intercepting the Kriegers stealing their orks

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May I please see a Vindicare Assassin? :D

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Re-requesting please.

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A sister of battle and a grey knight terminator teaming up!
Brofisting? Shooting at the same thing? Having beers together?
Sister on GK platonic action!

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Thank you!

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An Eldar Farseer plox!

I'd love to use that icon in my Rogue Trader game.

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A praetorian with his boot on an enemy (of your choosing) claiming it in the name of Britain, possibly with the flag. iunno.. just be kind of nice looking, you rarely see praetorian art.

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Ooh, draw an Eldar Avatar getting its ass kicked by grots.
I will post it everywhere and drink the delicious tears.

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Wouldn't he be claiming it for Praetoria, if anything?

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Adorable Cute Necron Warrior, perhaps walking a Puppy Scarab on a leash.

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Potato, Potata'

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Oh! How about Leandros, advising us that the Codex Astartes does not support this action.

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Vindicare assassin would be pretty boss, please.

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Wow. British Colonial Imperial Guard Marines versus Zulu Orks.

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This is bullshit, he isn't even white!

He's light grey!

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It's how we role, not that they were marines.

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What do they call Navy boarding troops anyway?

They can't very well call them Space Marines.

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In b4 "Stop throwing those bloody spears at me!"

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What do they call Navy boarding troops anyway?

They can't very well call them Space Marines.

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probably just 'Praetorian boarding troopers' or something similar, i wish i knew more about the Praetorian, but they are terribly underlit.

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>Khorne flakes

I love you.

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Eldar striking scorpion?
pretty please?

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Yes, they do.

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Can I have a Champion of Slaanesh riding a Mount of Slaanesh, holding it with a golden chain?
You never see that.

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Aren't you the broquest guy?

That said you're beyond awesome.

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Doesn't look like the same style.

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This thread is gold

Can I request Sigismund telling Rowboat Girlyman to eat his ass?

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I'm saving every picture you make, this might become the second generation of the Warpuppets they are that glorious.

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Oooh oooh draw the death scene of Captain Temeter and the dreadnaught Huron-fal please mr broquest artist.

You know the one with the virus and the self detonation and it makes me cry a little. That one.

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what if you just draw all the factions?
also im the only one who thinks it will be cool to have a flash like game with this guys as a side scroll shooter and hack slash, with hordes of this little guys trying to smack your head while others shoot you?
and customization and leveling

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Draw me a lizardman-marine please!
You know, lizardmen from WH fantasy battle

Bonus points if you include a Slann

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Lizardmen exist in 40k.
They're called Slann.

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Seconding this Request

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Really? Pic please I've never heard of it

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Id just like a necron he doesnt even need to do anything special just be a necron

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>>what if you just draw all the factions?
i second this, mostly cause im samefagging

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Awesome man, just awesome

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Isn't the guy on the far right from Monty Pyton?

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How about a Dark Eldar Kabalite or haemonculus?

>> No.16591214

can you do this but with a sob instead of the praetorian and a dreadknight instead of the avatar?

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Latest was the 4e rulebook. Had a picture of a "Slanni".
They were the servants of the Old Ones. They still exist in technologically (and psionically) advanced societies, closed to all, though some exist in backwards settlements on scattered planets (effectively thus being WHFB's Lizardmen).
They are immensely powerful psykers.
It's 1e fluff, but it's never been retconned.

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Its a screencap from Flying Circus, so yes, yes it is.

Good eye.

>> No.16591221

Something along the lines of Armsman/men

>> No.16591225

WHAT! no! it's Stanley Baker.

>> No.16591227

went to google and got this

>> No.16591243

huh, well I'll be damned.

then again, I learn about 40k from porn, fan-art and "emperor elf girl rape wat do" threads on /tg/

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putting in support for this! But could we get it as the exarch with chainsabres or the twohanded chainblade?

>> No.16591250

Ollanius Pius telling Horus to bring it

>> No.16591258

Yeah, they once had a vast and powerful empire that put the old Eldar one to shame, but at some point they appear to have decided "fuck it".

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Can we have some Renegade Guardsmen? Forgeworld Vrakians

>> No.16591326

Hell Yeeeeeyuh!

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Minor distraction caused by arrival of my dad's new pc and the package containing ludicrous amount of foam,FOAM

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That feel when you see something you made posted by someone else other than you.
I love you /tg/
btw, you rock OP, pretty cool stuff gotta love that artstyle.

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FOAM foam or styrofoam?

>> No.16591355

Kaptin Bluddflag digging for treasure with his crew and finding the Blood Raven's secret stash of mugs.

>> No.16591357

If you are making a reference to Foam Adventure, I will fucking end you.

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Bob the Necron is not amused.

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I love you Shwigity

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Ork Kommisar Yarik

>> No.16591380

A Gretchin dressed as a prostitute.

>> No.16591394

styrofoam,it was like these huge tube railings so i took them and wore them as a spaceman helmet!

>> No.16591421

Thanks op!
You are a pretty cool guy

>> No.16591437

sweeeeeet. I'm fond of tube arms myself, but always end up getting paranoid i'll break them somehow.

>> No.16591453

Hey Shwig.

>> No.16591459

great, now i need to post all of these.

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Is it strange that the only one of that set I can fap to is the Khorne one?

>> No.16591492

You SICKEN me..

>> No.16591505

>Tzeentch symbol on a Nurgle worshiper

>> No.16591511

Nah, same here

>> No.16591531

>Not realizing Cultist had all of the symbols tattooed on prior to mutation.

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>> No.16591547

>implying Nurgle wouldn't remove that tattoo IN the mutation

>> No.16591552 [DELETED] 

that feel when Foam Adventure ruined reputation of foam appreciators everywhere.

>> No.16591586

OP, have you considered getting a deviantart or something and doing these drawings on a regular basis?

Or at least just a place to have them all collected.

>> No.16591588

alright i gotta take a shower,ill be back in 30 minutes,here's something for ya'll to last in the meantime.

a bbeg i drew for my ex-adventure Knights Tale

>> No.16591603

I request Ciaphas Cain, HERO OF THE IMPERIUM in your glorious art style

>> No.16591666

ork stormboyz!

>> No.16591712

Just back from gaming and SQUEEE! Thanks!

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>> No.16591732

Not much for 40k, but I like your style. How about two Dark Eldar playing tennis?

>> No.16591766

i didnt even had to do anything,had template for orks with nearly every weapon and accessory for months now.

>> No.16591770

These are both awesome and adorable.

Not much for 40k either, but may I humbly request a Skaven of any variety? That counts as a mutant or xeno, kindasorta, right?

>> No.16591782

Draw this in your unique art style.

>> No.16591811

this should be the art-style for that chapter-master game

Captcha: are pastmad
Yes, not as angry now that my bike works again.

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>> No.16591836

By the by, in case someone wants to create their own custom mini space marine,here's a set of easily coloreable and paste on-eable sprites i had which you can use.

>> No.16591842

Draw Maugan'Ra
Oh gawd you cannot have a drawthread like this withouth Maugan'Ra

>> No.16591843

damn captcha ate my image

>> No.16591860

I want to see one of a Cadian guardsman firing his lasgun. A stormtrooper would be cool too.

>> No.16591863

seconding, he can only look great in that style with his tiny legs and huge shoulders

>> No.16591873


Captcha says: threatens refundive

>> No.16591880

(and i don't even PLAY 40k)

>> No.16591887

I love you for this

>> No.16591895

forgot to add different backpack sprites.

>> No.16591900

Noble Drawfriend, I beg you to offer your services to the Chapter Master dev team.

>> No.16591930

Could you do one with a Curvus pattern helmet?

>> No.16591934


>> No.16592008


>> No.16592034

my loyalty lies within Broquest Team.

here you go.

>> No.16592065

sum1 say 40k mspaint??

>> No.16592067

Thanks you!

>> No.16592089

No more Knights Tale?

Not even after Broquest?

>> No.16592095

time for breakfast afk

>> No.16592105

Hey shwig.

>> No.16592124

Requesting LOVE CAN BLOOM.

>> No.16592166

Hey shwig heres one for ya.
Do this next.

>> No.16592207


Add Tzeentch in that Prez picture! Like Nurgle vs Tzeentch! Or Nurgle/Tzeentch(although that duo is VEERY unlikely)

>> No.16592224

This guy is pretty chill,the question is

is he cosplaying a necron lord or do all necron lords cosplay as him?

>> No.16592257

likely yes.

>> No.16592282

Covering oneself in skulls isn't rare in 40k by any means, like half of factions does to some degree.

>> No.16592283

according to some retarded WD fluff, he ACTUALLY IS cosplaying as the Nightbringer.

>> No.16592411

My guess is that the necrons are copying from Maugan'Ra, honestly, who doesent want to be as cool as Maugan'Ra ?

>> No.16592412

all post necron fluff is retarded

>> No.16592433


>implying adding an ancient evil alien force to be the original cause of everything that ever happened in the universe isn't grimdark, cool and original

>> No.16592464

He is cosplaying as Khaine in his Destroyer Aspect, who in turn is cosplaying as the Nightbringer.
It's and Eldar thing... It's complicated.

>> No.16592481

Draw this:

>Altharius, which meant in the ancient inscrutable Eldar tongue The Most Elegant of Nobility in The Arts of Graceful Warfare and Majestic Pottery pointed his elegant weapon at the apish space marines, the squad ripped apart by a graceful hail of deadly shuriken fire, the advanced psycho reactive monomolecular wraithbone edges ripped apart their crude armor like a swarm of vengeful wraithbees defending their spirithoney from the starbears of ancient Eldar mythology.

>Still for every crudely clad clunky stupid clumsy monkey marine killed, a dozen swarmed in to take its place. Their clumsy boxcars puttered slowly towards the elegant firing lines of the most ancient eldritch elegant Eldar, blown away by graceful deadly brilliant lances of energy from the vengeful lances of the glorious guardian squad Thethaliusomis which meant in the ancient Eldar tongue The Squad of Most Righteous Invincible Unwavering Noble Craftsmen Who Craft Death as Elegantly As Their Earthenware.

>Altharius danced gracefully through the clumsy bolts belched by the marine's crude gun, if such a clumsy device could even be called a weapon, dispatching one after another with elegant sweeps of his monomolecular finely crafted gem encrusted graceful blade made from the psychoreactive wraithbone, testament to the Eldar psychic and technological mastery.

>A stray bolt shell farted through the air and struck Altharius upon his noble chest, but the amazing psycho reactive wraithbone armor of the Eldar which was as flexible as the most sheer silk elegantly shifted and hardened harder than the hardest of hardturtles of ancient Eldar mythology to deflect the crude monkeyshot, veering it into the face of another clumsy marine standing beside him.

>> No.16592490

>Altharius then somersaulted through the air dancing across the sky like the great elegant hunting falcons of Eldar mythology and in his descent his elegant heel caved in the helmet of one of the crude armor clad monkeys and used the building momentum to spin cartwheeling towards the leader of the marines, a great ugly brute with crooked teeth and a lazy eye and ruddy wrinkly skin his crude armor garishly covered in seals and with the crudely banged out symbol of his clumsy god emperor scrawled upon his crude armor. The simple creature's dumb farm animal eyes widened in fear as the spinning whirlwind of eldritch ancient elegant destruction spun towards him and in a graceful flash of majestic advanced wraithbone he was cut cleanly in two by the elegant gem encrusted monomolecular edge. Its kidneys, backup kidneys, secondary kidneys, and deluxe double black kidneys all fell out of his body with a disgusting ploop.

>Their leader dead, the marines hopped back into their boxes and puttered away, but there would be no escape for the crude monkeys as their clumsy retreat was cut apart by an elegant hail of deadly monomolecular shuriken discs and graceful lances of light that cut through the air like the legendary glowwyrms of Eldar mythology which once aided The Ancient Mythological Eldar God Vaul as he got lost in the spiritwoods in the legendary mythologies of the Eldar's ancient past.

>Altharius was glad the war was over and looked forward to returning to walking the graceful path of the potter which staved off the temptations of Slaanesh but he walked a razor's edge between indulgence and the trappings of the path which the brilliant Eldar mind could fall to such was the tragedy of his people.

>> No.16592495

Chambers, I love you.. but the C'tan were a bad idea

>> No.16592524

howdy shwig

>> No.16592539


Lovecraftian gods were a good idea
Space vampires with tons of minions were also a good idea

making them the same thing was a bad idea.

>> No.16592566

assuming you wanted me to draw great daemon of nurgle.

>> No.16592601

I vote for a Howling Banshee with mirror-swords. (Paired power swords)
Serious but cute!

>> No.16592607


can you draw an ogryn bonehead trying to get another ogryn to quit derping around

>> No.16592665

yeah! we need more eldar!
A warp spider is fine too.

Dude, dem legs

>> No.16592691

Draw me Papa Nurgle President.

>> No.16592702

Hey Shwig, think you could please draw a little Crusader in a red cloak?

Thanks man, love ya stuff.

>> No.16592712

Nid love, warrior and ravener bro claw'ing

>> No.16592762

Draw da biggest baddest ork you can riding a cute little pony.. Y'know.. for /tg/

>> No.16592787

orks don't ride ponies they ride hogz.

by that i mean motorcycles or cybernetic pigs.

>> No.16592809 [DELETED] 

I'll take one of these, just wearing a red jumpsuit instead of a tan one.

It's Vraksian! Vraksian, damn you!

>> No.16592831

if he was in a red jumpsuit he'd be the average SS13 security officer

>> No.16592835

awesome, Thank you.

>> No.16592850

>Problem, Medic.jpg

>> No.16592903


>> No.16592911

thanks chief, you da boss

the faces make it excellent

>> No.16592925

Can you draw a human female psyker with devotion to slaanesh and tzeentch, a tzeentchian sorcerer marine and a human male slaaneshi demagogue? Any single one of those would also do. It's our Black Crusade group.

>> No.16592949

Requesting a Culexus Assassin with a Necron Pariah

>> No.16592987

sanctioned psyker would be neat

>> No.16592988

i still want that Gretchin prostitute <3

>> No.16593019

An avatar

a not-dead avatar

>> No.16593041

Requesting this drawn in OP's art style.

Please, I'm begging you. This will be used for hilarious purposes.

>> No.16593056

Those exist?

>> No.16593064

maybe a stealth suit to go with these guys? (>>16590574)

>> No.16593078

I, Drawfriend, most humbly ask for the idea made in

>>16587865 :

A Spartan/Space Marine with a Gatling SPNKR with Bayonets on ALL the barrels, underslung Flamethrower, and a Chainplasma Sword.


Thank you for your time,


>> No.16593169

here's a set.

was off doing other things.

>> No.16593244

you just pump it out, bro.

>> No.16593359

Drawfag, you are awesome and you should feel awesome!

>> No.16593367

A hello kitty leman russ~


>> No.16593415

Great drawfag or greatest drawfag?

Have some titties you supa-kawaii bishy, you :3

>> No.16593433

Any WHFB? Namely Bretonnian knights?

>> No.16593811

Requesting a kawaii set of Gaunt's Ghosts :3

Namely, Gaunt Ezsrah Larkin and Bragg :3

>> No.16594023


>> No.16594069

You, sir, rock.

I'm printing these, cutting them out and using them as proxies in my next game.

>> No.16594195

I love you.

>> No.16594595

More please

>> No.16594682

Asdrubael Vect would be awesome, Shwig.

>> No.16594810

May I request something like that space marine template sheet but instead for IG?

>> No.16594825


>> No.16594857


>>>>Boba Fett delivering a pizza whilst riding a polar bear.

Search your heart, you know it to be true.

>> No.16594859

>no Sisters
What the zog, OP

>> No.16594872

This. Very this.

>> No.16595217

This seems like a great idea. Gotta get dat IG man.

>> No.16595228

Could I please see a Vindicare Assassin? :)

>> No.16595308

op, are you the guy who drew that wh40k comic about a pink demon a while ago?
the art style is really similar.

>> No.16595333

>they were later executed for heresy

Y u do dis?

>> No.16595335

Are you serious?

>> No.16595390

Can we get some Dark Eldar up in here?

Preferably ones with a very disturbing happy face motif.

>> No.16595402

>the art style is really similar.

. . . wat?

>> No.16595424


>> No.16597633

I still want to see some IG.

>> No.16600218

This is what happens when the anonymous hate for trip/namefagging gets people to drop nicks from posts.

Also, welcome to /tg/ and go fuck yourself.

>> No.16600229

blood ravens receiving gifts.

>> No.16600329

OP is a god

>> No.16600401

requesting some salamanders hugging a group of imperial citizens while some black templars gag off to the side

>> No.16600877

This. I want an army of them.

>> No.16601628

OP, you awake?

>> No.16601643

he made a new thread


>> No.16601847

...and the thread 404'd due to some idiot posting fetish pics.

>> No.16601863

OH, that was me!

>> No.16601868

What happened? Oh god did I provoke him? I'm the one who said "Why." to his picture, then left to go look at some other shit.

Also reposting.

>> No.16601869

damnit, /tg/

>> No.16601870

Hahaha...never change /tg/, never change.

>> No.16601873

sorry guyz

>> No.16601881

Fuck off.

>> No.16601887


>> No.16601899

Kinda want ! Sauce ?

>> No.16601907

>> No.16601920

can you just make more like this one but with other factions?

>> No.16601929

Still hoping on this guy in a red jumpsuit.

>> No.16601938

this is the last one i have

>> No.16601946

Hey, MOD, you can delete the pictures and not the entire thread you know!

>> No.16601949

Still hoping for that IG sheet.

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