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Hey /tg/, this may not be your thing, but do any of you fine gentlemenne LARP?

I'm kind of interested in setting up a group around where I live, and I'd like some tips and such.

And maybe some way of getting my more "normal" friends to stop viewing it as the nerdiest thing on the face of the planet; something that will make them into a vagina repellent.

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Stop that.

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I was just kinda trying to be somewhat amusing, but alright then, if it bothers you that much I will.

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Problemme withe Olde Englishe, Broe?

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there are quite a few people who larp on the board, I see threads about it all the time. apparently none of them are on right now though, just a lot of people who like old english.

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That would appear to be the case.

This is probably an ill-fated attempt. I live in Alabama... I couldn't even assemble a group for some PnP gaming.

But hey, won't hurt to try. Maybe beating the shit out of each other with foam weapons will appeal to the more.

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Get them drunk first, then tie foam swords to their hands when they fall asleep. If it worked for sailors it'll work for you.

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up hr in Norcal we have a Scifi LARP that started as just NERF tag. Out scenarios revolve around a political breakdown between human imperialists and a race of weeaboo near-humans and the skirmishes that come from that - via mostly boarding actions.

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That sounds really cool.

Though I'm shooting for the more common (I guess?) type of vaguely medieval, melee and archery type combat, probably really light on character creation, little if any magic.

And it'll give me an excuse to buy a full set of chainmail, a tabbard, and a nice great helm.

I don't have maritime law on my hands here though.

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Also, I suppose it's worth nothing that I haven't the foggiest on how to handle hitpoints and the like.

I'd kind of like to set it up where it isn't just "I touched you you are dead now", but I'm not so sure how much I can trust these assbags to keep up with their HP.

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if you want normals to be doing it, OP, present it as combat sports rather than role-playing.
because ultimately, the thing you are there for is fighting with swords.

this means keeping the olde ynglyfh to a minimum because it will make people self-conscious and pull them out of the fun of fighting.
keep magic right out for the first few months, then if you have people clamouring to have it in think about it.
a good way to go about health is just give everyone four or five hitpoints, then add a few on for armour as well. make sure, though, that people with heavy armour don't end up having like four times the health as causals - that makes it dull for the casuals because it is a stupid fight, and dull for the armoured people because they only fight with the same few people.

this said as relatively normalfag who has brought about eight friends into a weekly larp in my city.

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There's always room for maritime law. Print yourself up a copy of the Royal Navy's Articles of War and read it out at the beginning of each get-together. The constant repetition of "...shall suffer death" and "subject to court marshall" will lull your friends into submission to your nefarious schemes.

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Neat. Where in NorCal?

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What part of Alabama?

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OP, look into Dagorhir, it is no magic medieval boffer combat game. Super fun stuff, pic related is me during a 'bridge' battle. I'm in the turban

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Posting more pics from that event

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Why is there an apple in the middle of that word?

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Do you play paintball or airsoft? Hit points work the same as that.

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>go to a larp
>be the most nerdy unattractive looking guy there
Must suck being you.

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Nope, I get to go out and have fun stabbin people with a foam tipped stick, doesn't even matter what I look like havin a good time.
Not in that picture is the dude with flabby manboobs who refused to wear a shirt.

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Where are you located? Some of these locales/equipment look like my University's boffer club.

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to keep the doctor away, obviously

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We meet at the fairgrounds in Anderson and have players from as north as Lake Shasta and as south as Corning.

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There's a slope to this kinda thing.

Most common US LARP: Mostly action, little roleplay. That's the Darkon/Dagorhir kinda stuff. You wanna whack people with boffers and not worry about anything else, this is right up your alley.

Most actual US LARPs are more complex versions of those systems, which is why you often see the /tg/ population facepalm when you call something like Dagorhir a "LARP". Stuff like NERO pretty much marks the line between "boffer fighting" and "live-action roleplaying game".

It's why you see "LRP" used a lot rather than "LARP". That way, it includes stuff like the "we resolve everything with rock-paper-scissors" games like World of Darkness, which don't really have "action" at all.

Now, OP- is what you really want a game of boffer-tag, or do you want a LARP? There are systems that don't stick magic in every nook and cranny that are rules-light and work just fine, like the ones they use for the big German games. Those things are built to handle people who often don't even speak the same language and are playing with thousands of people, so they HAVE to be simple and robust. Handily enough, in English-


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>That way, it includes stuff like the "we resolve everything with rock-paper-scissors" games like World of Darkness, which don't really have "action" at all.
and they are playing undeads so they aren't really a "live" either... sometimes I even wonder if they are count as people...
also the ConQuest and Drachenfest as far as I know builds on the fact in their rules that people are at least a little honest, they wan't to play for fun and not for win and generally that the players are not complete asshats. In short: they trust their players.

It's like throwing someone into the deep water, If there are no people who can show how it is done then try something with a little more rules or something

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>>vagina repellent

US LARPs are vagina repellent because so many of them don't even try to maintain any standards for kit. That is, you want a game that appeals, fucking stop dressing like slobs, waving dickswords around, and actually, heaven help us do something besides charge each other repeatedly in field battles, randomly splattering one side, and then getting up again for another go 15 minutes later.

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No... many US LARP groups have plenty of vaginas at them. Many of them are quite attractive, too.

Like everything, it depends upon the location and the region.

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but it's still true that the average US larp costume is so bad that it's no wonder people there thinks larpers are losers

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LARPs generally have to run on an honor system to some degree- though many games have players carrying a card with their stats on it, so a marshal can check if someone's really taking the piss on playing.

Pulling stuff like padding your stats is a fast way to get kicked from a game, too. Cheaters in a game that depends on shared trust to do things by the rules are pure poison.

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yeah I know but there are levels of trust. and as I see the german games give more trust to their games than the US games (I could be wrong, I never playid either a US or a german larp)
Here we have games where you don't have a character sheet or any stat for your character at all, and we have one game with stats everywhere, but still on average we have trust in the players too (which, in my opinion can be a bad thing if the game has too many "unknow" player)

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11 hour late reply:
This was in Somerset, PA, at the Pioneer Park Campground.
Normally I fight in Buffalo, NY

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Personally, I find the male:female ratio skews more male with the straight-up "let's hit stuff" games, and heads more towards a balance (or at least a much more signficant percentage) of female players as a game has more options for doing stuff that ISN'T "let's hit shit", OR has better visual standards (in other words, a game that encourages people to dress up).

Pic related....

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...on both counts.

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Well, to keep the rules enforced, Germany utilises, as far as I saw it from the outside-perspective, tons of marchalls who are always very busy running about with their headsets and giving orders to NPCs or ruling.
Also there is a distinct sense of honour and fairness in the players. Now tell me you would go fudge the rules with that 2,00m Uruk breathing down your neck, willing not only to slay the shit out of your char, but also to go and tell all his friends what a sneaky little cheater you are.

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you would be surprised but there are people like that. It's a strange kind of suicide method but exist. Still on most account they are dealt with in one way or another.

Also I we don't have don't have marshals in the games which are completely trust based. We just don't let play anyone.

And about the male-female ratio, last game we nearly had a 50:50 and the villagers (pic) had more females than males

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And most of them are good looking.

Great Success.

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well, what can I say? It's a shitty country but it has a few advantages.

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Oh that reminds me of a little story a chick from my chess club told me.
>She was a sorceres
>Gets waylaid by three orcs
>They want her shiny bits
>She hands them a red chrystal
>Orcs enthralled by shiny stone
>She tells them OOC that stone is a magic grenade
>Legs it for good
>Orcs get exploded, need a few more seconds to process the last occurrances, go waaaaghin' behind her

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Was stationed in Germany for 3 years, loved every minute of it, though I kept having duty on the weekends that I found LARP events to attend :(
And yes, the ladies of that country were gorgeous.

Speaking of which, the girl with glasses in the very far back, her head visible next to the guy in the hat.... she looks very familiar. Was this event/picture anywhere near Nurnberg?

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nope, these are hungarian games. But here is another pic about her

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*nods* US games usually want less staff running around, and since they're generally more rules-heavy wanted to both give players a way to check stuff and remind themselves they have it.

It can be tough playing multiple, higher-level characters...especially if they share any abilities.

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Well damn, she looks exactly like a girl from Germany I knew... Still gorgeous.

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Not saying that several rounds of good old fashioned fightan time is bad, but the way yankees do it with the dildo-swords and pillows-for-shield would look bad anyday. Its just wrong.

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well, that's life.
have a chaos group

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Are there any LARPing groups around in Charlotte? I've been interested in checking out some real and non-stereotypical LARP for a while, but I dunno where to begin.

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I come asking the approval of the LARPers of /tg/...

I just ended up getting a new sword at a local NERO game, and was told to go build the sword myself. Rules were:

1) Must be boffer
2) Cannot be "ultralight"
3) Cannot be latex
4) Description of the weapon is "longsword covered in runes

So this is my overnight build; I have to have it approved tomorrow for this coming weekend's event. At my chapter, I am the big opponent of dickswords. Am I undermining my own position by showing up with a boffer looking like this, or do you think this will by a decent NERO weapon?

Overall blade measurements and proportions are identical to this:


...but I prefer a wheel pommel instead of a scent-bottle, and I'm not allowed to put the wingtips at the ends of the quillons. It is difficult to see, but this sword does have a 3/8" deep fuller

Pic 1/3

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Pic 2/3 (Runes in the daylight)

>> No.16592467

Pic 3/3 (runes on the other side of the sword. They're normally brighter than this; I gave them just enough light to show up in the shot)

So - do I pass the "dicksword" test or not?

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can you post a pic about the tip?
also I don't think you need that thing in the middle of the grip.
Also a closer pic about the crossguard would be good too.

Otherwise it looks pretty good.
What is the core and how heavy the sword overall? Also center of gravity

>> No.16592862


No problem. Here's the weapon tip.

>> No.16592939

...and here's the hilt assembly.

The weapon core is 1/2" Schedule 40 CPVPC, as is required by NERO International's weapon construction guidelines. The quillon is insulation foam folded in around itself and wrapped tightly with tape to make it as rigid as possible (all crossguards must be 100% foam) and with an extra reinforcing block of foam where the quillon block of a normal sword would be. The blade is several layers of blue "sleeping pad" foam, sculpted into the blade shape.

-Overall weight is a hair over 1lb, 10oz (mainly due to the counterweight beneath the pommel; my swords include hex bolts inside the pipe below the hilt).
-Overall length is 45.5" (maximum length for a longsword by the rules is 46"). As the sword I was basing this on has an overall length of 46.5", I had to scale the sword down an inch.
-Blade length is 34.75"
-Center of gravity is 3 and 7/8th's inches ahead of the cross.
-Center of Percussion is 19.25" ahead of the cross

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I don't know what the fuck is this CPVPC but apart from that it sounds like a good enough sword.
rule of thumb for softness here is if you hit a tree with your sword full force and you can clearly hear the core of your sword go against the tree then it's not soft enough.

Also two advice for future sword buildings: it's good to have an extra layer on the edge like on the pic because the foams not that soft sideways and this way it will last longer

>> No.16593089

the other one is, while you say that the crossguards must be 100% foam, we here use sometimes thick wires because they are completely safe and with wire, foam and patience you can make pretty good guards

>> No.16594733

Heck with wire. Rope caulk, works wonders.

>> No.16594756

"Bearding" the sword edge also gives it a better look and very much improves the endurance on the foam.

>> No.16594771


Could you explain that a little more? I need more information to see if that's even legal in our game...

>> No.16594908


It's easier than it looks. What you're doing is taking insulating foam strips and using it to form an "edge" on the weapon- which not only actually gives you more padding on the striking surface, but the edging also means the weapon overall takes less damage from being whacked against someone. Adds a lot of life to a weapon- usually about a 1-inch striking surface does the trick...and as you can see, it really helps with the actual "look" of a boffer.

>> No.16594989


but those are still dickswords, only 2.0 version.

we are talking about boffers where we use only flat foam, so the flat of the blade is actually flat.

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Wouldn't pass muster at a NERO game- wooden core, insufficient padding in multiple spots along the weapon.

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Oh look - this thread again

danishfag LARPer, master crafter of latex boffer weapons and LARP-grade steel and leather armor

pic related, me, my homemade armor and one of my weapons

of course, here in scandri/b/ronia we consider US LARPing somewhat amusing...

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Also, the multiple lines of tape create stress points in the foam, so as you're hitting people, you're twisting the padding and degrading it much faster than using long strips that go with the foam, rather than wrapping around the core.

>> No.16595071


Then I think it's fortunate that we don't play nero here and this is half done boffer, it's the same as >>16593073 but that's before the powertape layer.
pic is the nearly done, obviously the grip is not done

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>in danish LARPs, orcs are blond

heck, I've had girl come on to me while dressed like this. Kinda freaky actually.

>> No.16595132

Yeah, but the guy's gotta build for the rules he's playing in. That means he's stuck with the game's boffer standards if he's using that kinda material. He -could go with camp pad instead, which does give you a flatter edge- but he still needs an honest-to-goodness thrusting tip on the sword too. That's a little more awkward with camp pad foam, IMHO.

>> No.16595162


never had any problems with those things.
those black tapes are a fabric kind of thing, don't know the proper term but not the plastic duct tape
and the only purpose they serve is to keep in one place the foam while the glue enderneath it dries, of course we left them there then it gets a power tape layer.
Also we always change the padding in our weapons in every one or two years depending on use.
So as I said we never had a problem with these kind of swords and I think that foam degrading is highly overrated.

Also never had a problem with wooden cores.

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I'd tap her if she came on to me dressed like that.

/tg/ what have you done to me?

>> No.16595257


that's why I didn't said that he need to change anything with his sword only told him to tips that we use here and he will use them in the future or not.

I don't want to convince anyone to use swords like ours (especially that those pics are nearly two years old) just told what we use here and why I personally think it's good/bad

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we made you stronger

>> No.16595325

This is my groups site, we are based out of Lehighton Pennsylvania if anyone is interrested, we use insulation foam for most of our weapons, it makes it look better then most boffers imo


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You have GOT to seriously work on this one at your game, friend.

>> No.16595490


We've taught you that green girls is good.

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Hungarian games? I'm Hungarian too and I want to do LARP, but I couldn't find any good groups besides a WoD group. Where do you play? (amúgy nem tudom miért nem írtam ezt magyarul)

>> No.16595604


mert nem illik angol oldalon magyarul beszélni
but here is our forum
http://larphatar dot forumotion.com/forum
there you can ask any questions you want.

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nigga what? My jeans are fucking magic. Also, you expect us to

>> No.16595621

the most *hit stuff* like LARP I was ever participant in in germany was babarian con

basically, there was an untold number of babarians in the forests, and you have to fight them off, but with time and fights, your weapons and armor get weary.

But no problem, you can loot the babarians. Now how did this work...

There was a great rack of leather armor and weapons that were lend to the players, but as mentioned, they got weared down and had to be returned after three or so fights, as they were *dull or broken* and useless
Babarians had notes on them with a number written on it (the babarians themselves didnt know what the note stands for)
you were allowed to take said note, and turn it in for a reward. You now expect loads of greataxes coming your way, but the funny thing was, there were lots of bad notes in there. As in: note 256 is an half-eaten apple. or note 782 is a piece of coal. Shit you wouldnt even think of looting, but it was still fun as hell to get hold of some good stuff, apart from the usual swords and axes and shit I also got a crossbow (with no bolts at the start, but someone traded me a quiver with 15 crossbow bolts against two throwing daggers) and a tower shield, which was a very funny combo (crossbows were armor piercing, so two direct crossbow hits in a vital area and it was goodnight)
it was fun while it lasted, and great to make new friends (its surprising how thankful someone can be when you hand him a sword after he just got a piece of coal, a piece of chalk and an used tissue)

and, well, we renamed it (inofffical, of course) into babarian-lotto

>> No.16595638

Anyone know of any LARPS in the Baltimore/Anne Arundel area of Maryland (US)? A few friends and I were looking to get involved in one, but all I've seen on the websites for LARPfinders have been WoD or defunct.

>> No.16595672

this is how I larp

>> No.16595827


You could give Cambrion a try- http://www2.cambrion.com/

>> No.16598327

Larp bump

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Why is that woman so naked? And why is her underwear not period-appropriate?

>> No.16598639 [DELETED] 

See, that is a remarkably authentic neckbeard comment. You are a credit to /tg/, sir. May your dice bag runneth over.

>mfw I was expecting a storm of "Dat ass!"

>> No.16598665

It's not larping. It's an entry in a contest for people to recreate Frazetta pictures.

>> No.16598666

it was part of some contest where people recreated a scene from something like old RPG covers. Something along those lines. They decided to recreate it with very cheesy atire. I believe they won. Or rather, I believe "dat ass" won.

>> No.16598699

This one, to be exact.

>where people recreated a scene from something like old RPG covers.


>> No.16598797

So the chick should actually be nakeder, then. And the one guy should be arcing is back in a silly way.

>> No.16598809

>expecting people to wear period-appropriate underwear

>> No.16598817

You look like a fag.

>> No.16598823

Hey, I wouldn't normally. But normally the underwear wouldn't be visible. And her underwear is extremely period-inappropriate, it's not even close.

>> No.16598839


I think they were the winners. They won business cards printed on jerky from a company called meatcard.com. I do not believe they are still in operation, which is a sad day for anyone who wants to laser-etch text or graphics onto a sheet of jerky.

>> No.16598855

Please go back to /b/.

>> No.16598889 [DELETED] 

>That feel when no LARP groups in your area or friends to go with if there were

>> No.16598905

Fuck off with your bullshit. Although that guy is a bit dense for responding to a post from more than 24 hours ago, the guy in the picture does indeed look like a fag and making observational statements is a normal part of discourse.

>> No.16598931

if you want a sporty popular larp amtgard is le shit i have been playing since 2006 and it is a nationwide organization, if interested check out amtwiki(dot)net. or Golden-Plains(dot)com, which is the kingdom i am involved in which encompassess new mexico and western texas, look for THURG IRONFIST and pm me if you are interested

>> No.16598942

Excuse me sir, the Templars do NOT look like fags.

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>> No.16598983

The guy in the turban looks like a fag though.

>> No.16599017

not a lie

>> No.16600024


let me show you a real fag

>> No.16600053

I dunno, he looks fine to me. I mean, he could stand to lose a bit of weight and gain a bit of muscle, but so could we all.

>> No.16600066

but then there is the subtle fact that he doesn't wear any pants or underwear

>> No.16600742

it is many things but subtle it ain't

>> No.16600789


danishfag back again


wow... you must be a very serious basement dweller if you can't even tell men from women

but hey its all good

ask a danish LARPer anything

>> No.16601283


sup danish larpfag, how's the indiscriminate bashing of heads going? Still using that ridiculous double staff axe?

>> No.16601564


hey, bulgarian larpfag, do you have any new pics from your games?

>> No.16602294

>Danish, so only one jaw type for both genders
>wearing an ork mask
Gender is a bit of a guess, but due to the long hair (in Europe, no less) girl was more likely.

Your mask isn't attached properly, by the way. Your not supposed to let the edges just flap around like a nincompoop, there's some gel shit to attach it and make it seamless.

>> No.16602295

When I get home, I've gotta do the Mythodea/Drachenfest 2011 image dump for folks. The folks at Mythodea definitely had better photography this year, though.


I'd be more inclined to actually call that a LARP if I didn't keep seeing stuff like the pic I've attached whenever I see "Amtgard". Not that there aren't people who make efforts, but seriously. The Hungarians you see posting here have been doing it for a few years and you've been doing it for nearly 20...and they look better.

>> No.16602310


I think he's saying that if he saw a girl dressed as an orc, he'd hit that.

(I hope to gawd that's what he meant...)

>> No.16602775


Now, I know Amtgard has a magic system...but virtually everything I see is combat (with some dressing up, but not even THAT all the time) and occasional SCA-like bits. Live, action, but where's the roleplaying?

>> No.16602806


truth to be told we still have people like this

>> No.16602842

but then on the same game we have people like this too.
People are trying and we help them where we can, but still the improving is a slow process

>> No.16603034


Truth is, those two Amtgard photos could have been taken in 2011, or 2001 for that matter. The standards haven't changed. In fact, here's a pic from ten years ago...other than the pic quality, the rest remains...well, just like it is now.

>> No.16603189


well at least we can make funny comparison pics

>> No.16603656


That you can. Heck, even a lot of the Amtgard types seem to have serious thoughts on "Are we actually LARPing it up here?"

Reading their stuff gave me the wonderful word, "flurb", which can be described in one way as "you're roleplaying too much", aka "anti stickjock". On the RP <---> boffer fighting scale, it's almost all the way to the right. But not quite.

>> No.16603744


we never had problem with people who were "not enuff figthan!!!"
here we have problem with people who come to the larp and they treat it like it's just some camping in the woods and treat it as such.
Usually these people stay in the OUT zone saying that their character don't have anything to do... like they waiting for the magical quest fairy or something, and when there is something to do than they find other excuses

>> No.16603794

>> No.16603809

That stuff looks real fake, like plastic.

>> No.16603819

I love LARP.

>> No.16603839

the weapon and the shield are latex and I think the armor is some kind of mass produced low quality one. Perfect for larping not so for real protection.
I think it's a good costume

>> No.16603862

A lot of boffing and 'no pulled punches' events do use plastic materials for the armor, because it's light-weight. Another pro, is since no 'live-steel' is used, you don't need something necessarily made out of metal.

If that is plastic, and that is such an event, then that is still an amazing amount of detail and effort put into that costume.

>> No.16603891

That's Middle English at best. Old English is closer to German than to English.

But, as to larping, I see a distinction between historical reenactment and actual larp. I'd love to join up with one of the groups that reenacts sailing maneuvers and the like. Also, as a frequenter of /cgl/, cosplaying is incredibly fun.

I think the majority of negative feeling towards larping comes from the "lightning bolt, lightning bolt" larping. But, hey, if that is what you are in to, your friends should be okay with it. It's okay to be nerdy. Chances are if your friends aren't even marginally in to it, you aren't going to get them to do it. At least not without plenty of snickering. Just enjoy it, look for other people interested online, and have some fun. If they become interested later, be kind and show them what it's all about.

>> No.16603927

If you want to get linguistic about it, it's not Middle English either. But it's old English in the sense that it's from the past, as opposed to a newer English like wen ppl tok liek dis

>> No.16603928

Do themed marathons count?


Protect your brain and run for your life. This is one race where your legs giving out are the least of your problems. Run For Your Lives is a first-of-its-kind event, one part 5K, one part obstacle course, one part escaping the clutches of zombies — and all parts awesome.

Runners will navigate a series of 12 obstacles throughout a 5K course in an attempt to reach the finish line — all while avoiding zombies. At the end of this adventure race, you get to celebrate survival (or zombie transformation) with live entertainment and music, local celebrities, vendors, food, and of course, beer!

>> No.16603981

>Physical exertion other than hitting each other over the head with foam weaponry

Not likely

>> No.16604001


there are a little more distinction than that
first of all there are the larpers. Sometimes they tend to laugh at the table top players but not really.
Among the larpers there are the US larpers and the European larpers. The European larpers tend to laugh at the US larpers

Then there is the SCA, they tend to laugh at the larpers

Then the reenactors who in turn laugh at the SCA guys

and then there is the Guild of St. Olaus who are laughs at everyone else

>> No.16604023

I only larp with my girlfriend. I am the demon lord and she is my breeding slave.

>> No.16604026


I would totally play something like this, even as a zombie

>> No.16604081

I'm thinking of starting up at a LARP group nearby and I've got the costume sorted near enough, linen shirt with open neck, similar style trousers and some other bits a bobs.

The only problem I'm having is working out what footwear to wear, I was thinking of my Doc Martins with some leather wrapped round the lace so they look thonged up, or is there a decent solution for realistic looking footwear for medieval LARP?

>> No.16604084


Yeah, latex/polycarbon style armor is popular in a lot of games around the UK/France, in part because it allows some nice detailing, also for some armor types that simply won't work well in metal, like a lot of the Chaos suits.

>> No.16604090 [DELETED] 

>never heard of St. Olaus group
>google it, find official website
> accidentally save it to "Porn" bookmark folder

>> No.16604105


the cheapest method is leather gaiters and it's a pretty good one too. getting a good authentic footwear is a little bit problematic

>> No.16604110


Don't know about LARP, but Rennies and re-enactors I've seen often go with wooden clogs or leather mocassins if they can't afford period shoes or boots. It also depends on what you mean by "medieval", and whether or not you're going to be doing a lot of running or fighting in them.

>> No.16604133

Just get some leather and make yourself a good pair. Not that hard. You can cheat with a store-bought insole and nobody will give a fuck.

>> No.16604137

If you have a bit of time you can invest, there are plenty of guides available online for making medieval and renaissance shoes and ankle boots. My first pair took around 15 hours, although most of that was because I didn't really know what I was doing at first and was overly cautious. You need nice, fairly thin leather for the uppers, belly for the soles, some glovers' needles, a curved leatherworking awl, some scrap leather to protect your knees and fingers, some cardboard and scrap fabric, and a bit of beeswax. Altogether probably around $50-75 if you've got a leather shop nearby (Tandy is fine, typical craft stores carry shit for leather).

>> No.16604184


and in use

>> No.16604219


Gaiters are an excellent choice, as >>16604105 points out. Good solid footwear is often the toughest bit to make authentic, but you can do decently with a bit of work. I've also seen people literally sew leather scraps onto a shoe to match it look like a patchwork, but obviously you don't want to do that to anything BUT a pair you aren't using anywhere else.

>> No.16604239

Elaborating: First decide what leather you want the sole to be. Anything works fine, but depending on the sort of ground you plan to traverse and how much of a pussy you are, you probably want thicker and harder stuff. Thinner stuff has the advantage that you can feel the ground under you and your foot can bend more, which helps in climbing, but thicker protects your soft baby feet from stepping on harsh things more.

On this leather, trace your feet and cut about a half inch or three quarter inches beyond your foot's edge. You've got your sole. Now, there's too parts left. he tongue and the other part, which I don't know the name for, but it's the part that wraps around your leg. The most usual thing would be to cut it thin in the front, so it wraps your toe, and two big bits that go up the back and sides of your leg that you sew together, but you can also have just a single piece for the back and have just the tongue for the whole front. If you go that route you probably want some extra sole.

Then sew all the bits together the way you cut them to fit.

>> No.16604260


I've actually also seen people just do a "cover" over their existing pair of footwear- which is a bit more floppy but also doable. At it's pure duh-est, cut a bit of leather or fake fur in a pattern that acts as a "sleeve" over what you're wearing. Tie over footwear. Voila, what cannot be authentic can be covered sufficiently to make do.

>> No.16604825


Shops like Norton Armouries are really good for that sort of thing- they make gear for movies, but also LARP-quality stuff as well.

>> No.16605294


Hmm. That armor on the table does get around.

>> No.16605315


Well, occasionally they DO combine the two.

I mean, pirate LARPing.

>> No.16605498

*boffer bump*

>> No.16605671

"Ladies, I really don't think my blade need that many handmaidens. Wait where are you putting that thing!?!"

>> No.16605738

is there more pics of this guy?

>> No.16605789


Holy shit, I was there for that picture. Stonehouse Park, IL. It's definitely a Belegarth event, as I see fellow House Dregoth members in the background.

Fukkin saved

>> No.16605800


sadly... yes. I have an unfortunate addiction to gather larp and medieval stuff images. Even the shitty ones

>> No.16605858

could you post all you have of him?
or other half naked men larping?

>> No.16605902


thing is, most of the halt naked men larping pics are from the shitty ones. For example that one was a shitty one. I wasn't there but according to the pictures and the stories, and because I know the organizer I can easily believe that it was a shitty one.
And as such I'm not proud of it that there are larps like this in the country...
but here is the image gallery where you can found more:

and an extra pic from another larp. That one thank god is now is not existing, and I would like to think that partially because of me

>> No.16605964

I use to larp, I looked lame as fuck but I practice fencing, so I was always awsome on the field

>> No.16606003

and this is the shittiest larp "costume" I've ever seen in my entire life. Granted Mr. No-pants are somehow more frightening but this guy put exactly zero effort into it. Maybe a little less if it's humanly possible.
If I could done it I would poisoned the guy to death in game. But I only did it IRL and just into half death

>> No.16606113

and here we go another shitty game... same as >>16605902 but one year later

>> No.16606161

and I think this much is enough about the shitty ones. I see if I can find half naked larpers from a decent game

>> No.16606204

ah yeah, this guy was pretty hardcore. he was half naked and with a kilt and it was somewhere around 0 degrees in celsius out there

>> No.16606222


>> No.16606230

>> No.16606312

>> No.16606346

>> No.16606355

>> No.16606386

>> No.16606405

>> No.16606437

Is that Zyzz?

>> No.16606455

and that's all the pics I have about decent larps with half naked guys on it. I have a few more shitty ones and ones where there are half naked girls .

But here have a pic where peasants beat the living shit out of random naked guys

>> No.16606479


no clue, I'm not really into this pokemon thing

>> No.16606497

I don't, but I know people who do.
We agree that there should be more "modern ventures into the Melee, less LARP".

I guess you could have a story line, but having people beat each other senseless with blunted weapons in a cordoned off area for the amusement of a crowd is more fun, and is naturally competitive, allowing for clear winners (last man standing who is not obviously TKO'd.) and losers (those sucking the mud/being dragged off the field/stumbling around in a haze, such that they can be tipped over with one finger.)

>> No.16606536

I sincerely hope you're not claiming to be straight, Hungarian larpfag, because your posts have a consistent focus on the subjects of dicks, dick-shaped badges, dick-shaped weapons, codpeices, scantly-clad men, etc....
every bloody time.

>> No.16606612


Ah, my talent of finding the interesting strikes gold once again. What's the story on Mr. Ohgawdwhywieldthatthing anyhow?

>> No.16606654


But I am.
well the dick like things... I can't do anything about that medieval things are littered with dick like objects. And in the other thread someone asked for codpieces that's why I posted them. Now someone asked for half naked male larpers so I posted them.
and when there is women armor threads I post women with or without armors.
but here have a random german larper

>> No.16606695


So how's it feel being led by a scummy greenskin? :P

>> No.16606741


Dude's just an equal-opportunity poster. The /cgl/ and elsewhere threads point that way, sure enough.

After all, anyone can post phallic photos. See?

>> No.16606766


that's one of my pictures mind you.
On the left you can see a dick sucking larp organizer

>> No.16606818


Little do most people know, but we do apparently pick up each others image contributions and bounce them back and forth across random threads.

It's a pleasant form of Internet immortality seeing one's work reposted by strangers, often never knowing the creator is watching them do so.

>> No.16606820

>be English
>want to larp in a magicless 7th century britain setting as a Pagan Angle from Mercia
>only group even close to my tastes is over 200 miles away and focuses on the Brythonic peoples of the era. Saxons get just a passing mention. Angles and Jutes aren't mentioned at all
>only local groups are small, poorly run and ultra high fantasy
>have to content myself with Brytenwalda on Mount & Blade

Woah is me.

>> No.16606918

What, you don't like penises, anon?

They make you uncomfortable?

>> No.16606925


That is....an impressively exotic taste in gaming, sir.

Dummoni is about as close as I can imagine around there, and I'm guessing that's who you mentioned.

>> No.16606977


It is indeed. To be fair on them though, I like their setting and if I lived closer, I'd give them a try, probably asking how one might be able to to play as a Germanic character or whether the idea should be given up on.

Perhaps if I weren't so anal about it all I might be able to enjoy other groups more.

I'm a bad person.

>> No.16607046


Here is the best way to sell it. You get a group of friends together and run around for a few hours fighting and beating other people up with practice weapons.

Its fun as shit, and beats the hell out of sitting in a dark room chugging mountain dew and level grinding.

Gets you in shape, fun.


Seriously, spellcasters can ruin a LARP game, stick to swinging swords and axes and shooting bows with padded arrows.

Try to get a team involved, try to get some girls involved. My LARP chapter is at least 30% composed of women, and some of them kick legitimate ass. I fight as a berserker in my chapter and I've got bitchin muscle tone and a girlfriend. The only other berserker in the place is a girl and she beats the shit out of most guys, hot thing too.

PVC pipe with foam and duct tape, easy to make weapons.

Its a sport, remember that.

>> No.16607367



>>Seriously, spellcasters can ruin a LARP game, stick to swinging swords and axes and shooting bows with padded arrows.

I smell a Belegarth type. Why so Amtgardphobic, bro?

Seriously, I've been the better part of a decade on -both- sides of the melee/mage fence- as a caster, as a sword-and-boarder, as an archer. There's a certain harmony to it all, an almost FPS-like trinity.

Fighters chew apart skirmishers, mages chew up fighters, skirmishers run down and obliterate mages.

Now, point-and-shoot "spellcasting" that doesn't require any actual accuracy? Fuck that. I'm used to tossing spell packets, spellballs, what have you.

The same arm that lets me wing one of those little birdseed-weighted packets to smack you in the ass with a fireball is the one I used to lob a javelin 40 yards to centerpunch your armored ass over and over again all night long. Or hack my way through a line of polearms, for that manner.

>> No.16607410

As a former amtgardian, I agree. Some of the point and click magic (like curse) can be very unbalancing, but it just needs an overhaul. Im down with spell balls.

>> No.16607454


And while we're at it, magic adds rather interesting flavors to what would otherwise be a line of people trying to poke each other with sticks.

Of course, it's not as interesting to the guys in the shield line who have to endure the rain of fire, but that's what having YOUR mages is about. Lemme describe to you what a big fight can be like for me from all angles.

You can be that guy in the front line- the tough outer shell that has to weather the punishment and deal it back when you can. The sword and board, the second line of polearms and spears, the armored hack and slash and stab and grind against the other line.

Maybe you're the artillery and counterbattery, the mage. You only have so much "ammo", and you've got to pick it's uses carefully. What do you use on the enemy, what do you use to stop what the enemy's spells, how much do you leave in reserve for the unexpected? Pick right and you can tear the opposing force wide open. Overextend and the wall of steel in front of you gets shredded instead, and you end up pinned to the ground feeling the point of a sword grinding your spine to dust.

>> No.16607540


Perhaps you're the healer. Like the mage, your power is limited, but you can mend the cracks that form in your force before they shatter it into a dozen limp pieces of flesh that used to be your fellows, scattered on the ground. Sometimes the other side gets lucky. You can deal with that, the arrow that slips past a shield, the sneak from the flanks who cut down your best man from behind, the spell the mage couldn't chant a counter to fast enough before it stole the sight from your spearman's eyes. You are the second wind, the third, the force that keeps men standing after enough blood has poured to the ground to kill them six times over.

Or perhaps you're the skirmisher. The one who watches, watches for the weak spots everyone else is too busy trying to live to find. Then you stick something sharp and pointy into it. The archer who drops an arrow neatly into the space between shield and body that held a heart, the javelin that makes the enemy wizard find out how butterflies feel when you pin them to a board with a nail, the knives in the dark nobody notices until they're ten inches deep in a back or hamstringing some man-mountain with an axe bigger than he is.

And that's just the bloody human or near-human opponents. And living ones at that.

>> No.16607560


No real story to be had; it's just one of the many weapons we use. Granted, his is pretty damn long compared to most of those types on the field, but as long as it passes weapons check, it's good to go for fighting.

>> No.16607597


Many of the games I'm in, you're not simply fighting other humans. If you're lucky, you're fighting something -nearly- human. Black dwarves, more likely to be hurling vials of acid or poison gas, jacked up on all kinds of alchemy. Orcs that take a very long time to die. Trolls, huge and strong and clawed- the nastier ones with skin stronger than most armor and turning arrows like water off a duck's back. Undead that your healer is a deadlier weapon than mere laughable steel as they flow past walls and warriors spreading fear and frozen bodies waiting only for the ghouls to pull them down and gnaw the life from still warm and quite aware flesh.

>> No.16607622

The way I understand LARPing is this:

American LARPs are 90% embarrassing shit.
UK LARPs are 10% emarrassing shit.
Scandinavian LARPs are just what the Vikings call their lifestyle to keep under the radar.

>> No.16607731


And the interesting bit that adds the best flavor of all- you're risking the character you've built for years.

No "oh, let's have a ditch battle and everyone's getting back in after a bit and no matter how many times you die, it's all good next event". It's part of a story that goes on for months and years- but your part doesn't if you fail and the healers aren't lucky. Precious few live to be grizzled veterans, some settle down and mostly retire, but a lot of you end up carrion on a gawdsforsaken patch of ground somewhere. If you're lucky, the survivors will give it a decent funeral. If you're not, the only memories will be whatever ate you and your friends thinking about how good you tasted on the way down. If you're really unlucky, the next adventurers will find what's left of you trying to kill them. Or your damned souls neck-deep in hellfire.

Make sure you leave some stories behind for people to remember you by.

>> No.16607833


>>American LARPs are 90% embarrassing shit.

Less than that, actually. One is usually embarrassed when there's better to be had....and when there isn't, people are just having fun without worrying about it.

After all, you're not gonna be ashamed of being in the middle of a casual restaurant in blue jeans and a T-shirt....but you would be in a fancy one with a "no tie, no dress shoes, no service" sign at the door.

US LARPing is casual. EU LARPing is a nice place you can still go into as long as you dress decently. Some of the hardcore Scandinavian ones are the equivalent of "If you aren't in a tux, don't even get near the front door or we'll throw you across the street to keep you away from the real customers."

But people enjoy going to all of them. The selection of where you can go just happens to be less depending on where you are.

>> No.16607939


I'm of the belief that you should always have a chance to get out of the way of something that's going to flatten your ass. Point-and-shoot is rather derpy for combat magic, IMHO.

>> No.16608001


And like I've said, I appreciate the little details it takes for all kinds of classes, along with the perks.

It's been good being the guy who can hack his way through a mound of opponents.

It's been good being the guy who took out the enemy commander from half the length of a football field in mid-big-bad-guy-rant with a javelin.

It's been good being the guy who saved four of my friends by madly dashing my stick-waving, utterly unprotected self through a raging pack of hellhounds and patching them all up just enough to stagger off into the shadows to flee before they finished eating the one guy I couldn't save.

And it's been good being the mage who took out that one guy who fate apparently decided would be able to stomp all over anyone who got within melee range...but apparently forgot to look for the skinny kid with a few shattering spells, a knife, and a whole lot of stabby in mind.

>> No.16608006

I agree. Lethal spells need a physical component. Im ok with the stop spell that you can cast while moving using just a point and chant. It makes sense for that, but Curse should need a ball. (Ive only really played Amtgard, and its a ton of fun. I got out when it turned into a ditchfest and really strong fighters started playing Battle Mages and Battle healers. (Wait, this guy can wear armour, use a shield, AND heal his own wounds? fuck that shit, Im out!)

>> No.16608092

Jeans are period appropriate, you classist sons of bitches. I can play an angry french peasant if I want to.


>> No.16608221


DENIM is period-appropriate, you festering misanthrope. Modern blue jeans, with their double-stiching, serged hems, pockets, and tapers styling are NOT.

Make a basic pair of straight-leg, drawstring trousers out of denim, and you're fine. Wear a pair of fucking 501s, and you're a douche.

>> No.16608295


See, I can even deal with that- if there's a tradeoff.

Amtgard has very flat damage- a weapon pretty much does X amount of damage regardless of who wields it.

High fantasy games tend to ramp it up considerably, so people who get "good" as a character have to invest in it. Generalists never get to the point of swinging the really Big Sticks (or being able to deal with getting hit by them), throwing enough healing power down the line to revive a small army, or conjuring up enough elemental BOOM to make the other guys get Hiroshima flashbacks. In games like that, being flexible can be good- but it can also mean not being focused enough to deal with the really nasty stuff that someone your level runs into whilst spelunking about an ancient tomb. They're rivers that are broad...but shallow. Backup singers to the lead, the emergency reserve that can hold the line a bit, but if you don't get that main back in there, they're gonna get ground to dust in short order.

>> No.16608327

>For example that one was a shitty one
It really was, considering you could make a totally accurate barbarian loincloth with just a pair of rabbit furs and a rope or belt.

>> No.16608354

>I want to be one of those celtic warriors who ran around painted blue with no clothes on
>just wearing no clothes would be too simple, so instead I'll make fake legs and a fake dick to wear
This is fucking full-retard level costume planning.

>> No.16608374

Goddamn. That guy is fucking awesome. He's got a great body, he's got a real elf-look to him, his armor is good. All he needs is a half-dozen more bitches (or one who can match him in costume quality).

>> No.16608384


Oh, and it's not just the adrenaline-rush combat stuff, either. At least not for me. It's the cold thrill of being in a dark maze at night, deciphering the story carved on a stone of an ancient legend whose knowledge is the only clue to saving thousands from a returning plague. The warm, fuzzy feeling you get watching halflings setting up a "snack" that'd put most people's dinners to shame...especially since you're hungry and they -always- share, since you usually have a bottle or two of something tasty to drop into the mix. Wondering how far that damn ginger-haired elven scholar can get his nose up before he breaks his own spine from sheer snootiness...but you appreciate how well he reads ancient Karthydian and Demonic alike when you need to find something out Right Now. Seeing how good a bard is by how long it takes the saurians to get all bobby-headed dreaming from the singing. Putting your feet up to a roaring fire and watching the steam sift from your boots as the warmth pushes all the aches and twinges of the day out of your legs and into the starry night sky, to the odd cadence of the dwarven hammer tapping away on metal in the shop across from the inn.

I like the "action" in my LARP, but I like the live role-playing parts too. (Although I've yet to hot tub it at a LARP while in-character, I think the Germans have convinced me. A hot shower is nice, but that just has so much potential...)

>> No.16608400

>No torso
That's pretty bad. Even an obesemode barbarian looks better than that

>> No.16608411


Yeah, that's from this year's Mythodea event, one of the ones I culled from the galleries. Work's been busy or I'd do a full image dump.

>> No.16608415

When I die, I hope I too end up with a pretty girl's head on my crotch.

>> No.16608443


Yeah, better that than this one's head in your crotch. You'd probably have things rot off even if you lived through it.

>> No.16608450

Why, do elves have skin flaps that help them glide from the treetops? Because that's the only excuse I can see for such disproportionate lats.

God damnit /fit/ what have you done to me?

>> No.16608454


So say we all!

>> No.16608468

I think he's cute. You can go fuck yourself.

>> No.16608483

>fake leather
Real leather isn't even hard to get.

>> No.16608486


>> No.16608560

>>16608483 leather's easy to get

Expensive as shit in the States, though. Tandy sells latigo for about $10/sq foot (with a 10 sq ft minimum order for a LONG time - don't know if they still have that, though), and they sell hair-on cowhides (like for barbarians) at $250 - you have to get the whole hide.

Realistically, you're looking at 1.5 square yards (about 20 square feet) for any sort of meaningful garment. So that's $200 US just for your leather. Vinyl at $10/yard from a fabric store starts looking mighty tempting at that point.

>> No.16608584

Oh man
It's like you're living out the fantasy by pretending to live out the fantasy that's being lived. Thanks for those chilling and fuzzy feeling stories.

>> No.16608651

If you really want to save money, you could just shoot a rabbit and tan it yourself. It's not like keeping a bucket in your backyard is much trouble, and scraping it is a bit of work but it's not too bad either.

>> No.16611115


And then I go home after the weekend and get back to teaching people not to take the wrong bus halfway across the county because they can't figure out west from east, or north from south whilst using my spare time for paperwork, five days a week.

LARPing for me is a good way to jar myself outta the grind for a few days and have some fun. Jennie here's a decent way of showing it in comics form, at least how some US ones end up.

>> No.16612858


Now, I gotta say that the better the visuals around you and the more people are playing along, the more fun and visceral the experience gets.

You can go out with boffers in a park and whomp each other. That's a sport, it's fun- I've done my share of Dagorhir practices and such when I was younger and heartily approve of stickjockery in it's place.

Stuff like >>16607731 made for a more satisfying experience- the combat was part of the greater whole of an RPG, and it didn't just engage my twitch reflexes. The game made me think, imagine, play even when I wasn't whomping orcs.

My first weekend LARP I stumbled into being the bait for an attempted assassination, learning things Newbies Should Not Know during the assassin's "interrogation" (aka bribery), spilling said beans over tea and cakes (it'd been a long day) and being thrust face-first into two MORE attempted killings, escaping by the skin of my nose (and blocking one killer by taking the stab in my back instead)...only to find out in the end that apparently my "cunning" and "loyalty" had gotten me a permamently stuck in with the local mages as an apprentice.

Considering it started with the weapons checkers failing my sword, swearing up a storm because I couldn't go out and hit things, and some guy lending me a spare dagger and saying "Hey, why don't you try a mage, just for the event?"...everything went much better than expected. Played that clumsy goof for the better part of a decade afterwards as he grew into a clumsy goofy (unintended) hero...it was just too damn fun getting into all that story to want to stop. And then he died accidentally blowing himself up with a spell. Not on purpose. Just happened. All that gaming, all that fun because a tired skinny dirty newbie got invited in to RP with a couple of people over tea. And rice cakes.

>> No.16612873


And I finally, 14 years or so after intending to, started that damn warrior and went out and hit stuff....but it wasn't just to hit stuff. It was an actual character, a role rather than "Me in a tabard hitting stuff with a boffer sword". And that was another five years of fun.

No intention on stopping. The big games in Germany look like fun, and I want to spend a few weekends surfing around in a sea of LARPers, thousands of them, all playing the same game in the same world in a little town with a million stories to be part of, and one to play for myself. For me, that's what LARPings been about. Stories, building in shared worlds.

>> No.16614375


>> No.16614619

I still want to work out how to do a priest in a fantasy larp.

who does'nt fight, who doesnt run or rush. who has one or two healing spells, and sometimes uses them on people. who virtually never speaks. And who carries a 5-foot long wooden cross over his shoulder all the time.

A cross which just happens to be hollowed out, witha sliging panel to a compartment that contains a longsword. and he happens to have as high a set of longsword skill stats as possible. (I've been doing western martial arts for most of a decade. I can beat most people in a fight).

I want to see (a) if a character can be played consistently without ever giving his name, and simply being referred to as Preacher... and how long it can be played consistently, without ever revealing that they have a longsword hidden away, and that they're skilled up with it.

pic somewhat related.

>> No.16614697

>if a character can be played consistently without ever giving his name, and simply being referred to as Preacher
been there done that. People have bad memory for names so people often call others by some kind of nick names

>and how long it can be played consistently, without ever revealing that they have a longsword hidden away, and that they're skilled up with it.
as long as you don't fight

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