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Black Crusade minion thread?

In desperate need for ideas.

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Feudal world pdg with pikes.

Explosive tipped pikes. Like, melta bombs on sticks.

Watch your players shit bricks when the 'puny corpse god followers with sharpened sticks' blow up the chosen.

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Igor and make so stereotypical and over the top and it will be amazing

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So, Warmachine Ironfangs? The guys who take on multi-ton armoured robots with a bomb on a stick, and quite often win

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Uh...yeah, sure.

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Do you have any specific needs that these mooks should fill?

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A motorised pig.

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Inquisitors handbook has these...

My GM wouldn't let me use them like a Javalin.

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You kidding? I'd just give you a -10 for utilizing them differently than intended and let you have at it. They aren't THAT different.

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I'm thinking of some sort of melee lesser minion. Just starting my first campaign, and seein' as I'm going with an Apostate with 10 wounds, basically need some protection.

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Ah, ok, you need some manpower on your side. I haven't played Black Crusade, but I'd wager you could swing some PDF or disgruntled guard your way. You could also probably tempt some hive gangers, or even underhive mutants to your side. A guardsman certainly isn't the greatest name in melee, but give him a sword and a laspistol and he could probably serve well enough.

My advice would be to check bars near medicae facilities for depressed and bitter troopers who you can prey on.

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Heretek. Pic related.
Praise the Omnissiah.

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Anyone have a cultist-chan sheet?

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Any particular theme you're going for with your character?

Because low level melee oriented mooks could be anything from a bunch of hired gang members, to a squad of corrupted guardsmen, to a gibbering horde of little daemonic critters.

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