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techmarine thread?

also HQ general

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Shit aint gonna hold itself still is it?

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I have an idea for a fictional weapon. A huge-ass clamp that clamps so hard, the shockwave destroys everything around.
Basically, a mechanical pistol shrimp.
How cool is that?

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most characters in Fist of the North Star/Saint Seya could do this with their own bodies.
those from DBZ even do it so hard it looks like laser beams.

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>>16570761 Little do you know, Matt Ward has already stolen your idea and is using it in Codex: Necrons, Tau, Eldar, Sisters of Battle and Dreadfleet.

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I never understood why techmarines get to be more awesome than techpriests. Techmarines are just Marines with techpriest edumacation, techpriests have the backing of the entire Adeptus Mechanicus. They should have servo-harnesses that fix shit at a 6" radius on a roll of 2+. Also, why only Marines get conversion beamers?

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HQs you say?

This motherfucker right here

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Good lord that paint is thick.

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well OP said HQ general so here goes:

How do you use your Daemon Prince(s)?
Any chaos players who would like to share their stories?

Im planning to make a winged prince with mark of tzeentch and warptime for slaughtering heavy weapons infantry and soaking up some enemy fire.

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>inb4 Abbadon with no arms

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Anyone got any tips for using Lias Issodon, the Raptors CM?

I really like his shootiness and the stealth USR, but I'm not sure where best to put him in an army

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Because they're Marines, that's why. Marines are automatically better.

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Thats usually what i do, i take tzeentch and warptime and just go out and take out heavy vehicles while i have my zerkers wipe out the infantry.
I believe once though i was playing against an Ork player and i took out his battlewagon and killed about 11 out of 20 of his boys that were inside. Wiped the remaining with a wound. And went to his 6 nobz and wiped them out as well.

He wasnt having a very good game.....

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He's disgusting. I like it.

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I am going to say that that is one time thick red paint makes sense. He is covered in years of blood.

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because the enginseers that the guard gets are the newbies

Techmarines are Tech-priests (who are a rank above Enginseers) AS WELL AS being space marines. That's why they're so great in comparison

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I play Blood Angels. One of my HQs is almost always a Reclusiarch with a jump pack, stuck in an Assault Squad (though now that I just finished a unit of Vanguard Vets I might transfer him over to them). My other one is either another Chaplain or a Librarian, both in Terminator armor; I never field a Librarian outside of Terminator armor. Dat Invuln save.

Sanguinor looks useless, I'm gonna skip him. I have Dante but I've never gotten to use him yet. Astaroth looks nifty but I only really see myself using him if I run a Death Company-heavy list, and I don't have nearly enough Death Company for that. Mephiston looks simultaneously broken and impractical, if that makes any sense. Gabriel Seth would be worth buying if his attacks ignored armor, but on a limited budget I think I'll give him a pass.

I'm not exactly short on HQ choices, really; I've got a Captain in power armor, and I'm currently building two more; one with a jump pack and one in Terminator armor.

As for Orks, I have two Warbosses, one in 'eavy armor and one in mega armor, both with TL shoota and power klaw. I also have Wazdakka Gutsmek (that I converted the model for myself) and a Big Mek with a Kustom Force Field.

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Well, you seem to be comparing rank-and-files here, so, leaving out guys like Magos and such, your average techpriest is still fairly squishy, and a servo-harness is, I would expect, rather heavy. Even Astartes, who are human tanks, need power armor to use one. It's not that a techpriest couldn't make or get his hands on a servo harness, but rather that it may well weigh more than he does and he wouldn't be able to move with it. As to the conversion beamers, Astartes chapters are, as a general rule, really good at archiving things and taking care of old stuff. Consider the Dark Angels: Not only do they know about the Heresy time period, which much of the Imperium doesn't remember, but they even have a comprehensive list of legion members who turned traitor. To link it into the question at hand, they don't have CBs because they make them, they have them because they've kept them working for the last ten millenia.

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>Techmarines are just Marines with techpriest edumacation, techpriests have the backing of the entire Adeptus Mechanicus.

>Implying Techmarines don't have the backing of the AdMech

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I was thinking Sternguard, on account of his special ammunition.

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Oh yeah, forgot about Tycho. He looks useful, but only in his non-full-retard normal mode, attached to a unit of Sternguard. In Death Company mode he's just a suicide unit.

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>HQ general
my personal favorite.

shame Eldritch storm is so awful, and shame they got rid of the warlock power "Augment".... I liked zapping people's brains from across the board

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There is no such rank as "techpriest", it's a catch-all term for the priesthood. There's:
-Iron Priest

Techmarines swear aloyalty to Admech and their chapter. They serve two lords, where as techpriests serve one. Which one do you think the Admech is gonna put more trust in, the guy that's theirs, or the guy that came to them for training for 30 years and is now back where ever he came from?

For fucks sake, techpriests can't even have any other wargear becides melta-bombs.

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bro, that's official concept art. They were originally planning on releasing more Mechanicus models.

As far as tabletop is concerned, the ranking goes -Enginseer, -Tech-Priest, -Magos

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Emphasis on "concept".

On the table we only have Techpriest Enginseers.

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Speaking of Techmarines, what would be a good list for a 6 dreadnought army (techmarine as master of the forge HQ)?
I have almost no clue about the space marine options but I like the dreadnought models.

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I think BA can get the most, but I don't really remember...

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I usually run a techpriest engiseer with two plascan servitors in my IG army.

three of the four times i've used him his servitors blew themselves up the first turn and he went around soaking shots without getting wounded. Like a baus.

the fourth time his servitors actually managed to get their shit in order and blew large holes in the opponents 'gaunt squads

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Naw, do it up with 7 techmarines. In one list.

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Furiosos as Elite, regular as Heavy and death company as Troops. 12 dread army coming right up.

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I don't know the BA codex so I have to ask, how do you get 12?
3 x Elite and 3 x Heavy Support, no?

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6 Troops. 3+3=6, 6+6=12.

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Actually, only 11 is possible. You can get a Death Company Dreadnought for every 5 Death Company models you have.

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It does?
I know a Blood Angel player who has some explaining to do.

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