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Can we have a cult of Slaanesh thread going?

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Slaanesh chicks are hot!

What the hell would they do to me...sexually?

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Do you enjoy having fifty dicks and having your skin ripped off then reattached with drugs applied to your bare muscles and sinews beforehand?

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Probably kill you

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Well THAT wasn't in the brochure!

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would it be bad if i said yes?

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Do I need to sign a waiver or anything? When do we start?

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...what kind of drugs? cause hard stims (their versions of coke/crack, for example) I'd be cool with.

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/tg/: perfectly normal people.

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and so it begins..

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Well, you know, Slaanesh isn't all about sex you know. Excesses in food, drugs, art ... it's all there ...

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> Excesses in food, drugs, art ...
> art


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Alright...why do Adeptus Mechanicus girls give me such a boner? Seriously, these chics (not pic specific) are the hottest stuff in the universe.

Btw...am I getting that this is a corrupted Rogue Trader ship?

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You're on 4chan, buddy. We passed the threshold of "perfectly normal" a good while back.

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i have an excessive compulsion to buy Ikea Furniture, does that count?

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Painting with your own filth. Meh, so last tuesday, I did this piece out of the vicera of the population of a single small hamlet, not the delightfully playful draping of the entrails in the upper right, gently leading the eye to the cluster of fingers, all pointing to a random gathering of spleens. It really speaks to me.

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I am suddenly getting a really good idea for my next Rogue Trader campaign, if I can convince my GM and other players to fallow it though...

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>mfw I've always been a cultist of Slaanesh.
>yes, even as a child

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I've generally observed that chicks who know things about how to work on automobiles get judged as approximately 20% more attractive than they otherwise would be considered. I think AdMech women just take this idea to the next level.

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Oh, you haven't heard music until you've played a fandango on an exposed spinal cord ...

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like a rapta

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like a heretic

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You want an excess in art? Well here it fucking is. You see this guy? He's got an ice cream painted on his face. Art is a reflection of the artist's soul - or some shit similar to that - and do you know what this guy's soul is? Ice Cream. His soul is so utterly consumed by this frigid condiment that it burns brightly through his sense of self expression so prominently that he chooses to wear it on his face, obscuring his physical form in favour of a more esoteric display of his insane obsession with ice cream.

That, my dear anon, is an excess of art.

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True, too bad most of the people view him so.

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Why has this given me a boner oh god /tg/ what have you done.

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Lets get this party started!

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I'll just stick to my tech priest hotties.

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My Slaaneshi is a lot of fun. Too young for sex, but still adventurous. Like a bizarre heretek abomination said it likes to eat psykers, but she was more "Ehhmmm... will you please just be satisfied with my arm, mister?"

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if I could be in that picture, I would.
that's all I'm going to say about that

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Seriously man fapping at this time is uncouth.

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I can't stop fapping...I can't stop fapping...SOMEONE KILL THIS THREAD!

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What are these and can I meet one?

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So the Rogue Trader is on the chair...the AM girls are clear as day, what's the bondage girl?

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Ooohhhh now I see it.

Look at her forehead tattoo. :)

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Which leaves the one with the chain on the left a militant. Nice...

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Coke makes you numb. oh no it won't be coke. oh no this stuff is going to rock your universe.

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Yeah, something more like an amphetamine.

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1. Read file name.
2. Contemplate poor las' predicament.
3. O)-c

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Fleur-de-Lys on her forehead. . .she's Adeptus Sororitas.

>implying this is any different for her than her Noviciate

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Man, I wish I had figured this out.

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yeah... let's have another kind of slaaneshi, right? because it's not all about sex.


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>Excesses in food,

So Slaanesh has fat chicks?

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Griffith in space, that's not terrifying at all no sir.

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Hmmm...two of the girls are unmarked by chaos. What's that all about?

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I am okay with this.

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I don't mind fifty dicks.

The rest I'm not too crazy about. There a setting where debauchery and sin is more "smoke weed and snort cocaine erryday and fuck everyone in sight"?

Without the whole you know blood sacrifice, eat people while having sex an' stuff.

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Since one cannot rape the willing, let alone the extatically moaning, you need a constant supply of loyalists.

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Yep, there's that setting.
It's the one where you either get purged for heresy or join up with the guys who can protect you, go downhill by following very, very bad examples, and then get purged for heresy.

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Slaaneshi don't have to be full retard.
They just have to indulge themselves, and corrupt or desecrate others when the opportunity presents themselves.
Then if they get the Mark, they need to try to convert others to the path of lust and greed.
That doesn't mean "rip off all your skin, fill it with BEES, and stitch it back on"

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Yes, there are as many ways to serve Slaanesh as there are ways of having fun.

Miriel Sabathiel was not hideously mutilated to make her serve Slaanesh, and neither did she hideously mutilate converts as a Slaaneshi.

Emperor's Children on the other hand kill everything. In "Fulgrim" when Slaaneshi influence corrupts an audience during a concert, they start acting according to their strongest desires which means many of the corrupted humans start having sex and the corrupted Emperor's Children start killing shit.

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Well this thread is going just in the direction on instant death.... quite a let down ...

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Is there any way to die in 40K that doesn't end up with being brutally killed in combat or shot for HERESY?

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Won't be 40k, mate.

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Yeah but I'd always be categorized as inferior to the guys that rip their skin off and fill it with bees.

Slaanesh would throw them birthday parties and not invite us regular debaucherous people. And they'd make fun of us and steal our lunch money.

By lunch money I mean cocaine.

Cocaine powdered with the ashes of Adeptus Sororitas' periods.

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Well there's always a chance you'll be stabbed by a mugger or the factory you're working in will explode or you'll be shot for laugh and giggles by some noble bart.

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Sigvald the Magnificent laughs at the delusional fools who try to please Slaanesh with ugliness...oh wait 40k.

Still doesn't explain Miriel, or that hot ascended daemon chick who tried to seduce Cain.

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But of course.
You can be violently killed by some hive ganger, overdose about a quadrillion drugs, work yourself into an early grave at the manufactorum, get eaten by some grox or other big animal, fell prey to virus bombardment, get tortured to death in Commoragh, get enslaved and beaten to death by orks...

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Slaaneshi don't really judge, man.

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Do you feel the need to always buy more?Always more? Never enough to satisfy you, to get that rush you got when you've bought your first item from IKEA?

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That's actually what I see as one of Papa Nurgle's best selling points. All the other Ruinous Powers tend to be elitist jerks. Papa loves _all_ of his followers, big and small ...

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Ikea is just NNNGGHH so GOOD ... my room is dominated by Ikea stuff and it feels so GOOD

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>fell prey to virus bombardment
I think that qualifies as being killed for heresy.

You could be hugged to death by beasts of Nurgle! Those adowable wittw dog-slugs...

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Ikea is Nurgle's domain, on account of how SHIT IT IS

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Glistening Host in there

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Suddenly a vision of really depraved Slaaneshi Cultists having "fun" with Nurglings, and duct tape ... because otherwise they'll pop ...

The Horror! The Horror!

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Oh, hamburgers...

C-Can't I just live out my life and die of old age with a smile on my face because I helped the Emprah by being a decent person?

Gee willikers I should would like to serve the Emprah like that!

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It's not really getting killed for heresy for most people. Sure, in some cases, that may be the reason for Exterminatus, but not always and it's only a small fraction of people who would be the target for their heresy or because there is some xenos invasion. The rest is simply sacrificed to kill the guys you want to kill.

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So would it be wrong for a Slaanesh cult leader to fatten up a slave girl, bio-enhance her legs and use her a mobile beanbag throne?

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Sure, that will happen to a good share of people, but nobody cares to look for those who die peacefully and in their own house.
Can't really paint the picture of grimdark with those who go out unseen and unheard, can ya?

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Always loved the Palace of Slaanesh description from Codex Daemons. Best show of some of the pit falls of Slaanesh. Awesome for coming up with characters beyond the "herp derp sex and drugs" Slaaneshi cultist. It's on /rs/ worth a read.

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Oh, of course, but what I mean is that you would "end up with being brutally killed in combat or shot for HERESY".
Granted, somebody else's heresy, but if that didn't count we'd lose, like, 70% of heretic related deaths!
Wouldn't that be a pity?

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Ooh, and candy ... Slaanesh has the best candy!

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>helping out the Emperor
>being a decent person

Pick one.

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I love you Slaanesh.

>> No.16568651

Lets not forget how serving Slaanesh can go right.

>> No.16568653


What have you gotten yourself into this time, Butters?!

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>> No.16568659

And if you work hard enough for the Emprah, maybe they will turn you into a servitor, so that you can serve the Emprah for ever and ever and ever. Service to the Emprah is its own reward. Be productive. Be dutiful.

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Out of the mists of chaos he rides, bike in his crotch and sword at his side!
Doom Rider.
Na na, na na.
He fights his own war, takes his own track, If he doesn't bail he might make his points back!
Doom Rider.
Na na, na na.
Son of Slaanesh, full of desire, He does cocaine and his head's on fire!
Doom rider.
Na na, na na.
Fights with fury of a dozen men, Spends two turns on the field then he's gone again...
Doom Rider.
Na na, na na.
His bike squeals as it ploughs on through the nearest guard, His skull is flaming as his daemon sword gets hard!
Doom Rider.
Na na, na na.
He's a killer and he's bursting out for fun! Screaming off, now he's gone, someone rolled a one!

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Better that than have your soul eaten and suffer for all eternity

>> No.16568674


Is he...surfing a motorcycle down a mountain of cocaine, candy, and razor blades?

That's hardcore.

>> No.16568678

I wonder what his jingle and theme is. I guess it goes something along the lines of
>CRACK! (Warprift)
>Doom doom doom DOOM DA DOOM DOOM doom doom doom doom DA doom doom doom doom RIDER!

>> No.16568694


He's not GIR.

>> No.16568714

No, he's DOOMRIDER, and by stats-wise that pic can happen.
Bless his cocaine-snorting biker soul... :,-)

>> No.16568717

That's why he has a band to do the theme for him.

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pfft. anyone knows granpappy nurgle is god tier.

slaanesh is a fag.

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I hate how people simply associate slaanesh with sex rather than just EXCESS

but what people don't realize is getting to the point where you're rearin' to dig in to that sweet, succulent baby flesh rather than just eating really really fancy chocolate takes a while to reach

you have regular sex, or you eat regular foods, or do lesser drugs until you get bored

and when you have a god that's all about pushing yourself farther and farther, you'll find it hard to maintain your high through anything but the extremest of extremes

this is why slaaneshi warriors are scarier than those of khorne or nurgle

these are often individuals who are bored with normal rape and normal consumption of human flesh

and they don't even care if they lose a fight

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ITT: Heresy. Do not be tempted.

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YFW this is actually Ciaphas cain staring down Emily

>> No.16568746

But she's tall

I can't resist tall women

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Who's Emily?

>> No.16568756


I know, exactly the reason why it was posted. Inspirational, is it not?

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They may be scary but I wouldn't say particularly better fighters. Khornate followers also don't care if they win or lose, they just want battle.

>> No.16568780

So what Khorne really wants so he can trump Slaanesh are Ork Berserkers?
Actually, Ork Madboy Berserkers might also trump Tzeentch. Maybe Nurgle, too.
But we already knew he needs more Orks.

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I'd say Nurgley dudes are teh scariest. Simply by stepping onto your world, they've likely guaranteed your death. Your death at the hands of Nurglites will be the most torturous, depressing, and horrible, because Khornates make it quick, Slaaneshi will probably still rape/torture you to death but even they will kill you faster than the slow, rotting, diseased death the Nurglites will. They likely do not even intend to kill you, just have an attitude of "whoops, did it again, lol"

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I don't necessarily think that the followers of any particular Chaos god are 'scarier' than any others. It depends on the individual champion.

>> No.16568787

Khorne worshipping Orks. How could you go wrong?

>> No.16568793

Now dats just downroight unorky ya gat

>> No.16568801

>They likely do not even intend to kill you, just have an attitude of "whoops, did it again, lol"

Nurglites are not limited to the jovial attitude of Great Unclean Ones, though it is probably the baseline since they are Nurgle in miniature form.

Typhus has a different way to approach killing.

>> No.16568811


True, but you can hardly say that even Typhus, for instance, it is relevant whether he wants you dead, as to whether you will die or not; I'm sure he'd have killed the Cadian company just as easily by going "Hey guys, how're things?"

>> No.16568816

>*even with Typhus

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Ah hail Slaanesh

>> No.16568886

I find Ikea more Tzeentchian

>> No.16568900


I've always imagined that if you bought every item of IKEA furniture you could combine them all together like the lego bionicle toys.

Tzeentch seems exactly kind of like the guy who could make that happen.

>> No.16568907

>Billi topples over
just as planned

>> No.16568918


Well generally, one can conclude Khornates are the least dangerous, since they tend to be the most predictable, Nurglesques are the ones most likely to kill you even if you are victorious, Slaaneshi are almost always going to be the least combat oriented (combat is almost always going to be a means rather than an ends for them) though naturally a CSM is a CSM, and Tzeentchians will leave you scratching your head, win or lose.

>> No.16568927


That Banshee still has a power sword in her unrestrained right hand.

That picture depicts the scene exactly two seconds before the raptor is cut in half.

>> No.16568930

>least combat oriented
You're a complete fucking idiot.

>> No.16568955

They're still the least likely to be good in a fight, man.

If you have:

- A god whose followers are lethal biological weapons,
- A god whose followers are possessed with the extreme need to kill,
- A god whose followers are fucking wizards,
- And a god for who combat is only a small part of the portfolio, is stated to not be a god of warriors,

its pretty obvious they're the least likely to be good in a fight.

>> No.16568965


Now I have a mental image of Lt Mira being devoured alive by plague flies.

>> No.16568981


Heh. Yeah, after Lt. Mira and how one PC in my DH group is a Cadian, I found that big rather disturbing.

Though if it makes you feel any better, I'm sure Nurglites and Slaaneshi will usually save women and children for later.

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>> No.16568992

yeah completely ignore that slaanesh uses manipulation magic, noise weapons that make peoples eardrums pop like gigantic zits, combat drugs, possessed weapons that make combat much more difficult for the opponent, and full out body manipulation.

Slaaneshi worshipers really don't get the credit they are do.

>> No.16568998

That's what happens when you don't buy your planetary defences at Ikea

>> No.16569008

True, but its almost like a byproduct for them.

>> No.16569009

Oh great Lord Slaanesh, send forth your servant, the Daemon Prince Doomrider!

Let our enemies tremble in ruptured awe before his fearsome visage!

Grant them an exquisite death, crushed beneath the flaming wheels of his chromium steed!

Permit them the ecstasy of being slaughtered by Doomrider's throbbing Daemonsword and his pulsating gun of gushing plasma!

Bestow on them one fleeting moment of pleasure as they stare in wonder and orgasmic delight at one of your most divine creations before dying at his hand!

Oh great Lord Slaanesh, for these reasons and many others that tease and titillate our imaginations, we beseech you, send forth your servant, the Daemon Prince Doomrider!

+++ Summoning Ritual+++

>> No.16569022


Dedication to perfection in martial skill still falls under the portfolio of Slaanesh, although it is true they generally are not as powerful in direct confrontation as Khornates.

As for magic, Slaanesh can be as intrigued with it as with any other route to power or excess. The daemon book says that Slaanesh is always striving to better his/her arcane skills.

>> No.16569036

>forgets we have SEVERAL countries which basically evolved with the idea of fighting AS AN ARTFORM
>Forgets that there are people who FUCKING LOVE fighting
I mean really, there are so many fun ways to kill people, why would all Slaaneshi cultist not bother to try them?

Slaaneshies are most likely the most dangerous in an actual fight. Because you know if they like fighting they're going to perfect it.

>> No.16569043

Fair enough. Realms of Chaos even seems to have had Slaanesh be a god about "killing with magic" even more than Tzeentch.

>> No.16569053

The gods of chaos are always a bit odd to me, in how they overlap.

Khornates, with their endless thirst for blood and war, also serve Slaanesh a little. Slaaneshians, trying to be excessive in almost every field, can serve Tzeentch, Khorne and Nurgle a bit. Tzeentch is content as long as things change, so his followers can at times benefit the other chaos gods.

I'm hard pressed to find any chaos worshipper that exclusively worships one single chaos god.

>> No.16569065


Correction: Exclusively serves/belongs to one chaos god.

>> No.16569070

My fav. explanation of the difference and conflict of Khorne vs Slaanesh is: Khorne is about inflicting death, Slaanesh is about experiencing life, and where they overlap, Khorne is about quantity, Slaanesh is about quality.

>> No.16569078

If you worship more than one you become a chaos fury of the undivided. One of the weakest, most primal and non-thinking beasts of chaos.

>> No.16569096


Only when you die. And that's for chaotics who are wishy-washy in their devotion.

Someone who intentionally sets out to worship 2, 3, or 4 gods at once is bog standard Chaos Undivided.

>> No.16569104


No, the Daemon codex says Furies are what becomes of the souls of those Chaos followers who continously swayed from the worship of one Chaos God to another, driven only by the prospect of personal gain and not any genuine love for all four of them.

Either you are Undivided or serve a single god, but do not flip flop unless you want to be a Fury.

>> No.16569115

>only when you die
Check out this guy.jpg
That's what I said.

>> No.16569136

But the post says
>if you worship more than one you become a Fury
which isn't the only condition. Otherwise all Word Bearers would be furies and the multiple daemon princes mentioned to have risen from the legion would not exist.

>> No.16569145

...you're retarded, aren't you?

>> No.16569148

Word Bearer's don't claim allegiance to any gods. They claim allegiance to all of Chaos, including the gods.

Subtle difference there, but a very important one.

>> No.16569155


>say shit that's wrong
>be called out on it

>> No.16569160

Well /tg/ would you?

>> No.16569166

Fuck yeah!

I love doing laundry.

>> No.16569173

what if the laundry was on fire whilst you getting flagellated ?

>> No.16569175


Whether you worship the Chaos Gods as a pantheon or as facets of one greater whole doesn't change the fact that Furies are only created from folks who purposefully change allegiances to farm reputation and rewards from various patrons.

>> No.16569177

Do what? Things to her?

Yes, many things. Many tricks.

>> No.16569181

I think you are thinking the right thing, but saying it wrong.
The Word Bearers worship Chaos, but do NOT go back and forth between Gods. They aren't undecided or anything, they know to worship all of them.

And, getting back on track, it doesn't matter what Slaanesh daemonettes would do to you, you'd love it even if they slowly ate your skin. It would be an awesome experience.

>> No.16569186

Where's all the promotions?

>> No.16569220



>> No.16569248


Why are random jewels exploding across her body? No way those are ALL soul stones. Fucking hate it when that gets posted because it makes me start wondering all over again.


>> No.16569258


I thought she was getting shot in the jewels.


But really, I did.

>> No.16569266

Seven simultaneous and pin point shots all hitting their targets at the exact same moment?

>> No.16569267


My guess is spirit stones. Farseers use spirit stones to charge psychic energy, this is separate from the single soulstone an Eldar wears.

They are optional wargear, so not all seers would have that much jewelry.

>> No.16569273

Ok but why are they EXPLODING?!

I wish dick rot on this artist for not leaving reference notes.

>> No.16569286


Getting overcharged with warp energy that also the Farseer to mutate and transform? Again just a guess though.

It's the warp, shit ain't logical.

>> No.16569290

Maybe they are not solid stones but sort of transparent containers and the "glass" on top of them is popping because the armor is starting to tear because of the strain of the growing body?

>> No.16569296

"In the grim darkness of the far future, there is only war and IKEA"

>> No.16569298

An entire star system is at war.

Demons pour from a lightyears wide rift in reality. An ancient alien civilization is struggling for survival. Ancient undead machines are waking from their hidden tombs. A green fury rages throughout entire solar systems, wrecking everything in their path. A massive organic fleet from dark space seeks to consume all organic matter and every precious resource. Humanity at large worships a nigh-immortal man with god like powers sitting on a throne that keeps him alive, and all that protects them is a military of billions of brave men and women, and genetically engineered walking tanks.

Every day, there are thousands of wars, millions of battles, billions of casualties. For centuries on end.

And it's unlikely that ONE person gets shot in the jewels by seven simultaneous bullets?

Blame it on my lack of knowledge on Eldar lore but if you ask me, the Warhammer 40K universe has seen many more and far weirder coincidences.

>> No.16569303

Spirit stones explode when you try to channel too much energy through them.
They warm, then fail, exploding. To do it all simultaneously, though... must have been a massive warp manipulation going on.

The only weird thing about this is she is turning into a daemonette. People do not do that.

>> No.16569326

Pseudo-daemonhood (Where you are caused to look like a lesser daemon) has been in the setting since the 80s.

>> No.16569327


Either she's being possessed or she's mutating into something like a daemonette. Both are possible within bounds of canon.

>> No.16569343

Less faggy arguments, more pics.

>> No.16569366


Here's a bit of related fluff

>It is said that there are worlds where ancient Eldar still live, the descendants of Chaos-worshipping Eldar of ancient times, spared or recreated by Slaanesh to serve his evil purpose.

-White Dwarf 281

>> No.16569374

This thread, it was made for me. So who else wears Slaanesh's symbol necklace when going out clubbing or raving, while using drugs obviously.

>> No.16569375


>> No.16569394

People can turn into daemons other than daemon princes.

>> No.16569397

Are people... arguing over which Chaos God to serve?

>Serve Khorne
>Get fucked up by bigger Khorne daemon

>Serve Tzeentch
>Get screwed over by smarter Tzeentch daemon

>Serve nurgle
>Happy family of disease ridden but loving and depressed people

>Serve Slaanesh
>Party Hard

And it goes to.... PARTY HARD!

>> No.16569400

There are primitive eldar-mutants living on a planet in Eye of Terror in Atlas Infernal.

>> No.16569401

>noise weapons that make peoples eardrums pop like gigantic zits

I always imagine them with the most silly instruments:

>> No.16569408

Here's how I see a initiate of Slaanesh


>> No.16569417

The Chosen of Lorgar were here.

We come bearing the dark word.

Those who limit themselves to the worship of one of the glorious Chaos gods are ignorant fouls.

The Greatest champions chaos ever known have been Undivided worshipers of all the Gods!

>> No.16569418

From Black Crusade, one of the gifts of chaos
>A gift held by many as both a curse and a blessing. The
>recipient's body is twisted and mutated until they come to
>resemble that of one of the myriad lesser daemons of the
>warp, such as the dreaded Ebon Geist or the savage Manripper.
>The character's very nature becomes melded with the warp and his
>perception of the material universe fades while that of the
>unreal beyond is magnified thousand-fold.

If the character is aligned to a specific god, he or she becomes to look like that god's lesser daemon:

>The character's body and soul mutates so that it comes to resemble that of a Daemonette. The character gains the Unnatural Agility (+2) trait.

>> No.16569447


Do you guys mind, I'm trying to study!

>> No.16569455

You, sir... I don't even know what to say....
If the video is on youtube, it cannot be slaanesh related. Not even remotely.
That's like pointing at a furious five-year-old and saying --> Exalted Champion of Khorne"

>> No.16569463

You mean they aren't? They sure act like it.

>> No.16569485

If I was an Emprah's boy or a Word Bearer... I'd say-

>> No.16569499

I wrote "initiate", not exalted or deamon prince.
Just a normal low level cultist.

>> No.16569500

How do Slaanesh worshipers view the Dark Eldar?

>> No.16569515

Smalltime amateurs.

>> No.16569526

You know you want her to crush your head with her muscular sexy legs, while you are pleasuring her with your tongue...

And that's what Slaanesh is about folks.

>> No.16569536


Delicious, but a bit too salty.

>> No.16569547

I know. My point still stands.

DE are pretty much Slaanesh worshippers, who are scared of Slaanesh. Like, instead of enjoying it fully, they enjoy it but always are paranoid that Slaanesh will take them away.

Yes. Yes, I do. Maybe not to death, though. Unless I could come back...?

>> No.16569603

Jesus Christ, that's not even erotic anymore. It's like watching acrobatic gymnastics.

>> No.16569674


Coming back is always a possibility when Chaos is involved. Just hope that it isn't secretly an Inquisitor or a throne agent.


Yeah, the Chaos Eldar haven't been retconned. I'm still hoping we see a Champion instead of just wretches in the future.

>> No.16569728

>slaanesh thread
>47 images
>saved 2

Not cool

>> No.16570017

Link to the uncensored version, anyone?

In exchange, Slaanesh's favourite kind of sex; where you open a warp portal then fly the ship back and forward through it repeatedly.

>> No.16570039


>> No.16570043

Slaanesh died when GW made those hideous new Daemonette models.

>> No.16570048

Seems legit.

Put it on a /tg/booru or something and I'll be very happy.

>> No.16570055

Actually the Tau killed Slaanesh.

>> No.16570063

This is how I roll a Slaanesh cultist.

>> No.16570069


Yeah, that was most unfortunate.

The Keeper of Secrets too, their codex fluff says that the appearence of Slaanesh GD's is extremely varied depending on Slaanesh's mood, from impossibly beautiful to hideous. Of course the one GW model is a mutant goat.

>> No.16570075

Clearly don't remember the glorious original Daemonetts. The ones before last were awful. Badly posed, badly cast, horrible to work with in nearly every way. Hell they didn't even look right standing next to Chaos Warriors in fantasy or Noise Marines in 40k. They were Bad.

>> No.16570088

I've always pictured these guys to be more in line with Slaanesh than the fap fuel hot daemon babes promising happyfuckfuntime.

>> No.16570089


Bloodquest can into Slaanesh too.

>> No.16570102


Slaanesh does not have any one specific type of favoured worship.

Cenobites can fit in, they are also somewhat like DE Haemonculi.

>> No.16570115

Cenobites and their God leviathan would despise Slaanesh and his followers.

Leviathan seeks to to purge emotions from the human race in order to achieve true order and peace.

>> No.16570117


>> No.16570141


The one that really stuck with me from Daemonifuge was when the priest gets found with the Slaaneshi daemon directly stimulating his brain by pushing its fingers through the sides of his face.

>> No.16570166

Does anyone have any pictures of slaaneshi daemons/ cultists that aren't male manbeasts or female aphrodites? (you get the idea)
It just seems a bit strange for slaanesh to be so picky about what he deals out in daemons and mutations, given that both sexes are pretty much equally likely to fall for most excesses.
inb4 semantics

>> No.16570172

It was an astropath I think, and indeed it was creepy especially when the poor wretch was asking it to not stop and give him more.

>> No.16570177


I was thinking Cenobites when they were more about excessive sensation (in the book and the first movie) rather than some sort of hell messengers they were in the sequels.

>> No.16570181


Sigvald looks a bit like Fabio in Chaos armour.

>> No.16570198

This sorcerer is fully male as well, though enjoys unconventional attires.

>> No.16570210

Leviathan orders his cenobites to bombard their victims with extreme pleasure and pain until they burn out and become numb and unfeeling.

>> No.16570219


Ah yep it was a Navigator.

>> No.16570225


>> No.16570230


>> No.16570235


>> No.16570236


>> No.16570247


I think that was in the sequels.

I remember in the book and in the movie, their motives weren't explained. It was just all about pain and pleasure and other sensations beyond human comprehension.

That's why I drew comparisons with Slaanesh.

>> No.16570256


Yeah, Leviathan was added in the sequels. In further sequels things were changed even more.

Personally I think the sequels should be viewed through the same lenses as the Highlander sequels...

>> No.16570264


Well you can't see if its got a dick so it could be a she with no breasts.

>> No.16570265 [DELETED] 

>A slaanshi daemon calling a sister an abomination


>> No.16570275

You're aware that Living Saints are essentially Greater Daemons of The Empra, aren't you?

>> No.16570285


While abomination may be too strong a word that particular Sister is certainly...abnormal.

>> No.16570291


>> No.16570298


>> No.16570360

So is she a blank? Seeing how she had no soul presence.

>> No.16570456

<---- Click me. I'm a motherfucking GIF.

>> No.16570471

>> No.16570485

>> No.16570494

Hey guys, is it just me, or does the Commissar look a little different today?

>> No.16570498

Yeah! Her coat changed! It used to be longer.

>> No.16570525

>deamonettes are hermaphrodites

>> No.16570539


Oh, the link is safe. Just ridiculously long...like those damn 40k spaceships.

>> No.16570551

If anything, daemonettes are whatever you want them to be.
At least until the daemonette or Slaneesh decide lulz are to be had by becoming something else.

>> No.16570592


>Now imagining being raped to death by six fat daemonettes

>> No.16570603


>> No.16570613

This is not my fetish at all

>> No.16570615

And now they have huge cocks.

Barbed. Barbed cocks.

>> No.16570644

>Now imagining being raped to death by six slim daemonettes with large breasts, three of whom have penises of if varying size and lashing demonic tongues and mouths that spit astroglide

>> No.16570648

And the barbs have mouths. And they're laughing at you.

>> No.16570656

Praise Slaanesh!

>> No.16570699

Now that's an idea I could abandon the Emperor's light for.

But does it have to be to death? I mean, wouldn't that greatly reduce the possibility for future debauched excess, thereby going against the spirit of proper Slaanesh worship?

>> No.16570722

Ok, lets say raped into comatose

>> No.16570734

>But does it have to be to death?

Yes. But that doesn't mean you would ONLY do that, just that your flesh would mutate into a penis- and vagina- covered palanquin such that the raping demonettes would ride you into battle (zing!) as you are raped to death over YEARS, occasionally pausing for a sandwich or cocktails. No sleep, though.

>> No.16570738

Why waste the effort trying to NOT kill you when there's trillions of other potential victims?

>> No.16570759

>raped to death by big titted daemonettes with cocks

>> No.16570776

I am cool with that.

>> No.16570777

What about tennis? I was going to play a match at three, and I would hate to miss it.

>> No.16570780

I'll just stick with endless boiling rage and glorious slaughter, thank you. Blood for the Blood God and all that.

>> No.16570781

Of course it has to be to death. What's more excessive than indulging in pleasures so extreme that it costs you your life? But don't worry, anon. This is Chaos we're talking about here.

When you die, your soul goes to the Warp. Guess who else calls the Warp home? The daemonettes. Getting raped to death is just foreplay for an eternity as a pawn of Slaanesh.

>> No.16570807


>> No.16570889

>Brother Anon of the World Eaters praises the Blood God Khorne, which is pretty gay. He could spend his time snorting coke off Slaanesh's ass or sexing up a daemonette, but no, he spends all his time killing, sounds pretty gay to me

>> No.16571046

Oh come now Yuri, it might be a little more hands on than the mind rape you are used to but it's still in the same general area.

>> No.16571699

>Like, instead of enjoying it fully, they enjoy it but always are paranoid that Slaanesh will take them away.

But it is a great pleasure to Slaanesh to free Eldar (regardless of allegiance) of their prejudices when she does manage to get her hands on them.

>The Archon leading the Dark Eldar force was finally run to ground within the thick jungle of Raith by Loatheheart, who swooped down from the trees to pluck her up like a bird of prey. Disarming her in a short and bloody fight, and having broken both her arms and legs, Loatheheart delivered her quailing form to Slaanesh's Palace of Pleasure, a token and tribute from the new master of the Murderval.

>> No.16571714

what's going on he-

>> No.16571756

<--- this is how i cultist of slaanesh

>> No.16571799

Just wondering.
You know a nice imperial gal, right to the ways of the Emperor. She likes to purge xenos, polish her nails, and burn heretics that wants to keep it steady. You marry her, and during the honeymoon you realize that she is just too good on the bed.
Would that end with you and your wife being corrupted by Slaanesh?

>> No.16571824


Either you just lucked out and no corruption exists, or in a few months you will be spending all your time in bed or have founded a cult to share these secrets of lovemaking with your fellows. Only the latter two indicate the influence of Slaanesh.

>> No.16571857

well if you're both SATISFIED with each other as is than prolly no. slaanesh is about not being satisfied with what you've got, with always wanting better, newer, more extreme, MOAR, so basically stay faithful and keep out of freako fetishville and you oughtta be in the clear

>> No.16571858

God I'm fapping now, I hate you all

>> No.16572601

Yeah. Slaanesh has about as much to do with consensual, loving, human levels of sex as Khorne has to do with magical spells cast to cause peace and healing.

Although I think a Slaaneshi COULD certainly like it consensual missionary position with someone she loves, simply because Slaanesh is about following your desires and not about being the biggest freak show you can be, but there'd be other odd things about such an individual.

>> No.16572623

hey guys, what's this thread all about!?

>> No.16572638


Here's why: http://1d4chan.org/wiki/Hil%27ardil

And yes, it's all smut

>> No.16572647


Things abominable in the eyes of the Emperor.

>> No.16572807

Slaanesh guys/girls/deammonettes giving self praise/whatever the hell you might be, meet my buddy kharn. He'd like to have aword with you as to why you favor that FAGGOT slaanesh over the motherfucking blood god.


...Good luck.

>> No.16572820


Yeah, like I'm really going to listen to someone called The Betrayer.

>> No.16572840

Guys, I need Slaanesh dice for Chaos in the Old World. Any suggestions?

>> No.16572872

You do realize that whole 'The Betrayer' moniker comes from one incident nearly 10,000 years ago. When he lit every house on a world on fire because people were being pussies and hiding inside at night so they wouldn't freeze to death.

If you get your ass killed because you were dumb enough to stand in front of him, that's not betrayal, that's incompetence.

>> No.16572903

There's a story in the Gav Thorpe chaos codex about a band of World Eaters that takes shelter from an Imperial artillery barrage in a building.

When the barrage stops, they emerge but then Kharn runs from somewhere and kills them all for no reason, except BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD, HE CARES NOT FROM WHERE IT FLOWS!

>> No.16572936

It was a lot less than 10,000 years ago, as Daemon Prince Angron and his World Eaters were fighting the Imperium to a standstill for 200 years well after the end of the Horus Heresy.

And it came from when the screaming idiot babby Kharn started killing his own bros, fracturing the World Eaters and turning them from a colossal threat to the Imperium, to a bunch of wandering DURRHURR idiots.

On the other hand, the forces of the Imperium, of Slaanesh, and psykers in general should be thankful for Kharn, for truly he saved the galaxy from the threat of the most martially inclined Legion.

>> No.16573117

Silly Kharn, don't you know? That your fellow CSM legion are not for slating your own blood thirst.

What if Kharn was dropped off at a death world? Would he kill everything?

>> No.16573166

>> No.16573182

just post everything

>> No.16573533

He'd certainly try.
The real question is, just how pissed would he be if he got put on a death world full of nothing but giant killer worms? No skulls for the skull throne.

>> No.16573800

Don't you mean thirsty?

>> No.16574317

I take it /tg/ is not SFW anymore?

>> No.16574385 [DELETED] 

At least two bans in this thread, so nope. I think they're just banning for all out nudity instead of OMG, A NAKED THIGH

>> No.16574407

You're retarded if you browse 4chan on your work or near people who might be shocked by its content.

>> No.16574425

I dunno, for awhile it seemed we were moderated by someone's 70 year old grandma.

>> No.16574857

Late to the party.

One more for the road.

>> No.16575646


>> No.16575676

>> No.16578617

cult of Slaanesh

>> No.16578629

I prefer blondes


>> No.16581558


>> No.16581575


I think she's supposed to be a Sensei.

>> No.16581615

>> No.16583695


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