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Sneak Attack

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Nat 20 Perform check

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Natural 20 to Adorable.

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Reflex Check

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charm animal

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Just a fuck-high AC.

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that looks highly upleasant.


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Critical on Slam Dunk and Leg Grapple.

>> No.16557668

Crit fail on drive.

>> No.16557675

Critical on stealth.

>> No.16557680

Critical grapple during surprise.

>> No.16557684

Critical failure on perception.

>> No.16557694

nat 20 on dodge

>> No.16557697

Crit fail on sense motive.

>> No.16557701

nat 20 on Perform (Mexican Wrestling)

>> No.16557702

Crit on climb.

>> No.16557704

Crit fail attack roll. You hit yourself instead of the target.

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Crit success: Drive (Tricycle)

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Natural 20 on acrobatics test to an unarmed charge attack

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And another

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crit fail on image posting

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All of these ones I'm posting have already been posted on /tg/ before.

... It's like you've never seen a critical success on a climb check!

Last one from me: Evade.

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Natural 20 on Intimidation.

>> No.16557733

Continuous critical hits. Improvised weapon: Jacket.

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Oh my god. I watched that one live. In Southern California like...ten years ago? He pulled that same stunt four times before the end! Man, I do miss the police chases.

Oh, and here's a real Critical Success: Evade.

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what the fuck did i just see?

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Attack of Opportunity (With Combat Reflexes)

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Looks like a televangelist kind of deal.

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A televangelist making DEMONS BEGONE!!!!! by striking the faithful with his jacket. He's smacking Satan's demons out of them with the power of the LORRRHD.

>mfw I was raised a Southern Baptist

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Critical Failure: Language check (DC:5)

>> No.16557768

Pilot: Groundcraft

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>> No.16557778

Handle Animal

>> No.16557783

Crit successes, improvised engineering and pilot.

>> No.16557792

Disguise Check - FAIL

>> No.16557793

Critical Failure: Roller Skating

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>> No.16557800

Nat 20 ಠ_ಠ

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Success, Handle Animal

>> No.16557807

Either a critical fail on disarming Explosive Rune, or a critical success on evoking Explosive Rune.

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Spot Check

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Critical success on both his ride and B&R rolls for Bike

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no, THIS is a critical success on handle animal

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Critical Success at Roller Coaster Tycoon

>> No.16557837

/trolling games/

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Na 20 Liek

>> No.16557845


Also nat 20 on dodge.

Topped off with a 20 on Photography.

>> No.16557849

Use Magical Device

>> No.16557861

nat 20 intimidate

>> No.16557869

This is why you don't provoke Attacks of Opportunities.

>> No.16557872

Human: Failed Ride and Handle Animal.

Dog: Success Ride.

>> No.16557887

Success, Improvised Trap.

>> No.16557894

Called Shot

>> No.16557912

Critical hit: Bigby's Forceful Hand

>> No.16557926

Perform: Dance

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spells cant crit

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For serious. Spells can't crit since when?

>> No.16557959

Ah, the Green Men. Don't take a penalty when you're playing in Rogers Arena, or Sully and Force will heckle you (within reasonable limits).

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Failed you SAN check /tg/.

>> No.16557977

critical called shot to the groin

>> No.16557978

since dungeons and dragons

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I've spent enough time on /x/ to know FUCK YOU MAN, FUCK YOU.

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Rolled a 1 on Intimidation.

>> No.16557987


I'm not watching that.

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Bullshit, spells with attack rolls can crit.

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Craft: Trap, Handle Animal

>> No.16558009

Spells can critically fail, so they can also critically succeed.

>> No.16558012

Spells that have a roll to hit crit on a 20.

>> No.16558016


Failed SAN check.

>> No.16558028

nope, you just roll to beat the targets will save or magic resistance

plus bigby's forceful hand doesn't even do damage

>> No.16558039

Crit fail on Diplomacy.

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>> No.16558044

Dance, Nat 20.

>> No.16558050

Critical fumble

>> No.16558052

Crit strike.

>> No.16558053

Diplomacy, Nat 20

>> No.16558059


It isn't no fun allowed it is ignoring the rules out of the PHB and the Complete Arcane that say spells with an attack roll that deal damage crit on a 20.

>> No.16558067

This is a homebrew game now.

Spells can crit.

>> No.16558068


This. You can even take Improved Critical (Ray).

>> No.16558070

Inevitable "sauce plox" request.

If you'd be so kind as to share the source of this image, I'd be very grateful.

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Maria Holic, one of those characters is a boy, guess which one.

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If it makes an attack roll it can crit. Magic Missile can not crit. Scorching Ray can crit. I'm not sure what happens if Ray of Enfeeblement crits, but it can.

>> No.16558079

Swim check for Ranger's animal companion.

>> No.16558087

Double strength drain I'd imagine. Thats what we do in my group anyway.

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hey im the guy who said spells couldnt crit, but i looked it up and you're right, guess my group played it differently and never told me

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God damn... it hated that piece of meat with every ounce of its being.

>> No.16558103


Suddenly, I want a pet tiger.

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You don't "double" crits, you roll extra dice.

>> No.16558121


Handle animal crit

>> No.16558131


Nat 20 perform

>> No.16558138

In 4th ed. Were talking about 3/3.5.

Also, Nat 20: Endurance check.

>> No.16558150

All points in Gather Information.

>> No.16558159

25 CHA

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Ranger's pet makes a crit attack.

>> No.16558174

guy in the red shirt is a dick

>> No.16558177

Okay. source on that.

>> No.16558242

What do you get for putting everything on gather information and knowledge(local) anyway? I'm planning on doing that for my paladin.

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Failed SAN check.

>> No.16559640


What a fucking twat.

Also Critical success on acting as bait.

>> No.16559779

Improved unarmed strike.

>> No.16559792

Natural 20 Composure roll.

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>> No.16559838

Critical fail to hit.
Faceplanted into the sand we were fighting on.

>> No.16559871

Seconding it
also, there's a surprising amount of Wrestling Gifs around here
I Aprove this
Nat20 on Surprise Attack

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The Character is from the Game Guilty Gears
maybe some kind of Ova of the game

>> No.16559944

Critical Failure on Sanity Check...

...Or possibly a Critical Success on seeing the truth.

>> No.16559971

Crit success on stealth check

>> No.16559979

Nat 20 on Disguise

Surprise attack crit success.

>> No.16559990

Crit Success:
Improvised Weapon

>> No.16560001

Perform (dance) nat 20
Perform Comedy: fail
Critical Success on Disguise

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Critical Fail: Diplomacy

>> No.16560020

Crit Successes:

>> No.16560040

Girl's Bravo.

9,000 hours on iqdb.

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Critical Failure on damage roll, followed by Critical Success on Badarse.

>> No.16560070

Sleight-of-hand (hide item): critical.

Why does my captcha have a map reference in it?

64o 24' 48"


>> No.16560076

Masterwork Craft (Furniture)

>> No.16560083

Knowledge (architecture) Critical Fail.

>> No.16560089

I know that's supposed to turn me on, but I feel sick instead.

>Politics. kstrea

Noooo don't put politics in this thread

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Same here, I think it was her lips and throat that did it to me.

>> No.16560104

Street Fighter 4 Anime Movie.
C.Viper Vs Cammy

I guess it's supposed to be a stomach punch but damn it bloody well doesn't look it.

>> No.16560105

Deep throating is just gross... Food goes there, not my penis...

>> No.16560113

I think the DM hates me

>> No.16560128

rolled 2, 4 = 6

Thats only half of the reference, your quest is to encircle the globe twice.
N-S and E-W to find the legendary McGuffin that will allow you to skip all forms of ID checks.

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How the fuck do you think she felt?

>> No.16560137

Critical Success for best way to die.

>> No.16560138

Like a slut

>> No.16560153


Tight and welcoming.

>> No.16560181


She doesn't look like she feels slutty - she actually looks rather proud of herself. And so she should.

>> No.16560215

She'll make a man very happy one day.

>> No.16560232


Aye...she's obviously well prepared should she ever end up in a life or death hotdog eating contest.

Intimidate failure.

>> No.16560276


She can enter my hot dog eating contest - she's cute.

Amazed that pic related hasn't been included yet.

Bluff (feint): success
Surprise attack: Critical Success

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Lovecraftian inspired short film called AM 1200.

>> No.16560911


I think I got it from the internet.

>> No.16560938

Perform: critical
Acrobtics: critical
Rerolling till you get the double crit: x100

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