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Gentlemen, I need pictures, pictures of titans!

I've been thinking about titan weaponry. The idea seems to be that one aught to as good as another. There's no cost difference between a mega-blaster and a laser-blaster, but the consensus seems to be that more strength D weapons is better, as many as possible in fact.

Can this be fixed? Should this be fixed?

Also, why don't titans carry defensive weapons? In Epic titans have the option of carapace multilasers.

Pic related, a Chaos titan that doesn't seem very well armed.

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Titans? I love Titans.

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That I recall, they do. Batteries of bolters and all sorts of shite. Perhaps not warhounds and reavers (although i'd still expect a chin turret or forward facing 'battery' of guns) as those types are designed more for mobility than anything else. Whereas your warlords and emperor class would need to have defensive weaponry. In... ah, what was it. Winter assault? I think? The titan you found. You couldn't activate any of its main guns, but by the god-emperor those secondary guns blew shit to bits.

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And what about arming a Baneblade with a double-barreled turbolaser. This is talked about in descriptions of Baneblades in Imperial Armour, but there aren't rule sets for it. It seems clearly superior to the volcano cannon mounted on the Shadowsword. Would you have a problem with it if someone made the model for a DB TL on a Baneblade, and brought it to an Apocalypse game? What should we call it?

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Der dorp, forgot pic

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Sweet I really like this model; but I only had this pic

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Seem to be having trouble locating my Titan pics. Thought I had tons of them.

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stupid flood detection

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Jesus Christ it's a Chaos Warlord! Get in the car!

While I'm talking about titan weapopnry, cuold someone help me out with something? I'm not really sure how Titan CCWs work. What's the advantage over a regular titan weapon? The image of titans engaging in fisticuffs seems weird to me.

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Ok, the captcha is kicking my ass today

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>some kind of Greyknight warhound


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My main army are orks. and the goffclaw stompas are so kickass in melee I've beaten the imperial titian every game in melee. other then that the standard non ork titians suck ass in melee. there's no real reason to have a weapon on non orky titians. you should always daka as much as you can.

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Here we have a warlord kitted out for artillery support. It won't be much for engine on engine combat, but it's effect on the battlefield should be considerable

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It always seems like the answer in these things is to take as many Turbolasers as you can on imperial titans, and if that's the answer than fair enough. It just seems a little dull to just have a 'correct' loadout for the titans.

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I wouldn't say that there's a correct load out but I would say never to bother putting a titian close combat weapon.

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So I've seem these around from time to time, but what the hell is it supposed to be? Some kind of Knight-titan? A super sentinel?

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Turns out my filing system is nearly as cluttered as the Libraries of Terra. Finally found them.

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An under armored Warhound class maybe?

Continuing. Glad other people have lots.

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I think I prefer this version to the giant church steeples.

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This is really the only good looking scratch built Titan I've ever seen. And it's glorious.

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Is this supposed to be the Dies Irae in this picture?

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Are those supposed to be hellhammer cannons mounted on the carapace?

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To be honest, under the fairly finished Titan Legion/AdMech armylist rules for Epic Armageddon, triple-turbolasers errywhere is pretty much one of the twinkiest configurations you can get. Although you DO pay a surcharge for having all of your weapons as the same, and unlike in 40k, in Epic you deliniate between Anti-Tank and Anti-Personel but still, each of them chucks out 6 attacks that will hit a tank or fellow titan on a 2+, so if you get a Reaver Titan with nothing but them you're racking up 18 shots a turn.

At the very least this makes it great for stripping the shields of Gargants.

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Is it just me or does the mega-blaster, just not seem as useful as it should be? I know that the battle cannon is better against armor in epic. does this help close the gap between it and other titan scale weapons?

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Does this count OP?

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>never bother putting a CCW on a titan
nigga, with titans, cool points are what matters. When you have at least one S-D weapon, the second one can be whatever-the-fuck you please.

like, holy shit look at this fucking knife

Turbo-Blade has a good ring to it

Imperial "Knights". They originally came from stranded imperials on exodite/feudal worlds, who made combat walkers to fight dinosaurs and each other. The admech found them again and the tech has spread a bit. Organized into "households" that support the various titan legions

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forgot my image;

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Jeff! Did you post that or did someone save the image?

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That looks pretty cool. Can you tell us more about it?

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What was that Nurgle Baneblade that fired a hellstorm template weapon? It's datasheet used to be on Games Workshop's website, nut I can't find it anymore. Is it in one of the Apoc books? The main weapon looked kind of like a diseased penis.

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