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can we have some nurglettes/Khornettes/Tzeenches
up in this bitch!!!

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Try google image search and quit wasting our time.

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I approve of this.

But also Slaneeshi whores.

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Depends on what you need them for, you naughty boy

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Can't beat the cougars of Khrone.

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Hell, I'd still hit it.

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Sorry honey, I don't date men who can only carry two weapons at once.

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Suddenly! Nostalgia!

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Maybe you don't like that guy, but...

Sword x1
Gun x1
fist x2
Knees x2
Feet x2
Forehead x1

I'm decked out in weapons!

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>no elbows

there's also the heel of your hand, your teeth, shoulders, hips, your forearms and shins. All of these can be used very effectively as weapons.
And I don't even need a sword or gun.

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That's all from me, I'm afraid.

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Not OP (because he is a faggot) but thanks!

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>Implying anyone ever gets close enough that I need my elbow
Bitch, I punch through lightning!

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There seem to be next to know images of tzeentchenette compared to the other 3...

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Yea. Of the three non-Slaaneshi Daemonettes, Khornette IIRC was the first so there's the most art of her. Nurglette seems to have her own fanbase, so stuff gets requested in drawthreads now and then. The problem with Tzeentchette is that while Bloodletters and Plaguebearers are easy to anthropomorphize, a humanoid, feminine Horror is far harder to conceptualize. So there's never really been any consensus on how Tzeentchette should look beyond vaguely avian, and I think that stops a lot of people requesting pictures of her.

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I have the most terrified boner right now.

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Tzeentch gets no love. Dunno why.

This is the only other pic I've got of a Tzeentch daemonette.

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Oï, remember about chaos androids, those khornate daemons the Chaos Squats put into robots against their will?

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>Furry feet

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I remember they looked awful like Necrons do now (with the chaos runes on the forehead)

Khornates killing squats always related

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hey who was the guy who drew that? he was gorean or somethin from a couple years ago, had a website since half his stuff he couldn't post on tg. anyone know that site or who it was so I can google?

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I think it was drawn by Chink.

He killed himself last year.

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Except there's a good conceptualization right there. Humanoid, feminine, vaguely avian - just throw on the multiple arms, give her bird legs for the avian part and color her pink or blue and their you go.

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>implying that Chink has been alive in three years

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he didn't

he showed up six months ago to do some viral advertisement for a CCG he illustrates.

as for WCKD, he isn't dead either. He just vanished with the money from commissions he never did, and now is trying to do the same thing on furaffinity. He draws diaperfur scat.

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I'd imagine she would make a pleasant cooing sound, more like a dove.

But even if she did sound like a crow, dem feathers would make her so fun to snuggle.

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Yea - it's one of several decent conceptualizations floating around. But /tg/'s never come to the sort of consensus over how she should look, in the same way that Khornette and Nurglette have been given fairly defined appearances.

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Ragathol gave up after one too many titty bans. He's still popping up on /azu/ occasionally though

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>Ragathol gave up after one too many titty bans.

Really? That's a shame, I liked his art.

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Well wouldn't the lack of consensus make sense for Tzeentchette? Like having several designs for her and have her change designs between panels?

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I think part of the problem is that Tzeentch just doesn't offer much by way of sexualization as the other gods.

I mean, Slaanesh is obvious. Nurglette is all loving and cute. Khornette has the tsundere thing. But Tzeentchette? She'd just be a manipulative asshole.

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So Haruhi Suzumiya?

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If I take my pants off and my partner dies from vomiting up their kidetys us that Khorne, Tzeetntch ir Slaabesh?

They were puffy, red and weeping, but she was willing to be paid before the vomit (hers not mine) so ... how do I score this? Paid for the show but not the climax to a degree. Pity.

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she's just an annoying little brat that needs a slap across the face.

why would you fuck that?

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Some guys like manipulative bitches. And who says she has to be a bitch about it? She could just manipulate you into compromising situations where you get to have kinky sex.

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>get banned for posting in a -4 str thread
>this thread is still up
stay classy mod

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Trolling is against the rules. Enjoy your b&

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>why would you fuck that?

You ask this question in a thread about Daemonettes on /tg/, which is part of 4chan, which is part of the Internet.

Besides being an (in-universe) attractive high school girl, Haruhi also has unrivaled control over reality. So there's that.

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-4 strength threads are cancer. Literally the same tier as "elf slave wat do" threads.

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wasn't trolling, the mod needs to get the stick out of his ass

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>the mod needs to get the stick out of his ass

Point me to any wrongful ban or even borderline ban issued the last 2 months. You just want to post NSFW material and keep being knocked back.

You're pretty much the underground minority pushing for spoiler images so you cab post porn.

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>>implying paladins can ever pull the stick out of their ass

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i didn't even post anything NSFW, he could have given me a warning instead but no down with the banhammer instead. also how is anything in this thread SFW?

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Beyond some exposed boobs in the first few posts, and another towards the end, everything here is SFW.

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