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Hey /tg/,

I still live with my mum (yeah, I know...) but anyway, I left my barely assembled Mournfangs out in the loungeroom on the coffee table and the fucking retarded bitch of a cleaner my mum's hired has "misplaced" it. I'm fucking hopeless without instruction booklets too.

Is there one online by any chance, or scans of one?

Any help would be great.

Pic unrelated

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By "it" I mean the instruction booklet. Kinda derping because of rage.

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Shameless self-bump because I have nothing else to do. Already looked everywhere for it.

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Bit of a long shot, but has /rs/ yielded anything?

>> No.16548090

Nothing at all.

Also, by "everywhere" I mean in the house. Not online. My net is faaar too slow at the moment to do any searching.

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Nobody? :(

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I are sad nao. You're not as helpful as you once were, /tg/.

Although none of you probably even have booklets to scan so it's understandable.

Thanks anyway.

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Sorry, OP.
I'd help if I could.
You may want to try a related forum instead.

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That's fine, and thanks. I might make an Ogre Stronghold account just to ask.

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The cat-bear body pieces go together. Then the feet, head and tusks. Then you put the ogre legs on the ogre body and put him in the saddle

Then you put on arms of your choice and a head.

Now glue it to a base and paint it.

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That sounds relatively easy, I might just try it without a booklet then. Thanks!

Also, I was testing it before (the heads are attached to the bodies) and the curved tusks are a pain in the dick to get right. I think I might swap heads.

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Sorry, which Mournefags?

>> No.16548600

The only issue with this is that specific feel match specific bodies.

That said, just check the fit before you glue them on.

>> No.16548748

Will do!

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Well fuck. I don't know which fucking legs go where.

>> No.16548952

And I ain't dry-fitting 8 legs. I don't wanna lose any actual parts.

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