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Hey /tg/. I don't ever post her but I just broke up with my girlfriend. Also, I might be gay. I don't really know. Anyway, have this picture I found amusing.

Amusing /tg/ pictures general maybe?

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You did the right thing.

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Thanks dawg. Makes me feel better.

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Are you going to India?

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>broke up with my girlfriend

Welcome back, man.

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LOL HOLY SHIT. I didn't even see that thread man. That shit's hilarious.

>ialindi patterns.

Close captcha.

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It's alright bro

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Thanks my man.

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Truly, you guys (and the gentleman that convinced me to pull the plug) are some real damn fine bros. Damn fine.

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LOL. That's great.

While I'm here and dumping some pics, would there be any way to make something like monk/sorceror in 3.5 effective?

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Nay, ye.

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Superior picture. Also, why not?

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In the God-Empress' name.

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The fact that this thread is (semi)successful makes me smile. Thanks /tg/.

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>Pauldrons on their asses

Gets me every time

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Gotta put those pauldrons somewhere!

Also, unicorns are psykers.

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It was a reply to the picture.

And no, you can't make it "effective" you can try it out for fun, or google around

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You're not gay if you don't have sex with someone of the same sex as you, so don't do that and don't worry.

Now, this picture isn't all that amusing by itself, but there's a story that goes along with it. I don't know all the details, but basically, the guy looking in the rulebooks with the judge was using a cheesy army build that allowed him to deploy all his units after his opponent had already set up, so his opponent (the guy with the huge grin) set up all his forces evenly spaced along the back edge of the table so that the other guy couldn't deploy any of his forces, since they had to be deployed a certain distance from enemy forces and not far from the back of the table. Thus, he spontaneously out-cheesed his cheesy opponent and won by default.

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Fuck, I forgot the picture. Here it is.

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Oh, derp. I as just wondering if I could make something like that though. Fights with his hands but also flings spells.

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Hey OP. You know that's just one panel of a strip?

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Models that enter the field within two inches of other models get destroyed or something.

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Jesus, I don't think I've ever been in a group to wouldn't just roll over a die in that encounter. And I've been in a few pretty high powered groups.

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I did not. Thank you kind sir. My day just gets better.

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Huh, it's almost like you're me.

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That is quite scary.

The Commissar watches you for heresy even from the skys.

And she has a big gun

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OP here. How are you me?

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Not really /tg/ related per se...

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Just left a relationship, the girl is... Let's say "indecisive" about the entire break-up, and I've got a definite attraction to my best friend, who is a guy.

Good luck with your own situation mate

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So, OP, you gay or not? Have you decided?

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Oh just c'mon now!

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>cos b

oh god I should not be laughing at that

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I feels ya.
I dunno man. But the thought is there. Sometimes I'll look at a trap or something and go: "Ya, that's nice." Still like some of the womens toot hough.

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Can anyone remind me of the story behind this pic? I remember it vaguely being a sort of smug bastard technicality or something.

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Weeeell... you could be bi. Or you might not be. The ultimate test, I would think, is whether you're attracted to dude's penises. But you can work it out in your own time...

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Well that's the thing. Some of them look pretty awesome. Some of them look like mangled monkey dick.

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Look at this lovely lady and tell me you're still gay

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basicly the white scar player was using a rule that let his whole army start in reserve.

the tau player used his kroot to infiltrate across the entire length of the other players side of the board. since the white scar player can't enter the field the tau player wins by default.

truly that man tactical genius.

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She isn't an anvil and is therefor not really a dwarf female.

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Everyone knows that dwarves sleep with their gold.

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Caught this a month ago.

Related to >>16547796

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Well /tg/ the drugs are kicked in and I think I'm gonna head out. Thanks for being fucking awesome bros and cheering me up. I leave you with one final picture, if not /tg/ related.

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Anvils and Gold wont bring you beer

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Golden Anvil-golem.

They will now.

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