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Help me TG

I've been running a Dark Heresy campaign and the dumb-shits that play have been trying to make me get the party's inquisitor into a relationship with an eldar farseer I've made them agree that they will shut if about it if I give them one plot-hook that would allow them to make this happen. Now the question is how do i sneak this plot-hook by them without them noticing.

TL:DR my playgroup sucks...

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>Inquisitor wants direct contact with a highly psychic Farseer whose mind would probably strip the neurons right off his cortex

Be a good way to replace their Inquisitor with a real asshole.

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Are you kidding? Dark, tragic romance is the shit Inquisitors have all the time.

Look at Eisenhorn. The big tragedy of his life isn't the daemonhost he can't seem to shake, it's that the only woman he loves is a psychic blank and they could never be together.

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Kill them.

Kill them all.

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Accidentally disclose that the Inquisitor has a raging Eldar fetish.

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Trust me I fight this temptation every second

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Really OP? Childish "How can I win" bullshit?

You job is to run a fun game. Their job is to help participate in a fun game. If you don't do what they want they won't have fun. If they don't give you some slack you won't have fun.

Sit down and explain you feel uncomfortable with this course of action, and offer a compromise that both parties can work with. Maybe you can work in a relationship that *doesn't* destroy your personal world believability?

Its clear that you never wanted to give them anything in the first place, so you're being a douche.

Discuss it like adults, and stop being a manchild.

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How could they possibly NOT notice that, now that they're looking for it?

Why the fuck does your group wnat to ship your NPCs anyway, OP?

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>stop being a manchild

You ask too much!

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Hmm...Eldar females have breasts that means they have mammary glands!

So in theory we can milk an Eldar.

To me my acolytes. We must investigate this matter thoroughly.

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Holofield, or a psychic shroud thing that makes someone look like someone else.
Put it on a minor foe, then have them fight him over a vat of acid and fall in, destroying the device.
It's good enough to fool psychic powers, so they COULD have used it to disguise her to start the relationship.

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You, sir, have just won the internet. Congratulations.

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>mfw Seeing Dark Heresy as the first thing after leaving /b/ for the first time.

Personally I'd warn them that they'd be hunted down. I'd just let 'em do it then trolololol a couple of Ordo Xenos to walk into their bed-loving moment.

Also: I know how it feels to have a dumbass playgroup. "Can we go through the Warp, end up in My Little Pony, then rape the ponies!?"

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And if your players go for it anyways you'll just have to run an Eldar Milk farm.

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Romantic plot hook... between an inquisitor...and a xeno witch.

Sorry, what ordos? Xenos? Malleus? Hereticus?

Okay. they want romance? Fine.

Mutually exclusive objective target. "look, a shiny of ultimate power / STC / lost piece of arcaeotech / infinty circuit." Inquisition learns of it at the same time as the Eldar, probably when ancient artifact lets our a "pulse" / effects the webway / becomes a foreseeable event.

So: Eldar, with farseer, arrive, Inquisition arrives. and... let's throw a third faction in... Necrons / Orks / Chaos / Tyranids / Squats.

Forces party into uneasy alliance. Hearts and candy will inevitably pass. Daring rescue, charming engagements, narrow survival against overwhelming odds... and then, they escape with the mystical doohickey. The Farseer asks for it, as a symbol of love... if the inquistor gives it to them... they are both killed by "Orc Snipers". The Inquistor first.

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They are far too attached to some NPCs

Earlier in the campaign i introduced them to an Ogrin Bone'ead that they instantly dubbed Mundo and started visiting him in between missions Mundo has since become a recurring character

You have a great point, since the party is very radical this could be what finally makes the party's inquisitor get denounced

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For once, young prince, we agree on something.

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>give them an obvious hook
>ease them into it
>kill both the inquisitor and the farseer in an unprovoked attack by outsiders
>make the face

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Just make it a platonic romance. Both the Eldar and Inquisitor, across the barriers of politics and species, acknowledge that the other is shoulder with a horrific burden to do the best for their species. They come to rely on each others' particular talents and power sets to accomplish their own goals.

The players will be annoyed there isn't any hot space elf sex, but it at least makes sense.

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Make it happen, OP. Radical Inquisitor seeks better relations with the Eldar, as they both fight against Chaos, and such an allegiance would benefit the both of those races if some of the more bullheaded leaders on both sides would let up.

Said Farseer has similar sorts of views, romance happens.

Then shake things up with tragedy. Hereticus shows up, locks away the inquisitor, and an asshole of a replacement comes in, making your group go on more and more dangerous assignments as penitence.

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>i introduced them to an Ogrin Bone'ead that they instantly dubbed Mundo and started visiting him in between missions
>Mundo has since become a recurring character

I don't get the hate. This group sounds awesome.

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for what it's worth, any inquisitor worth his gumption will have a decent brace of psy-shielding at his disposal. Moreso if he's a psyker

going by the scant canonical sources, Eldar aren't built like humans and do not have body-fat. It's part of the reason why they can work with wraithbone or why farseers eventually crystallize in the dome of seers. The contents of their breasts is unknown, but is certainly -not- milk.

For the record, dark eldar DO have body-fat (probably a result of their psychic atrophication), but that's neither here nor there.

anyways OP, important question; who is what? Is it male farseer/female inquisitor? Male on male? Context will help us devise an inconspicuous hook for you

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duuuuuuh, Mundo goes thish way!

I fail to see the problem.

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Open the airlock doors, AI.

Open the airlock, please.

Open the airlock, AI--please.
I want to get off the ship.

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my hate was entirely in jest, I love these guys
This campaign has been filled to the brim dark humor and it spilled over to my post sorry

Its a male Ordo Hereticus inquisitor and a female farseer of Iyanden they have worked together in the past fighting tyranids and have had some trade relations in the past.

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Just say no.

Otherwise, every fucking time you try to run a game, your players will walk all over you.

You're probably already an eternal DM, right? Everyone else is all 'ooooh, you're just so much better at running the game, we just can't be creative enough, ohhh, okay, i guess i can try it but i'll stop running it after two sessions and say 'it just didn't work out,' so go back to printing character sheets for me and the rest of the gang.'

Then, they act like YOU owe THEM a favor for getting you to run them a game. They start being insistent, 'what, i'm playing this game! how dare you fucking tell me what i can and can't do, i am the PLAYER, you're just here to run the stories about us damn it!' they'll start complaining about rolls, about the setting you lay out, about every fucking thing because they don't want a GM, they don't want you to have fun, they want a god damn DOORMAT that'll agree to tell them they're awesome, and listen as they babble on with their oh so clever and painfully stupid plots.

Don't. Give. In. The entire point of an RPG is for both players and DM to have fun. Not for the DM to be the victim of a gangbang.

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Thank you, AI.

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Inquisitor is actually possessed by a Slaaneshi demon. Combination of human/eldar seed with Chaos influence will release a greater Daemon

That'll teach those faggots

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>The contents of their breasts is unknown, but is certainly -not- milk.

Unknown? More reason to investigate. Such mysteries must not go unanswered.

For scientific reasons of course, whatever information we discover from our endeavor will be put to good use in the service of the holy emperor.

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I have the sneaky suspicion that you have been on the receiving ends of one of these gangbangs before.

While some of the points are valid, this sort of thinking easily leads to the Dark Side of DMing, where the game exists for the amusement of the DM, players be damned.

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This makes a good amount of sense.

Plus Eldar Farseer could lead to delicious Black Library secrets.

But if you really feel uncomfortable I recommend that you talk to your players, openly and honestly without condescension

And remember man, this is warhammer 40k. The fluff is meant to be broken.

Don't make me pull out Obinwan Sherlock Custo or the half eldar Ultrmarine Librarine, or so help me god


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Hmm. Well what constitutes as romance? I can easily see mutual respect growing from their saving each others asses and a somewhat snarky banter grow into a friendly rivalry

Also, why would your Inquisitor let these people know anything about his romantic life.

What are they like, his bros or something?

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Ehhhh. *makes little wiggly hand motion*

You can be flexible with some parts of the fluff, but like any IP, bend it too much and you might as well be playing a homebrew. The retarded shit you mention comes from the Rogue Trader (i.e. first) edition of the 40k tabletop game back in...88? Needless to say, the game and setting have changed a SHITLOAD since then, and for the better. Let the past stay in the past, and not be used as a justification for retardation. Else you really do get people bringing in MLP via the warp.

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brim dark

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U seem pretty mad, bro. I mean, I can relate. I've forever GM. Still, calm down.

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A black library plot-hook could be very interesting either way this relationship pans out could be a lot of fun


the inquisitor and the farseer have been trolling eachother for a while and the party have been feeding it somewhat

also when it comes the party interactions with their inquisitor he has had their service for over a decade and being the longest lived group of acolytes he has had, they are throne agents now

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Oh I know that the fluff is out of date, but really Warhammer has as much roots in over the top parodies and silly puns as it does with skulls and self flagellation and what not

Besides, a courtly romance between the two would be funny in it's own way.

"Take this, my love, as a token of my affection."

"...thanks, just what I always wanted. The still bleeding head of an ork. Oh and you've soaked the hankerchief I gave you in the ichor too!
...simply lovely."

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>party goes looking for timey whimey doo hikey
>kawaii eldar, doushio~?
>sugoi eldar-chan, pushu the button!

>time dilations, time dilations everywhere.
>party is traped in an infinite loop where they must watch the eldar gun down the foolish mon-keigh
>love can not bloom on the battle field.

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I fucking lol'd

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What i meant to type was filled to the brim with dark humor but hey maybe its a new setting now

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Throne agents, huh?

Why do I see them trying to shadow the Inquisitor and the Farseer, and trying to create spontaneous romantic moments like, I don't know, trying to trip the Farseer so she stumbles into the Inquisitors arms, or locking them accidentally in an Elevatus together.

>> No.16544180

My advice is to do it. It will help the Inquistor be more interesting then just "lolpurge" and if the players want that sort of thing out of the game, it could be a fun thing to hint at/have a running joke of.

Further, that opens up a ton of plot hooks. Will the Inquisitor go out of his way/put the party in danger to save his Eldar friend. What about the other inquisitors? Will they kill him. Will the Inq send the party to smother information regarding his friendship/romance of the eldar. Is the Inquisitor just trying to play the Farseer for information, vice versa.

It adds to the story rather than detracts from it. And if the players want it, all the better.

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Have the Eldar start courting the Inquisitor. Inquisitor falls for it.
Eventually the Inquisitor becomes the Eldar's mind-thrall/meatpuppet, and the acolytes are now working for the Eldar.

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The the brim darkness of the far future, there are only hats.

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>Further, that opens up a ton of plot hooks.

Yea. The fact that the Farseer is an Eldar, and her priorities will always be, first and foremost, to the Eldar, creates a conflict right away. What happens if her goals, and the goals of the Inquisitor or the PC's clash? If she needs to bring about the doom of a human world to save Eldar lives, she'll do so - but what happens if the PC's find out? Do they tell the Inquisitor, and what happens if he tells them to leave well enough alone? Or orders them to help her? There's the potential for some very interesting conflicts to be played out here.

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Make it so that the Farseer and the Inquisitor enter an alliance and regularly work together. However, the Inquisitor is Chem-Gelded (don't tell the players this), and thus is immune to seduction as well as utterly oblivious to it. The Farseer, on the other hand, has the talent of seeing the future but the flaw of not being able to notice how the PC's are playing Matchmaker, not to mention that she feels to attraction to a creature she views as only slightly more advanced than an ape. Basically give the players plenty of opportunities to play matchmaker, but don't let them off easy. Make it a challenge. Make it so that they can get away with trying anything to get them together, and neither Farseer nor Inquisitor are aware of their intent.

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What exactly does it take for a human to be granted access to the black library?

>> No.16544252


Oh dear, players found the thread

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but really, ordos hereticus here. suck my dick, malleus.

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Eldar and human romance? An Inquisitor no less?

Seriously? Seriously?


>> No.16544279

You say that now, but when you're wrapped in the tentacles of some eldritch horror, slowly twisting your material form into a perverse parody of nature, as you beg silently from pleading eyes for the sweet release of death...

I'll look down and whisper no.

>> No.16544282


Shadowseers must have predicted that the human will not fall to Chaos, will not use the information poorly, and will use it to do great damage to the Great Enemy. Basically, it must be one 'ard-ass human who isn't afraid of anything and fights daemons.

>> No.16544284

A hell of a lot. You've really, really got to prove yourself to be unable to fall to Chaos, able to resist having the information forced out of you (either psychically or through conventional torture), strong-willed enough to comprehend the information within the Library without going nuts, and a solid ally of the Eldar. Perhaps willing to put their priorities over those of the Imperium.

There's only ever been a handful of humans given access to the Black Library. You'd have to be truly exceptional just to catch the Harlequins attention as a possible candidate for access.

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Since the players found this thread, mind me taking these ideas?

>> No.16544293

The Inquistor is just trying to to beat the Eldar at their own game and manipulate them for information. Eventually they both realize this but the mind games only makes them more attracted to each other. But they won't ever stop.

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>of course you can take them, nobody is stopping you.

>> No.16544315


go right ahead

in before the outbreak of inquisitor X farseer outbreak

I'm still going to be using this thread for ideas and guidelines

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40K clusterfuck of a setting needs some romance. I somehow enjoyed Love can Bloom a thousands times better than some of the gaunts ghosts stories.

pic related --» a much more awesome universe.

>> No.16544333

Oh, come on. If it's played straight, it could add a lot of interesting plot-hooks and character drama, which is always a good thing.

If it's played for laughs, then it's adorable.

>> No.16544339

>I'm still going to be using this thread for ideas and guidelines

As am I. I'm just going to use the useful information provided by Deathleaper's Fangirl and all the other stuff people provided.

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Just go with it and make the Farseer a trap.

And make sure the Inquisitor is delighted by this fact.

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Wait what? Eldar have no body fat? None at all? 0%? Seriously? How do their bodies work? Fat is one of the four connective tissues and an endocrine organ, I mean, how do the Eldar work around that? Are the Silicon-based lifeforms or something... you did mention crystalization..

>> No.16544375

Yeah, I was told the Eldar are similar to us in the aspect that they have our type of Skin, they tear ducts, they have hair, they have all these neat stuff that is similar to our bodies.

Why the fuck don't they have fat.

>> No.16544386

>Wait what? Eldar have no body fat?

File it under "weird things in Xenology that don't make sense". Lots of interesting stuff in that book, but also a fair slab of stupid. Eldar having no body fat doesn't make sense, so it's probably best off ignored. They're certainly thin and lithe compared to other races, but that doesn't mean they're completely lacking in fat.

>> No.16544410

>I mean, how do the Eldar work around that? Are the Silicon-based lifeforms or something... you did mention crystalization..
Most likely. The whole shtick with the Eldar is that even though they -look- mighty similar to humans, what actually goes on inside (physically and mentally) is significantly different.

because Old Ones and heavily-engineered-race.

>> No.16544413

Oh please.

If we wanted trap romance we would hook the inquisitor up with a howling banshee.

>> No.16544428


There is no place for such love in the grim darkness of the 40k Millenium.

Now burn in my hatred, you deviant Xeno lover.

>> No.16544440

No, disclose he has an ORC fetish. Then make the plot hook finding an order form for a tub of green face paint and a MASSIVE strap-on in the farseer's belongings.

They will never ask for anything ever again.

>> No.16544441


Do the opposite of this. Let them have all the ridiculous freaky sex they want, maybe even go a little overboard with it by having the Farseer whip out a strap-on halfway through. Later on it is revealed that the Inquisitor has contracted Space Herpes that horribly deforms his body, resulting in him being confused for a mutant and put to death.

>> No.16544442

>Eldar having no body fat doesn't make sense, so it's probably best off ignored. They're certainly thin and lithe compared to other races, but that doesn't mean they're completely lacking in fat.
you're discounting it too easily, I think. No, it doesn't really make sense.. but then again these are aliens, not humans.

Xeneology, for all it's quirks (and errors) is a goldmine in terms of insight into the universe.

>> No.16544448

You may be onto something here...also, a Farseer would likely have been part of at least 1 of the warrior paths before, so she could be a former banshee.

>> No.16544452

I think its time for an Assassin or two to show up and instal kill the part

>> No.16544476

Yeah but once they leave the aspect they don't carry on the female traits they picked up, right?

It's like starting over new basically.

>> No.16544481

Says the unholy spawn of Flesh and metal.

>> No.16544486


Pretty sure it said "no excess body fat."

Still, I quite enjoyed Xenology. Not sure why people bitch so much about it.

>> No.16544491

Because it kind of flew in the face of established lore, like tau not having hooves

>> No.16544495

Now that I think about it, I know players that might like this... so you takes ya chances.

>> No.16544535

Excuse you, a perfect fusion of dead flesh and living metal fueled only by my hatred for you all.

>> No.16544537

"Orks is da Bestest and da Shootiest and da Horniest!... did I say that right darling because I think I'm really butchering your language-"
"Nonono... That'll do just fine."

>> No.16544542

this is a golden opportunity for some real emphatic storyan.

the tragic downfall of an inquisitor for forbidden love (which may or may not actually be requited) would be great.

the exact manner of tragedy is more situational of course.

it may not need exposure of heresy (directly, or knowingly) either, subversion or doublecross (either sudden or having taken place for a long while, whether he ultimately became aware, or tragically unawares to the end) on the account of the eldar would also be profound....
mmm, imagination

>> No.16544556

OP here decided to no longer be anon


I thought Xenology was retconed or something like that its hard to keep up with lore sometimes


when it comes to 0% body fat I take it with a grain of salt the way I think of it is that eldar have less excess padding tissue which accounts for their frailty

>> No.16544562

nah, it said no body fat at all

and it gave us several fantastic in-lore looks at alien races previously undocumented. It has errors, but that doesn't mean it's not without merit

>> No.16544567

Ah yes, I remember the day the commissar rolled to find that fateful bra in Shiv's room. How one roll can change an entire campaign...Ah..memories.

>> No.16544579

It just means take what you will from that with a grain of salt

>> No.16544585

and another player joins this....

that's when i learned not to humor player suggestions with what i thought were impossible rolls to make

>> No.16544603


Stop talking about your silly games and go find me Darrio's cock right meow!

>> No.16544608

This sounds like a story!

Also OP what're you looking for here as far as plot devices go?

>> No.16544634

as far as plot devices anything that would make sense for a radical ordo hereticus inquisitor that hates himself

previous encounters with the eldar involved things like recovering lost spirit stones and disrupting a genesteler cult to deprive hivefleet kraken of biomass

I you do want to hear the story it would take some time to tell but it is doable

>> No.16544648

It pretty much revolved around out resident troll at the campus demanding to toss our boss' room to find a bra then that bra became an eldars (since we were working with them at the time) and then another roll later and it was the Farseers, and now we're the result of those retarded rolls.

>> No.16544654

>for their frailty

Eldar aren't really frail. Certainly no more than humans are. They perhaps can't attain the sheer raw strength that some humans can, but on average they're no weaker or frailer than a human.

>> No.16544659

Eldar wear bras?

>> No.16544669

According to LEMAAAAAN TYBALT! Yes. Yes they do.

>> No.16544675

Err...but they're always describe as fragile and easily broken.

>> No.16544684


Incorrect. They aren't ever described as that at all.

>> No.16544687

Really? From an actual objective standpoint detailing the physical qualities of the race as a whole, or from Imperial propaganda?

>> No.16544688

According to whom? Hulking marines in power armor?

>> No.16544690

alright thanks for that pointer somehow I thought that they were

Say do have any other pointers about eldar that could help me figure out how this relationship would work?

>> No.16544698

Well more soul stones are a sure fire way- they're being used to summon a demon or something

perhaps the Farseer comes to the Inquisitor for aid after a Ranger on one of their galaxy spanning walkabouts is waylaid by, oh I don't know, orcs.

Discovery of ancient tome which when translated is a guide to the fabled city of mirrors on some deserted feral world. Investigate and discover that the fabled city is in fact the remains of an Eldar Maiden world.

>> No.16544711

Have you read love can bloom?

If you haven't do. It's required for Xeno relations 101

>> No.16544718

brb, writing Dark Romance: Tales of Grim Love

> inb4 a pile of poorly thought out kickstarter donations and acclaim for being bold and artistic

>> No.16544721


Eldar are far more emotional than humans, to the point that humans seem like robots in comparison. They stem this by living life by a strict regimen, always focusing on one aspect of life at a time. A Farseer, for example, is always thinking about his or her visions. They regularly attempt to divine the future, and their life revolves around those spinning runestones they carry. To humans, it seems obsessive. To Eldar, it seems reserved and restricted.

>> No.16544747

Marines, Orks, daemons and even the guard.

It doesn't take much to kill an Eldar.

>> No.16544755


I have read that mainly to try to keep this romance from becoming a carbon copy

>> No.16544757

Eldar feel emotions far more strongly than humans. Being a Craftworld Eldar, she'll naturally try to restrain herself, to keep the most dangerous or unpredictable passions under control. But remember. Under the veneer of calm is a creature that loves and hates like fire and ice, and it'd take a truly exceptional Eldar not to fall prey to that tempestuous nature now and then despite their attempts otherwise. The occasional fit of rage or obsession wouldn't be out of character.

Eldar don't just speak with words. When two Eldar talk, their expressions, body language, and slight emotional telapathy all work together to communicate. While humans also use expression and body language, it's far more important to the Eldar. A human might miss these subtle cues, and thus misinterprate what the Eldar is trying to say.

>> No.16544781

If this two... humans can fall in love I don't see why a human couldn´t fall in love with an eldar or even a Tau.
The thing is, could an Eldar fall in love with a human?

>> No.16544792

Lowly Guardsman here, is xenology a supplement for a roleplaying book? Just a book itself? It sounds really interesting.

>> No.16544800

Just want to say TG thanks a lot all the impute and help


so i should defiantly have him miss a few subtle cues would a normal eldar be patient or would she get super mad

>> No.16544812

You guys do realize that no eldar outside of Commorragh will consider this kind of ''relation'' with a mon'keigh?

It's demeaning to them and below them also it's bordering on bestiality.

>> No.16544815

IT's a book by itself

>> No.16544821

Xenology's a funny thing. It's a collection of in-universe dissection reports, journal entires, notes, and book extracts telling the story of an Inquisitor who oversees the decommissioning of another Inquisitor's 'zoo' of captured aliens. There's a lot of interesting stuff in it, it's well worth reading - fascinating and with some gorgeous art - but also makes quite a few mistakes and flies in the face of established fluff now and then. So take what you read there with a pinch of salt.

>> No.16544823

..if you look strictly at stats; your average eldar conscript is significantly more able (physically) than a human conscript

Orks and Marines may be tougher than eldar, but they're orks and fucking marines

and that's just going by stats. In fluff your average aspect warrior is (usually) able to go toe-to-toe with space marines in close-quarters

>> No.16544824

Have her go through struggle an internal conflict, of having feelings for again, what her race considers a talking ape.

>> No.16544827

Just have the two of them be found in bed together, murdered.

>> No.16544838

Mhm. So basically, Eldar are consciously aware of the subtle body cues that a person gives off. (Humanity gives off a lot of subtle signals, and I do mean a lot, IRL, but those are absorbed more subconsciously...)
And they are also more emotional than Humans but control it better? Hmm.

I wonder if an Eldar has seen a human go completely emotional?

>> No.16544839

When isn't it like this in the wonderful world of 40k.

>> No.16544866

>bordering on bestiality
Not "bordering" on it, really... Humans are a subspecies to them. It would be like if someone fucked a chimp.

>> No.16544873

Keep in mind that the reason why the Eldar keep themselves restrained is because of the danger of Slaanesh on thier souls. If they let themselves go emotionally, they could put themselves in great danger. Any relation between the Inquisitor and Farseer is likely to be platonic only.

>> No.16544897

There are half Eldar or at least the precedent for them, they got to come from somewhere right? Perhaps your inquisitor wants to investigate this matter personally.

or you know this

>> No.16544926

>would a normal eldar be patient or would she get super mad

Almost always the former; very occasionally the later. A Craftworld Eldar strives for balance and control, but that doesn't mean they don't occasionally slip up. They aren't perfect.

>I wonder if an Eldar has seen a human go completely emotional?

Sure. But, for example, burning rage for a human is probably just pissed off frustration for an Eldar. The most overt displays of human emotion won't even come near to those of an Eldar.

>If they let themselves go emotionally, they could put themselves in great danger.

This is true...to an extent. Eldar are fully capable of love, friendships, casual sex, the sorts of emotions and pleasures that make up every day life with no danger whatsoever. Falling prey to their emotional excesses doesn't mean they're at risk of Slaanesh yoinking their souls out their bodies, it means they're at risk of getting caught in an endless cycle of emotion and becoming a danger to themselves and others.

>> No.16544932


i'm defiantly going to have to do a lot more work on the eldar side of this that the inquisitor

the inquisitor's personality i have down pat due to him being a major NPC throughout the campaign so his reaction's should be very easy to come up with

The farseer's however maybe she started this as some way of manipulating fate only to find herself caught up with more than she foresaw

I usually try to avoid using angst but this is defiantly going to be a situation where it is required

>> No.16544954

Godspeed OP, and wherever your campaign ends up, I'm sure its gonna be one hell of a ride.

>> No.16544956

If you were an Imperial you would be burned at the stake and pelted with combat boots, if you were an Eldar you would be whacked with seer sticks until you wise up.

No, the humans are not a subspecies of the eldar. They may look the same but that's where it ends.

And no eldar would lower itself by loving a mon'keigh in that fashion. The eldar are creatures of arrogance and pride and the thought of engaging a primitive in such manner would be horrifically disgusting.

>> No.16544957

Just to clarify - when I say 'emotional excesses', I don't mean feeling strong emotion. But acting on the darkest thoughts and impulses that lurk within an Eldar's soul. An Eldar who loses his temper and shouts out a neighbor because he's joined the Path of the Musician and won't stop playing his flute all night isn't going to devolve into a bloodthirsty lunatic.

>> No.16544963

In a lot of ways, Eldar are more like Vulcans than Elves. They try to embrace logic and reason and self-control, but ultimately at the core, it's a race full of doods that feel emotion SO STRONGLY that if they're left unchecked, they'll start breaking shit everywhere.

The whole reason the Paths were developed was so keep Eldar from going batshit crazy and/or raging so hard they break the Infinity Circuit.

>> No.16544972


>> No.16545015

>it means they're at risk of getting caught in an endless cycle of emotion and becoming a danger to themselves and others.

The condition of the Exarchs is the best example. They are trapped in a sort of lucid autism (for lack of a better phrase), a manic obsession with an aspect of war and the rush of emotions accompanying the act of indulging that obsession, to the forsaking of all other modes of experience. All Craftworld Eldar carry spirit stones, so they are protected from Slaanesh in that manner. However, since Exarch-hood is not a desirable situation, and since things would be even worse if the entire species slid into this state, they set up the Path system: rigidly controlled forms of expression, experience, and indulgence so that they could maintain functioning societies and ensure the survival of the species.

>> No.16545031

Make it easy. Then have the inquisitor discovered by a rival.

The two inquisitors and their acolytes duke it out...only the rival inquisitor has the backing of the Deathwatch. They kill the farseer, their inquisitor is captured and executed for heresy, and their options are being pressed into the service of the new puritan inquisitor or mindwiped and sent to bumblefuck VI to guard an astrotelepathic relay.

>> No.16545048

>a manic obsession with an aspect of war and the rush of emotions accompanying the act of indulging that obsession, to the forsaking of all other modes of experience.
it's.. a little more complex than that

but yeah, you have the right idea

>> No.16545069


Exarchs are both respected and despised. Respected by the ones learning from them, but despised and feared by literally everyone else in society.

Most of the aspect warrior exarchs can't even leave their shrines outside of war-time because they're "not welcome" anywhere.

>> No.16545072

You guys are forgetting Old Gabe here the one the Eldar call Gabriel of the hidden heart, who they see as a beacon of Eldar hope given human form.

He is basically an Eldar chick magnet.

>> No.16545077

for posterity, the main page

I heartily suggest anyone interested in Eldar lore download the 2nd edition codex. Considering the 3rd and 4th edition codices are watered-down versions of it..

>> No.16545134

Well, I'm forgetting the part where they no longer have truly singular personalities, existing instead as a thin layer of their own mind on top of a gestalt coagulate of the minds of all the other Exarchs who wore the suit before them. I think I was pretty close to describing the baseline mindset before they don the suit though.

>> No.16545157


THing is, that's what I was getting at. 40k may have it's *roots* in parody, but it's moved beyond them, mostly. Most of the humor remaining comes in the form of the orks. Such as the warboss whose WAAAAGH got sent back in time to right before they left the planet they were WAAAGHing from. Who ten decided to attack his own past WAAAGH and kill his past self so that he could have two of his favorite gun. Basically, the only parody that remains is the over-the-top shit that makes you both laugh and go AWESOME.

Romance doesn't really have much potential in the latter category, so it's pretty much relegated to grimdark tragedy.

>> No.16545212

Hmm. It does make me wonder. I mean, if a man becomes enraged enough to lose all sense, logic and feels nothing but blinding bloodlust, anger and hate to the point of bloody murder... and this would be considered mildly pissed off for an Eldar...


>> No.16545227

do go on

>> No.16545238 [DELETED] 

Huh...Let us see who is angrier bloody handed Khaine or the blood god Khorne.

>> No.16545252

Huh...Let us see who is angrier bloody handed Khaine or the blood god Khorne.

>> No.16545263

That way lies Chaos, bro. 'S why they try not to get to that point.

>> No.16545277

What's more to say? The Eldar see Gabriel Angelos of the Blood Raven chapter as a close ally and harlequins recognize him as a friend.

This has raised a couple of eyebrows in the Inquisition and disrupted his brothers.

>> No.16545281

More or less, they are one and the same, or rather Khaine is the Eldar-specific variation though there is little difference.

From what lore I read, Khorne, Nurgle, and Tzeentch have no real sway over the Eldar, though the mortal minions might hold contest; Khaine/Khorne may hold them in terrific awe like the Exarchs do, but Slaanesh is the only God they truly fear.

>> No.16545284


>> No.16545341


Actually, Khorne literally shatter Khaine into a thousand fucking pieces. The Avatars are each a piece of this broken god killed by Khorne.

So, no, not the same guy.

>> No.16545342

Slaanesh only holds power over their souls by default. Crone world eldar (or eldar in other circumstances) can easily fall under the sway of another god.

Hell, avoiding Slaanesh's soul-grip on them is a potential hook for an Eldar falling to a different chaos god

(though Eldar who do become chaos champions are exceedingly rare)

>> No.16545346

>but Slaanesh is the only God they truly fear.

Oh I do believe the C'tan and especially the Nightbringer are also feared by the Eldar.

>> No.16545381

Khorne fight with Slaanesh over Khaine is what shattered poor Khaine to pieces.

Khorne wanted to claim Khaine for himself and being the spartan god he is he would properly have turned Khaine into his consort/servant boy.

>> No.16545410


No, Khorne is not the same as Khaine. In fact, they are distinct entities. Khaine even existed longer.


No, Khorne did not cause the shattering, it was a side-effect of the battle between Slaanesh and Khorne.

>> No.16546828

In WHFB Khaine is Khorne, just like Empire Morr is Nurgle. In 40K, however, there are more gods than just Chaos ones.

As for Khaine's shattering, there's a theory that I've heard, based party on this bit from The Dawn of The C'Tan:
"As the Nightbringer's form became solid to deliver its blow, Khaine lunged, and the tip of his spear drove clean through the Yngir's chest.

Kaelis Ra burst apart in an explosion of silvered shards that nearly cleft Khaine in two as the Yngir's essence tore free of physical form. The silvered warriors around him fell to the earth as the impact spread ever outward, returning to the ground from whence they came. Soon, only Khaine remained, howling his victory.

However, all was not well. Shards of the Yngir's flesh, driven deep into Khaine's body by the cataclysmic demise of his foe, melted in the fires of the War God's wrath. The silver poison flowed into his bloodstream and forever tainted his physical incarnation with the aspect of the Reaper."

So Khaine is "infected" with the nightbringer's necrodermis. That is, he forever carries with him part of the physical realm, which is what the C'Tan represent. C'Tan are energy creatures held inside metal bodies.

When Khaine was shattered by Slaanesh, the shards of Necrodermis sucked in his essence, his energy, and basically they became possessed with him. When the eldar animate the metal statues of Khaine, they're just waking up the slumbering spirit inside necrodermis bodies.

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