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Hey neckbeards, I have seen monstergirls of some otherwise nasty monsters, nurgles, destrachans, orcs and even a beholder (don't ask about the last two), but in all my time I have yet to see a cute or ecchi versons of Liches. I demand an answer, I mean if we can make orcs of all thinks into wafiu material, why should the mightiest of undead be left out? I challenge any true neckbeard or drawfag to help me in my quest, till then I will dump monstergirls

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Zombies can be cute, why not a Lich?

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Undead are so cute

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I like my girls with more meat on their bones, but that's just me

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does forsaken spellcaster count as cute lich for you?

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Its an undead spell caster, she has to be dead

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Sorry bro, she's still alive

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Have a sexy mummy, OP.

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This is a mummy the same way a tuxedo shirt is reasonable formal wear.

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I would need a priest to Remove Curse just from one hug, let alone anything else

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>skeletal arm and leg
>still alive
Look again, anon.

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ya, she should be beef jerky looking but very cute

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I always thought the undead chicks from WoW where super hot. It always pisses me off that there's hardly any porn done of them yet there's mounts of those goat bitches and the elf fucks.

>talk to random girl about video games
>WoW comes up
>"tee hee i play a night elf druidess"

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Also, strangly no gnolls

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>Troll Warrior master race reporting in
I be right behind ya, brotha!

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I would fuck a gnollchick.

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mfw I see my wafiu

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No. You would get fucked.
Subtle but important difference.

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Furry detected, revulsion powers activate!

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As close as you're going to get, OP.

Your mileage may vary rearding cuteness/sexiness.

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The girls who play druid as a main are always fat too. All of them.
The only girls I've met on WoW who weren't fat played either warrior , paladin or warlock.

Anyways... your point of "no undead girl porn, too much futa goat girl porn" is quite valid. And it's slightly disturbing that just about anyone who likes naked draenei females add horsecock to them...

...also, on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being really evil, how would you rate a spellcaster, hellbent on revenge, turning to necromancy, and using helpless women from a nearby village (and the occasional prisoner of war , like a kobold) as test subjects to test his increasing abilities of undeath?

And how would /tg/ keep it a secret from the rest of an adventuring party?

Juuusssst curiousssss.

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Needs more sexy Tsundere Orcesses with hidden self esteem and just want to be loved.

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H-hey wanna go get something to eat? I know there's no point but..

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I'm watching Clerks 2 right now, lol.

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Two gods from golarion : first Urgathoa, which I'm surprised hasn't come up, even without the name

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She hugs you when you take her out for brain smoothies

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i would rate that as a 9

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Around a 7.

That's pretty fucking evil. Like, whatever motive led you down the path to darkness was lost long ago and you're now in free-fall down the slippery slope to becoming the next BBEG.

I don't see how you could hide it from the rest of the party if you're killing peasant girls and necromantically animating their corpses. People are bound to ask questions if you've got a bunch of undead bitches hanging around you all the time.

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anyone have the link to this? I remember it being a fairly entertaining monster girl romp. I think there were two doujin.

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Horrifing yet delightfull

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Would Rule 63 Arthas count?

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>go to Jack's Diner with zombie girl in mid-1950's
>"Living Only" sign on the door
>Decide to go to Zeke's Brains N' Stuff food stand on the other side of town

"S-sorry we couldn't go to Jack's.."

"It's ok. Besides, this.....burger...tastes pretty good. How are your deepfried kobold fingers?"

"...I can't really taste them."

Dating an undead girl has many complications.

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Dam segregation laws

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Not to mention

>restaurant is closed
>girlfriend is still hungry
>ARRGGHHH! MY BRAINS! asdfasdf---

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And Pharasma, less obviously undead but still.

Had to go full photoshop to get the black background out on this one, and it wasn't a great success either.

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I swear that monster girl encyclopedia had a lich. I know they have a Zombie and Skeleton girl at least. They aren't mighty undead, but they are at least undead.

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Man, Pharasma has a very boring design compared to the other Golarion gods.

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They had then and a ghoul, but never a lich

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Well, since he's trying to not get caught, I thought it would be wise to dispose of his "experiments" after a while, like maybe digging a pit far away from anywhere, putting the undead in it, and perhaps dissolving them somehow.

Also, the idea was to snatch up people everyonce in a while. Perhaps every few weeks or months, just to make it seem like "oh hey, going shopping to neighboring town. oh look i'm walking into the spooky forest hope nothing bad happens to me, o shit now I'm an undead" type of deal.

I'm trying to flesh it all out. If anything, I'd like to just write a story on it, if the character never gets put to the test during a game of any sort with my friends, that is.

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who here remembers that xoimbarg story about the masked lady lich?

cause that is definitly up ops alley.

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Daniel is gay

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i don't think she's undead since she hates them, just because she is a goddess of death doesn't mean she's undead

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Whenever I play a lich I make them attractive and looking not out of the ordinary

Fuck you people who think liches need to be rotting sacks of flesh, nowhere does it say that. Most -tend- to be because they lock themselves up in tombs and only study for years. Not giving a shit about their appearance

But, a lich is the ultimate form of a spellcaster. The ritual made, and unique to each one who undergoes it. Why the fuck would they be ugly when they can opt to not be

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No ugay bro

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Can a god be undead ? Or not be undead ?

Anyway, she's gray enough for me.

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there are other, better pics of her out there

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>zombgirlfriend is hungry
>only enough money to cover electric bill or "food" down at the meat factory
>later that evening
>sitting at table, eating by candlelight

"T-thanks for buying food for us today...I'm not sure how long I could have gone without wanting to...eat your brain."

"Don't worry about it. As long as we've got each other, we'll be ok. Lights be damned!"

"You know, I bet this is really tasty. How come you haven't touched yours?"

"Uhh...well, without power to cook with, and not having a grill or anything...raw meat just doesn't hit the palette as well as a cooked steak would...heh.."

Interlifestatus Relationship Problems

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>Why the fuck would they be ugly when they can opt to not be
I don't really know, but I'd assume it's the same reason a lot of neckbeards allow themselves to look like pic related.

Maybe apathy.

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Dat undead as

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Interesting idea.
I'm still thinking they should be off in some way.
You don't get immortality for free, even if you're a 20th level spellcaster.

>in before someone posts a way to become immortal with no drawbacks as a 20th level spellcaster

You might literally have a heart of ice, and be beautiful, but cold.
You might give up the mortal cares other than beauty, and be crazy by normal standards.
You might give up the pleasures of the flesh.
You might give up any number of things.

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>>16543116 even a beholder (don't ask


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Oh, come on, anon. Just let her kill you already.

She'll think it's *so* romantic, and it'll only hurt for a moment. Things will be so much easier between the two of you when you're both among the living-deceased.

It's bound to happen sooner or later anyway.
>pic related

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I'm playing necromancer who wants to rez his chick...
He will end up fucking an undead'

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your gay

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>still worried about mortal-undead relationships

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>your gay
What about my gay? He makes an excellent pet if you ask me.

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He is more woried about the fact that it's going to be a tricky relashionship.(Tiefling and undead human)

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Maybe we should meet, my gay has been lonely and there is no others gay owners around here...
I want him to play with other gays so he can be happy....

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Silly daemonette, you aren't undead.

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daniel is smelly and gay

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Male elf

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You'll get it whether you want it or not. She's in heat.

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"Are you sure you want to do this?"

"Look...I've already made up my mind. Just..don't make it slow. Please."

"It's just that..I..I.."

"What? Isn't this what you wanted?

"I...I'll miss feeling your heartbeat...and when you're dead like me, then I'll miss the warmth I could almost feel when you hold me...I..."
She covers her eyes, softly pouting as she realizes what she's asked of you. And although sorrowful and heartbreaking her sobs may be, she sheds no tears.

Undead can't cry.

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IIRC you give up 120,000 gold and become evil unless you use the good lich variant in Libris mortis
You also waste a feat slow unless you craft items
(Which combined with a bottle of thought is a pretty sweet deal as you make items for so cheap and no Xp cost)

Nothing says they become evil through. its kinda of traditional. But I always use good lich too. Its even more powerful then normal lich with immunity to turning and the ability to turn

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>cute or ecchi versons of Liches

wait, what about that one lich pornfic

xiombarg's storyteller, I think

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daniel gay

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"You have two choices. Take off your pants, or have your house demolished free of charge."

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ya Your a moron

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That... that actually made me kinda sad.

Dammit, now I want a cute undead girl to comfort and hold and snuggle.

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God damn it anon. At first I laughed at the ridiculousness of that. And now I just feel really bad about laughing.

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Not saying any of those make you immediately evil, just abnormal.
You might give up your sensations, the better to stay on the straight and narrow path.
You might give up your ambition to serve a greater cause, never to grow more powerful, but able to serve as you are eternally.
You might give up your appearance, as a sign that you no longer care for worldly concerns.
You give up something, though.
Or else it's a free lunch.

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Running out of monstergirls, Please drawfags help out

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Don't we all....Probably not, but some do.

Zombgirlfriend Halloween! (Since it's October now.)

"Let's see...boots, check. Hook-hand, check. Eyepatch, good to go. Pirate hat, ok. I'm ready for this party!"

"Hey, d-do I look good? What do you think of my costume?"
Standing in the doorway, your zombgirlfriend waits for your response. She wears a cheerleaders outfit. Clean, and untorn. Her skin, though normally gray with the color of undeath, now hosts a healthy, yet artificial-looking pink tint to it. Her hair, though usually also a grayish-silver color, is now blonde and lively.
"I didn't use to much makeup or hair-dye did I? Do I look too weird a color? I can't really tell..."

"You look great. But..umm..what are you supposed to be?"

"Me?" She says, cocking her head to the side. With a rousing hop on one footand a smile on her face, she finishes. "I'm a LIVING cheerleader!"

Halloween. The dead dress up like normal people.

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Why no love for ethereal undead, OP?

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Only good for blowjobs.

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They do seem disturbingly lacking in a lower body of any sort...

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>implying ghosts can't manifest a lower body when the occasion calls for it

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Well, good to see that some people have been enjoying my little short stories. I don't often post these kinds of things, but every so often, I get a random bit of inspiration.
Nothing too weird about it being about a zombgirlfriend right? Right.

That's what I thought.

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What is that from?

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Oh, there's plenty my good sir. You'll only need to look for Darknest Fantasy Erotica for all your Forsaken porn needs!

Can't find you any real examples for you right now, but I think the more memorable one for me involved a Forsaken female getting gangbanged by three Worgen studs. And let's not mention that sweet, sweet undead elf Sylvanas erotica...

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"Why do I choose to spend time with the dead...?" The necromancer shrugs awkwardly, pulling the frayed remnants of her dark robes around her. You can't help but notice that she hasn't shown any signs of cold until now.

"They listen when you talk to them. They're helpful and they're loyal. They don't care if you're different from everyone else. And they... they won't leave ever leave you. Even when you don't deserve to have friends like them."

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Pretty sure it's Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal.

>> No.16544083


is this from a real thing?

>> No.16544085

pic kinda related?

>> No.16544093


Unfortunately, I can guarantee that it is most assuredly not.

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Undead in WoW sort of piss me off. They are way too fucking emo. They lock themselves in their little Undercity and brood about how nobody loves them. Aside from the few assholes, I never saw any reason they couldn't have just reintegrated back into society.

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They are walking corpses, rotting meat on bone.

That puts people off, you know

>> No.16544138

the burning desire for vengeance and the fact most of humanity viewed them as abominations?

>> No.16544139

Because their wounds, they will not heal.

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From a big series from "By way of Booty Bay" Old site is currently down I think, but someone put them all here:


Not sure if all of them are there, but there are a good amount.

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Please don't ban me for this

>> No.16544239

Eh. The mind is what matters. It houses wisdom.

Yeah, I suppose mob mentality would come into play there. That, and those in power are probably far less open-minded than I am.

>> No.16544259

There's a missing one that's topical.
It has a human and one of the Forsaken chatting, and the obviously scared human is saying "...And mother says she'll come visit your grave when you lie down and stop moving like a good dead person."

>> No.16544296


are these from an actual gamebook?

or is it another thing that tg made with their talent for making shit that shouldnt be made?

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>Not Knowing MGQ

>> No.16544414

It was there, it's just a panel of a larger comic.

>> No.16544436

Draenei are sexy as fuck.


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Bumping for Lich

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Hyena vaginas


>> No.16545155

wow, looks like every other girl in portland oregon

>> No.16545208

daniels gay

>> No.16545223

Who's Daniel?

>> No.16545254

BRB. Going to Oregon.

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