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Hey, /tg/. I'm just about to compile some of that data I made into a single chart, but I'm just missing a couple of things.

One, last year I used the 4chan-house mascot character of /tg/ that looks sort of like Shaggy of Scooby-doo fame as the representative of "The average /tg/'er", but some people didn't like that. Do you have a preference for the image?

Alternately, I used a mascot girl for 2009 and 2010, with a survey-draenei and Redlife's Market-research Troll-girl, respectively. Which /tg/ poster girl will we use this time, granted that we've got her doing something that is somewhat business-related to suit the theme?

Working on the final bits as we speak, just thought you'd like to have some input.

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just admit it anon, you want sexy /tg/ girls in business suits.

oh anon you card...

unfortunately i have none.

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>One, last year I used the 4chan-house mascot character of /tg/ that looks sort of like Shaggy of Scooby-doo fame as the representative of "The average /tg/'er", but some people didn't like that. Do you have a preference for the image?

I hate that guy, and would prefer you not use it.

>Alternately, I used a mascot girl for 2009 and 2010, with a survey-draenei and Redlife's Market-research Troll-girl, respectively. Which /tg/ poster girl will we use this time, granted that we've got her doing something that is somewhat business-related to suit the theme?

I say it's a good time to request some drawfags to get on this. Get on this RIGHT NOW.

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I don't know what a good mascot for us would be this year, really.

Perhaps one of the BroQuest characters, or one of the Pathfinder iconics?

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Use survey tau. she's pretty hot

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You mean /tg/-kun?

just your average skinny metalhead.

Just use the famous portrait of Varg where he's holding a LARP mace, and shoop an angry marines shirt on him.

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>this year
we have an official mascot, /tg/-kun.

then, we have a few mascots hanging around, the main one being Cultist-chan (who recently lost a waifu fight against Xeno) and a dozen of others.

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I can only think of a few I've got copies of, but in reality, I just like having a pin up girl to put on there, it's just that I might as well have a pic that's related.

So far I can only think of

-Reasonable Daemonette
-Cultist in Glasses
-Survey Daemonette (Without facial, obv.)
-I don't think I've seen a professionalized /x/tan
-I'd consider using the suave devil from broquest, but that's been taken from us and made into a /v/ thing. Lacks the tits, but it would suit the role.

Besides that, I've seen various characterizations of /tg/, ranging from the shaggy type, to the neckbeard hambeast, to Dr. Thelonius Girth.

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Use the Blood Ravens Mug Guy and Survey Tau.

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>>petition to make raping drenai illegal.
I remember those threads, they where fun.

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>-I'd consider using the suave devil from broquest, but that's been taken from us and made into a /v/ thing. Lacks the tits, but it would suit the role.
Is that true? I haven't seen a thread around for ages, have they just dropped us completely?

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Use. Survey. Tau.

she was created a few days ago, what else can you be asking for?

let's call her Por'La whatever puntastic name you can think of.

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Actually, WE took Broquest from /v/, now it's both of ours. A small portion of /co/ hopped on the bandwagon too for some reason.

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do you think we can do it again with tau chicks?

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I say either we get Nurglette in a business suit from Greenmarine, or Cestree in a business suit from Ribbonfag.

Or lesbian sex involving both.

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Didn't Broquest die?

Someone set a two week deadline for a release of something, and that scared away everyone who wasn't serious about it.

Which was everyone.

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I think I will. I honestly haven't seen that one crop up yet. Might tweak the constrast and saturation, though. Seems a mite dark and drab.

That just leaves us a fa/tg/uy representative.

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for the love of slaanesh this.

Thanks for the statistics too, those were most intriguing, ol chap.

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This should be your new survey girl.

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Voting for reasonable demonette.

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Varg, with a yellow shirt.

LARP threads have been pretty popular these last days

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Delicious Slaaneshi hivemind.

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No, I hate 40k so I don't really care, but it's obvious.
Tau don't live along side other races such as humanity, 40kids would just bombard the thread with their juvenile propensity for xeno genocide not perverse humor.
Drenai by comparison live along side humans, aren't part of a setting where all humans and players are anthropocentric twats, and aren't reviled for not being human.

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you call that a hivemind, I call that samefaggotry

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I hate you and everything you stand for.

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But nobody will get around to filling out the survey...

>pic related

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draeneis are not /tg/-related

Cirno isn't either.

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>>I hate you and everything you stand for
>>being laid back but cripplingly low self esteem.
Why praytell?

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I despise you for going so far into pettiness as to hate us for having fun.

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>In this thread, haters gonna hate

In all seriousness though, I will be curious to see what this years census turns out like

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Just use Lawyer Daemonette.

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Same. I'd really like to see it. Is there an ETA on the results?

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I'm pretty sure the average /tg/-er is a 62-year old man built like a lion.

I mean, that's what me and all my friends look like.

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WoW has a pnp

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I find it hard to believe that Warmahordes is so low.

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Alright, I was going to go for the Tau illustration in >>16533311, but if you guys want to vote on one, go ahead. I'm not going to count them, I'm just going to go on what the general trend seems to be, or if something really jumps out at me.

But For now, please tell me what caricature of /tg/ you want me to use. Last year I had people bitching at me for using /tg/-kun. At least, if I go to /tg/ for their pick, it'll be one less thing for them to piss'n'moan about.

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vocal minority, fanbase made exclusively of bitter ex-GW-fanboys who do not actually engage into it.

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let them bitch, /tg/-kun is an accurate depiction of /tg/ users.

there are little to no illustrations of him alone anyway, just use the only one you haven't used yet.

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I feel you.

Every time I walk into a game store, it's like I walked into a gladiator's retirement home.

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Your welcome to your opinion.
It's wrong though. Relation to /tg/ is context sensitive.

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Maybe back in the 70's, when looking like Shaggy was hip and cool.

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Jenser AND Mug. Win-win.

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I suspect any appealing /tg/-related female in a business suit will be more popular than that scruffy bastard.

I don't know whether the Tau or the Daemonette would get more Imperium fanboy hate, but either one should do just fine.

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You could also go with Ribbon. You know we love her.

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>hip and cool


last time we had a thread about it, most answers were positive about its accuracy. Just check out the pic with all the /tg/ tripfag's portraits, most look like this, even remotely.

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I like the demonette personally,
Seems less stereotyped.

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>accurate depiction of /tg/ users.
>tg-kun from that lame 4chan anime thing that fell apart years ago

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Who's this scruffy bastard that is supposed to represent /tg/s demographic?

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Mind you, it's a 24 hour sample. It's not going to be perfect, but that's what /tg/ is, not what the games community as a whole is.

I'm guestimating an hour or two. If I start getting into one-off data-facts it might be a smidge longer, but I've got all my graphs and charts done.

As promised, I'm gonna upload a RAR or ZIP of both the questionnaire thread, and the Data as collected in Excel 2003. I know there *will* be people that will point out mistakes, errors, and tell me how horrible my work has been.

But then, pic related. I'm some dude on 4chan doing this for free, not a government research institute.

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No one outside of /tg/ would recognize it as /tg/ related.

The serious Demonette is probably the best bet,

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Just use survey tau. Trust me on this.

>> No.16533732

the one we've been talking about for the whole thread
>implying it isn't still relevant

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In my case I'm just a tall halfling.

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'sup bitter Warmahordes hater.

How's that ass pain? Sorry us Warmahordes players are to busy actually playing our game, rather than making up crappy fanfic-chans.

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/tg/'s tripfags are a minority. A vocal minority, a shameful minority, and in some cases, a disgusting minority.

And I only remember one looking like a scruffy hipster, and I'm sure he's dead now due to a deficiency in Vitamin Shame. Once his doctor gave him a dose, he died from it.

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oh, it's certainly why I see you guys so often complaining about your lack of an equivalent for Cultist-chan, I guess.

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This is him.

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god damn it, once again i missed out on the survey.

But hey if you need any help with it let me know, just send me a text.

You're pal S.

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Just nothing 40k related please, I'm sick to death of more than half of /tg/ being 40k stuff. That said, I still respect 40k fans for not falling into the trend of generals. Stay strong, gents.

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That's the 2009 one.

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No idea how old this is, but it seemed vaguely relevant

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i depresses me how neglected the specialist games are... like Battlefleet Gothic..

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the only reason why people make general threads is because they're seeing their community as an oppressed minority

it wouldn't even cross a 40k fanboy's mind

>> No.16533777

Well, Moot originally created this board to stop 40k from spilling over into the other boards.

So it makes sense that /tg/ is dominated by warhammer fans.

>> No.16533784

ugh, god no.

Aw, I missed survey too. You should announce it more often beforehand.

Can we have the 2010 one now?

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That is really really old. At least a year, maybe 2? I don't look like that anymore.

>> No.16533793

So, you mean not everybody on /tg/ is a fat greasy neckbeard living on the basement?
Or they all managed to disguise themselves as normalfags?

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>> No.16533808

That's a myth that 40k players keep trying to spread.

He made it because there were D&D/Magic threads in /v/ all the time, and it was just a natural conclusion. It wasn't because of the occasional 40k thread in /b/, which was usually ignored (since it's fucking /b/)

>> No.16533811

>all them greasy neckbeards...

>> No.16533833

generals aren't bad when done well, honestly i think it works well as a system to keep like minded individuals in one area and especially helps prevent multiple small retarded threads about small questions that might never get answered since very few people reply to small threads.

for 40k it'd be dumb since there's so much 40k, but for warhammer fantasy for example it'd work out great.

generals aren't bad. I don't get the stigma against it, having separate large threads is essentially having a general thread anyways.

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Anyone have the other census(s)?

>> No.16533847

I think I recognize one of my professors. Guy does Old Norse, and is apparently making some cool waves in philology circles with his novel theories that are somehow supported by good evidence.

>> No.16533848


>he doesn't know about Warhammer Wednesdays!

>> No.16533861

uh lies, there might have been D&D in /v/

but there was constant (at least one thread) 40k in /m/ and warhammer wednesdays in /b/.

the reason why its traditional games is because it was made for ALL these pen and paper table top stuff.

>> No.16533871

> cool waves in philology circles

That's all of 7 people, isn't it? The coffee shop must be in chaos.

>> No.16533887

So Shadowrun is/was the fourth most popular game around here? Surprising.

>> No.16533897

I used to really hate that photo composition. Now, I don't mind it so much. I attribute this to the dude on the top left.

>> No.16533906

>so much 40K

No, there isn't.

40K really should be confined into a general, but considering how vocal that particular minority is (and they are a minority, which is why these surveys are so useful), we'd never be able to do that.

I mean, take a look at the uproar about the recent yahtzee review. He nails it on the head (that the setting sounds/is juvenile), and all the manchildren get into fits about it. If they were forced to make a single general thread, then they'd go about saying that every other game should have to use general threads, and /tg/'s harmony would be disrupted by their bitching.

40k players are basically a tiny little plague on this board, the common cold without a cure, that we tolerate because it's mostly harmless and we've got worse diseases to cure.

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>Do you Catan?

>> No.16533919

2010 census


and when is the 2011 coming?

>> No.16533941

wow you're really biased against 40k and its fans.

>setting is juvenile
>therefore its fans are juvenile

and if one game is FORCED into using generals, then why SHOULDN'T other games be forced to use generals as well. thats some double standard right there.

i think someone is just jealous that 40k actually has a lot of players and that its easier to meet up with them.

>> No.16533946

My favorite and most played games are things like Burning Wheel, Weapons of the Gods, Dogs in the Vineyard...

The only wargame I play is Infinity...

But... nope.jpg

The butthurt is unreasonable, but it's also unreasonable to say the setting is entirely juvenile and without worth. There's an introduction by one of the BL authors (none of whose books I particularly like, but this is one of the better ones and the introduction is spot-on) called Matthew Farrer. It hits the nail absolutely on the head regarding 40k. The background, and the potential for something like a P&P game, is not without depth. Dark Heresy, Rogue Trader and Black Crusade can be epic, star-sprawling games. I regard the wargame as of very little worth, but I cannot deride the setting in such generalities and sweeping statements - because it doesn't deserve them.

(Would like to see the 40k guys start making General Threads though)

>> No.16534016

Take a look at the 40K threads on /tg/ right now, and tell me honestly that we need all of them.

>Hey guys, let's splice this random thing with 40K!
>I hate this new change to the game
>Matt Ward is the devil
>Army list, please make comments
>random cultist dump
>thread of some guy with a mug

Do these really all need separate threads?

>> No.16534022

But... but... if we do a general, how will I make the same stupid -question about a Primarch that can be answered with a trip wiki trip- thread each week?

>> No.16534027

Having seen what general threads have done to /co/ over the course of the past several months, I'm not a fan of the idea. They encourage very insular sub-communities to form within boards which should be a a tight-knit community, not split into separate aggressive groups that don't get along too well.

>> No.16534055

I don't think that would happen here, but I understand the reason for you opinion.

>> No.16534068

If you'd told me a year ago it could happen on /co/ I wouldn't believe it. That "/co/ is love" stuff had a basis in fact, once.

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File: 1.02 MB, 1000x3603, Compiled2010Censusv101.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Since it was asked for, here's the 2010 (Revised) Version.

The newer one has less data so far, but I'm trying to tweak it a bit.

Unfortunately, some of the data isn't going to be able to port over due to different questions asked (I've yet to absolutely perfect which questions to ask), but some have been uniform over the past years, so I can illustrate some trends that will show up in this years'

>> No.16534134

The only way 40k is made reasonable is to ignore everything that is iconic about 40k and just turn it into "generic science-fiction." That's how Rogue Trader decided to go about it, and that's why people liked it.

Once you bring back stuff like super soldiers who spit acid and eat people's brains while wearing impractical suits of armor while fighting against fungus monsters who use stupidity to fuel their technological developments, we're back in 40k, and we're back in ridiculousness.

>> No.16534142

I advocate generals, i think they clean up a board and offer a good nexus for people to come together and talk, but a 40k general would fill up in minutes, not even hours.

Looking at the catalog there's almost as many 40k threads that are >50 post than there are other threads that are >50 post.

I'll admit a lot of 40k threads are pointless and go untouched. but thinking that they could easily be fit into a single thread at a time is ludicrous. Unless you had separate generals, but then they'd be bumped so often they'd block out the front page (not like this doesn't already happen.)

the different game communities are already divided, i don't think it'll tear our board appart since even just this thread shows how much some people hate others games of choice. (warmahorde/warhammer bickering, 40k hate... etc.)

also the problem with /co/ generals isn't so much the fact that they are general threads but that there are two media that make/are forced to make generals that are reviled by some /co/mrades for little to no reason.

i don't get the hate for generals myself since there are 99 other potential threads with potentially other topics when there IS a general thread. less if there isn't

Though i'd agree with the insular nature and the increased appreance of tripfags...
however i find general threads tend to increase the ammount of OC, and act as a good source of news and photo leaks. as well as an "expert" pool of knowledge that a newbie can easily access if they see it. instead of having to make a new thread and HOPE that some one stumbles across it and replies.

>> No.16534145

Over two days...

Wow, you're -terrible- at this aren't you?

That data is useless, the sample is -far- to small.

>> No.16534154

That's not really a problem. Even if half the threads on the first page are 40k, you can just scroll and/or visit one of the 15 other pages.
I've ignored their threads for years now. It works just fine. If they want multiple threads, let them have them,

/tg/ is already split in separate groups. 40k doesn't spill into non-40k threads, or very rarely. I noticed only one shocking exception in the last months.
I don't see why we should be a tight-knit community. We have different interests, and there's no helping it.
We share a board, and there's no reason to do otherwise.
We mostly get along, and aren't really aggressive, though.
Until someone makes a metathread. Or a HFY thread.

>> No.16534165

It's a fun thing to look at and it's happened for two years you haven't been here. Yeah, it's not a genuine sample. No, I don't feel like that's a reason to be an ass to the guy doing it - he admits as much.

Loosen up your panties some.

>> No.16534183

>The only way 40k is made reasonable is to ignore everything that is iconic about 40k and just turn it into "generic science-fiction." That's how Rogue Trader decided to go about it, and that's why people liked it.
Okay, we're just going to have to agree to disagree. I disagree quite markedly that that is what the 40k RPGs do, but we're clearly at an impasse.

>> No.16534185

welcome to all statistics.

>> No.16534215


the whole idea of trying to take a sample from an anonymous image board is silly to begin with. take it for what it is: an interesting anecdote.

>> No.16534261

I don't like the 24 hour sample size, it's too narrow. If you catch /tg/ on a day where there's no Battletech, Infinity, Mordhiem, Blood Bowl, MERCs, what-have-you thread going on then it's going to come across as nobody on /tg/ plays those games. Just because the front page isn't cluttered with threads about a single game doesn't mean people here don't play it; it means people have the common sense to post in a single thread instead of cluttering up the board with the same shit.

You really got to do a week long survey to get anything even remotely accurate.

>> No.16534302

>no 3.0
fuck your shit op

>> No.16534319

Have you ever seen the census threads? OP doesn't just look at what threads there are on /tg/, there's a thread where everyone posts their info.

>> No.16534336

I always find these interesting.

Now if only there was a WH40K/DnD hybrid, it would be the game to rule them all!

(Tyranid-Dragons have infested that planet. Are your Space Marines man enough to Flaming-Burst Chainsaw-Sword it to death?

>> No.16534352

>Now if only there was a WH40K/DnD hybrid, it would be the game to rule them all!
Oh god I can taste the shit in my mouth.

>> No.16534378

I have, imgined they went on for more than two days.

Some people aren't on every day.

Should be done over two weeks in the least, or not done at all.

>> No.16534383

Since this is sort of the thread for this:
I feel like 40k sort of lost influence on this board since the latest bad business decisions of GW.

>> No.16534411

Looks just as present as ever to me.

>> No.16534425

Maybe I just got better at overlooking all those threads.

>> No.16534428

Don't blame the survey, blame the respondents.

>> No.16534430

It's honestly died down.

I think it's more due to lose of drawfags than anything.

That and there are only so many "ANGRY MARINE" threads you can make before it's old

>> No.16534432

Can't say I have, but even if that's the case it doesn't make it accurate. Some anon could show up and keep saying he loves game A and suddenly the results are all skewed.

>> No.16534490

Well, I no longer participate in 40k threads for two reasons:
1) Eventually you just get tired of the same fluff questions.
2) Infinity killed me for other wargames (except maybe Freebooter's Fate, Cutlass or Hell Dorado - I got a fantasy fix to fill).
Still look in on DH, etc. threads though. More for rules innovations than stories/fluff - I feel bloated with 40k fluff.

>> No.16534524

which is why not much time and effort is put into these since it depends on the honor system.

its more for your interest blurb than a professional important thread.

you're over thinking this faggot.

>> No.16534597

You know, it just occurred to me that L5R is not featured at all in the 2009 survey.

Was it some kind of resurgence that led to it being WoD levels of popular recently?

>> No.16534619

Shota Singer.

Seriously though it's like Crawl, periods of popularity and obsolescence.

>> No.16534633

Believe they just released a new edition of it some months ago

>> No.16534682

I'm just curious to see where AdEva wound up this year. From following the threads (not to mention the IRC..) there's a good 15-20 games going right now that are composed largely of /tg/ers

>> No.16534788

Theres sort of an inherent question there as to whether AdEva should be considered separate from DH, any more than say, RT, DW, and BC are.

>> No.16534816

And the answer is yes? I don't play AdEva, but it is clearly far more divergent from the other DH spinoffs and takes place in a completely different setting. Yes, it should be considered separate.

>> No.16534977

I'm just about done on this end. Just filling out some text.

Have we picked our representative-of-/tg/ image, yet?

>> No.16535043


>> No.16535053

not really

but i think survey tau has the most support so far.

>> No.16535200

>>Theres sort of an inherent question there as to whether AdEva should be considered separate from DH, any more than say, RT, DW, and BC are.
Not really. Spycraft is considered a game outside the "D&D" sphere, even though it uses mostly d20/3x mechanics. Large chunks of new materiel, plus mutiple new mechanics make it a clearly different game with a different purpose.

..Which will be largely moot when 3x AdEva comes out, using a new from-the-ground-up system. Not that I'm saying it's good yet, or even that I'll play it, but that's a split that'll be interesting to follow next year.

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Still need a good image for /tg/

I was going to try to use the "Faces of /tg/" image, but everything I tried to do with it ended up looking like horseshit, so I bailed.

I'm sure I'll errata this for something sooner or later, so for now, Version 1.00.

Raw data may be posted later.

>> No.16535534

Woo! Thanks man.

>> No.16535548

>Dat Pathfinder Leap
>Dat 3.5e, 4e, 40k drop

>> No.16535577

>Census seemed more diverse than last time with many different games being mentioned
>D&D and 40k even more of the played games share
I guess it changed after I stopped following it. Still... goddamnit, /tg/.

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