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Brothers, war is upon us. Assemble your armies and answer the call!

Your 40K (BFG, Necromunda, etc. counting) models are now your troops, how much do you bring to the fight and to which side (i.e. renegade IG would be Chaos).

For the Imperium.
-Two full platoons of guardsmen with transports.
-Platoon of abhumans with abhuman rough riders.
-Squad of ogryns.
-Kindred of Kroot Hunters.
-Squadron of Russes, Squadron of Hydras, Manticore, Deathstrike, Medusa, Squadron of Valkyries, Squadron of Armoured Sentinels.
-Few other assorted vehicles.
-Battery of Quad Launchers.
-Squad of Stormtroopers.
-Squad of Psykers with Primaris Psyker.
-Techpriest with Servitors.
-Inquisitor with Retinue.
-Around 50 assorted underhive gangers as militia.
-Dozen Enforcers with Cyber Mastif.
-Warhound Titan, Macharius, Banehammer, Defence Laser.

For Chaos.
-25 Terminators.
-7 Sorcerers.
-Around a 100 Slaaneshi daemons.
-Around a 70 Chaos Marines.
-20 renegade militia.
-Land Raiders, Predators, a Vindicator, Valkyrie, Squad of Bikes, Defiler, 2 Dreadnoughts.
-2 Obliterators and a Techpriest.
-Thunderhawk, Banesword.
-Battleship, 10 Cruisers, 10 Escorts.

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4-5 man Paladin Squads
2-10 man Interceptors
3-10 man Purifiers
4-12 man melee henchmen
2-12 man/monkey shooty henchmen
1- techmarine
5- HQs of various flavors

6-30 boyz squad
5-10 nobz squad
3-20 storm boyz
2-15 lootas
2-15 kommandoz
2-15 burnas
2-15 tankbustas
3-13 bike squadron
3-5 koppta squadron
4- trukks
4- battle wagons
3- deffdreads
2-3 killakans
1- minepig
1- stompa
3- warkopptas
2- fighta bombas
2- bigg bombas
1- skullhamma battle fortress
5- warbosses
3- bigmeks
2- weirdboyz

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For the Imperium.

The Emperor



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-3 xv22 -converted xv25- (comander and bodyguards)
-36 fire warriors
-24 kroot
-6 XV8
-7 stelathsuits
-2 sniper drone teams
-1 piranha
-2 hammerheads
-1 skyray
-1 devilfish
-5 imperial guards with missile team
-8 vespids

-14 plague marines
-6 krone berserks
-2 chaos marines

Apace marines
-Draco castellan
-10 marines 1 fusion and 1 flammer
-1 termi

-1 ork nob

-1 necron lord
it's a curios combination of minis, the ones out of the tau army are just 2n hand or minis i bought for painting

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one orlock (15 men), one escher (30), one van sarr (18), and one goliath (12) necromunda gang apeice answer the call.

(And somewhere out there in the Box System is a 100-strong fleet of eldar frigates and destroyers, supported by half a dozen cruisers, and with the flagship of a void stalker... All are armed with a remarkable variant of the holofield, which tech-adepts are calling the dust-field, as it appears to cover all the hulls....)

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space marines
60 tac marines
25 devs
20 assault marines(10 set up for vanguard)
10 legion of the damned
20 scouts
4 rhinos
2 dreads
1 pread
2 landraiders
6 landspeeders
1 landspeeder storm
a variety of HQs include shrike
20 terminators
10 assault terminators
2 vindicators
4 drop pods
7 bikes
1 attack bike
2 razor backs
5 squads vets
4 hvy weapon teams
3 leman russ
1 punisher
1 executioner
3 armoured sentinals
3 scout sentinals
1 hellhound
5 ogryns
5 ratlings
6 comissars
1 yarrick
1 valkyrie
i think thats it

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Imperial Guard:
2 full company command squads
6 men Psyker battle squad
10 men squad of kasrkin
50 strong infantry blob with commissar
platoon command squad
3 veteran squad
Chimeras, Valkyrie, couple of Sentinels, a squadron of Leman Russes, Hydra Flak tank/Griffon
Blood Angels:
2 Chaplains
Sanguinary Priest
5 men Sanguinary Guard
5 men Terminator squad
2 10 men assault squads
5 men death company with Lemartes
10 men tactical squad
Baal Predator, Rhino, Land Speeder, 2 attack bikes
8 Khorne Berzerkers
7 Plague Marines
1 Nob from White Dwarf

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Ave Imperator!

20 guardsmen
5-man PCS
5-man CCS
Leman Russ (my choice of weapons and base type - the turret can be disassembled and put back together)
Scout Sentinel

....We're going to die.
Still, we'll die for the Emperor and take a few of the ugly enemy bastards with us!

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For Emprah


>4x plasmagun veterans.

>2x 10 man Catachan Vet Squads (3 Meltas per squad) = 20 Catachan Vets (6 meltas)

>3 Vendettas

>3 Leman Russ (with lascannon)

>1 Platoon Command Team (with 4 flamers)

>3x 10 man squads of guardsmen.

>4 Chimeras

What you guys think?

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Lol "too many lines" errors.
Okay, Legions first, then cults:

=Supreme HQ=
1x Lord Cmdr w/ 2LC
1x4 Termi w/ 2LC (Retinue)
1x DedX (Land Raider)

=DGHQ= -2FA +1EL
2x Winged Lib
1x Greater Daemon
10x Termi w/ Cmd
2x10 Chosen w/ PF Cmd
2x Dread
6x7 PM w/ PF Cmd, Rhino
10x Jump Inf w/ PF Cmd
2x10 Havoks w/ PF Cmd
1x3 Obliterator

=TSHQ= -2FA +1EL
2x Winged Lib
10x Termi w/ Lib Cmd
2x10 Chosen w/ PF Cmd
2x Dread
6x9 TS w/ Lib Cmd
10x Jump Inf w/ PF Cmd
3x10 Havoks w/ PF Cmd

=WEHQ= -2FA +1EL
2x Capt
10x Termi w/ Cmd
2x10 Chosen w/ PF Cmd
2x CC Dread
6x8 KB w/ PF Cmd
1x9 Biker w/ PF Cmd
3x10 Havoks w/ PF Cmd

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1x Termi Lord w/ 2LC
1x5 CSM Champ w/ 5 Daemon
1x3 Purestrain Genestealer
1x Tech + 5x Servitor
PCS w/ Commissar, Bodyguard,
3x RegAd, Chimera; Infantry:
2x Rene IG pltn of 25 incl Cmd +
2x HW Teams of 6 (2*3)
1x3 Spawn
1x3 Russ w/ HTLLC
1x ECC Griffon
1x ECC Basilisk
1x Shadow Sword

1x Termi Lord w/ 2LC
1x5 CSM Champ w/ 5 Daemon
1x3 Purestrain Genestealer
PCS w/ Commissar, Bodyguard,
3x RegAd, Chimera; Infantry:
2x Rene IG pltn of 25 incl Cmd +
2x HW Teams of 6 (2*3)
1x3 Armoured Sentinel
1x3 Spawn
1x Storm Lord

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The Imperium:

Lord Kaldor Draigo
Brother-Captain Stern
Brother-Captain Randommook
4 5 Man Paladin Squads
1 10 Man Interceptor Squad
1 Venerable Dreadnaught
2 Nemesis Dreadknights
2 Stormraven Gunships
1 Techmarine
1 Vindicare Assassin


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