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any wh40k jokes plz?

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I can't be bothered to find the right page but the Games Workshop Australia site.

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inb4 heresy bar.

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more humor than a joke but im assuming its accepted here

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good ol'

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i enjoyed it

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Looted Wave Serpent?

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Oh, here's one for the Blood Magpies.

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Hey, I voted for both Slaanesh and Tzeentch!

Feels heretical, man.

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commencing Pretty marine dump, followed by Angry Marines

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Fucking traitor scum. I bet you voted for Malal too.

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Here's one

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How have the Pretty Marines not fallen to Slaanesh?

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they know that the corruption of Chaos will ruin their stunning bishounen looks

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poor Yuki

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Xenos scum

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God Emperor preserve us. I loled

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now for Angry Marines

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Angry Marines you say?

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>40k the anime

Not sure if want

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lold hard

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Me too...

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Deathwatch squad. driving a flaming bus through a wall of TVs with sticks of dynamite strapped to there head.

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Oh Chicken Boo, what's the matter with you? You don't act like the other chickens do. You wear a disguise to look like human guys, but you're not a man, you're a Chicken Boo!

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part 1

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Dis thread ain't orky 'nuff.

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for you

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Don't show this to Matt Ward

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You don't have the Ork flowchart by anychance, do you?

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Toasting in epic bred

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>those marines doing the monkey.

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I wish I did. If we're lucky someone else will post it

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I think I love you.

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ill start dumping

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the real joke is when thats right when the psyker unleashes a spell but the sigil of chaos just empowers it and attracts demons and the psyker explodes into a shower of viscera as a tear in the immaterium opens up and and demons flood into the world.

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i was reading fulgrim and i just passed this part

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I fucking lol'd. Have an epic screencap

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Right, someone already posted the first of this series, but Here's the rest of Shake-da-boss-pole's Hamlet

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>what space marines during down time.

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gonna shower guys, keep posting and I will contribute more when I return

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I remember drawing that! Have the slightly updated version!

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Slaanesh should have a bulge imo >.>

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its the contents of that box its holding that should be the concern....

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Slaanesh's genitals are like Schrodinger's Cat.

There's no way to know what she's got under that skirt until you find out for yourself.

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and its always worse than you feared

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Who posted the first part?

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But at the same time, better than you could have dreamed.

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>yfw your gym will never let you do this

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What sort of sense of humor do I have to have in order to find any of this stuff funny?

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> sounds like HERESY
> Exterminatus

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The kind where you aren't a cunt.

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You have to not be a psychopath. Which is like falling to chaos, but its real, and not fun, because you literally do not have the part of the brain you need to have a sense of humor, and the only treatment is making the rest of your brain be on the outside of your skull.

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I think someone wanted this.

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I'm back from my shower, here to rate your troll attempt a 3/10

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Another one.

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>he thinks you have to write the word "anonymous" in the name field

captcha: you bsissh

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Thanks. Gud to see ofuh boyz.

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This one isn't so much funny as it is Saturday morning cartoonish.

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Commisar Kharn wields his band of followers consisting of an eversor and farsight as some sort of chain flail, against a necron ontop of a necron made carnifex ontop of a titan.

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A female eversore and Kharn the betrayer rappeling from a tau crisis suit to fight a necron and his lobotomized tyranid!

Why isn't this a story?

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because entire volumnes of words cannot sum up how awesome that picture is

Now if only eldrad was driving the titan and creed was sneaking a second one up behind the necro-nid

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For a second I thought the Crisis Suit was Farsight.

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... That would be rather Awesome, but then we risk Awesome Depletion. Not enough left to go around for anyone else...

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>This one isn't so much funny as it is Saturday morning cartoonish.
that's the more accurate interpretation of all of 40k

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captcha: any arseday

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it is farsight, he has the dawn blade. only farsight uses the dawn blade.

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Is... is that an Eldar hanging off the side of the farsight?

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Yes it is!

I missed it the first time, but I think it's a farseer!

What are the necron and the necronid standing on? Some sort of giant mobile platform? Tomb Spyder?

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looks like a titan have no idea what kind tho.

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It's a necron-ified tyranid something or other.

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Wait, nevermind, wrong thing. Maybe a Tau gunship?

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nah, definitely a titan, what class of titan? i have no idea.

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It looks like it has the head of a warhound, but the back carapace is definitely too big for that.

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Just as planned.

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best post in this thread

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Warlord or Immperatus class titan I think just look at how tiny those leman russs look

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Anyone have that other pic of the Admech Trex? It had a techpriest riding it and couple more cheering around it.

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