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All right, Warhammerfags.

Why do Spess Mehreens hate Orks? Is it just because they're filthy xenos? Or was there some terrible atrocity caused by one side or another?

I don't really play, I just like the lore. Pic unrelated

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>Is it just because they're filthy xenos?

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Orks reproduce at an alarming rate which needs to be extinguished, otherwise they'll make a WAAAGH which cannot be stopped.
Also they are foul, green xeno scum.

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OP here.

So, technology is hyper-advanced, with entire arcological hive worlds and 3 tons of power armor for every enlisted man: Why does the Imperium continue to waste resources and fighting men on a war that can just be ended with a genophage?

Think about it. The Imperium already chem-gelds its Marines, why can't they just perform the function on a grand scale, at the risk of accidentally creating...I dunno, stronger xenos?

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Well they don't have that advanced of technology.

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that's heretical thinking right there, boy

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Because it is not Grimderp enough for 40k.

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In the Xenology book they mention this; lurk moar.

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>Why does the Imperium continue to waste resources and fighting men on a war that can just be ended with a genophage?

The entire setting was created for the purpose of selling wargaming miniatures. It's in the company's best interest to keep a nonsensical state of permanent war going on. There's no other reason, don't bother looking.

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Orks are built to war with and exterminate most anything they encounter. They are themselves bioengineered weapons, making it hard to launch something like a bio-attack on them.

The Imperium is not only Xenophobic and reactionary but largely acting in self defense against the WAAAGH while being hampered by certain logistical problems.

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> ork sterilizing agent
It already exists.
It's called FIRE.

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>3 tons of power armor for every enlisted man
Not true.
Space Marines are not the standard enlisted man. That's the Imperial Guard. Who are even less funded than modern soldiers. Except with a lasgun.

As for why the Imperium hasn't gelded the Orks is that they don't have genitalia. They reproduce by spores.
And they do use biological warfare. Virus bombs. Destroys all life on a planet. Don't use them very often. Only when exterminatus is needed on a planet that has valuable mineralogical resources.

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Pfft. And that's why I can't get behind 40k. It assumes that in 38,000 years, we're still gonna think power armor is the shit and we'll still HAVE religions. It's all too relatable to modern day! I would believe this shit happening in even the year 5,000. But to say that 38 milennia pass, we colonize multiple galaxies, and yet we can't sterilize a population with a single virus (something we can damn near do tomorrow)...This game ain't make no sense.

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i do not have a problem with this

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That's bad thinking. They had several Dark Ages.
At one point they were far more technologically advanced. But then they created angry robots that nearly killed everyone.

Progress is a myth. Level of technology does go down as well as up. Look at after the fall of the Roman Empire.

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All right, so the "genophage" question seems to be well covered by canon. Thanks for the help, /teeg/

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You're such a troll, you must be Matt Ward.

The entire setting is meant to be as over-the-top grimdark as possible for the sake of deadpan humor.

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How do you sterilize an entire population that's spread across a galaxy? There are so many fucking Orks. You can destroy utterly one planet, but there are million of other Ork worlds out there.

Also, they reproduce by SPORES. All it takes is one to fuck up a planet.

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Not that, he's ignoring that humanity suffered a complete and total collapse in which almost all gains made in 20k years were lost, and 40k is a setting where humanity is slowly losing all the gains made in the years the Emperor came to the forefront.
He is fundamentally doing 40k wrong, thinking that the setting is like Star Trek when it was made to parody and deconstruct such settings.

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Well if Gods are actually going to exist in 38000 years, then yes we'll have religions.

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All right, since your game is so funny, what's so funny about Eldar? Dark Eldar? Necrons?

You can't just play it off like it's dry wit, dude, /tg/ actually gets fucking SERIOUS about their Derphammer fluff.

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Not to mention Orks are very disease resistant. Basically only way to get rid of orks would be exterminatusing every planet they live on, and have ever lived on. Also, Orks outnumber humans by FAR.

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It can be both serious and a parody. There's so much material it's impossible for it to be entirely one thing.

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>What's so funny about Eldar? Dark Eldar? Necrons?
What's so funny about elves in space and robot undead?

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Technological progress in 40k is deeply heretical, and all technology is shrouded in mysticism with the machine spirit e.t.c. Techpriests are just that; priests.
This is most likely due to the "almost killing themselves by robots" thing that happened. Technology of all sorts are deemed suspicious and horrifying. Eventually, however, people start to use and replicate the old technology that existed, but have completely forgotten about how and why it works. As humans, when faced with something that we don't understand, we apply religion too it. If a machine doesn't work, it's not because you made it wrong, but that you miss pronounced a word in the sixth verse of placating the mighty machine spirit.
In this way, humanity has some tremendous and impressive technology in some areas, and horrifically archaic technology in others.

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You must be very new to /tg/...

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Okay, so I'm choosing to address the SERIOUS PARTS. There.

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Space elves and space-zombie-robots.
What's not cool about that?

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Dems humies be jellyous cause deys not proppa Orkz so deys goes all humie WAAAAAGHH on da boyz.

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And I assume that Biology is treated as a Highly Heretical Science, too? I mean, you don't just GROW cybernetic implants. Surely there are scientists within the AdMech who could work on a way to curtail Ork development.

I mean, that is very informative, but like the rest of WH40K, also completely ridiculous.

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>Orkus Negra

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Except if you are only going to take a single facet of 40k, you are doing the setting WRONG.
Look, guy, 40k is both serious and parody. It is british black humor at it's core, and in order to appreciate it, you need to realize and accept it as such. Laugh at the silly shit, fuck yea at the awesome, root for the faction you love and boo the shit out of the ones you hate.
That is how you have fun with 40k, because you are supposed to have FUN.

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>also completely ridiculous.
Which is the whole point.
Warhammer isn't a setting which should be taken too seriously.

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Biology is not because
1. It is work on the sacred human form.
2. It is guided by the underlying principles set down by STCs, which means it is absolutely khosher to the Admech.
3. The Admech DOES create poisons, venoms, the whole 9 yards. Biology is what the Imperium does well. However, a bioengineered sentient race designed for self sustaining war that populates the majority of the galaxy whose military is your match and more is hard to scrub out.

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This guy gets it

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>Orkus Negra

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>"It's got serious parts, and funny parts"
>"Well the serious parts don't make any fucking sense"
Yeah, well, have a good laugh for me. I guess your BLACK DRY WIT is just 2deep4me

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Sadly, it's a little hard to have fun with 40k, when literally the developers themselves, as well as their screaming fanboys, are booing the fuck out of your favorite faction.

Which is pretty much, everything other than loyalist spess mehreens.

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rolled 100, 34, 61, 48, 51, 57, 4, 95, 87, 13, 90, 43, 28, 73, 44, 93, 84, 50, 35, 13, 57, 62, 98, 11, 53 = 1384

It seems like people hate Tau more. With exception of the ultrasmurfs of course.

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Only on /tg/. They aren't grimdark enough.

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I never claimed that it was for everyone. For some reason, there are people unable to reconcile the fact that 40k is more than one thing at a time. Don't understand it at all, but it is. Oh well, I'll go back to having fun.
Well, depends on how you think you are supposed to have fun. If your idea is MY FACTION ALWAYS WINS in a setting where EVERY ONE IS LOSING except for Orks and Nids, you may need to reexamine what you are expecting.
I like Ultramarines and Necrons. I respect the Eldar and the Imperium as a whole, realizing they are both doomed races that are going out fighting to the last scrap. Nids and Crons make good foils to the other races. Orks are sheer entertainment, all about foightin and winnin. Chaos? Well, they can go fuck themselves with the 30' rake covered in hot sauce in the urethra. And they'd like it too.

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Tau were made as a counter-40k fraction. 40k is all about grim darkness where all fractions are doomed jerks who harm themselves more than they harm each other. Fractions who are all in a technological dark age where progress hasn't been seen in millennia. All of them are undeniably the "bad guys" of the setting, and it's the fact that they are all equally horrific (bar the orks, who are just mildly evil) that makes the setting so fun.
Now, most people who enjoy 40k love that, it's what all the fluff is about and it's awesome and humorous. However, warhammer is frequently picked up by people who don't understand and appreciate this, often children or other people new to the game. The Tau were created to meet these people's needs by representing a hopeful, merciful, advancing fraction who advocate peace (also with Japanese animu appearance because that's what all the kids are into nowadays). Despite it going against all previous fluff and cheapening the setting as a whole. That's why people hate the tau, because they're cop-out.

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>Japanese animu appearance
This amuses me, because they look straight out of Heavy Gear.
GW managed to fuck up making them look as though they had Japanese influences.

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rolled 581 = 581

Amen to that.

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Orks, having been engineered as a race by a second race that was the second most advance species to ply the current galaxy, were made to be as resilient as possible - this resiliency extends to their ability to shrug off such weapons. The Imperium has introduced several viruses and the like into various greenskins with little success.

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Super srsly gaiz.

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Yeah, even beyond the xeno thing, fighting some races is just practical.
You can't talk to a Tyranid (omnomnom)
Orkz are so violent that even when left alone they will punch themselves in the face out of boredom( they were engineered as a super weapon)
Dark Eldar's continued existence requires sacrificing you to a god of rape.
and Necrons... well seem to be compelled to wipe all organic matter off the surface of the galaxy (like a bleach sponge)

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