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Alright, finishing my Chem-Chan dump here, as the last thread just filled up.

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Got a link to that last thread?

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Got it


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Yeah, sure. here you go >>16513978

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Oh man, sorry. got sitracted by another thread.

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Wow... a LOT of duplicates int his one. I really need to go into these older ones and clean then out.
Anyway 4 or 5 more.

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Anybody still in here?

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ALRIGHT! It's 3AM, and after 3 and a half hours of posting, I'm done. I hope you all enjoyed the dumps and Megaupload links.
I need sleep now, good night everybody.

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Thank you very much. You're a real TripFriend Collector.

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Who is the Collector? I mean, how long has he been here? Where does he come from, WHY does he do this?
It's cool and all, but what do we know about the guy himself?

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He started this about... 3 or 4 years ago? We know he lives in the Southwestern United States, and he dumps pictures for fun.
Just save them and enjoy.

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You forgot one Collector.

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When did the Magpies come?

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Awesome. That is all.

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Ah man, I missed it?

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It'd been a few weeks since the last battle, and as usual, the pickings-before the Administratum showed up to take everyone to the next battleground, anyway-were excellent.

Considering a pile of lasguns, Gretchen frowned. She knew damned well the things weren't worth their salt against pretty much every Daemon, but the Administratum would appreciate the work she'd gone to by piling them up to be easy to collect.

It seemed every time she was dispatched, just two of her regiment would survive-her, and the Ork. Which was fine by her-less to share, after all-but it meant that after the battles, there was little to no dicking to be had, and she'd run out of cells for her vibrator months ago.

Having salvaged the best from the pile of corpses, the Savlar girl slung the old Commissar's backpack over her shoulder, snickering. They'd actually thought he'd survive! And she'd gotten a boltpistol out of it, which wasn't to be sneered at. Back on Savlar, that'd have fetched a pretty bit. Here, for the next ten years, it was just a useful bit of weaponry more likely to kill a charging Spawn than not.

"C'mon, Miffgrod."

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And with that, her Ork nodded and hopped up, grabbing his own backpack and dutifully following, with a quick "Right boss."

They'd been fighting alongside Kriegers, this time; and she had to admit, as she crested a hill they'd fought for weeks ago, the Death Korps of Krieg made a damned good bunker.

Within minutes, she'd opened the blast door with the dead Commissar's badge, and stepped inside, finding the only other survivor of their battle-a Kriegsh√ľnd. She'd liked its distinctive brown-and-black fur, and traded a few braces of grenades and a hellgun to the Kriegers in trade for it.

As she stood in the doorway, looking at the dog, an idea struck.

"Hey, Tiny?"
"Yes, Boss?"
"You remember that Chimera you wanted?"
"'Ow could I forget, Boss?"
"Go get it. 's all yours."
The Ork grinned, saluted, and charged off, laughing to himself. "Boss," on the other hand, grinned to herself and chuckled a bit.
"That oughta keep him busy a few hours...now...c'mere, boy."

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You know the probability that you're going to get banned for this, is rather high. Right?

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I thought if it was written it was alright, just no pictures?

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Blank post, no picture or text, no Removed notice...
I anyone else seeing that,m or am I crazy?

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Nope. Fapfics get you banned as well. I doubt bestiality gives you bonus points either.

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Well linking is still OK then?

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Why do you think we lost a lot of interesting posters?

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Towards the bottom.

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Are you fucking kidding me? they have gotten that fucking stupid? What the fuck harm is text?

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Enjoy your PG-13 4chan.

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> bestiality fapfic

Why would you even want that shit linked on /tg/?

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Because, as long as it isn't REAL bestiality, it's hot as fuck. Same thing with another common, yet repulsive, fetish. Incest.
As long as it isn't REAL then enjoy the fap.

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This and that monstergirl thread that lasted 3 days... it makes me thing that maybe the fa/tg/uys of /tg/ aren't exactly the most normal of people.
We're monsters in fact.

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> Because, as long as it isn't REAL bestiality, it's hot as fuck
Oh, right, I'm on the internet. This is an acceptable sentence to state.

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New here?

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Da fuck you smoking, nigger? Incest between consenting siblings of similar age is awesome.

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No anon, you are the monster.

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Hey now, I never said I didn't LIKE being a monster.

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You people never cease to amaze me. I mean that in every way possible.

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Hey collector, do you have any /34/ of yourself?

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If you really, REALLY stretch it, then yes. But only the one. This was from when I was still a fresh face.

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Huh... Well I guess that counts.
We should... we should get GreenMarine on this?

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I am 98% sure there is a comic with implied rule /34/ AND another rule 63 pic floating around. Just saying. I am also pretty sure the Collector has it on his HD.

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It was never uncensored, and I now have 3 '63 pictures. Including that one.

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I admit to being a bit vain... and collecting myself.

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This is the new one that I got a day or two ago.
Someone tried to request one of those in a GM thread, but I thing GreenMarine had already left by then.

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I'm not gay or anything but... I'd totally have sex with the '63ed version of you're internet persona Collector.

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I guess I'll take that as a compliment?
But really you should thank the Drawfags for making me look so good.

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Hey, I got my hands on a Template, if anyone wants it.

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Does it ever freak you out, stuff like this happening?

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Not particularly. I'm pretty much over looked when not in mid dump.
It's kind of flattering.

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You gave me this once for helping you get something.
Thanks. I mean, I know YOU didn't draw it, it was from /co/ I'm pretty sure, but all the same.

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Whatever happen to the people who made these characters, and why don't we have stuff like this anymore?

>> No.16524099

Getting hit repeatedly with a banstick dissuades folks from participating.

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Does anyone know what you REALLY look like?

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I doubt you'd really care.

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We might...
We know what plenty other tripfags look like.

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What other Tripfags do we know what they look like?

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Do you HONESTLY want to know? You'd be disappointed, I can promise that.
Or are you even still there

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This is probably the best image of Chem-chan I've ever seen.

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