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Right, so last time I did a dump of Lil' E, the Soldier and the Witch, Slaneesh Salesgirl, Love can Bloom/Macha...
Anybody want an Imperiel Guard Thread? Including such classics as Cata-Chan, Jubblowski, Chem-Chan, and so much more? Mostly Female Guard now that I think about it.

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Alright, so out of those three, which do you want me to dump first? I also have plenty of miscellaneous Guardspeople.
There's a 'Krieger' thread already, so if that thread doesn't post many I'll do my Kriegers too.

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Did I pick a bad time?

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It is a most opportune time! Lets boost the morale of the men.

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I have both these. A very generous doner gave them to me.

I have a shitload of Jubblowski I didn't even ask for. A mean a shitload, no, it's a fuckton.

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I... don't think that's a Guardswoman. I thinkt hat's a stripper dressed as one.
That Plasma pistol? Paper Mache.

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58 pictures from a Megaupload file?
If you did it PROBABLY came from me at some point.

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Guardswomen are a good thing.

Continue, sir.

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You know what? How does everyone feel about Cata-chan? GreenMarine did a new one today for her. I could start with her.

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ANYTHING and EVERYTHING related to this particular artist.

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Right then, Cata-Chan. From old-school to new school, not necessarily in that order.
OH! By the way, I don't have much of her, and I KNOW there are plenty that I don't have out there. I'd appreciate it if you guys could share if you notice one missing from my collection.
Standard No NSFW because I don't want to get banned. They'll be included in the Megauploads that I'll toss up later.

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Right, the new one I mentioned is still up in a thread. It'll take me a minute to get a the updated folder onto my Megaupload.
The Ripper guy? I still have the few I gave you last time you asked, but I haven't run into anything new.

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Normally I don't care for musclegirls, but, but... this..

Oh my!

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Updated Cata-Chan folder
A Jubblowski fan, eh? Tell ya what, I'll do her next, then Chem-Chan.

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Something about women who can bench you easy...

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I need a haircut. I was thinking of doing it myself, but I don't think I'd look too good with a bussed head.
I'd have to trim the beard too...

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The sad think is I have that, and the brown shirt original, saved in both my Chem-Chan folder, as well as my Cultist folder, on account of the Ork.

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Plus winter is setting in. Do I want hair THAT short as it gets cold?

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Plus all I have is a pair of scissors and a beard trimmer...

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The Time Egg! I remember some of the fallout from that.

Oh hey, GreenMarine, if case you see this... I could use anything for my collections if you would be so kind?

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Post more Tau for the Greater Good.

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Sorry little fella, This is a Guard thread.
I really should throw all my Tau into one folder though.

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Someone the other day told me I had a problem, But I don't think so.
I mean, we all compulsively hunt down and save pictures of things we like, right?

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Can't ever have enough of a good thing

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Damn right!

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I do. Save every Viserys pic I see.

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rolled 37 = 37

I salute you sir.

Mind coming into the SoIaF Quest Thread to share some pics.

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Do you have all the Jubblowskis? I can throw up the Megaupload early if you'd like.
That's from Game of Thrones, yes? I just started that series. Pretty good so far. I need to keep reading the books though.
Got Dances with Dragons signed by Martin. He's pretty chill.

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God... still getting used to Windows 7 and Firefox 7.

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man whatever happened to this drawfag, I liked him :[

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Yup, I do have Jubblowski pack

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Groovy, just asking.
Teh DrawFaggit? No idea, he kinda drifted off.

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Oh, hey, I already have the '34 separated. Don't have to pick around them.
And don't worry, it's all in the megaupload.

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Should have started the thread with this one.

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Spoke too soon. Glad I caught that one before posting.

Hey, does anyone remember the guy working on the Cata-Chan dress up game? It was from that and I was wondering if he ever managed to finish.

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It's a shame Drookian Fen Guards is so obscure. I think there's only really 2 pics of Drookian-Chan done.

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Greenmarine once drew this awesome Tallarn-Chan. I wish I could get more of her. *sadfrog.jpg*

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I REALLY should have started this a few hours ago like I originally planned.
But NOOO my roommate was watching Mad Men then Mythbusters.

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coming up on the homestretch.

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Almost there...

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And this is the other Tallarn Chan I have. Can't remember the drawfag though :(

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Stay on target... stay on target...

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2 more.

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...there is a distinct lack of Valhallan women in that picture.

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You know... I don't think I've ever seen a Local drawfag do a Valhallan!

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And that's the last Cata-Chan!
Do you still want me to do Jubblowski and then Chem-Chan, or the other way around?

... it's 12:40... gonna be a long night. Be back in a moment, getting a drink.

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The gap in Cata-chan's teeth is what does it for me. I can't help but smile when I see that gap.

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birds are cooler than what you are asking for, someone start posting birds

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Oh Zingers, how you complete me.
Also, I really should separate out the Jubblowski '34. Makes these threads easier.
I bet you thought I was the bird spammer... Noooope, just the Collector.

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Oh yeah, the Jubblowski megaupload.
Only 89 downloads so far. Well this update anyway.

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BLAST AND DAMNATION! Forgot the picture.

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You know... I think Jubblowski is one of my most dumped collections. Does anyone NOT have this one?

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I mean, as much as I love the Jubbster...

>> No.16514673

I'd like to make sure I'm not missing any Jubbs pics, I can't ever seem to find them anywhere.

>> No.16514683

As for finding them.. Well... My megauploads?

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Really need to separate them...

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Say what you will about Draw Faggit... he could do Tau Girls.

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Yes he could. Though I like his Tau girls, I know canonically it makes more sense for actual Tau womenz to be, well, not anything like represented.

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I could do with a smoke right about now. Too bad I'm out.

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Oh man, glad I caught that one and got it deleted...
True, but we don't call them Fantasies for nothing.

I could do with a smoke right about now. Too bad I'm out. I only smoke when it's free.

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>nityAss walker
Are you... are you calling me out Captcha?

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I also liked the background Cameos Drawfaggit did.

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I was just about to upload that, then I duplicate file.

Your quick collector I'll give you that.

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You have to wait approximately 34 seconds between posts. I was once accused of using a bot to post.
I recently got a 4chan script that gives me a countdown timer between my posts. I'm enjoying that feature.

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I love it when I get 2 in the same minute.

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I was about to post that. It is your archive. I went two pics ahead and you still posted to quickly.


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The only Valhallan girl pic I have

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Your not fast enough!

>> No.16514821

I have to blow the smoke away from my posting finger sometimes.

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Well when you have to skip to, what, 6 or 7 pictures ahead of me?
Doing pretty good.

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So if I accidentally leave the page, the countdown timer resets, alright.

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I was panicking trying to post faster than you. I fold, there is no point, your just, my better.

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Don't worry. It took me far, far too much practice to get this fast.
I was even faster before Captcha. That's when I discovered the 34 second flood detectors.

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Doesn't help the flooding when I post in other threads...

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Hopscotching porn here...
Also more Verity in a second.

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That pic brings a great big smile to my face.

>> No.16514938

Don't it just?
Other then yourself, how many others are following this? I got maybe a dozen or so before I get to Chem-Chan.

>> No.16514944

Take that back, 8 more.

>> No.16514957

Duplicate file, so yeah, you guys can maths.

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>> No.16514974

Does anyone have Krieger pics compilation?

>> No.16514984

Sure do.

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>> No.16515016

Alright, last one. Going to do Chem-Chan next.
Be back in just a second, drink break.
Who's still out there?

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What does that text say I can't make out part of it.

>> No.16515032

"Will even this convince the Emperor?"

Convince is spelled like Conviive for some reason

>> No.16515038

It's SUPPOSED to be "Will this even convince the Emperor?"
Trying to convince the Commissar that someone (/tg/) ISN'T tainted by Chaos.

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quick question collector. Pic related is what I have of your collections so far, how many and what am I missing? When would you be likely to upload them?

Also thanks heaps for the stuff.

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>> No.16515089

Well lets see... You have most of the THEMED collections.
As for everything 40K related, I have 2,169 Files, 33 Folders. 298 MB of stuff.

>> No.16515093

Link to Slaanesh Salesgirl?

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>> No.16515098


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Speaking of Megauploads Chem-Chan

>> No.16515106

[tghasnospoilers]I'm mostly in it for the 34. I am horrible[/stillnospoilers]

ask the man himself, I didn't keep the links after I downloaded the stuff.

>> No.16515115

Meh, the 34 is great. My Sisters of Battle and Techpriests collections have a bunch of GreenMarine.

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>> No.16515131

Collector, have you been recruited for the Blood Magpies yet? They have a use for your unique skills.

>> No.16515137

I see you don't have my Cultist-Chan file.
Well they do call me the Magpie King...

>> No.16515142

Because Cultist is by far my most popular file. Currently at 1099 downloads.

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>> No.16515155

Well I think it would be a good idea to fix that oversight, myself.
and there we go, before I can even finish this post. You sir are a gentleman of the highest order.

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>> No.16515165

Hey, if not for you guys, I wouldn't HAVE these collections. I spread the wealth around, and you guys churn out more stuff for me.

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>> No.16515183

So uh... '34 Dude. This isn't something I ask very often but uh... What's your take on Monstergirls?

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>> No.16515192

You know, just asking...

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>> No.16515205

it depends, to be perfectly honest. I'm relatively whitebread in tastes, if its a cute lass with horns or different coloured skin I'm cool with it. If it's even remotely approaching /d/, I stay away.

>> No.16515214

Good good, I'm the same way... You get caught with this you never saw me.

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>> No.16515225

Most of my reaction images are rage or disapproval, I'm running low on ones to express glee and thanks!

[STILLnospoilers]It's like christmas for porn![/yayporn]

>> No.16515231

Hey now, be fair. Most of that ISN'T porn... but a good chunk is.

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>> No.16515243

Welp, even the rest of it is great for character concepts and general looking-at-cool-picturesness, so it's all good for me.

I must vacate the thread now as real life calls, but thanks again and I look forward to the next edition!

>> No.16515249

Did... did he just...
Are You A Chapter Master.jpg
It WOULD explain the need to collect 'gifts'

>> No.16515255

See ya next time.
getting pretty tired myself, but I need to at least finish Chem-Chan.

>> No.16515263

Heheheh. Anyone remember the writefaggotry for this one? Or where to find it,come to that.

>> No.16515276

Oh shit! 150 pictures already?
Alright, let me start a new one...

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Bump for the megauploads

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